Third Quarter Challenge & Color Combos

DSC00278Thanks for all of your well wishes. I am feeling better, and I’m happy to say that I’m back to knitting (so that tells you the TSTK* has passed. At least for now. I’m sure it will show up again sometime, in the middle of a difficult pattern…) A couple of you suggested tea and honey. Even though the cough is in my lungs (not a throat tickle) it still sounded so soothing and restful. What is it about “a cup of tea” that just brings peace to mind? (And peace OF mind!)

On to the blog winners from last weekwe have four winners, since we pick one winner for every 250 or so comments. Congratulations to Patty B from MN, Jen A from KS, Maureen G from AL, and Ellen H from CA. All winners have been emailed and have received a $30 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate! It was fun to see some of the “next two things” that you are going to be working on.

DSC00286Since tomorrow is July 1st, we have a new Third Quarter Challenge for you. This one is open-ended in many ways.

*You can knit or crochet.
*You can choose one color or many.
*You can make anything you’d like to make, big or small. (Although since the word “challenge” is in there, I hope that you will take that to heart and push yourself a little!)

The part that brings it all together into one challenge – you must use 1 or more colors from our new Loopy Ewe Solid Series line. I realize that many of you may have already started into something with our new line, because we’ve shipped a lot of it out! Since we just started shipping it about a week ago, you’re welcome to count any project started since then, for this Third Quarter Challenge. A couple of other things about the challenge:

DSC00288* You have until October 1st to finish (and until October 7th to put your photo up in the Loopy Gallery)
* The Challenge Discount is on the back end of the project this time. For each person who finishes (meaning the project is done and you have added a photo of it to our Loopy Gallery), we’ll give you a 20% discount on the next project of your choice. That’s just a little extra incentive to get it done. 🙂 (And if you get it done in a month, you can have your discount in a month!)
* As always, we will have great prizes to give out (including the Knitter’s Choice award that you all will vote on, the randomly drawn prize winner, and the Loopy’s Pick winner that the Elves and I will choose.)

We are so looking forward to seeing all of your finished projects, and I know you’ll have fun with this!  Who’s in?

Here are photos with two of my color combo choices. The first one shows the Malachite and Whisper Blue that I’m using for my Norwegian Rose Socks. The brown/turquoise combo is one that I have in mind for another project. I’ll keep you posted on that one. (Note – this is what happens when I photo things for the blog without color correcting. That “Surf” blue color is really this color. Not the slightly sick turquoise green that is showing in the above photo . Aren’t you glad that we spend so much time on color-correcting here?)

What are some color combinations that you like, from our new series? We’ll take some of your 2, 3 or 4 color combo suggestions and we’ll photo them for all to see in the weeks to come!

Sheri whowouldliketotakeamonthofftodrinkcoffeeandknit.WheredoIsignup?

*Too Stupid To Knit


  1. Glad you’re feeling better…if ever you need a nurse call me! I am officially on vacation and have lots of plans to knit and drink iced coffee. One day you will be here to join me!

  2. i have a question. i am knitting a colorwork pillow with 2 loopy line colors and also a skein of shibuiknits sock (also from the Loopy Ewe). Can i use this project as my challenge or does it have to be out of loopy line exclusively? i would have no problem with that…in fact it would be an easy way to convince DH to buy me more yarn.

  3. I’m in! You gave me an excuse to start the “Sawtooth Mittens” (pattern in IW TRADITIONAL KNITTING magazine) today. I’m using (1) Ivory for the background, (2) Fuchsia, (3) Orchid, (4) Orange and/or (5) Saffron. When I ordered these, I chose them for their brightness, and am pleased that they indeed look like they will play well together. Originally I was going to use (6) Bisque for the background, but it has a little too much character of its own to function as a background color in these particular mittens.

  4. Saw some of the yarn a knitting friend had ordered. Very
    nice!! Ready to pick my colors (finally)!!!

  5. TSTK should only mean too SICK to knit – never “stupid” – we knitters are pretty smart even though our fingers make mistakes sometimes … your challenges are sooooo… much fun.
    I have a question about the photo galleries. I was not acquainted with TLE when you had the DIC baby challenge, but I wonder if you would like me to add my shawl done in baby to that photo group??

  6. I want to use evergreen, ivory, sunshine, and whisper blue, Only I don’t have a project yet that I can use all 4 colors in. Cannot wait to start.
    So glad you’re feeling better.

  7. So glad you are on the up and up!

    I was hoping the next challenge would be with the new line. Very cool!

