Do You Crochet?

DSC00327I mentioned last month that I had taken a crochet class at TNNA. I figured it was high time I learned how to do it. (Besides, there are some really cute crochet patterns out there. I want to make this and this as soon as I get this under my belt a little bit more.) I enjoyed the class and am surprised at how quickly it feels like you’re making progress, when you crochet. I started some granny squares for a 9-square pillow out of The Loopy Ewe Line, and I also started this baby blanket out of Rowan’s new Amy Butler Belle Organic Aran line. I really love the feel of this yarn, and it’s crocheting up beautifully. I don’t have specific plans for the blanket. It was just a fun project to get my feet wet. So far, so good! So I’m wondering how many of you crochet? Is it something you learned way back when, but now you knit instead? Or do you do both? Or have you not yet learned to crochet? Or are you too backed up on the knitting you want to do, to ever be able to add crochet into your life? 🙂 Just curious.

We are welcoming lots of new Loopy Groupies today! We love sending out those Welcome Bags and feel honored that so many of you have become such great customers and friends. (You get to Loopy Groupie status when we’ve sent out 6 packages to you, although multiple Wollmeise orders in the same day all count as “one”. It gets complicated!) We’re happy to welcome these new Groupies in this latest batch: Cyrena in RI, Hikari in Japan, Robin in OH, Victoria in NC, Dana in TN, Juliet in AZ, Jeanne in CA, Christina in OH, Caryn in CT, Jane in NY, Monet in VA, Kata in Canada, Dorothy in KS, Annie in IL, Rosemarie in Canada, Kim in MS, Ellen in MO, Michelle in MD, Kelly in IL, Abbe in NJ, Elizabeth in PA, Stella in MA, Grace in NJ, Sharilyn in NY, Kittie in Switzerland, Lisa in IL, Lois in LA, Julie in DE, Mary in TX, Heather in TX, Vickie in MO, Aimee in NV, Jenny in MO, Christy in TN, Louise in Denmark, Kristie in MN, Linda in CA, Shelley in IL, Amy in PA, Ilona in Australia, Denese in MO, Helen in CO, Cynthia in OH, Kelly in AK, Nicole in Canada, Amanda in CO, Robin in OK, Kimberly in FL, Lael in WI, Loretta in MO, Christie in MD, Robin in WI, Megan in WV, Debbie in OH, Lauren in NY, Nancy in TN, Krystal in AZ, Lisa in WA, Karen in CA, Emily in PA, Andrea in CT, Beth in NY, Susan in VA, Joan in NY, Marianne in Norway, Amy in 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Have a great weekend and I hope you find time to knit and/or crochet at some point in the next few days!

Sheri readyforaweekend.You,too?


  1. I can crochet and knit. I actually taught myself to crochet before I taught myself to knit. I still do both but if I want to make an afghan I crochet it because it it quicker. I mostly knit now though because I like the fabric it makes better.

  2. Crocheted in college (long time ago) took up knitting. Break from both. 5 or 6 yrs ago started knitting & havent stopped. Only do crochet for an edging.

  3. I’m hoping to get some knitting done this weekend by hook or by crook, but first I have to finish all of the prep for my National Ice Cream Day party.

    I’ve definitely done some crochet. I did the Icelandic turtleneck last year, which was super easy, and I’ve made a number of potholders. I picked up crochet eons ago, but I stopped doing it in HS/college and only got back into it a few years ago.

  4. I’ll answer, since I’m on your list above and all. 🙂 I can wield a crochet hook and do edgings and chains, but I don’t remember how to actually move on to 2 or 3 dimensional objects. I keep buying amigurumi patterns, but I need to be able to crochet to execute them. Problem is, there’s always too much knitting going on to stop and learn what to do.

  5. My grandmother taught me to crochet in elementary school and then taught me to knit in high school after she learned from my aunt. I don’t crochet as much anymore but still pull it out every once in awhile!

  6. I can crochet and will use it for afghans – or edging if it’s called for. I made two cute (if I may say so) afghans last year as gifts and they were both crocheted.

  7. Crocheting is for baby blankets and afghans….knitting is for everything else…especially my favorite project–SOCKS! I’ve been doing both for a very long time and never get sick of either one!

  8. WOW! What a long list of new Groupies!

    I crochet also. Learned to knit first. Despite my grandmother’s many attempts at teaching me to crochet I could never get it – or get it fast enough to suit me. Eventually I taught myself crochet and only crocheted (no knitting ) for several years. Now back exclusively knitting again. Maybe a crocheted afghan from time to time but I definitely prefer knitting.

