National Coffee Day

DSC00545Did you know that today is National Coffee Day? I think you’re allowed to celebrate by drinking coffee, or by buying coffee-flavored ice cream, or by ordering some lovely coffee-colored yarn for a new project. (Or hey – all three. Why not?) I celebrated by getting a new coffee mug. Well, not really. I bought the mug a month or so ago. Kind of a PRE-celebration, you know? Because I knew I’d need it. The thing I like about this mug (from my very favorite pottery place on etsy) is that it holds a Venti-sized coffee, and the mug keeps it much warmer than the paper cup that my Venti coffee comes in. It’s shown here with a regular sized mug, which holds about 12 oz.

The coffee story goes that an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi (way back in the 9th century) noticed the interesting effect that a certain berry (coffee berries) had on his goats. He began experimenting with the berries. From there, coffee made its way to being roasted and traded in Indian and European markets, with the first Starbucks coffee shop being opened in Constantinople in 1475.  Nowadays, we consume 400 billion cups of coffee a year. It’s a world commodity second only to oil. I hope Kaldi bought stock in all that.

I asked you to tell me about your favorite mug one time. (Note – that’s another mug from the same potter. Remember my mug problem?) Today, in honor of National Coffee Day, tell me about your favorite coffee. (Or if you’re a tea drinker, share your favorite tea.) On Friday, I’ll share a cookie recipe that would go very well with either tea or coffee.

Sheri headingouttocelebratebygettingabigcupofcoffee


  1. i’ve worked overnights the last seven years. ANY coffee is good coffee. i’ll drink almost anything with caffeine in it.

    having said that, i really enjoy local coffee roasters like coffee by design and, when they were around, breaking new grounds. i also prefer tim horton’s to both dunkin’ donuts and starbucks.

  2. My favorite coffee is Casi Cielo from Starbucks. It won’t be available again until January, but we have a stash to get us through until then.

  3. There are NO Starbucks or Carabous in the entire two county area of where I live and work. That’s right, NONE. Hard to believe when I see At least three in every block in some cities. There are a couple of local coffee shops, but none convienent to my morning drive. We brew good old Folgers here at home or McDonald’s will do in a pinch.

  4. Still searching for the best cup of coffee. Royal Cup is a favorite. Southern Pecan is next. Someday, I will find the perfect cup of coffee.
    I also drink tea and enjoy Green tea, Earl Grey, Prince of Wales, Lady Grey and a good Breakfast tea.
    I don’t have a favorite coffee or tea mug.

  5. I’m not really a coffee girl, but when I do want coffee, my very favorite is the Peppermint Mocha (nonfat) from Starbucks. So yummy.

    Generally, I’m a tea girl and my current favorite is Lady Grey. So lovely. Of course, there was this amazing apricot black loose tea my mom used to get me in Los Angeles. That was really the best, but not so easy to get these days.

  6. Any thin out of my Keurig at home, but if I am going to be near a Caribou Coffee, it’s the Campfire Mocha! I don’t know how they do it but it has the flavor of marshmallows roasted over a campfire!

  7. Coffee – espresso in Naples, black, there’s nothing like it. They say it’s the water.

    Tea – Keemun or Double Bergamot Earl Grey, depends on the time of day.

    Learned from a Russian, if a black tea isn’t all that good, add a bit of red wine. Drink for breakfast!

    Favorite container – a large mug I made 40 years ago. It has lived all over the world and still doesn’t have a chip.

  8. Starbucks or nothing. Espresso only, please! I am not a daily coffee drinker because I would rather have nothing than bad coffee. So far, only Starbucks espresso is the only thing that I like. No sugar, and definitely no whitener!

  9. no coffee for me – sometimes tea, but mostly just water

    I just looked at the potter’s site – hadn’t for a while and she has a bunch of new ones I hadn’t seen in a while that I think may have to eventually come live with me 🙂

  10. My favorite tea is Lyons Gold Blend from Ireland. Delish!! It goes great with cookies, cakes, and all sorts of yummy stuff.

  11. For “frou-frou” coffee, it’s Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte, had one this morning. For the first cup (or three) of the day, I like Starbucks’ Italian Roast. It has to be dark roast and bold.

  12. If I’m buying a cup of coffee I get Tully’s, usually a mocha. At home I either have Gevalia Stockholm Roast (brewed) or Tully’s French Roast, or Green Mtn Nantucket (k-cup). I usually switch to tea in the afternoon and like most of the Republic of Tea blacks, greens and whites: I adore the smell and taste of Blackberry Sage!

