1. Happy Easter to everybody who celebrates it and happy weekend (and Passover) for everybody else.

    I am hoping it is warm enough to spend time outside without regretting it.

    I wanted to tell you my friend here at work saw me working on an Easter project for our friend’s daughter and she was so excited to learn that I knit / crochet. She said her sister is talented with this stuff but it’s like pulling teeth to get her to make something. So I volunteered to make her a blanket. 🙂 Her birthday isn’t until September so I think I might actually be able to finish it by then!
    Keep you posted. Wish me luck. I’ll have to peruse the stock to see what colors I’ll need. : )
    Have a fabulous Easter – stay well.

  3. Happy EASTER everyone near and far….It’s Spring and It’s EASTER. I hope everyone at TLE has a great EASTER….. btw…. I was out in my back yard and found out that I had an early Easter bunny poking around the plants and he had a smorgasboard of things to eat that I had planted for me! LOL!!!

  4. Happy Easter to you, too, Sheri, and your family, and, of course, the wonderful elves!

    Have a much-deserved day off!

  5. A Blessed Easter to you all too! I have one more work day tomorrow then off to spend Sunday with family 😀

  6. And to you and yours also. Glad everyone is safe from the recent terrible weather. It gives us another reason to be especially grateful for this weekend.

  7. Happy Easter!! Are you safe at Loppy Central and are you and your employees all ok????? Are you close to the Tornado damage??? The St Louis area and the residents that were affected by the recent storms are in my thoughts and prayers!!!

  8. We are all so worried about you and your elves. The pictures on the news are devastating. We are all praying for your safety. Pat

  9. I second Pat’s comments. I saw the news just now and thought , “Oh no, that is Loopy Country!” praying you are all okay…

  10. We are all safe and sound! The tornado hit about 25 minutes north of us. The airport is a mess, but they are working on it and expect to start flights again tomorrow. Thanks for thinking of us!

  11. Happy Easter to all, and I’m so glad to hear that you’re ok! (Yes, the tornado made the Italian news!)

  12. I have been so concerned for your area after that tornado!! Happy Easter to you also. I am so happy to see the time on your post and that every thing is just great there for you.

  13. I hope you made out fine during the tornado. I thought about you and all my friends in the St. Louis area.

    Stay safe during all these spring storms.

  14. Just checked the blog to see if there was any word on Loopy and the Tornado (sounds like the title for a children’s book) Glad to hear all is well in Loopyland—hope everything gets back to normal down there. Sounds like the midwest is in for another crazy weather week. I’m definitely ready to more from April showers (and snow) to May flowers!

  15. Hope you had a lovely Easter. My DDs were home from college so I had a wonderful weekend! (despite nasty storms and still no power at home!)

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