Shoulds and Shouldn’ts

There are some things I should do today.

1. I should clean off my desk. There are too many papers on it.
2. I should get my email in-box down to zero.
3. I should wash and block my Whippoorwill Shawl.
4. I should finalize a few orders from a few different vendors.
5. I should organize the yarn samples in my office.
6. I should work until late tonight.

There are some things I shouldn’t do today.

1. I shouldn’t start knitting a new pair of socks.
2. I shouldn’t take any yarn home from Loopy today.
3. I shouldn’t scroll through patterns on Ravelry.

Guess which list is going to get completed?

I do have a new recipe to share with you, and it’s something you might want to have on hand as an appetizer before your Thanksgiving dinner (or with your next soup and salad meal). This is delicious and the flavors are perfect for fall.

spiced-cranberry-appetizerMeda’s Spiced Cranberry Appetizer

1 (12 oz) bag of fresh cranberries
1 1/2 cups sugar
4 1/2 tsp. vinegar
2 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. ground cloves
1/2 tsp. allspice

Wash the cranberries but don’t dry them. Add all of the ingredients to a saucepan and cook over medium heat until the sugar dissolves and the cranberry skins pop, stirring regularly. (This usually takes about 20-30 minutes.) Let cool until just warm, and then pour over a brick of cream cheese. Serve with Wheat Thins or your favorite crackers.

Note: One batch is enough for two regular sized bricks of cream cheese. You can also make this ahead, store covered in the refrigerator, and warm slightly before serving.

Back to the Shoulds and Shouldn’ts – do you have anything you should or shouldn’t be doing today?

Sheri goingtogoworkonmyshouldn’tlist.


  1. I shouldn’t be reading this blog…LOL thanks for the recipe…that looks wonderful….

    I should be getting my house in order for Thanksgiving……

    Have a great Thanksgiving….

  2. I should get some sleep, then get up and record my vid cast.

    I shouldn’t ignore my alarm and sleep until late tonight, then eat a large amount of taco soup and cheese.

  3. I should clean my craft room
    I should start the laundry
    I should finish up the Christmas shopping

    I shouldn’t pop a movie in and knit
    I shouldn’t search for things to download on audible
    I shouldn’t start a new project until I finish the socks for my husband.

  4. I should be working since I’m at work.
    I should be planning my Christmas shopping for the weekend.
    I should be following my weight watchers plan.

    I shouldn’t be starting any new projects.
    I shouldn’t be perusing Ravelry for more patterns.
    I shouldn’t have eaten that lemon poppy seed muffin!

  5. I should be working instead of reading this blog
    I should be cleaning my house (preparing for a move)
    I should be finishing Christmas knitting

    I shouldn’t be searching ravelry for new projects
    I shouldn’t buy any more yarn for awhile.
    I shouldn’t worry so much.

  6. I should be starting to put up my outdoor Christmas decorations.
    I should be doing the laundry.
    I should be cleaning the house.

    I shouldn’t be planning what to knit next.
    I shouldn’t be looking at yarn online.
    I shouldn’t be daydreaming.

    You’re right – the shouldn’t list is more fun!!

  7. I shouldn’t have popped on over to your site! haha

    But then I wouldn’t have anyone slapping my hands for doing the following shoudn’ts:

    -Going to watch the programs on a laptop that I can’t view on TV (reg, rabbit ears type, etc)
    -Going to bind off MY socks! ok, that’s a good one..but my hands are itching to cast on this beret for my mother.
    -Going to cozy up in a blanket on the couch cuz it’s freezing in my house! (if I moved faster and did all the “shoulds”, then I might not be so cold!)

    I should be:

    -Digging up the rosemary before it REALLLY freezes out there (I keep it covered in a blanket at night)
    -Clean “out” bedroom of one of the sons who’re coming home in a few days! eeekkk these rooms are so easy to take over!
    -Do laundry??? naww….hubby and I don’t need any clean clothes

    KNIT!!! yes, that’s it….knit……maybe go look for yarn…..ok, here’s where we get to where I popped on over to your site…is this a circle?

