What’s On Your Desktop?

Remember last week’s blog contest, where I asked what distracts you from work? (Or knitting?) Many of us are distracted by the same things, and many of those things have to do with the computer. I think that I need to put the computer off limits in the evenings, with just a quick final check of emails before I go to bed. I get a lot of knitting done when I actually sit down and do it, but the trouble is that in the evenings, I’m frequently clicking around online, checking out blogs, yarn, and patterns. (Lest you think I won’t be able to stay on top of important things if I give up this trolling time, rest assured that I also do this during the day at work, since it’s part of my job!) I can only imagine how much more knitting I would get done. And right now, just before the holidays? It’s time to ramp it up and get moving on the gift knitting. Otherwise, no one is going to be getting any handknits from me this year.

One way I’m going to keep myself on track with my knitting focus, is to have that top photo as my desktop background for awhile. It’s a picture of Claudia’s Wollmeise shop in Germany. Knitting Daughter and I spent a lot of time here when we visited her, and this particular picture was taken the day we got to hang out for the whole time it was open, just knitting, chatting and drinking coffee on the orange couches. It was the best day! It’s a good reminder of why I love to knit, and I think it will be fun to have on my desktop for the next month. (Last month, I had this second photo as my wallpaper – a shot of the Cascade 220 wall here at Loopy. Equally knit-worthy and inspiring!)

So, what’s on your desktop, being used as the wallpaper? Does it make you smile? (Note – I used to keep my favorite photo of Web Guy and Knitting Daughter as my wallpaper, but it made me miss them even more. Every time I booted up the computer in the morning and saw their smiling faces looking out at me, I had a sad moment. Not that I don’t have eleventy billion other photos of them around my desk anyways. But somehow seeing them on my computer was an extra sad jolt in the morning ….)

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  1. My desktop has a photo of me standing in front of Machu Picchu in Peru, with the mountain and low-lying clouds in the background behind me. It is on the desktop because I climbed it on my 74th birthday.

  2. My desktop that I look at all day is my work logo- it doesn’t make me smile, it’s required.

    My desktop at home is a panarama shot of Acapulco as our cruise pulled in about 3 years ago- I love that memory.

  3. Right now, my desktop is a picture of the sun rising in Myrtle Beach. I took this when we were on vacation last month. My desktop is usually a picture that I’ve taken–daffodils in the spring, a double rainbow that we saw on a different vacation, fall leaves, my kids running ahead of me on our driveway, etc.

  4. My wallpaper is a fond memory of this summer’s vacation. We went to the national park in Gatlinburg. DH bought me a DVD of pictures of the park in all seasons. You can set them as wallpaper or screen saver (or both). Every day I see a new scene – fall in the mist today.

  5. My desktop at work is a picture of my beloved 4 legged kids, Rex and Robie. Robie has a big goofy grin on her face and it always makes me smile. Desktop at home is a picture of a sock knit by Anna Zillborg that I took during her class at Sock Summit last year. The colorwork is amazing.

  6. I am right with you on having a picture of my kids on my desk top. I only get to see each of them once a year and seeing them continually makes me tear up. They are grown and live on the other side of the country. So, I have a picture of my puppies and a picture of my cat wearing a knitted baby hat and I alternate each month.

  7. My desktop is usually a big pile of yarn–whichever photo grabs my attention. At the moment it’s a big pile of Zen Garden yarn in fall colors.

  8. My current desktop is a skein of my handspun, tiled so that it repeats. I love looking at squishy BFL goodness while I’m working!

  9. Right now it is a shot of a particularly tense/critical/funny moment from one of our games of extreme croquet this summer. Smiling is the number one requirement for my wall picture. Composition and color also plays apart in what I pick.

  10. my wallpaper is blue sky, sundappled green grass, 2 horses in the distance, pix taken at a friend’s farm just as summer started to exit. I hope it will stave off the darker shorter days of fall/winter. Altho, that wall o cascade 220 might offer more warmth.

  11. The company logo is my desktop wallpaper. My phone wallpaper is a background I downloaded from Fluevog because my love of shoes is equal to my love of yarn.

  12. My wallpaper for my computer at home is fall leaves right now. I lack a window in my office with a panoramic scene, so instead I have the background of my computer fill in!

    At work I just changed my wallpaper to kittens with pumpkins, before that it was a friend’s kitty trying to fit in a too small box. I try to change it regularly to things that will make me smile and relax, so when I get stressed out I have something fun to look at.

  13. My desktop is the view from a palapa on the beach in Aruba – bright blue sky with a couple of puffy clouds and the beautiful Caribbean ocean – it feels warm and makes me smile a lot!

  14. My wall paper is a close up of a pink waterlily that was growing in my whiskey barrel pond, right off my deck. It’s currently my Ravatar, lasknits.

  15. I have a picture of yarn – Wollmeise Kรผrbis nested in a beautiful bush with matching berries as my background. Makes me smiled each time – but then feel stressed as I really want to wind it and make a shawl with it Too much knitting to do!

  16. My wallpaper is a picture I took of my husband casting his fly fishing rod in the morning fog. lots of beautiful green trees in the background and you can see the fly line making the graceful arc as he casts.

  17. At home, I have a photo I took of an injured little kitten whom I rescued from the middle of a busy street last month. Though I couldn’t keep her myself — my two cats would have pitched fits — I was able to find her a great home with a first-time cat “owner” (I prefer to think of it as “cat support staff,” and I’m sure my cats do, too!). Kitten is doing great now, her injured leg has almost completely healed, and her new “mom” and “grandmom” are absolutely besotted.

