What’s Going On at Loopy Central Today?

Fun stuff! We started the day with a Puppy Shower for Elf Donna. Remember her cute new yellow lab named Lucy? I’ve decided that it’s a lot of fun to shop for puppy presents. Unfortunately, Lucy was not the guest of honor at her own shower, simply because we surprised Donna with the shower. But we hope to see Lucy again soon.

We’re unpacking boxes of a new yarn base from Sweet Georgia – her new Cash Luxe (merino, cashmere, nylon) base. Lots of colors. I grabbed three from the first box, just so I could share a photo with you. (Note – if you click on the photo you’ll see it up close and personal. It’s almost as good as reaching into your computer and touching it in person. Almost.) We’ll get them all photo-ed and up for you for next week’s Monday Night Update.

I’ll bet you are wondering who won the yarn cake of Raku-Regenbogen from last week’s mini contest? I’ll be sending it to Nadine in West Virginia. She shared that she’d use it to make an Annis Shawl. I think it’s going to look awesome! I’m thinking I might want to make an Annis Shawl – maybe out of Wool Candy’s Robin’s Egg or Sanguine Gryphon’s Skinny Bugga Sooty Dancer or Madelinetosh’s Merino Light Sequoia.

I have decided that one of my very favorite parts of knitting is picking patterns that I want to knit and finding the perfect yarn to go with it. I also like starting the project and getting about halfway through, and then I want to pick a new pattern and yarn and start all over. Hmmm. No wonder I have so many ongoing projects. If designers would just stop designing and dyers would just stop dyeing, maybe I’d have a chance to catch up.

What is your favorite part? Picking the project? Starting in on it? Finishing it up? Handing it over to the recipient?

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  1. Starting it, of course!! Dreaming of the day it comes off the needles – putting it on and instantly being 10 years younger and 30 pounds lighter JUST by wearing this magical, beautiful creation. The dream alone is worth it.
    But then reality hits and the cat uses it as a bed, unravels 30% of it and I run out of yarn just as the end is in sight. Once it’s off the needles, the left arm is 3 inches longer than the right arm – it ADDS 40 pounds to my frame and doesn’t fit right at all.
    Hey, Cat!! Wanna bed?

  2. Finishing a project and then enjoying it knowing it was the perfect marriage of a pattern and a yarn…..and then off to start a new one πŸ™‚

  3. I love to find new projects and new yarns, and start them. Finishing projects is very hard. If it is a prayer shawl, sometimes I can get it done and delivered quickly, but too often it seems if I can hold onto the project, I can hold onto the recipient, too. This has not always come out well, and then I feel really guilty!

    So, I have many things started, too. And a big list of gift projects for others. I try to keep them small (bibs for babies, etc.).

    And a lot of what I do is for charity, so since it’s not for a specific person, I can let go more easily.

  4. Probably picking the yarn and pattern and getting started. I do that way too often and have way too many started projects on the needles. Have to work on that.

  5. Thank you! I’m so excited. You most definitely should make an Annis. Her patterns are amazing.

    My favorite is picking out and starting the project. Then wearing or using it.

  6. Wool Candy; what a great name for a yarn company!

    My favorite is picking out the project, next is giving finished object away ( but first I take a picture of it for my “things I made” journal )!

  7. I love the having a project just finished but definitely not the finishing. Speaking of finishing wait till Lucy is as big as the Loopy sheep. Hope you’ll share that picture too.

  8. starting a new fantastic project is the best. and the anticipation, looking at the yarn in your bag as you bring it home, seeing what it will become…knitting is truly the ultimate “Start Up”

  9. I just happened to have bought a skein of Sweet Georgia in the River colorway. It is so lovely I just may hang it on the wall.

    I love starting projects the best! I do eventually finish some of them. As for knitting the Annis shawl, I started it with some Malabrigo lace weight-I made a total mess of it and discovered that frogging lace weight doesn’t always work. Have been thinking of trying it again with fingering weight and a smaller needle than size 6. Maybe I’ll use one of the addi clic lace needles that I just bought from TLE. They should be here by Friday or Saturday-just in time to start lots of new projects! It is all about process for me-once I finish a project, I lose interest and it’s on to something new.

  10. I think my favorite part of a project is when I get into the “zone” of making great progress and I’m able to look forward to the end and actually enjoying the finished result! I must be getting more practical with time – I actually have a fall/winter jacket that just needs a sleeve and the sewing up and I’m actually thinking about that more as my next item rather than starting something else (might be a miracle occuring here :>). Though I admit, browsing at TLE DOES get me started thinking about new yarns and patterns. You all do a great job Sheri – thanks!

  11. I love buying the yarn and then picking out the perfect pattern. Once I have it all worked out, I can’t wait to get it on the needles. I’m just not that good about getting all of them off the needles.

  12. I’m with you – love the casting on and starting the new project. About halfway through I want to start something else! The new yarn sounds delicious by the way.

