It’s hard to know what to expect out of the weather around here. One day we have this:

and the next day the flowers are blooming:

and the Rhubarb and Hosta leaves are in a battle for control of the soil.

Then we go back to a day like this (cold rain):

Craziness. I keep thinking it’s time to pack up the wool socks and then we get a day where I really want to be wearing them. Is it officially Spring (and warm) where you are? Have you packed up your wool for the season yet? (I know some of you are heading INTO the colder seasons now, too.)

Sheri Shawls.It’salwaystherightweatherforshawls,right?


  1. Wow on those pictures — such contrast. Here in the desert it is warm but with extreme winds. I am knitting as usual regardless of the weather.

  2. 4″ of snow yesterday and temps in the 20’s. No putting away the wool around here. Not until June!!

  3. I am cold much of the time, so I never put the wool away especially at work. My wool socks help keep me from being a shuddering cold mess of grumpiness!

  4. Flannels and wooly socks still out. Next week for Fling- the weather will be cool and rainy, but sunshine on Friday. Shawls and wooly socks will be the order of the day for sure.

  5. I’m very lucky to live in an area where wool socks are never put away. There might be one or two days where I take them off for a few hours in the heat of the sunny afternoon, but then the fog rolls in again, hooray. I also wear my shawls or scarves most of the time, and enjoy my Loopy hoodie almost year round, alternating with light wool sweaters. I was going to order a navy Loopy hoodie, but realized it would be instantly covered with (mostly) white cat hair (or calico, they take turns). My grey one is a better disguise for the “mo-hair” effect. Any chance you’ll ever carry a calico Loopy hoodie?

  6. 94 and humid here in Dallas yesterday! Way, way too early for that sort of weather. Better today with highs only in the mid to upper 70s. Hopefully we will get one more day of spring in today before summer weather returns tomorrow!

  7. I’m refusing to put on my wool socks again till fall. We may have some hoodie days but I’m gradually washing the wool and stowing it away. I do plan to wear a short-sleeved wool blend sweater to church Sunday (this guarantees an 80 degree day). We are pretty much done with 30 degree stuff and snow.

  8. Today it’s spring. Tomorrow I think it’s spring as well. This weekend is looking like winter again.

    But the flowers are blooming (all at once!), and the trees are starting the “fill the air with pollen” dance. So while it might be chilled, it’s still spring.

  9. I wear my wool socks year round. It’s air conditioned where I work and they are cushiony with my sneaks. (I usually get the mule / clog slip on sneaks for summer to show the socks off) But I do wear sandals when the ac isn’t doing the trick there.
    My azeleas are blooming now but the extra fragrant heirloom sweet peas I planted 2 – 3 weeks ago haven’t sprouted yet…. and I do love them

  10. I agree that it is always the right weather for shawls. We had one summer day few Sundays ago and it has been fake winter ever since. Cold and rainy. I am wearing wool socks today and have another pair on my needles that may get worn before this spring takes hold.

  11. You are always welcome to open a TLE annex here in Phoenix and come thaw out! It’s supposed to be in the 90s this weekend.

    I was back home a few weeks ago to meet my new niece Ginny and I had to pack for all 4 seasons 🙂 It was crazy!

  12. Oh Sheri, it’s officially summer here in Houston. In the mid-90’s and humid. Spring lasted about a day!

    I’m wondering how in the world I should pack for the Fling! I guess I’ll just throw in some tshirts and shawls. If it’s super cold while i’m there, I’ll just have to buy a TLE hoodie! 🙂 Darn!

  13. Same here. One day it’s 80 and humid, next day we have snow on the daffodils. Nutso! But, it’s April, so not unexpected. I’ve kept out the wool vests and the cashmere turtlenecks, but the other stuff? It’s April. I refuse.

  14. We’ve been up to almost 90°, but the last few days the furnace has been required; yesterday didn’t reach 40°. But yes, the shawls don’t get packed away. 🙂

  15. Four inches of snow in Billings, MT yesterday. But today it’s all melted and the sun is shining brightly, even if it is a bit cold still. We seem to be having a later than normal spring here, which comes late enough in a good year, if you ask me. Oh, well, the good thing about it is that I’m still getting lots of use out of my many pairs of wool socks and my chunky wool Einstein coat. Cold weather helps justify stash building, right?

  16. Everytime I think it is time to pack winter clothes away it freezes overnight again. Today it feels cold enough to snow in Maine!