  9. I taught myself to crochet before I taught myself to knit. Used my grandmother’s “how to” books she had bought – I think from Woolworth’s. I still have the one book. Some really old vintage patterns in them – not many and no I have not tried them yet. My Nana was forever crocheting something – well everything from doilies to bedspreads, tablecloths, placemats, scarves. No immediate family knitters. I remember as a very young girl – when my aunt’s cousin came to visit her – she was a knitter and was working on baby booties and I was FASCINATED watching her – so I guess she was my early inspiration. Crochetiing does go faster but it uses up more yarn. Every afghan I have made has been crocheted – and well used and worn 🙂

    Guess you neede a break after typing in the new Groupie list – WOW! How fun to see all the coutries that everyone is from!!!!!

  10. I taught myself to crochet when I was a little girl. I still have that first book. To me, crocheting is prettier than knitting and faster. Now having said that, I have to say that I knit more often. I like the feel of needles rather than a hook.

  11. Crochet is something I really want to learn to do as more more patterns are calling for some type of crochet element and had planned to do so this month, but plans change – maybe in August 🙂

  12. I can crochet, but I don’t do much of it anymore. The projects I like to do are mostly socks, shawls and blankets. I think crochet is too “open” for socks to wear well, and I just prefer the look of shawls and blankets that are knitted. When I was making lace doilies and such, crochet was great, but I don’t really do that now.

  13. I learned how to crochet years ago but I love knitting MUCH more! I will admit I’ve seen a few crochet patterns on Rav that are really cute. But so far I’ve resisted. 🙂

  14. I want to learn how to do more with crochet. I can do chains and simple stuff. Years ago, a co-worker taught me afghan crochet which was fun and the dishcloth I made from that lesson was great to use. I have a friend who crochets and I eventually plan to make a knit sweater with a crochet border and she will be available to help me get the hang of it.

    Welcome to the newbie groopies. I got my order of the new line today. Yummy.

  15. Welcome to all the new Groupies! **waves to Michelle in FL, whom I was happy to enable**

    I crochet. 🙂 Been both knitting and crocheting since I was about 3 years old. Not well, mind you. But I had a babysitter teach me both. She did both, and I was rather precocious and fairly annoying, so she showed me to shut me up. It’s been all down hill from there!

  16. I learned to crochet first and often get a hankerin’ to do whichever (knit or crochet) I am not doing at the time. This weekend I intend to watch the first two seasons of Larkrise to Candleford and Life On Mars. Both are BBC productions and it is supposed to be hot and stormy here…..

  17. I learned to crochet when I was in high school, but got bored with it and didn’t pick up a hook again until many years later when I started commuting on the train to work, where lots of women AND men crochet, it’s like a big social group. Anyway, I started it up again and made several afghans and totally got sick of it, which is when I taught myself to knit. But for some reason now I want to make one of these giant granny square afghans.

  18. Look at all of the new Loopy Groups. I recently was talking about you & how you know how to run a business perfectly:-).

    I learned to crochet when I was 12 from my Aunt who also taught me to knit. I did both for only a year or so. Then, when I picked up the interests again about 6 years ago, I started with crochet, then quickly moved on to knitting. I didn’t crochet anything for many years, but this year I decided to do a gigantic Granny Square
    It began as a small scrappy square for the furry ones, but then I found I always had it on my lap. So, I added on to it & it is now for me. Of course, if a furry one would like to join me on it, they are welcome.

  19. I primarily knit, although I can chain and single crochet. Usually I just crochet enough to put an edging on something. Anything that involves double, halfdouble or treble confounds me to no end and I cannot read a crochet pattern AT ALL, especially if the item is done in the round or involves shaping.

  20. learned to crocht years ago along with knitting. have done both off and on through the years but seriously started to knit about 10 years ago so crochet went by the wayside until earlier this year. started to crochet again and now i am doing both again.

  21. Holy cow, that’s a lot of new people…I have crocheted since early child days. Knitting has become the passion, where as crochet is good for an afghan or edging, but do not like it for garment making. Have a great weekend.

  22. I learned to crochet first. One summer, I think when I was 8, maybe it was 9 I begged for the summer activities special edition issue of Jack and Jill magazine. I had a subscription to the magazine, but this was a special edition that was not included and you had to buy it at the store. It had instructions for crocheting granny squares and I taught myself under the covers with a flashlight when I was supposed to be asleep. I learned to knit the summer I was 10, but mostly crocheted till just a few years ago. In the past 4-5 years I have been seriously bitten by the knitting bug and hardly go a day without knitting, though I am working on a crochet baby afghan as well at the moment.