    At work, it’s a scene of trees in winter from the default graphic folder in Microsoft, though I have so many file icons on the desktop, I can barely see the forest for the files!

  18. My computer desktop is as-plain-as-I-can-get-it + the various documents and file folders I am actively working on. My actual desktop has: 4 books to read for work; my journal; 2 steno pads; a day-planner; an address book; 2 glasses cases + readingglasses; several pens; my cell phone; and a ball of yarn + cuff of a sock, cause you just never know when/where there might be a need-to-knit!

  19. My desktop at work and home is of my niece and nephew, is makes me happy to see there smiling faces. We live on different coasts and I don’t get to see them very often.

  20. My computer’s desktop background is a picture in the Grand Teton National Park that I took a few summers ago, with evergreen trees, the Grand Teton mountains with their glaciers, green grass, some summer wildflowers, etc. That is really soothing to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Since I share our home computer with my sports-minded husband, our screen is the NY Yankees or the NY Giants…….guess which state we live in?? But sometimes I sneak in a picture of our grown son!

  22. I’m in the group who likes to keep my daughter close to me while I’m at work—desktop has an action shot of DD doing her varsity soccer thing. I just love seeing her on my computer and on the field, sometimes even in real life (when she is not 15-year-old crabby).

  23. Mine is a trio of cupcakes with knitting related bits of fondant on the top- balls of yarn on one, a panel of a sweater on another, and a scarf in progress on the third.

  24. My daughter dressed as a frog, my son’s dressed as a skunk and the other as a zookeeper!
    This years Halloween costumes.

  25. Mine is a picture of my kids at Matt’s graduation in May. The picture before was one at Laura’s, I made them post the same way because I wanted to see how much they had changed. Laura not so much, but the boys look so different espeically Zach and you can tell that he’s taller than his older brother!

  26. My favorite desktop wallpaper is the group picture from Spring Fling!! I used your group pic as my desktop, and it instantly brings to mind good memories!

  27. Currently, it is the mini pinscher by the doghouse, other favorites in past years were of DS on R&R from Kuwait & Iraq or “calling the colors” at National Cemetery in Lorraine France on Memorial Day (some desktops are tear-jerkers).

  28. My desktop used to be a lovely hot pink scarf in progress with a cup of tea sitting beside it. Then DH sent me a picture of a butterfly that had landed on his knee while he was sitting outside. That was such a special moment, it is now my desktop smiley picture :).

  29. Used to have a pic of my nephew on my DT now I have an island scene with ocean-very calming and keeps me focused in case I try to shop online too much.Saving $$ for Spring Fling doncha know!!

  30. I see you too are a Mac lover. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also have an iMac and currently my wallpaper is of the Shaun the Sheep flock exercising. My two sons, 3 and 6 – absolutely LOVE Shuan the Sheep (as do I) and so as a tribute to them I put the sheep up on my computer. Plus, I love sheep in general. They provide me with lots of lovely wool to knit with!

    Have a great weekend!

  31. My desktop wallpaper is my little one’s school picture – she’s in Kindergarten. It makes me smile because, not only is she too cute for words, you can also see that devilish glint in her eye, which means trouble could be coming.

  32. I have an awesome picture of a maple tree in my neighborhood when the leaves turned a bright orange and yellow. I love fall when all the leaves change. The beautiful colors put a smile on my face and makes me happy!

  33. I have an awesome picture of a maple tree in my neighborhood with the leaves changed to a bright yellor and orange….just beautiful. Everytime I sign on my computer it pops up and makes me smile. Makes me happy!!

  34. My screen saver is a pretty Tinkerbell that my daughter found for me on Firefox. It even has a little picture of her for the bar across the top so that I see her even when I am on the computer. For a long time I had the cover of one of my knitting books that had a gorgeous and colorful design.

  35. My wallpaper on my desktop is the center panel of this short comic: http://moderate-mind.deviantart.com/gallery/#/dowz4f My best friend drew it for laughs and made the center panel into a stand-alone image for me with the caption “Defending Erin’s Computer.”

    My laptop has a pretty gold fractal (kind of like these: http://www.colourlovers.com/web/blog/2008/08/29/fractal-art-complex-and-beautiful-color-inspiration), mostly just because I think they’re pretty.

  36. I change my desktop frequently with the most recent picture of a grandchild involved in their most recent activity, with a newly finished knit project, or with the giftee wearing the project, or just with a recent event. My current desktop is a picture of me having a book signed by Diana Gabaldon.

  37. Sunset on a beach in northern Kauai – dh and I spent a few days there as part of a business trip. I sat there watching the sun go down, picking through the sand for itty-bitty-teeny-weeny shells that were mixed amongst the itty-bitty-teeny-weeny bits of lava rock, coral, and other detritus.

  38. Isn’t that wall of Cascade inspiring?! I have a picture of my dog in several poses. I have 4 children that all want a position too!

  39. I have the Mary Engelbreit illustration of “Turkey Schmurkey” on my desktop. All her illustrations make me happy! St. Louis has Mary Engelbreit and Sheri–two lovely people!!

  40. My desktop is a photo of my sweet kitty Purl. She’s staring right at me with a disapproving look as if to say, “why are you at work and not at home sitting on the couch so I can sit on your lap?”

  41. The desktop photo is a picture of a peony from my garden. The plant was a pass-along from a dear friend before she moved and I use it as the desktop picture because it reminds me of her and makes me smile!

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