  13. Maybe matching a specific yarn to a specific pattern could be a service you offer to knitters who just can’t decide. That would at least sort of justify this addiction of yours. πŸ™‚

  14. I love finding a pattern that I want to knit and then finding the yarn I want to knit it with. Hypernova is currently on my mind and I have the perfect yarn picked out and I’m just waiting for you to get it back in stock – hopefully soon πŸ™‚

  15. I’m with you, Sheri! I love to explore patterns and pick just the right yarn and pattern combo. Then I get practically giddy about casting on and starting the project. Typically, I get a crazy amount of pleasure out of watching the project take shape, and I knit feverishly because I love how the yarn and pattern work together. Then that honeymoon feeling wears off at somewhere around the half-way point (like you said!) and I start the whole process all over again. I constantly have several projects going!! But I do manage to finish most things eventually.

  16. I love the Annis shawl! Definitely in the planning stages for future yarn purchases. My favorite part of it all is the anticipation of who I would love to make it for and deciding who would “appreciate” the knit when it’s done. I also love the feel of the yarn forming…something.

  17. Oh, without a doubt:
    wandering around the yarn store looking and looking. Once the yarn catches my eye and I feel it, then I take it home and think over what I want the item to be.
    Usually the yarn wants to “be” something so I ask it. (yes, I know what that sounds like)

    I wandered around Loopy today and ended up with birthday yarn-
    Alpaca with a Twist with silk in Raisin, for a scarflette.

    Oh, and of course non-birthday essential yarns:
    Sock Club Lite and Spanish Star DIC November yarn club yarn.
    Spanish Star is LOVELY in person. Dramatic and interesting. I am starting a stole out of it tonight-can’t wait!

  18. I love to plan the project. Searching for patterns, then finding the yarn, that’s the best part for me. I have made a lot of shawls and love to make them but never wear them so the anticipation is the best.

  19. I just love the feel…the hand of the yarn and the delicious touch of the knitted item. True confessions include knitting a particularly yummy yarn into a shawl three times, just to enjoy the process.

  20. My favorite part is picking out the yarn, project, and knitting it up. Least favorite is tidying up the ends and blocking cause I’m lazy. hehe πŸ˜‰

  21. My favorite part is working on the project itself. Knitting would be about l/2 way done. But, by the time I finish, I am usually not that happy with it. Wonder why? Maybe I don’t like endings.

  22. I like finding a project then starting it, feeling the lushness of the yarn…finishing well…..I’ve been working on a sweater for almost 2 yrs now…I really need to get it done..done & done!

  23. All the parts, depending on my mood. Right now, I want to work on all the projects I have patterns and yarn set aside for. I’m resisting casting on all of them at once, trying to finish one and then move to another (holiday knitting!), but I fear than once I starch all my snowflakes and bookmarks, I will accidentally cast on all the other projects I have needles for. I just don’t knit as fast as I’d like!

  24. I’m with you, Sheri – my favorite part is matching the yarn and pattern. See, this is why I need to have such a big stash at all times!! I find a beautiful pattern that I love, and then I pore over and pore over my yarns trying out different colours and fibers until I have the perfect match. It’s so much fun! Of course, more often than not, I don’t have what I consider the “perfect match”. Then I have to hop over to my laptop and visit the Loopy Ewe, where I have lots more fun poring over the wonderful yarn coffers there! There’s always a perfect match to my favorite patterns at the Loopy Ewe. <3

  25. You and I have something in common. I love searching and matching yarn to pattern and starting it. Then I see something else that I love and put the original project down and move on to the next project. And so on and so on and so on. lol It’s an illness!! πŸ™‚

  26. I think it’s a combination of picking them, starting them, and, when applicable, passing them over to the recipient. I always hit that part in the middle where it seems like you’re knitting and knitting (or crocheting and crocheting) and getting nowhere. And I have too much “help” with the blocking process. But yes, plotting, starting, and passing them along.

    And, of course, I’ve got so many UFOs and WIPs that it’s silly. And I’m perfectly OK with that. πŸ˜€

  27. Favourite part is so hard to pick. I love picking a project and matching it to the yarn, or vice versa. I also love starting, finishing and using the item. I do occasionally hand something over to someone else, that is the most nerve racking part as you wait to see if your vision is appreciated by them as much as you thought it would be when initially visualizing the project.

  28. I love starting a new project and it is a joy to pass it on to the recipient. I do not like finishing! I suppose that is why so many of the projects I start for myself are UFO’s.

  29. My favorite part is working the first few pattern repeats. I see the design unfolding and understand how the creator put it together. It’s awesome!

  30. Definately my favorite part is finding the pattern, the yarn and starting it. I too have way too many projects going, and if I took the time to actually “round up” all of my knitting needles, I’d probably have enough to share with everyone on this web page! But the fun part about so many projects going is that at some time in the future, you can once again ‘rediscover’ the projects that you started!

  31. i like all the aspects of knitting something, except for the sewing together. i love knitting seamless sweaters for this very reason. and socks and shawls because there is no sewing there either.

  32. My favourite part is thinking about which colour to use for a project then the shopping in my (Loopy Ewe) stash or in the real Loopy Ewe store begins. It is almost always colour, then project for me.

  33. I love getting new yarn and starting the project. The feel of the yarn on my skin has such an impact on what I want to knit. I could spend days and lots of money in the Loopy Ewe!! I would love to have most of the yarns, alas I will have to “want”!

  34. My favorite part is picking yarns, either for known projects or for stashing. When I start a new project I love to feel the fabric develop and know that “I am creating it”. I love seeing the new object gifted to someone who will love it and wear it like a hug from me.

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