  13. A coworker brought a bag of Pike Creek Coffee, Tanzian Peaberry, from Delaware. The smell is wonderful – slightly chocolately with hints of red wine. You dont’ really “taste” the nuances but the coffee sure is good!

  14. Starbucks it is!! I even brew it at home. My special Starbucks treat is a Venti no-whip Mocha. Funny, I just bought a tall gold pottery mug on Sunday. It just screamed “fall” to me. I also ordered some Adagio fall Chai tea blends that are very good. I love baking cookies and I am looking forward to your recipe, Sheri.

  15. After moving to the great north woods I thought I was going to have to give up drinking coffee cause I was addicted to the Green Mountain Coffee that I could get at my local grocery store back home. Wonders of wonders there is a local coffee company here – Hubbard Lake Coffee. I have tried several of their different blends but so far my favorite is Cabin Fever Blend. Seems appropriate considering where I live and all- especially in the winter.

  16. I brew up a VERY large (20 oz) travel mug of Yuban at home in the AM, then drink Wawa coffee at work (it’s pretty good, and the office buys it for us). Over the summer, I had a thing going with Dunkin Donuts’ iced coffee, but I’m looking forward to my first PSL, maybe tomorrow since it finally feels like fall. Favorite mug: My plastic LL Bean travel mug, doesn’t look great but the handle is just right and it’s easy to hold.

  17. I don’t have a favorite coffee (detest it in all forms, or even anything remotely coffee-like.) However, I need to sneak a photo of a colleagues office Next to her, your mug “problem” looks like a mug shortage.

  18. We have a local chocolate shop that has expanded into roasting their own coffee beans. Several franchises have grown from this 2nd generation mom and pop business. They have a Buckeye flavor (chocolate & peanut flavor – yum!) which is perfect for this buckeye. O-H-I-O!

  19. My favorite coffee is the Senseo French Vanilla with soymilk and I drink it in my favorite mug which came from the United Nations gift shop. My husband and kids know NEVER to take Mom’s mug!

  20. My two favorite mugs are “Knit Happy” and Gordon College. I drink tea mostly. Green tea and Mandarin Orange Spice. I like drinking coffee on the way to work……so I stop at Tim Horton’s.

  21. My favorite coffee brand is Cameron’s Chocolate Caramel Brownie (thanks to Sheri mentioning it several months ago) and also Pumpkin Spice from a coffee shop locally. I love that this time of year – just bought a 5 lb bag.
    My favorite mug at the moment is one I got from my two youngest grandkids that says “We Love Grandma.”

  22. My favorite coffee is Vail Mountain Coffee @ Tea in Vail,Co. When I visit my daughter there, she will fix me a wonderful cappucino, nice and dry. The coffee is roasted in the higher altitude of Vail, and is absolutely wonderful.

  23. I am a Peet’s woman through and through. I feel terrible that I actually skipped coffee today, but I will make it up tomorrow with a lot of extra…darn those 4:15am wake up calls!

  24. I like the coffee from Berres Bros (local roaster) or most anything out of my Keurig. Black – no flavored coffee. And I like red bush tea, iced.

  25. My favorite coffee ‘mug’ is a travel mug that I just recently bought at starbucks~

    That one! I LOVEDDDD the color so much, along with the grippy sleeve around it. Plus it is my favorite type of lid… the kind that to not leak! It is like a perfect secure flap, one of my other coffee mugs has this lid, but it rolled under my car seat (for when I would stop by a coffee shop) a bit too much and is scratched all over (it kind of looks like a dog chewed it… but we have 4 cats lol).

    So this coffee mug is PERFECT~ for me~ it is only 12oz, but I don’t drink a lot of coffee in one shot, so to have a smaller size mug has worked out for me. I love it so much, because it also keeps my coffee nice and warm for quite awhile! 😀

  26. OK, I am a day late on this. That is what I get for not checking blogs yesterday. And yes I did know that yesterday was National Coffee Day, I am all about the Elixir of Life around here. I have to say that I have two favorite mugs. I have a thermal one that I think originally came from Starbucks many a Christmas ago. And then there is what we call the “Tumbling Bears” mug. If you look closely at the mug the bears aren’t really “tumbling”. They are actually participating in, how shall I say it,

    marital congress.

  27. My very favorite coffee is that first cup in the morning. I mix decaf and Seattle Mountain Blend beans (from Costco.) My timed coffee maker grinds the beans while waking everyone in the building at about 6. I get up, put in a little Stevia and top it off with Creme Brulee flavored Coffeemate. Sorry, Starbucks -you haven’t topped that yet. But the Salted Carmel Hot Chocolate (okay, not a coffee) is awesome!!!

