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DSC00530I was heading to the Loopy kitchen to make my first cup of morning coffee, and I came upon a pile of orange and black yarn. Not just a skein or two, but lots and lots of it, just sitting in a pile. Upon further investigation (“Hey, what’s all this?”), Head Elf Susan admitted that she thought we should show all of these pretty colors on the blog. Susan likes Halloween a lot. DSC00531She’s the one who brings the spider tattoos for us to wear on the 31st, and the cupcakes with the Halloween rings stuck into the frosting, and then paints her face green and wears a witch hat for the day. Ok, not really, on the last two. But she does do the tattoos and the cupcakes. So it’s no wonder that she’s already thinking black and orange, and leaving a trail of yarn as she walks around Loopy Central.

DSC00532I know I’ll get emails from some of you, asking what is what in the photos. So I re-arranged the skeins a bit so that I could identify them for you. In this first photo, top to bottom:

Alpaca With a Twist Jumbo Baby in Hot Flash and Black Pearl

Aslan Trends Royal Alpaca in Tangerine and Black

Malabrigo Rios in Glazed Carrot and Black. (Glazed Carrot – what a great name.)

Of course we also have orange and black in The Loopy Ewe Solids Line. And semi-solids in all of the Dream in Color lines (check out Flamingo Pie, Giant Peach, Melon Bomb, Black Parade, and Black Pearl.)

In mixed colorways, here are some fun options (top to bottom on the left, then top to bottom on the right):

DSC00533Gale’s Art Autumn Fire
Studio June Andrea Mae DK’s Woodland Walk
Tuscan Grove Dog Pound
Madelinetosh Merino Light Cameo
Dragonfly Djinni Sugar Maple

(Right side, top to bottom)
Monkeypal Jaberwocky
Cascade Heritage Sock 9801
Sereknity Tree Frog
Malabrigo Seleccion G, Crystal Palace Panda Cotton Nasturtiams, Cascade    Fixation 4448
Sanguine Gryphon Bugga Smaller Yellow Ant (also in Skinny Bugga)

So – is anyone knitting anything fun for Halloween week? And does anyone else like Halloween as much as Elf Susan? (In all honesty, Susan is a big fan of all holidays, not just Halloween. I’m keeping an eye out for the next holiday-themed pile of yarn to appear around here.)

We’ve had a great time stocking shelves with the new things in tonight’s Update, because these are all the types of yarn that are as fun to pick up and knit with, as they are to wear. Just up, you’ll find:

Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere – we shared this brand new base with you in our August Anniversary Kits, and I know you’ve been waiting for us to put up more of it. We have it in 21 brand new colors. Some colors may be repeated later, some may not be repeated. We told them to just jump in and dye some new things, and they came up with great colors for us.

String Theory Hand-Dyed DK and Caper – new re-stocks in the DK weight (great for sweaters) and a few more colors in the Caper (great for socks and lightweight shawls).

Dragonfly Djinni – Kate’s merino/cashmere/nylon fingering base in 23 bright, deep colors.

GoKnit Bags – re-stocked in all sizes and all colors. We also have their two new colors (Gold and Mauve) in all three sizes, as well as the new Fur Bag (only available in small).

Big pattern re-stocks in Wendy Knits and Knitspot patterns, as well as new patterns from both designers.

Have fun checking out all of the new lines and colors, and we’ll look forward to packing up your orders in the morning.

Sheri coolertemperatureshavearrived,sock-weatherwillbeheresoon


  1. How much fun is that? BFF Liz wants me to crochet a Viking hat she found the pattern for on Etsy. I think it would look fantastic as I walk Salty Dog in the morning. My pretentious yuppie neighbors will love it! **giggle**

  2. Halloween is my favorite holiday. my two favorite colors are orange and black and I love that I get to see a lot of them during this holiday! I am looking forward to it, and looking forward to cooler weather. Im glad the weather is already cooling down out there…it was 111 degrees where I live today!

  3. Sheri and Susan,
    What fun photos! And I’m so glad you saved us the trouble of sending an email about the colors–I just ordered a skein of Jabberwocky for a pair of monkey socks!