  8. I have two combinations of colors. I’m currently knitting a baby blanket with peach, butter and periwinkle.

    The second batch should arrive tomorrow. I may use this for the challenge, but I haven’t selected the pattern yet. The colors are oyster, indigo, slate blue, spring green, strawberry and apricot. I’m thinking about a Fair Isle sweater for a child.

  9. Glad you’re on the mend. I’m IN! Couldn’t wait to see what the challenge was going to be. I have to say I was hoping the new Loopy Solid line might be involved in some way. Well off to go through the patterns and find a pattern that uses a lot of different colors. Since I’m breaking my yarn diet I want to use as many colors as I can.

  10. I haven’t done a challenge in a while but I want to knit a Fleurette Lace Jacket and TLE Solid Series is ideal for it. So I may join in the fun for a change. I was going to use DIC Starry but I think Ivory Solid Series will be perfect. Probably down the road I’ll make another pair of Adrienne Fong’s mosaic Teatime socks. I’m going to make some in Christmas colors and already have yarn. So may have to make some orange and black ones for Halloween.

  11. Woohooo! I Love a challenge! I am currently working on 12 sweaters in 12 months! I’m on sweater #5- a tad behind but I’ll make it!! All adult tops count in this challenge. Anyway I will be purchasing my loopy solid series today! 🙂 I will be making a top for my other challenge if thats cool with you!

    I want free time to drink coffee and knit- right now please!

  12. It is just no fun to be sick, so it’s nice to hear that you are feeling better.

    News of the new solids have been making their way around the internet. I’ve been reading about it on other blogs, too! Exciting!

  13. Well, I have never done stranded work before, but here I’m considering using the following together as an edging pattern on a black (LP-SS 02-41) sock:
    LP-SS 57-61 Slate Blue – The Loopy Ewe
    LP-SS 61-26 Tangerine – The Loopy Ewe
    LP-SS 76-7 Rosewood – The Loopy Ewe
    With maybe a touch of LP-SS 18-42 Oyster…..
    Would this be too ambitions for a first sock? -grin- 😉

  14. As soon as I finish my Whisper Cardigan (and the yarn comes in), I’m going to start the Paper Dolls pullover. I am changing the chart to a sea horse chart on Ravelry, and I’m using the Solid Series in Lake and Spud and Chloe Fine in Glow Worm. I cannot wait! It will be my first full size fairisle top.

  15. I just placed my order for this challenge! Its my first challenge, so I’m excited!!! I’m going to knit Andrea’s Shawl out of Malachite and Pumpkin!!! So… thats of course the colours I’d like to see photographed together!

  16. You know what? TSTK could also mean Too Stashed To Knit! I cannot even look at the new line of solids for fear that I will order more. Some people need personal trainers, but I need not only a personal trainer but also a Knitting Monitor who drags me by my hair into my comfy knitting corner and makes me knit until my little fingers are ready to fall off! How much yarn is too much? Good idea for a future question, Sheri!!!!

    Glad you are better, and I hope to be able to become a late entrant in the contest. If I order any of the solids, you will know that I have FINALLY gotten caught up on projects. but please be aware that the yarn from my VERY FIRST order from TLE remains wrapped in my project bin#1–and that is downstairs which means I have the entire armoire-full to knit up before I head to the craft room!

  17. I’m so in! I have been wanting to start a multi-colored/stranded project and this is the perfect reason!

    Favorite combos:

    42-73 Malachite/20-44 Smoke/09-30 Rose Brown
    14-34 Coffee/51-66 Caribbean/72-90 Mulberry
    26-23 Saffron/90-80 Blackberry/52-67 Teal

    May opt to do shades of all greens or all browns….

  18. Yea! I am going to do up some of those balloon animals in grape, surf and other embellishment yarns. They’ll make great gifts for my Granddaughter!

  19. Hi Sheri!

    So glad to hear you are recovering. Not to be the voice of doom, but please be careful. Bronchitis is one of those things that recurs easily. So don’t get crazy and start doing too much before you are really over it.

    I always like a big bowl of tea with honey and lemon – make sure it’s really hot and breathe in the steam before drinking it! Also, a hot towel over your face (don’t burn yourself!) keeps “everything” (gross!) loose.

    Keep on the mend!


  20. I finished my mini challenge but do not know how to post a photo to your site. I know I have read the instructions somewhere on your blog in the past. Is there a link to this info.? I made a DIC adult size Tulip Sweater. Turns out it wanted to be long sleeve instead of short sleeve though. I’m happy…..

  21. I want a month off, too!! 🙂

    I just ordered yarn for a pair of bright Spillyjane Swedish Fish socks (lime green background and grape fishes). It’s summer and the crazy color combo called my name.