  28. I’m a tea drinker – organic green tea. But when I drink coffee (weekends and campouts only), it’s Fireside Cinnamon Chocolate or any brand Kona. I’m surrounded by coffee lovers at work.

  29. I don’t drink a whole lot of coffee but when I do I snitch it from the BF’s stash of Jamaican blue mountain. It’s absolutely wonderful- smooth and not bitter at all.

  30. My most favoritist (created a word:) coffee is Equal Exchange Organic Mind/Body/Soul – dark and rich but not bitter and best served oober hot in a never ending magic pot – LOL. I love it in the morning, I love it at night……do I sound like a Dr. Seuss book or what?

  31. I am a Peet’s fan at home: Blend 101 is a personal coffee favorite! But I will do Starbucks when out and about. I did have my first PSL yesterday and it was wonderful.

  32. For me it is coffee, coffee, and more coffee. I came to coffee late in life and guess I am trying to catch up. I pretty much like any but with lots of cream. We brew Starbucks French Roast at home. It is about the only one my picky husband will drink. I also like the mint lime white tea at Caribou, without the mint. It is dried mint shredds and makes you think you are drinking sawdust. It doesn’t give much mint flavor either. So, take your own mint and enjoy.

  33. I’m with Nancy, coffee,coffee,and more coffee. I’m not a tea drinker except when I have a bad cold….it seems to make me feel better quicker. My favorite is Tim Hortons french vanilla capp. Otherwise at home, I drink Maxwell House maxwell blend in my favorite mug my late sister gave me that says, “Forget housework, I’m busy being creative”.

  34. I’ve always loved my morning cup of coffee, but now Frank likes to have a cup after supper, so I have one in the evenings, too. I was buying the Gevalia coffee – creme brulee or chocolate truffle flavors – but now Frank has determiend that the “cheap stuff” bothers his stomach, so he’s drinking Gevalia, too, and prefers it.

    We go through six boxes of the stuff every month. That’s a lot of yarn money, but it sure is a lovely part of our day.

  35. We got a Keurig single cup coffee maker as a gift a couple of years ago. I was really reluctant to use it at first but it has been great. Coffee People’s Donut Shop coffee is fabulous and the whole thing works out well since I’m usually the only one drinking coffee in the morning. Nifty gadget!

  36. I am very picky about coffee and really don’t like when it is roasted too dark – it tastes burnt to me (Starbuck’s drip is like that, I think). I buy all my coffee from a small roaster in Ithaca, NY – it is organic, fair trade, shade grown ,etc. and super yummy – it has hints of chocolate although it isn’t flavored. It is a Guatamalan coffee. I keep trying to branch out, but nothing else makes me as happy, although there is a Mexican shade grown that is also good!

  37. I love Caribou coffee, Caribou Blend. Drinks it everyday!!! For a special treat, I enjoy a Caramel High Rise from Caribou, but since we don’t have one in town, I get them only when we travel. (which is probably a good thing)…. I did REALLY enjoy Peets when I was in California and am pretty sure that would edge out Caribou if I lived near one..

  38. We had a tea place down the road…the tea flavor Iove best is
    Creme Brulee & my (2) favorite mugs are one I bought in
    London that says “mind the gap”..and the other one is
    a White Castle mug…

  39. I’m a tea drinker and I drink Lyons Gold Blend from Ireland. My local market carries it and it sells out quickly. When I spot it in the shop, I scoop up several boxes, even if it’s not on my list. I don’t want to run out!
    I love to have a sit & knit on a Fall afternoon with a cup of tea at hand and maybe a cookie or two.

  40. My favorite coffee is something called 89er’s blend. Since the one location I had to purchase it no longer sells coffee beans, I will have to buy single-flavor beans and mix it myself – chocolate fudge, Irish Creme, hazelnut and amaretto. So very, very good.

  41. I love both coffee and tea, and Peet’s is my favorite provider. The Major Dickason’s blend is my all time favorite, though I really like Garuda and Espresso Forte. Their Irish Breakfast tea is divine, and I also really like the Pride of the Port blend. Teas I usually drink black because I enjoy the complexity of Peet’s blends, but coffee can be anything from black to frou-frou. Usually, on the dark side. (Bwaaahhhahhhhaahhhhaaaaaa!)

    Can’t say I have one favorite mug, though I prefer drinking tea out of a mug with a pale interior. I like looking at the color of the tea! Got Lots Of Mugs.


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