  4. Halloween is my favorite, followed closely by Thanksgiving. I love thta on Halloween you can, for one day, be anything that you want to be, no matter how silly or serious or possibly impossible we can think. It is the pure whimsy of the day that calls to me. Also that there are no presents required 😉

  5. Hooray!!! I love the halloween colors – and yes, I’ve been bugging everyone I know with a newborn / small child what they’ll be for this year. : ) So far, cutest answer (only prepared mommy) is a cow for her 5 month old daughter. Adorable!

    As for the yarn photos – delicious – really need to get more storage and soon…

    Have a great day – yay for cooler weather. We’re having rain in Jersey, blegh. But at least it’s not hot.

  6. fall is here for sure! off to fill the crock pot with ome soup for dinner, maybe even whip up a loaf a bread! Have not yet thought of halloween knitting yet, almost time to pull out the multnomah though!

  7. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I don’t have any real knitting plans, but I did knit a capelet that I used for a costume and a few other things.

    I have been toying with the idea of knitting a web, though it would presumably be easier to crochet!

  8. socks! I am finishing a pair (finally) of crocheted Wollmeise socks and have 1/2 of one done in a thicker merino on size 5 needles (thick socks).
    Halloween is one of my fave holidays. I am just thinking if I want to tackle an orange cardigan in big crochet for Halloween-and I will check out what you have.
    Cracker Barrel restaurant has nice holiday wear for gals my age (almost 50) I bought a Halloween top with bats and ghosts yesterday. Plan to wear orange and black for a month.
    Also, one of the crochet mags has a hat that looks like brains so I am making this zombie hat for my kids.

  9. Want ALL the yarn!!!!!! Love those colors together – they are amazing. I have some similar colors in my stash but am still up to my neck in baby knitting so no knitting anything for me yet 🙁

  10. I am making an orange and black jack’o lantern beanie for my teenaged dd and her friend. Hallowe’en is my dh’s favourite holiday. I think it’s because he gets to dress up in costume and embarrass his girls 🙂

  11. I always knit a pair of Halloween socks and a pair of “After Christmas” socks. The Halloween I start early in “Socktoberfest” so that I can wear them Halloween day. The “After Christmas” socks I start Christmas day while we open presents. They are my present to myself for getting my Christmas knitting done.

  12. Halloween is not my absolute favorite holiday (although my high school’s colors were orange and black!), but it is very popular over here in Italy for some reason. And I have two good friends whose birthdays are on Halloween. Whaddaya gonna do? Thanks for posting all the gorgeous colors…it is just beginning to cool off here, the leaves are just starting to turn, and I’m also starting to think socks (and scarves, and cowls, and so on)!

  13. I actually thought about wearing socks this week. It’s cool here. I thought about knitting an orange dumpling bag (a little round felted bag) for Halloween but don’t see that happening right now. It’s a quick knit so I may make one down the road.

  14. Love the Dog Pound colorway. I went to Oklahoma State (orange and black) so those colors are near and dear to my heart. Not so big on Halloween, but FALL I am a big fan!

  15. I’m knitting pumpkin hats adapted from a child’s pumpkin hat pattern I got from somewhere on the internet. I’m making one for me and for each of my office mates to wear on Halloween as our costumes. I have one done, but I need to do 2 more. I better get cracking!

  16. Susan You are my kinda gal! I LOVE halloween. I decorate inside and out on Sept. 15th each year as I truly feel the need to enjoy a full 6 weeks of my halloween treasures. I’ve asked my family on numerous occasions if we could leave it up year round and live kinda like the Addams Family or the Munsters… but they vote me down… actually insane every time. I LOVE my decorations and add many more to the mix each year. I replace my usual artwork and family pics with wonderful witches and warlocks and fabulously cheesy 3-d ghoulds and goblins. My curtains come down and are replaces with lovely black shrouds and my bedding (much to my husbands chagrin) becomes a wonderful comforter with skeltons and ghosts to keep me smiling. I have fantastic styrofoam tombstones attached to my headboard… Here lies… hehehehehe love love love my haunted halloween house. No gifts, no in-laws… just kids and fun!!!

  17. My Daughter’s birthday is on Halloween, and my Son’s is the week before. So it’s a big day (week) for us. Each year, I knit (or crochet) her something Halloween-y. This year it’s a poncho in orange and black…with a little purple and green here and there.

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