    I’ve taken 2 colorwork classes and I hope I won’t make too much of a mess of this project!

  22. This is almost ironic, because I just found a pattern with three colors from your solid series that I want to make. I added the pattern (with notes) to my Ravelry queue. You are just such an enabler! I will be making the Meandering Vines Shawl by Susanna IC and I will be using pumpkin, coffee, and ivory. I plan to hold two strands of coffee together for so many rows, then a strand of coffee and a strand of pumpkin for so many rows, then two strands of pumpkin for so many rows, then a strand of pumpkin and a strand of ivory, then two strands of ivory. 🙂 I guess I better snatch up my yarn when I get paid next week and get knitting!

  23. Oh! Cause what I needed was a reason to spend more money, right??

    Now I need to figure out a project… and colors… and dammit! Mourn for my poor bank account. Ha ha ha!!

  24. i love blue/brown combos… this can be from pale colors to bold and dark. I also really enjoy orange and lilac…. think of a lilac cottage with orange tiger lillies!

  25. Love the new challenge idea! Since I have some of the Loopy Solids coming my way and a project already chosen for it, this is perfect. The discount “on the back end” will be great incentive to get it done. I’m going to knit Jared Flood’s Juneberry Triangle, from St. Denis magazine #2. I’m a bit nervous about it because it looks complicated, but the design is so beautiful I’ll give it a go. I’m glad to have a nice solid yarn to show off the lace.

  26. I’m so in! The Inga Snowflinga mittens are to be my vacation knitting (starting next week!!!). I’ve got my Loopy Solids all wound and ready to go. I’m thinking white and cobalt or white and grape or white and wisteria. Colors I’d love to see photographed together? Any blues, greens, yellows and purples, in any combination 🙂

  27. My sister was a University of Florida Gator (it was an eon ago..don’t tell her I said that) so I bought cobalt and orange to make her a scarf.

  28. I love anything green and pink – so I’m going to use grass and one of the pinks (I’m debating between a soft pink or a bright one) to make a pair of pirate socks. Yeah, I’m wandering on the land of goth and girly.

  29. 🙂 I started Norwegian Rose last week so as to keep my mind off of my impending surgery (which is now over and went very well!) and I’m having so much fun knitting them when I’m awake. I <3 the new Loopy Line and see much more of it coming home to live with me in the future.

    so happy that you are feeling better!!!!

  30. I’m going to knit the transition gloves (fingerless mitts) and transition socks in lime and grape!


    I’M IN I’M IN I’M IN!!! I’ve been designing in my head for two weeks!! Look out world, here it comes! Wheeee! 😎 It’s going to be great! Now I just have to decide the end user so that I can pick from my potential color choices…..

  32. Beautiful stuff!!! I’d like to user Smoke with Purple for a hap blanket. And I’d love to see a photo of Ivory, Grass and Cobalt. A friend says her dishes have these colors, and I can’t seem to find them anywhere but here! I’d like to see how they look together. Thanks!

  33. Sweaters for the twins — Surtsey (a Knitting Kninja design)
    Kiwi with Navy and Perfect Pink with Navy
    Can’t wait for the yarn to get here!!

  34. I’m in. I am going to knit Evelyn A. Clark’s Swallowtail Shawl in Spring Green. This will be my third lace project and my first lace shawl. I just ordered my yarn today and can’t wait to get started!

  35. The combo I really want to knit with is Purple & Mulberry. I was going to get Iron as a backup in case they didn’t look good together since I though (hoped) it would look good with either. This is my first colorwork project though, so I don’t claim to be even an amateur at picking combos.

  36. Dove and Pine with an accent of Cobalt are headed for a Janel Laidman inspired project. Can’t wait for the yarn to arrive!

  37. I just placed an order for two of the new Loopy colors! I won’t be knitting or crocheting with them, though. I recently learned to weave so I’ll be playing with colorwork in my weaving. I’m excited to see how this turns out!

  38. Glad you are feeling better, Sheri! I would love to participate in the challenge, too. I’m off to select my yarn. I will probably be knitting some stranded socks.

  39. I have the following color combination in my cart: STRAWBERRY/MOCHA for a lovely warm and yummy combination for the Norwegian Rose Sock; & ICE on the LAKE for the Sanquhar Socks to wear on those cold northern nights on Lake Erie, both from Wendy D. Johnson’s book “Toe-Up Socks for Every Body. I can’t wait to order these fun colors and join the third quater challenge 🙂

  40. I’m making the Whale hat from the new New England Knits book. SO excited! I ordered boring colour combo. If it works, perhaps I will make another in crazy colours! (I do love whales!)

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