What’s On Your Desktop?

Remember last week’s blog contest, where I asked what distracts you from work? (Or knitting?) Many of us are distracted by the same things, and many of those things have to do with the computer. I think that I need to put the computer off limits in the evenings, with just a quick final check of emails before I go to bed. I get a lot of knitting done when I actually sit down and do it, but the trouble is that in the evenings, I’m frequently clicking around online, checking out blogs, yarn, and patterns. (Lest you think I won’t be able to stay on top of important things if I give up this trolling time, rest assured that I also do this during the day at work, since it’s part of my job!) I can only imagine how much more knitting I would get done. And right now, just before the holidays? It’s time to ramp it up and get moving on the gift knitting. Otherwise, no one is going to be getting any handknits from me this year.

One way I’m going to keep myself on track with my knitting focus, is to have that top photo as my desktop background for awhile. It’s a picture of Claudia’s Wollmeise shop in Germany. Knitting Daughter and I spent a lot of time here when we visited her, and this particular picture was taken the day we got to hang out for the whole time it was open, just knitting, chatting and drinking coffee on the orange couches. It was the best day! It’s a good reminder of why I love to knit, and I think it will be fun to have on my desktop for the next month. (Last month, I had this second photo as my wallpaper – a shot of the Cascade 220 wall here at Loopy. Equally knit-worthy and inspiring!)

So, what’s on your desktop, being used as the wallpaper? Does it make you smile? (Note – I used to keep my favorite photo of Web Guy and Knitting Daughter as my wallpaper, but it made me miss them even more. Every time I booted up the computer in the morning and saw their smiling faces looking out at me, I had a sad moment. Not that I don’t have eleventy billion other photos of them around my desk anyways. But somehow seeing them on my computer was an extra sad jolt in the morning ….)

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  1. We use pictures of our son as our wallpaper and/or screensavers – I have a tendency to change them around occasionally – and some pictures of the pets, our travels, our sheep – I should put up some pics of spinning and knitting to motivate me to get off of the computer, too!

  2. After years of analysis, I found that I needed a very peaceful landscape as my screensaver. Personal photos were too distracting. Yarn related photos tempted me to knit. Gardens just reminded me that I need to work in mine. Close-ups with lovely old houses and castles just made me want to be there.

    I found that landscapes with depth and mystery to them were the best for me. Friends in Ireland (he’s a photographer) send me photos from their trips that work out perfectly. Green Irish landscapes, seascapes, etc. Here is an example of what I mean from one of their beautiful books: http://www.obrien.ie/book897.cfm
    If you click on the book, you can see examples.
    Or here:
    Jo is a knitter.

  3. My desktop is a photo I took of the hummingbird that hung out at the feeder on my back porch at my previous house. He would show up about 15 minutes after I hung the feeder every spring and stay around all summer. Reminds me of “home”

  4. At work it’s a photo of me hiking on Columba’s Bay on the Isle of Iona. At home, it’s a photo of the leaves turning on the tree across the street frome me.

  5. I have my favorite picture from Spring Fling 2 years ago (the second year) as my background. It’s a circle of some of my best friendssitting around in handknit socks, knitting. In fact most of us (Myself, Leslie, Sarah of Perfect day yarns, Jessica, Sarah D., Stacey of Tempted Yarns, Craftypancakes, and Lynn) will be meeting up the first week of December for Arkansas Fiber Extravaganza. Yay!

  6. On my home computer, I have a space photo (Orion) from the Hubble telescope. On my work computer, I have a picture of my dog, standing on her hind legs to peek through the kitchen window.

  7. My current work wallpaper is my Woodland shawl artfully arranged in a snowbank, but I have a few pictures of knitting and handspun yarn that I rotate on a regular basis. My home PC has a photo I took of the Pittsburgh skyline behind the Fort Pitt Bridge that is just a knockout on several levels-ratios, light, cloud placement, etc. I’ve tried out others at home but keep going back to that one.

  8. My wallpaper at work is a pic of my DD kissing a dolphin at Discovery Cove in Florida. Heaven knows how much it cost (they took it, not me), but it was worth every penny. At home it is a calendar w background by John Batdorff.