  8. i should be doing work for my clients, instead i raked the front yard for almost 3 hours in beautiful crisp autumn morning sunlight (oh wait i needed to do that)
    i should be prepping items for my etsy store, instead i’ll be trying to finish my husband’s sportweight-almost-fingering-weight sweater, working on some baby knits, and randomly casting on other projects because i want to give certain people gives (oh wait i need to do that too, sort of)
    i should be tidying up my office and finishing laundry, instead i’ll be trying to write my nanowrimo novel.

    oh, it’s complicated isn’t it? 😉

  9. I’m at work so I shouldn’t be reading this blog either! I should do some house work tonight but I think that will not happen. I see knitting on the venue for tonight. 🙂

  10. I should have more patience with some of my students who are trying to complete their major projects that are due today (Guess when they started…today). I also should try to clean off my desk.
    I shouldn’t cast-on a new pair of socks or spend part of the day reading YA books.

  11. I should wash dishes
    I should clean my house
    I should warp my loom
    I should spin
    I should finish the sewing part on my Christmas knits
    I should work on my Amelia cardigan
    I shouldn’t watch Christmas movies on Hallmark Channel
    I shouldn’t take a nap
    and like you I’m working on the shouldn’t list and the Amelia cardigan “should” in my non-public clothes

    Have a great weekend

  12. I should finish what I start.
    I should stop longing for MORE yarn and MORE patterns and MORE needles.
    I should and do thank you for your blogs and your caring spirit!!

  13. Do not buy any more Wollmeise, at least this year.

    I have just given up on what I should do and need to do, which is the usual. Clean, wash, cook, repeat. Some how it gets done.

    I should knit more instead of just thinking of knitting. I think that is the “process” type person in me versus the “product” type person.

  14. Should do the laundry.
    Should clean off my desk.
    Should make some pumpkin bars for Sunday.

    Shouldn’t be on this computer!!!!!
    Shouldn’t be procrastinating.
    Shouldn’t be worrying whether there’ll be too much snow over the Pass to go to our daughter’s for Thanksgiving.

  15. I certainly shouldn’t buy more yarn!
    I shouldn’t buy more patterns
    I shouldn’t put off finishing the papers I have for my Moms house
    I shouldn’t buy my daughter any Christmas gifts as I just bought her a new bed
    I shouldn’t count a new bed as a gift!

    I should clean house
    I should go out and deadhead the bushes–the flowers are dead
    I should get some exercise
    I should call my cousins
    I need to pay the bills!

    Yep, shouldn’ts are more fun!!

    Thanks for the recipe. It will be on the table on Thanksgiving. We all love cheese and berries.

  16. Should/shouldn’t be reading this blog! How could I resist?
    Should be getting more organized with my knitting.
    Should get my menu for Thanksgiving ready.

    Shouldn’t look on Ravelry several times a day.
    Shouldn’t have taken a nap (today)
    Shouldn’t want more yarn and patterns.
    Shouldn’t want more kntting time.

    I love the shouldn’ts

  17. I should do laundry.
    I should get more sleep.
    I should clean the kitchen.
    I should clear out the in-box.
    I should get my car washed.
    I should sing Happy Birthday to BFF Liz later tonight (again, since I already called her this morning to do it on the phone).

    I shouldn’t be reading this right now.
    I shouldn’t be shopping yarn.
    I shouldn’t be getting sick.

    I think that covers it. At least for now. 😛

  18. I should be turning the heel of my second sock instead of browsing cardigan patterns. At least I’m allowed to knit today, having cleared my desk yesterday.

  19. I should be washing dishes and clothes.
    I should be cleaning the bathroom.
    I should be cleaning my craft room/office.

