Where’s Loopy and What’s New?

Thanks for the photos you have started submitting for our “Where in the World is Loopy” photo contest. Keep them coming! When you submit a photo, it goes into a holding pattern until we come in and approve it on our end. We usually do that about once a week, so if you don’t see it right away, don’t worry. (On the other hand, if you submit a project photo and don’t see it after a week, it’s probably because we need to know what yarn you used for the project, so shoot us an email and let us know.)

Check out a few of the photos that have started to come in, showing our Loopy knitters (and Loopy) out and about. He has been traveling! But not today. I can tell you where he was today – all over the place at Loopy Central. He has been:

Pretending to be a toddler:


Riding an alpaca in the front cabinet:


Hugging his best friend:


Getting stuck in one of our antique sock blockers:


And whispering secrets to the Elf on the front bench:


Who knows what tomorrow will bring? He likes to stay loose and keep his options open.

But before we get to tomorrow, it’s time to let you know what we put up in the Update for you tonight! Just in:

Madelinetosh Vintage – 35 colors (some re-stocks, some new). This yarn is perfect for sweaters, vests, heavier shawls, scarves, hats, and socks. The crisp twist makes your stitches pop.

Shibui Knits – a re-stock of yarns and colors and patterns, including the popular Transition Gloves pattern.

Fleece Artist 2/6 – this is their regular 100% merino blend and the first Fleece Artist line that we added in to the shop way back in 2006. It continues to be a very popular yarn for socks and shawls.

Sweet Georgia Superwash Sock – Felicia’s 100% superwash merino sock in all of her wonderful, eye-popping colors.

Fiberphile – Squooshy Sock, a great 2 ply 100% superwash in many subtle semi-solids that lend themselves to intricate shawls and socks.

Gale’s Art – we’ve had Gale’s fiber here for over two years, and now she has turned her dye talents to a new sock yarn line as well. Lovely! Check out Moldy Pumpkin. Isn’t that a great colorway name?

Accessories – Crochet Rolls by Della Q, HiyaHiya Interchangeable needle set in Large sizes, HiyaHiya Dumpling Cases, and a new Loopy Ewe Square tote.

Pop on over and check it out. We’ll make sure Loopy helps with all of the order packing tomorrow….

Sheri enjoyeda106degreeheatindextoday.Howaboutwhereyouare?


  1. MN wasn’t too bad today. I actually was knitting on a cardigan in worsted weight wool with an extra strand of Madelinetosh sock to make it good and thick for next winter and had a tolerable bit of breeze coming in the window.

  2. West Texas is hot but thankfully not humid like St. Louis. I sometimes miss my hometown but I do not miss the humidity.

  3. It was our first nice day in a weeks here in WI. It’s been SO hot, that when we were taking our new puppy for a walk, we’d come home drenched. Today was actually nice, with a light breeze. We (and the puppy) were very glad, and enjoyed it thoroughly.

  4. Thunderstorms rolled through the upper part of lower Michigan last night so today was the first nice day we’ve had in quite a while. Partly cloudy and only a balmy 78 degrees. Sat out on the deck and worked on the Third Quarter Challenge. Sorry it is so hot out in your area.

  5. Loopy’s been helping me with my expanded garden. I’ll have to get him to hold still long enough for a picture or two! Been rainy/muddy off and on, and in the 90’s between here. Last weekend, I was convinced someone had picked up my house and moved it to Savannah. I kept expecting to see Spanish Moss on the trees!

  6. If it’s too hot for the beach…you know it’s hot here in NJ! Every day 90 and above. Staying in the airconditioned house and doing a whole lot of nothing!

  7. Here by the San Francisco Bay, the marine layer is keeping things cool and windy, but it’s pretty warm inland. My heater actually kicked in last night! This is normal summer weather — fog morning and evening, and sunny, blustery afternoons. Our hot weather usually comes by mid-Sept. to maybe the end of Oct., but who knows with the weather being so strange.


  8. Omg, I love all of the Loopy photos! I should take ‘im along with me to San Diego Comic Con (where I will be using my new Namaste bag) to tote projects around with me and provide a large bag for stashing my loot and work on knitting while waiting for events.

  9. I’m too busy working on Sweeney Todd (thankfully just in the chorus), that I have only noticed the heat at night when I’m desperately trying to catch up on my sleep!

  10. Grew up on the east coast – don’t miss the humidity. Here in the Pacific Northwest – specifically Seattle – the temps are in the 70’s with the bluest skies that you have ever seen – we might even see the 80’s today.

  11. Thanks for the note Sheri – wouldn’t you know it – I had to go and brag about our beautiful weather (because we can’t do that for much of the year), and the blue skies and 80 degrees forgot to arrive today – my front porch thermometer says 69.5 – maybe it did break 70 – we are just beginning to see some blue in the sky so maybe it will warm up a bit – but truly, we do have the bluest skies that you have ever seen – maybe that’s because we really appreciate them when we do see them – but I think that it’s when the blue skies are seen as a back drop against our green trees, is what really makes you say “the bluest skies that you have ever seen”. I hope that your humidity turns down several notches very soon.

  12. 80 degrees in eastern Washington, with cool nights. Taking intermittent breaks from self-employment to watch the fledgling hawks test their wings! Oh, they’re growing up so fast!

  13. Live in Florida–heat and humidity are part of the vocabulary most of the year. At least Loopy is staying inside where its cool!

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