  17. Yesterday we got to a whopping 56 degrees here after a morning in the ‘low’ 30s. The wool socks are still out and it looks like they will be needed for the forseeable future. We might hit a high of 57 or 8 today but the rains and colder weather will be back for the weekend. I’m totally ready for any day with a temperature that’s above 60 and not raining!

  18. Another Texan here, see above posts. Spring? What season is that? We go from winter to HOT with nothing much in between. Socks have been washed and put away.

  19. No I haven’t packed up my wool socks. I live in Maryland the weather here is been carzy here. Nice, sunny in the 70’s one day and cold, damp and raining. We have a phrase here give it an hour the weather will change!

  20. I remember those midwestern springs. Can be wild. Now, i am a texas knitter sitting in the air conditioning knitting wool socks!!! Turn the air cooler so i can wrap up in a wool sweater or afghan. Crazy!!

  21. They’ll have to wear a coat over their Easter outfit if they are parading on the boardwalk here in NJ! The holiday is so late in the year and it’s still so cold this Spring. It seems like we “lose” Spring every year….then jump into a hot summer.

  22. We get all of that variation in one day!! This morning we had 1-2″ of wet snow on the grass and by 2:30 pm, the sun was out and I saw daffodils blooming. I wear shawls all year – for ac in the summer and winter wind in the winter.

  23. The weather is teasing us with a small taste of spring here in eastern PA. I did stumble on a cool shawl paayern on ravelry today. Its “In the pink” by IzzyKnits. Cool costruction, can’t wait to tackle it.

  24. April is that fun time of year when the dresser & closet are full to over-flowing. Just when you think it’s safe to pack up the winter gear and stow it in the basement, the temperature drops about 35 degrees from on day to the next & I have to pull out the hoodies & woolly socks because I would freeze in the tank top & capris I was wearing the day before. Spring in the Midwest is just exasperating!

  25. Here in Atlanta, my wool socks are away till Fall but my knitting will always be out. Working on two pairs of socks right now.

  26. In Boston, we’ve only had a few truly spring like days & even then I wore my wool socks:-) I’ll likely be wearing my wool socks on & off through June. Of course, I have all weights of hand knit wool socks. This time of the year I will only wear my heavy ones in the house (so I don’t have to turn on my expensive oil heat).

    Shawls are wearable all year long. Again, that does depend on the weight of the yarn & the colors.

  27. it is cold here for Spring, but I’m looking forward to warmer temps in St Louis next week! Excited about the Fling!!
    (I’m in western NY)

  28. Fifty degree weather in SE Nebraska. Wednesday was a bit warmer. I’m slowly washing the wool goods but reserving the alpaca scarf for 32 degree mornings. I did put the wool socks away as I did not want to hand wash them again!

  29. All my wool items are getting packed into ceder boxes this weekend! It is in the 80’s here in Northern Alabama. All my knitting wool is staying out so I can finish all my socks that I have started over the winter. I suffered from startitis all winter long…each time Sheri came out with a nice bit of wool I was rigfh there Monday night with an order and working the socks on the Stacel KAL got even more things on needles…..So much yarn….so little time….need much more time!

  30. We were in florida till last Friday, the woolies were put away..then we came back to Louisville for the Derby…rainy/yuckie…not liking these storms.
    Are you getting some more Loopy Knitting bowls? Thanks
    Happy Easter

  31. I am so glad that its always shawl weather! Even though the afternoon highs were in the 70’s and 80’s this week, some of the mornings were in the 40’s. In addition my DH is a very warmblooded person, he starts getting overheated when the thermometer hits 65. The ceiling fans are already spinning on high and the AC is set to 72.

    Its going to be a long cold summer for me!

  32. Can’t say I’ve ever packed my wool away for the summer. I wear wool socks year round here. If the temp hits 90 I will take them off for a while, but they are soon back on.

  33. Here in northern Virginia (greater metro DC area) it’s been winter/spring/summer all within a few days. We did have lovely weather for Easter Sunday though.

    I’m still knitting my wool socks. I’m learning some new techniques from Wendy Johnson’s first toe up book.

    I may not be able to WEAR my wool socks all year but I’ll KNIT them all year. My hubby’s been eyeing my sock on the needles with an envious air so the next pair will be for him.

    I have a $25.00 loopy credit and I haven’t decided yet what to use it for. A new Namaste bag – the smaller bag – is starting to call my name.

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