    I shouldn’t be reading this blog.
    I shouldn’t be browsing Ravelry for patterns and chatting in the forums.
    I shouldn’t have ordered 4 Tulip crochet hooks from TLE 😉

    The recipe looks delicious 🙂

  20. 1. I should cut out a pattern for something I want to sew.
    2. I should do the wash tonight so it won’t be “looking at me ” in the morning before work.
    3. I should stop staring at my computer screen, get out of this chair and do the above #1 and #2 🙂
    4. I should make time to write letters (the old non-email way) to some friends of mine who don’t live close by (I’m the type to still send cards “just because”)

    1. I shouldn’t pressure myself during holidays – just do what I can and enjoy them
    2. I shouldn’t have so many projects swimming around in my head all the time

    I do love reading this blog though – seems we mostly all have the same things on our plate 😀

  21. Shoud do:
    1. I have a to-do list of deep cleaning stuff like washing the teapots on the cabinets.
    2. Clean house for weekend
    3. Go grocery shopping for Thanksgiving

    Shouldn’t do:
    1. Put off the house-cleaning
    2. Watch “Roman Holiday” while knitting on cardigan. Followed by 2 Wallace & Gromit movies.
    3. Spend too much money at the grocery.

  22. I should be responsible and do the chores that need doing today in a timely manner.
    I should think of one easy-to-find gift for my birthday, so hubby does not stress out.
    I should get the indoor plants repotted before putting them back in the dining room.

    I should not run off to Soulard Market for a tamale/chili and beer breakfast with said hubby.
    I should not plan 3 days of bumming around to celebrate said birthday.
    I should not think about any more yarn until the current WIPs are done.

    (Mmmm, Blue Sky Alpaca/silk)

  23. Well, I probably should be getting to bed soon instead of reading blogs and playing Frontierville, and I really should type 30,000 more words in my NaNoWriMo submission.

    Then again, I really think I shouldn’t spend any more time shoulding all over myself. 😉

  24. I should be cleaning the house for company arriving later this week.
    I should be planning menus to serve the company arriving later this week.
    I should be making a grocery list.
    I should be planting that French lilac stem in the garden (it would be a 10 min. task! Why am I procrastinating a 10 min. task??????)

    I shouldn’t be reading blogs.
    I shouldn’t be knitting
    I shouldn’t be pining for yarn I don’t need.

  25. Who are we kidding? I know it’s Saturday and the whole chore situation is there, for most people. BUT, I in the hospital for the weekend. (Nothing serious, just a weekend of IV steriods) I should be working on my new sock project…pattern- Shurtugal, yarn- LL Red Rover. I’ve just finished the ribbing. I like how this colorway is knitting up v. much! (Is there a rule about knitting on steriods? Hmmm.)

  26. Don’t shouldn’t yourself so much!!! In the big scheme of things it won’t matter. Decide what will make you happy and do it.

  27. Solution: Just change the words around ie
    1. I should start a new pair of socks today.
    2. I should take home yarn from Loopy today.
    3. I should scroll Ravelry for new patterns today.

    Just look at how much you accomplished.
    Works for me every time.

  28. I obviously accomplished my should on Friday, because I mostly managed to not spend a lot of time reading the internet!

    Of course, I have stayed up late each night this weekend, so I am sure I won’t manage to be as productive today.

  29. Sheri,
    I should be soaking and blocking my Whippoorwill Shawl too!
    Maybe we can encourage each other to get ‘er done!

    And I so shouldn’t be goofing on the computer.

  30. I should walk the dogs
    I should vacuum the front room
    I should finish the dishes
    I should finish Xmas knitting

    I shouldn’t spin the new fiber- baby alpaca
    I shouldn’t spin the new fiber
    I shouldn’t spin the new fiber
    I shouldn’t spin the new fiber
    I shouldn’t spin the new fiber

    I think I could do only a few minutes spinning and then work on the others- right?

  31. OMG, I just got my sock club lite package. Fabulous!!!!!! I should be planning on what to do with that skein of fabulousness, but right now I’m gonna settle for fondling.

  32. “Should” is a dirty word. “Ought to”, “must” & “need” are also very bad words. They induce palm sweating, nervous ticks, acid indigestion and panic attacks. Just remove them from your vocabulary, and you will see immediate improvement in your quality of life.

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