  23. Don’t know why, but I’ve never liked the looks of crocheted items. I tried to learn once when I needed to edge a baby blanket, but could not get the hang of it, so quit. Every once in awhile I’ll knit something where the pattern calls for something to be crocheted, but other than chain stitch for a button loop, it’s not for me and I improvise.

  24. I’ve been crocheting most of my life. Since she loved to crochet (and hated knitting), Mom taught my sister and me when we were very small. It was only about 3 years ago that I learned to knit. Now I do both.

  25. I learned to crochet when I was very young and have done it most of my life. I can do pretty much any stitch or pattern, and for a long time, was much faster at it than knitting and preferred it because I could crank out things a lot faster. However, I now find knitting much more fascinating, and re-learned it again (for the 3rd time!) about six years ago because I wanted to learn how to make socks, and because I also don’t like how crocheted clothes look or feel. I haven’t crocheted much since starting up the knitting again, but am about to pick it up once more to start making toys and embellishments, and also teach it to two very willing and excited 8 year old girls!

  26. Taught myself to crochet in adolescence. In early adulthood, a friend taught me to knit. Didn’t really have a preference until 5 years ago when I reaLized knitting was more relaxing for me.

  27. I learned to crochet long before I learned to knit. In fact, since my body naturally wants to knit continental, it really would not have been possible for me to learn to knit if I hadn’t learned to crochet first. Or something like that… Yes, I can crochet! 🙂

  28. My aunt taught me to crochet when I was a child, but I didn’t remember how. Then, I re-taught myself how to crochet when I was in college. I bought a crochet blanket kit on a impulse! Then I taught myself how to knit in grad school since I needed a scarf and chunky knit ones were in style but I didn’t want to pay insanely expensive prices for one! And I had wanted to learn how to knit anyway so it was a good excuse:) I get far more enjoyment out of my knitting. I’ve been doing it for about 5 years now and haven’t gotten bored with it! I still have yet to finish any crochet project, though I am making hexagons to eventually be a blanket…maybe.

  29. I learned to crochet LONG before I learned proficient knitting. I learned the basics from a babysitter and the rest from books.

    I’m very happy to see crochet regaining popularity lately. I don’t know why so many knitters seem to be afraid of it and, even more puzzling, why some actually look down their noses at it. It’s simply a different way of constructing fabric — fabric that has characteristics quite different from knitting.

    I keep hearing about yarn shops that don’t seem welcoming to crocheters. That makes absolutely no sense to me! After all, a crochet project typically works up faster and takes more yarn than a knitting project, both of which are good things from a yarn shop perspective!

  30. I learned to crochet long before I learned to knit. I’m definitely a faster crocheter but I love knitting more. I’ve made many gifts over the years in crocket, don’t have a lot hanging around my house or in my closet. I do have a blanket in progress (has been for a long time, like some of my knitting projects). Sheri you’re doing great work!

  31. I crocheted about a decade before I really learned how to knit. I wasn’t very good at it (still not very good at it!) but it was relaxing and gave me an easy bonding experience with my college friends. I made a few afghans. I’m much more better a knitting and enjoy it much more, too.

  32. My grandmother on my father’s side taught me to knit when I was 10 years old and not to be outdone my grandmother on my mother’s side taught me to crochet a week later. Sad to say I could never master anything other than a granny square. Whenever I try to crochet anything else it grows on me until it is no longer recognizable.
    Welcome to all the new groupies! I just took a quick look but I bet you have almost all 50 states represented there. At least it sure looks like it.
    Got the second yarn order for the Third Quarter Challenge, think I finally have the right colors and once I get all 12 skeins rolled I plan to be starting on that this week-end. Hope you have time to knit or crochet too!

  33. Learned to crochet as a child (thank you Busia, mom and Mrs. Jansen!)

    Learned to knit over a year ago (thank you Ariel!)

    I love both but right now, since I can crochet much faster than I knit, I am a crocheting fool this spring (as evidenced by my Ravelry FOs).

    Welcome new groupies! TLE is the best. The items are all high quality and the customer service is the best. Sheri and the Elves are one of a kind.

    I am in the Mammoth Cave area of Kentucky, will be visiting yarn stores and I will be skeining Wollmeise in my hotel room tonight. Plan to crochet a lace tank out of Magnolie.

    I hope everyone, including Sheri, have some fiber time this weekend!

