Citron Completed … and a Contest!

First of all, thank you for all of the wonderful comments and emails that you have sent, regarding our new Loopy Ewe Solid Series line. And thank you for all of your orders!  We’ve had such a great time seeing the color combinations that you’ve picked out. You are making some really cool projects! We’re looking forward to seeing them, and we’ll be setting up a separate Photo Gallery just for your Solid Series projects on our website.

DSC00273I’m still working on my Summer Cardi for the Mini Challenge. The body is almost done, so I just need to add a few more rows to the short sleeves and then do the border. In the meantime, I started a Citron out of Wollmeise Lace. (Because I wanted to be knitting Wollmeise on the day that I was sitting in Claudia’s brick and mortar shop, knitting away.) I finished that up over the weekend and have washed and blocked it. Actually, I blocked the heck out of it, because I DSC00272wanted it a bit longer. I like the way it turned out, and especially love the color. However, there is a lot of knitting in there.  It seemed to go on forever and a day! The denser looking sections have had the stitches doubled, so – like I said – a lot of knitting. (Other people seem to whip these out. Apparently I don’t knit that fast.) Since Wollmeise Lace is hard to come by, you might try this pattern out of Malabrigo Lace (which is what the original pattern was done out of) or Malabrigo Sock. I think I’d like the slightly heavier sock weight. It would also be beautiful in Madelinetosh Sock or Dye Dreams Twinkle Toes.

I have two things on my “knit next” list. One, those gorgeous Norwegian Rose Socks from Wendy’s Book. I picked my colors – Malachite and Ice. Second, I want to start crocheting something hexagon-y like this (Rav link). But I want it to be lightweight and baby-sized, so I’m using our new solid line to do it. (Did you catch that? I’m going to CROCHET. Guess who took a Crochet Class at TNNA a couple of weeks ago? And guess who liked it??) Now for the blog contest question of the month – what are the next two things on your “knit next” list? Leave your answer in the comments and we’ll be giving away $30 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificates to the randomly drawn winners, next week!

Sheri stillmeltinginSt.Louisbutcoolerweatherisontheway


  1. My next two projects are the Haruni shawl and Green Gable pullover. Or at least they’re the next two unless something else comes along and makes it’s way in front of the pack.

  2. For some reason, I’m starting to knit baby booties. I think, after the HS graduation party a few days ago and 2 kids graduating in the last few weeks (from HS and college), I am absolutely whipped. I want something FAST to knit.

    And I’m, of course, now ogling Citron. Going to go to the vast sock yarn collection or order something from Loopy (yes yes yes!). Dunno right now, am still exhausted, still in my jammies and it’s now 7pm!!!! oh my. Going to bathe and watch a movie. Hubby’s sishing up north..yeahhhhh..and HS boy is out and about..yeahhhh.

  3. A lace shawl and a pair of socks are up next, but I’m still deciding exactly which pattern of each, while I finish the button band/edgings on two sweaters that are near completion.

  4. Hmm, Merope, a small shawl by Rosemary Hill, in Dream in Color Starry… and a pair of socks from Wendy’s new book, but I can’t decide which one!

  5. I have a design I need to prototype (as soon as I detangle 1375 yards of merino laceweight!) and a pair of Fetching for my little sister. 🙂

  6. I am finally going to try Pomatomus socks in a green colorway, and a summer shawl in a silk/seacell blend.

  7. The “Free Spirit Hat” by Susi Ferguson and the “Zigzag Cardigan/Sweater” by Marianne Isager; or maybe my next two projects should be finishing two I’ve already started (!)

  8. Work in my mini KAl sweater, which i have frogged several times. And another Girasole out of WM lace.

  9. Next up for me is a scarf for my sister but can’t decide what pattern yet. Then it will be on to socks for my 9 yr old dh. She doesn’t want a fancy pattern just basic socks because she picked out a very colorful yarn.

  10. Next up is a pair of duck feet slippers as a baby gift for a co-worker expecting her first baby at the end of August – and a pair of socks my Mum volunteered me to knit for one of her friends. Apparently Mum really likes my socks, and thinks everyone should have a pair!!

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