    Nice to meet you and the elves last week. My yarn arrived home safe and sound and I always delight in the lovelieness with which the elves lovingly packed my yarn…

    KNIT ON!

  9. Before KnitPicks was a yarn company they were a yarn store. They had an image on their webpage of a box of chocolates with balls of yarn replacing some of the chocolates with the tag line “Like chocolate for knitters”. I have been using that as my wallpaper for years.

  10. I just changed my wallpaper yesterday to a photo that I took at this year’s Alpaca Farm Days at a nearby farm. They are so cute, they make me smile back!

  11. My desktop at home has the tulip picture that came with the pictures on the computer. At work, I have an autumn scene that came with the computer but I alternate that with a picture of my two cats. The leaves are now in the road while driving so it is time to change the picture back to the kitties.

  12. Well, at home I have a picture of my senior puppygirl Merlyn when she was a youngster and in show hair, with a Nylabone in her mouth. When she was young, she always had a toy in her mouth, usually a bone. She still likes her toys, but it’s a challenge playing fetch now because she’s blind. 🙁 She gets a kick out of standing ready and me tossing or rolling the toy so it touches her front paws. She picks it up and prances around like a big deal!

    I’ve been unemployed for about 5 months, but when I was, the work computer had ever changing scenes on the screen saver, and I usually set the desktop on a whim. The photos, which I burned to disk and now have at home, are wolves, my poodles, horses, sheep, neolithic stone monuments and a few nature scenes.

    The sheep are really fun. I have one shot I found online of a bunch of sheep just after sheering, so the coat lengths are all short. They’re solid colors and feeding, so all you see is the backs. Looks like chenille on the hoof!

    Off to knit on a shawl — Cheers!

  13. I change mine every now and then. At work – on my main work computer I have an autumn scene – trees with leaves changing near a stream. On the other one at work a different autumn landscape – both very peaceful. At home I have a photo my cousin took during a recent vacation. I believe it’s a view of Lake Louise with pine trees around it and awesome mountains in the background. The water is just as blue as the sky – again something peaceful – which I need right now.

  14. The wallpaper on my computer is a picture from Firefly, of Captain Mal Reynolds sitting in his chair with feet up on the control panel. It’s the same pic as my Ravatar.

  15. I just replaced my picture of my son and 2 grandkids with this photo, since this is where I need the impetus to get off the computer and go knit! At work I have a picture of last Sunday’s trip to the park in Boulder City, NV with the spinning group. We call it FOXing. Fiber Outing Experience.

  16. A picture of some Dall sheep from my last trip to Denali National Park. Work has Stonehenge, one of the original choices. I should fix that.

    Ana workingonaqueensizedblanketusingfairisleandintarsia – it’smassive!

  17. Oh, dear….would you believe “vampires”? Yup, the vampires of “Vampire Diaries,” “True Blood,” “Blood Ties,” and “Moonlight,” with the Winchester boys from “Supernatural” thrown in for good measure. I guess in the spirit of the wallpaper, I’m currently knitting the Tourniquet Scarf from the book, “Vampire Knits.”

  18. My desktop photo is of my hubby and two sons. It shows up first thing on my Smartboard in my classroom. My students never fail to comment on it.

  19. My boyfriend is currently trekking in Nepal. 🙁 My wallpaper is a photo of his butt. 🙂 Clothed of course.

  20. I have the picture that your DH took of the mountains. The one with the yellow wildflower in front. It reminds me of where I want to be.

  21. My wallpaper is a picture I took of Kuekenhof, Holland. The tulips are just amazing. Went there two years ago. I hadn’t been back since my parents immigrated to the US. Would love to go back, and of course a side trip to the Wollmeise store.

  22. My hubby downloaded a wall of sock yarn cakes in individual cubbies for my wallpaper. I don’t know where he found it, but it perfect and I think of of him each time I log on.

  23. My wallpaper is a picture of my youngest son in his Marine dress blues when he was in ROTC. He left for bootcamp this past Monday. I miss him every day.

