Photo Shoot With an 18 Month Old…

Loopy Elf Susan brought her cute grandbaby in to Loopy Central yesterday. We love Lulu! (No, that’s not her real name. But that’s what she gets called from time to time, and it seemed good for the blog.) You might remember seeing her almost a year ago, on this post. Susan used the Zauberball Starke 6 to knit up this cute sweater for her. And then had to get a dress to match the sweater, of course. šŸ™‚ Trying to get an 18 month old to stay still and pose for sweater photos is …. not gonna happen. So here are the results:







The last photo? She was ready for the sweater to be OFF. Now.

I’m headed to Ohio for our twice-a-year TNNA Market today, and won’t be back until Monday evening. I’ll post again on Wednesday and will fill you in on what I found at Market! Also, I’ll announce the winner of the Mini Contest that day as well. Watch for the Update on Monday night – we have a whole bunch of wonderful Dragonfly Djinni for you, along with some other great stuff!

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  1. I want this ice cream so badly, because everyone keeps talking about it. Instead I’m using my blissful day off to make my own!

    Well, and knit. It won’t feel like a day off if I don’t knit.

  2. Tell Susan her Lulu is adorable. I thought she was a beautiful baby, but wow, what a stunner she’s turning into. Love that little sweater Susan made. This whole blog post just made me smile from the inside out. : )

  3. OMG! She has the same hair style I had as a baby! Good ol’ vaseline couldn’t keep it down! She’s adorable! The sweater is very pretty too!

  4. What a cutie pie! I am a pushover when little ones crinkle up their noses like. “That’s what you want. Of course you can have that sweetie! Whatever you want!”
    Nice sweater too!
    Isn’t it funny how we associate certain foods with certain places? Go ahead and have some ice cream, you know you want it and you deserve it!

  5. Lulu=cutie+pie!

    Love her sweater. Love her hair style. Clearly, Lulu has incredible fashion sense! :^)

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