Tornado, Fiberphile and Three Irish Girls

Thanks so much for all of your emails and messages about the bad weather here on Friday. This has been a bad Tornado Season so far, and I would like it to be over now. We (our house and Loopy) are in the Manchester/Des Peres area, and the Elves live mostly in Kirkwood and Chesterfield. This particular tornado hit about 20 minutes north of us, at the airport. (Spring Flingers – the airport is back up and running at 85% so I’m sure all will be well for this week. No worries!) So sad to see the neighborhoods that were flattened by it up there, though. Like I said, we can be done with Tornado Season now.

This is going to be a crazy week, so I’m not sure what blogging will be like. We have all of our Spring Flingers flying in for a fun weekend! I’ll pop onto the blog with pictures as often as I can. And remember, you can keep an eye on the Loopy Webcam on Friday and Saturday, to see if you can spot any of your Flinging Knitting Friends!

On to the news – we have pretty things in tonight’s Update for you. Just added:

Fiberphile – Georgia continues to dye up some of the most gorgeous semi-solids that I’ve seen. This time we have re-stocked Squooshy (shown here – first photo – in Turkey Hill).  This is great for socks and one-skein shawls (like Citron, Winter’s MornSaroyan, Seaside Shawlette, and 28’s Cousin 53.)

Three Irish Girls – More of the Glenhaven Cashmerino Worsted (that makes beautiful sweaters, scarves, hats, mitts, and heavier shawls, like Tesni, Summer Flies, and Mara.) We also received more Adorn Sock (fingering weight) and their Glenhaven Cashmerino Fingering. (This Cashmerino is so soft and wonderful. A great merino/cashmere/nylon blend.)

You’ll also find our exclusive Three Irish Girls April Colorways – one a semi-solid (Black Bird Singing in the Dead of Night, a gorgeous purple color) and one a multi-color (Hard Day’s Night, a fun purple/pink/lime/black color).

Spirit Trail Fiber – in Helen. Jennifer’s beautiful colors on her 100% Superwash base. Also great for socks (like this one with the cool heel) and one-skein shawls.

Chic-A – Fun project bags in several fabric styles. We’ve been waiting on this order for months, so I’m glad that we can finally share it with you!

Enjoy the shopping and I’ll see you back on the blog, soon!

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  1. Sent the rain this way!! We are in terrible fire dangers in West Texas along with water rations. I am loving the new items on this Monday’s preview and have already place an order!!!

    Will there be a new quarterly kit club starting soon?

    Thanks to you and the elves…..

  2. whoa! I totally missed how bad tornado was. I have friends in Bridgeton and Maryland Heights and am now concerned for their safety. Glad you and elves are okay. I’ve e-mailed friends and hope to hear from them soon.

  3. Nancy – we have the Mother’s Day Kit coming SOON, and then we’ll have our Anniversary Kit in August. The next Club Loopy is still in the planning stages.

    Timmie – I hope your friends are ok.

    Sarah – see you soon!

  4. I’m so glad to read that y’all are okay! I got to thinking about my Spring Fling trip two years ago and how much FUN it was. I hope the weather starts to behave and everyone can get to St Louis safe and sound!!

  5. I am really happy that you all are safe & relatively unscathed. My thoughts and prayers are with those who lost everything, or lost a lot to the tornadoes. We were worried on Easter Sunday about my BIL & SIL because they live 5 miles south of Lambert Field, and she is 37 weeks pregnant this week. The huge storm seems to have brought on early labor, but she has not had their little boy yet. They rode out the storm in their basement, watching the lightning through the windows. My BIL said that is the biggest lightning show that he has seen, outside of the two summers he lived with us here and worked as a chemical engineering summer intern. Anyway, all is well with them, too. Her OB calls 37 weeks full term, which is a change because my youngest was born at exactly 37 weeks, and his birth certificate shows he was a preterm birth. What a difference 19 years makes, or something?

  6. PS I am through with spring storms here, too, even though, knock on wood, we have not had any tornadoes yet up here. It is raining cats & dogs today, and our storms this afternoon may be strong. Enough!

  7. I hope you all stay safe! I have a friend in Arkansas who is also reporting some exciting weather (and frequent outages for electricity or Internet). I’ll take my annoying quantities of rain any day.

  8. Sherri, I’m with you on the tornado season should end now. Every announcement we get says Florida’s season is June through November. I think it should never have begun in the first place. I hope yours is over with and you all come throught it safely. It takes a while for things to get back to normal.

    Also, let’s just get this out of the way real quick…the burgundy Squooshy is mine! lol

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