  24. My great nephew’s on my work computer. My home computer is plain. I have trouble with the computer distracting from the knitting too. Since I got laptop, I can put it on end table and surf every little bit. When at SAFF the other week, I demo’ed a loom and would knit between demos at the loom. Folks commented on the knitting and weaving at same time. My answer was that, if I had a laptop, I’d be on the computer too. Well, enough computing for now. Gotta finish my Halloween socks. (Yes, I’m “early”.)

  25. Mine is a gorgeous Liberty of London print that I got from Target when they had the line. Still makes me smile every time I see it.

  26. I like to use vacation pictures for my wallpaper. The current one is from a trip to New England last April. I artfully arranged a skein of “Lobster Pot” Yarn & a “Lobster” dog toy on a restaurant table with my Lobster roll & my husband’s Lobster Cobb Salad. It’s very colorful & makes me smile every time I see it. You can see it on my ravelry profile page–I’m vickielu there. I have the same photo on my laptop, only it’s sort of tessellated across the screen many times. That can be a little jarring if you look at it too long.

  27. A landscape photo I took in Samburu, Kenya. Amazing that of all the photos of animals, I can use the landscape photos to make me remember the feeling of being there.

  28. My wallpaper is of my “Heart Home” – Taos NM! It is the back lawn of the B&B where we stay and once was the home of Mabel Dodge Lujan (the famous socialite who encouraged Georgia O’Keefe and DH Lawrence to experience the area). I wish I were there now knitting and looking at Blue Mountain!!

  29. The year I got well, we went back to Hawaii to see all the nature we could cram in.

    We camped out on the rocks as close to the Big Island Volcano as we safely could. DH set up a tripod and snapped photos all evening. I used my handheld camera-a little shaky but not bad.

    I have a photo of molten lava pouring into the ocean, making new land. When I see it, I am reminded of:
    destruction happens (the rocks we were sitting on were where a town was before the volcano covered it up)
    I am well-er than I was when I took that photo-yay!

  30. With the amount of thought and time I put into all things yarny, I should have a yarn wallpaper. i’ll get right on that. Instead, I have a darling pic of my hubby and daughter under some unbelievable storm clouds.

  31. My wallpaper at home and work is of Cahas Knob, a mountain in Virginia. My family and family friends live in the shadow of it, and the photo is a fall photograph. I miss the beauty of the Blue Ridge so much. It’s also a reminder of who I am at the core.

  32. My desktop background is a picture of my 4 1/2 year old triplet nieces and nephew in their halloween costumes – ALWAYS makes me smile!!! Very cute kids!

  33. My home computer wallpaper rotates photos – right now I’m using scenes from Korea. I love it, because it reminds me of our family trip to Seoul a couple of years ago to pick up our younger son.

    At work, I have a photo from the program I support – our new airplane, arriving at our location with one of the airplanes it will be replacing. It’s such a neat thing to be a part of, that I like to look at it for inspiration on the tough days.

  34. My desktop rotates photos on the desktop. My laptop has a gorgeous picture from a few years ago of Walden Pond during autumn. It has the trees in full color reflecting up from the water. So cool,

  35. Right now, my desktop is a photo of my grandaughter–laughing in my old wood rocking chair. She is so sweet and it makes me smile! I just changed it from a vacation photo of my husband and me with a background of beautiful orange fall color in the New York Fingerlakes last year that I looked at all year.
    Yarn goodness might be up next….

  36. Oh..you’re going to love this, Sheri…..talking about sadness. The graduation video display of pictures of my last child who graduated this year (and is in St. Louis!!!) and the other sibs, runs on my desktop….ALL those pix of them thru the years!!! talking about sadness/happy thoughts……I get a wee bit melancholy but it’s nice to see them, too…babies and all.

  37. I have a photo of my back garden as my desktop. This was at my house in Scarborough, North Yorkshire (and it is the Scarborough of the song “Are you going to Scarborough fair?”)

    I worked hard on my garden and loved it, but most of the plants I have in the picture will not grow here in Colorado at 7000ft! So I like to keep it as a reminder of what I could once grow!!


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