Well That Was Fun

sickdogUgh. I’ve spent the last several days in bed with bronchitis. Sick as a dog. Coughing elegantly, every 2 minutes. (Does “barking seal” mean anything to you?) And when you’re too sick to knit? Not good. Or maybe my brain was just TSTK while it was fevered. (Too Stupid To Knit) At any rate, I’m halfway back today. Still coughing and wheezing and I’m making it a short day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Good news – I’m staying clear of orders. We won’t be packaging up any germs to send your way. I promise!

Of course, being TSTK for the past few days means that I haven’t made any more progress on my Mini Challenge Sweater. I hope I can get back to that tonight. For those of you working on them, all Sweater Challenges need to be completed and photos entered by July 7th. When entering your photo into our Loopy gallery, don’t forget to include yarn information. Without that, we can’t get them approved and up! I love what you all have completed so far. We have another challenge coming up that will start July 1st. I’ll blog about it on Wednesday.

Since it’s Monday, we’ve added new things to the website tonight. Just up:

Madelinetosh Sock – 36 colorways (20 are new for us) – great for socks as well as shawls – perfect summer knitting!
MonkeyPal – 14 colorways, beautiful intense colors
Spirit Trail Sunna – 15 colorways (some of my favorite colors ever in this batch)
Saunguine Gryphon Bugga – 9 colors this week, 6 more next week
Blue Sky Alpacas – restocks in Alpaca Silk and Skinny Dyed
Cascade – new colors in Eco Duo, Heritage Quatro, and Heritage Handpainted
Spud and Chloe Fine – restock plus 2 new colors – Red Hot and Shitake (love these)
Spud and Chloe Sweater – restock plus 2 new colors – Cider and Grape Jelly
Yarn Love Juliet – more colors, including the popular Bayfield Apple and Strawberry Shortcake colorways
Knitstpot Patterns – re-stocks and new ones

Next week: New colors from Lorna’s Laces!

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  1. I’ve been sick with bronchitis, too! It’s been four days with no knitting! I hope you get better soon. Use the time to plan what patterns you’re going to knit with all the new yarn coming in…

  2. TSTK- WHAT A BUMMER!!! Hope you are back on top of the world soon and able to knit to your hearts content. Can’t wait to see what the new challenge is. I’ve so enjoyed this one. Thanks!

  3. Please please please take care of yourself – I have heard too many cases of adults who had ‘colds’ and ‘bronchitis’ this year ending up in the hospital with pneumonia!

  4. Sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather. Hope you get to feeling up to snuff quickly! πŸ™‚

  5. I hope you are back to 100% soon, Sheri. Nothing worse than being TSTK!

    My boss came back today after a week of vacation with a cold and terrible, runny eyes. All I could think today was “hand sanitizer, hand sanitizer…”

  6. I’m so sorry you have felt so bad Sheri. I was TSTK myself just after Spring Fling. Absolute misery. I hope you are back on your feet and your needles in no time!

  7. Yes, do take care of yourself, Sheri! Don’t ramp up to full speed too soon or you might get pneumonia. That would not be good for the knitting! Feel better and let the elves take care of you!

  8. Oh, Sheri, I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been down with the crud!! I’m sending you good thoughts for wellness, but in the meantime, don’t overdo it. You can just make bronchitis worse and it will last forever…..
    TLE can go on a few more days even if you don’t go in. Hugs!

  9. Ahhhh, it’s good to know someone else doesn’t change their calendar page for long periods of time. πŸ™‚ I am sorry to hear you’ve been sick. I know it was bad if you couldn’t knit!

  10. That is what the doctor said I have too – and it’s been over a week and I’m still not close to well. The worst part is that I had it in May too and it took 3 weeks to go away!

  11. I hope you feel better soon! My mom loved the scarf pattern you designed for the sock club lite so much that she absconded with it! and the yarn! πŸ™‚

  12. Hope you feel better soon Sheri – My mom has the same thing – I think it was because of being run down and trying to do too much travel for the past 2 mos – might be your issue too – sometimes rest is the best medicine. Melody

  13. Might some lemon, thyme and honey tea help? I’ve been feeding it to my kids when they’ve had coughs this winter. Or maybe it’s the hugs? -Hug!-

  14. Get well soon! “Throat Coat” tea (Dierberg’s) works well. I use it whenever we have that cough. BTW it is going around-I hear big coughs in every store I have been in this week. I am fighting a throat thing, too.

    My brain got stuck in May 1995 so every passing year is a new shock. : )
    Take care!

  15. Bronchitis is the pits. I once had it for 3 weeks and coughed so much and so hard that I ruptured a disk in my back. Pls Sheri, take good care of yourself and don’t push yourself too hard too soon.

    Sending healing hugs your way.

  16. Sheri, I hope you’re getting better and better by the minute. Isn’t being sick in the summer the worst? I guess we expect it more in the winter, but being sick in the summer is just unfair! You’re in my thoughts.

  17. Sheri- never heard of TSTK! I would disagree completely. Just being sick with bronchitis is enough. I hope you are on the mend. What a bummer for the summer
    time! Get well soon!

  18. Sheri, I hope you will recover soon. In May I had bronchitis and it took two rounds of antibiotics to get rid of it. I hope yours leaves much, much sooner.

  19. Hot peppermint tea with honey in it. I know it’s hot there, but trust me. It makes the cough feel better. Hope you feel better soon!

  20. So sorry that you’ve been sick. I’ve had something similar and, though I feel ok, it’s taking forever for the coughing to subside. Take it easy and feel better soon.

  21. I am hoping you will be feeling better soon. You and the elves must be working too hard and your body is trying to tell you it needs a rest … that said, we are all looking for a new challenge – the last ones were so much fun. No rest for the Loopies I guess.

  22. Hello Sheri,
    I just received my order, in record time I might add, and I LOVE your new solid series; thank you, thank you–I can’t wait to order more.

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