  34. I learned to crochet and knit the same summer from my Grandmother and Mom. Back then (a very long time ago!) it was quite odd for someone to crochet and knit left-handed (yep, a throw/pick knitter who is a lefty taught by two righties). I still crochet doilies, tablecloths and runners and such but don’t really like the fabric crochet clothing has. I also crochet most baby afghans because I usually far behind and I can crochet an afghan faster than I can knit it. Lots faster!

    I would have to say that my least favorite thing to crochet is – granny squares. Anyone who does them has my admiration.

    Large list of ‘new’ groupies!

  35. I learned to crochet the same time I learned to knit…when I was 4 years old. From my Romanian grandmother, who thought that all girls needed to master the “womanly arts” (as opposed to getting formal schooling). I used my talents to crochet numerous outfits for my Barbie doll (I never actually played with her…just made her clothes!) I have, in my years, crocheted a fair number of afgans, but I never really cared for the look of crocheted garments, so for those I stuck to knitting. Now, I just find I prefer to knit.

  36. I was actually a crocheter to begin with. I didn’t start knitting until about 3 (maybe 4, I’ve lost track of time) years ago. I know more than I crochet now, but I still dabble in crochet. I like making afghans and baby blankets in crochet because it goes so quickly. Though I have a huge hatred (and by hate I mean it makes me shiver) of granny squares. I have no idea where it came from… probably ugly sweaters, purses and blankets made out of them in the most gawd-awful color combinations. Who knows.

    I bet crocheting up a baby blanket outta any yarn from TLE would make a lovely gift. I might have to try that sometime.

    If I could tear myself away from the knitting!!

  37. My maternal grandma taught me to crochet when I was little. I must have started with granny squares, they were the easiest. I believe I have done thousands – still like the look, but hate to put them together. When I was a little older she taught me to knit, but she wasn’t as knowledgeable about it, so what I know about knitting came from my own research. I like to do both equally well, consider crochet to be faster and healing (when I’ve knitted too much and need to give my hand a break). The last few years I have really been called by the sticks and string though. I used to think fashions looked less “home made” when knitted, but the new designers are doing some beautiful crocheted patterns, now. You name it, I’ll bet I’ve made it! I’m hearing your new yarns calling me, too – I have been trying to work my stash down, but don’t think I’ll be able to hold out much longer.

  38. I learned to crochet when I was 8 or 9. I taught myself one summer using a book & hook and string. We had crochet cotton, about bedspread cotton weight, & steel crochet hooks. It was something I did during the summer to entertain myself. Mom helped a little, got me started with the slip knot and the chain stitch. It wasn’t until Jr High that I discovered people used yarn to make things. I had been making doilies w/#7 thread.

  39. I learned to crochet when I was 12 or 13, made a few things then took a break and then made a few things and another break. Repeat that a couple of times. I learned to knit about 5 or 6 years ago and fought it till I started to hold the yarn like I was crocheting. I have been knitting ever since. So I guess I do continental style because I crocheted first but now I rarely crochet. I prefer the fabric of knitting for socks and sweaters, while for quickness in larger items crochet would be my choice.

  40. Hi.

    I’m one of the new groupies (from Japan). Thank you for the pretty welcome bag and other goods.
    I love these.

  41. Crochet came first for me, by about 20 years. Now, I knit more than I crochet, but I still pick up the hook from time to time. Whenever I need a baby afghan I always choose crochet. And I love crocheting doilies!

  42. My Mom taught me to knit when I was 7 or 8, but she didn’t crochet. She left that to my Grandmother who made sooo many afghans for all of us. I taught myself to crochet in the early 70’s – just enough to get to what I wanted. Made some granny square ponchos for my daughter and a couple of stoles/wraps. Made several afghans for a Linus Project thing we did at work in 2002 and dabbled a bit with that since but it really hasn’t been a focus like knitting has become now I am stash building project starting Loopy Groopy!

  43. I started knitting in my teens(I took a class to learn how) I knitted for years, then I learned how to crochet ( thru a class) now I do both…I think crocheting goes much faster and easier to frog if you make a mistake….I love to do both equally well. Annette

  44. My Grandmother was good at crochet. I have a sister who took that up as a teenager and made some nice afghans. My aunt is into crochet. My stance? No means No! I did dabble with it a few years ago and quickly realised that I’m a knitter. The time it would take to get good at crochet takes time away from a craft that I’ve already invested 30 years in. And I actually really like knitting…and I can’t afford a house large enough to fit all the interesting crafts out there. Life is short…No means No! 🙂

  45. My grandmother used to crochet lace edgings on handkerchiefs using very fine thread, like sewing thread. I did learn to make granny squares from her, but later took a class to expand to other things. I do still crochet occasionally, but have been mostly knitting lately.

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