Sweet Georgia CashLuxe

Many of us speak about Malabrigo as Mmmmmalabrigo. Because it’s just that delicious. And now, I think I will have to speak of Sweet Georgia as “Sweeeeeet Georgia”, because that’s what this new CashLuxe will do to you. (Or maybe “Suh-WEET Georgia”!)

I predict that you all will love this wonderful mix of superwash merino, cashmere, and nylon (70/20/10), along with Felicia’s exquisite dyeing. I set aside a skein of Lettuce Wrap for myself, just because of the name. 🙂 Although Autumn Flame is probably a better color for the season of Thanksgiving this week. And Stella – probably my favorite from this batch, and I’m not even a very purple person.

Also up this week, a whole new batch of Lavishea lotion bars, both large and small sizes, including some new scents that you will love. The Elves have been chuckling over the Man Bar. And I must have Colorado on my brain, because I just noticed that there are two tins of that in this photo. Oh, well. These would make great stocking stuffers for all of your friends. I keep a small tin in my purse and in my knitting bag, and a large tin in my bathroom for moisturizing in the mornings. The other thing that I keep there is our Soak Heel Creme. LOVE this stuff. It might be a good idea to include a tub of this with each pair of handknit socks that you give as a gift, because the tagline says, “For feet worthy of handknit socks.” That just adds a reminder to the recipient that handknit socks are special (so treasure them!) and you think they are worthy of them.

Patterns re-stocked: Dream in Color’s Tulip Baby Sweater, and in the Loopy Sock Clubs section: Loopy Loves You Socks, Anklebiters, Purple Rose of Loopy, Little Jazz, and Swirl Socks.

To round out this week’s Monday Update, we have a big re-stock of Della Q needle organizers and project bags, as well as her newest fall organizing bags. There is a great new hanging circular organizer, as well as a cute Travel Case (which holds a few circs, a few DPN’s, and a zip pocket for small scissors, stitchmarkers, etc.), and a new bag that holds almost every circular needle and DPN that you can come up with. Seems like a good time to organize your needles, doesn’t it?

I washed and blocked my Whippoorwill Shawl – photos on Wednesday. I made it for a friend, but now I don’t want to give it away. I think that means I must make another one for myself. (But isn’t it nice when something turns out so perfect for a friend that you sort of want to keep it?)

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  1. Can’t wait to see your blocked shawl. I’m such a weenie when it comes to blocking. I have three shawlettes, including my Ishbel, finished but unblocked. Sigh…

    Have a fabulous Thanksgiving. Hope both of the kids are coming home.

  2. I just finished the Moody Kerchief and am keeping it for myself rather than giving it so my SIL for Christmas. It’s an awesome pattern, knit up in just under a day, and is for a good cause. Plus it looks awesome. I’m going to knit another for the SIL out of some Rios. Yum!

  3. OK, based on this update, you’ve got me waltzing around the house with various pets (whomever I can grab) singing a variation of “My Favorite Things.” 😀

  4. I really ought to buy the tulip baby sweater. When it made the rounds of blogland, it looked like a perfect quick and fun baby sweater to knit up (though I haven’t loved the adult sized versions I saw floating around).

  5. I teach middle school students in the inner city of Syracuse NY. I have had it with them bullying and “ribbin” each other, and I am spending the remaining time of this marking period on a unit called “Bullying: What role do I play in it?” After a week of watching the most depressing videos about teenage bullying and suicides resulting from it, they are now starting to talk about why they do it. So today, one of the toughest girls in one of my classes, was totally resilient to everyone telling her she “bullies” them, and so I asked her if just for today, she would pick 3 people in the school that she has been mean to, and do 3 random acts of knidness for them. She balked and said, “I never speak to them, don’t you think they will think this is strange?” I hammered away, “They will be surprised, and overwhelmed by your kndness.” Then I added, “To make sure you do this by 2:30, I want the names ofthe 3 people on paper that you were nice to, and I am going to go back and check.” She stormed out of the room-and came in at 2:00 p.m. with her note with the names on it, and said, “They were so surprised, I couldn’t believe the look on their faces.” So maybe I don’t qualify for your drawing, but I am working very hard to teach my students in a different way, to be nice to everyone. It makes my heart feel good to see them change. Bunny

  6. Nothing big so far, but I did share a 25% off coupon for a whole day at Macy’s with someone…..sharing the deals is a random act of kindness, isn’t it???

    I also have two red and white scarves that I made when I was erroneously informed that the Special Olympics’ 2011 colors were red and white which I am giving to a local elementary school where underprivileged students are in need of warm clothing items for winter.

    Happy Holidays all!

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