Spring Arrived While I Was Gone

DSC03615We pulled into St. Louis from our loooong drive home and were amazed to see all of the Bradford Pear trees in full bloom. It looks like Spring has arrived! (It was also humid and mid-70’s at 11 pm at night. Definitely Spring in St. Louis.) The grass has greened up and the other blossoming trees are not far behind. As long as the humidity stays relatively low, springtime in St. Louis is usually a good thing.

Our time away as a family was fun and we fit a lot into the schedule! And of course the Elves did a marvelous job of keeping things running smoothly while we were gone. I had to bring Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Toffee back for them as an extra thank you. (Have you tried that chocolate?)

DSC03597We typically drive the 13+ hour trip in a day, but this time we broke it up into two days so that we could pick the kids up at the Denver airport earlier. That also meant that we had time to stop at a couple of yarn shops that we had seen advertised on billboards every time we drove out to Colorado. The first one was Quilt Cottage in Hays. If I was a quilter, I’m sure this shop would’ve been like a candy store. DSC03596It also has a large corner dedicated to yarn, which is where I spent my time. Then we stopped at Gove City Yarns & Antiques. We had to drive 10 miles off the highway to get there. It is a shop full of stuff, with a lovely shop-owner! However, I don’t think we saw one other person or car in the two-block downtown area while we were there. It was like a deserted ghost-town. (That’s WH wandering down the sidewalk. Really – it was the shop owner and the two of us in town that day. Very quiet. A bit strange.)

DSC03607It snowed a lot while we were in the mountains. We haven’t skiied in years, but we do like to snowmobile and always plan an excursion while we are there. Here are Web Guy and Knitting Daughter, waiting for our tour to get going. (It was getting pretty warm, but I still find it funny that Florida Resident Web Guy is in short sleeves, trying to cool off.) The nice thing about riding a snowmobile is that you can get to the top of the mountains and see some really pretty views, without having to hike it. Not that I’m lazy like that or anything.

DSC03611We took a couple of daytrips to Denver and then to Ft. Collins. I visited two yarn shops in Ft. Collins. My Sister Knits was a wonderful little shop. We plugged the address into the GPS and I was pretty sure that I had copied it down wrong, because it took us down a residential street. I noticed a little “open” sign hanging on a tree in someone’s front yard, and behind the house was this charming little house-turned-shop! It’s as cute on the inside as it was on the outside. I loved shopping there. I wish I would’ve taken a photo of the hen cage to the right of this photo. It’s an interesting backyard setup. (I wonder what the neighbors think?) I also visited Lambspun, which is located in a house on the edge of town.

DSC03624I did get a lot of knitting done. A couple of stealth projects (to be shown as soon as I can show you), plus a sock in the new Mountain Colors sock yarn. What a great yarn base they came up with. This was fun to knit and comfy to wear. I used the Shells pattern, which I think is from one of Charlene Schurch’s sock books. It’s in my little pattern notecards that I keep in my bag. This yarn started arriving this week, so we’ll be photo-ing it and getting it up for you next week.

DSC03626I also finished all but one sleeve of a Noro sweater that I started last year on Spring Break and then tucked away in my knitting closet for …. a year. No reason. Now I’m determined to get it done. I’ll show you photos when I get it finished. I knit up another Little Jazz scarf-lette for a friend, in a beautiful Fiber Optic colorway. (Pattern available in September.) I started another scarf-lette for myself out of Hand Maiden Swiss Mountain Sea Sock (love love this yarn base)Β and another sock in an upcoming yarn line. Are you wondering what Knitting Daughter worked on while she was there? My birthday present. πŸ™‚ Β She finished it and it’s beautiful. I’ll share a photo on Friday!

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  1. So glad you had a wonderful time, but even gladder you are back at Loopy Ewe! Love the pix. Here in southeastern Michigan, we are loving the very early spring warmth!! It’s strange to see that much snow, even in Colorado. Welcome back!!

  2. Fort Collins is my hometown and I loved going to My Sister Knits! And truth be told, I thought I was lost the first time I went there as well. So glad you had a wonderful time in my home state! πŸ˜€

  3. Love seeing other yarn shops. It’s so much fun to compare. But no one can touch the Loopy Ewe! I know all of us Loopy-groupy’s agree. Love the sock colorway that you posted. Can not wait till the end of month so I can order again. I’m on a yarm diet.(sort of) But it’s so hard trying to be good. Glad your back!

  4. Very lovely. I have socks I need to darn, so I am trying to decide what I want to do. Maybe I can find an appropriate colored yarn for it this week (because I need an excuse to shop yarn like I need a hole in the head).

  5. Oo! What is Lambspun like in person? That’s where my Lendrum Saxony came from, but I’ve never visited the actual store. Sounds like you had a great trip!

  6. Glad you had a great vacation!! Looking forward to being in St. Louis in May to visit our son. Hope it stays at least a little cooler. Florida is getting a little warm around that time. Unfortunately we will not be there on a Friday to visit TLE.
    I agree with Michele–no pictures of the toffee? Yarn and candy–close to being necessities of life!

  7. nice trip! that’s how i torture hubby on road trips, i patiently sit and ride, knit sing and ask for the 100 mile bathroom stop, and drag him to a couple of yarn stops along the way (i have lists for different states by city i have created ) wow on the tree!!

  8. That town looks like you just need to add some tumbleweed blowing down the street-it does look like a ghost town!

  9. Sounds like fun! You know how much I love Colorado…

    One of my current projects is a shawl out of Hand Maiden Swiss Mountain Sea Sock…and I’m with you…it feels yummy! I was having so much fun with this one that I even threw in some beads! Can’t wait for show and tell!

  10. I’m glad you had fun on your vacation. Every time I see Hays, KS mentioned I have to chuckle. I got my BA and MS from there in the late 70’s. I left PA to go to college in Hays and I find that very few people outside of KS are aware that there is a four-year state university in western KS. I certainly enjoyed my time there.

  11. You went to my LYS! I live about a mile north of My Sister Knits. I feel like I missed a celebrity passing by.
    So funny that someone got their spinning wheel from Lambspun when I got mine from The Loopy Ewe.

  12. I’m soo jealous. A husband who actually lets you poke around in yarn shops. When my husband and I went on a trip you got in the car, pointed the car in the direction you were going and didn’t stop til you got there. Getting him to stop for a necessity stop was even a challenge. If he didn’t have to stop it wasn’t a necessity. What a wonderful trip you had. Love the pics and you certainly did make it up to us for not having any on Monday. I would describe that town as down right spooky. Welcome Back!

  13. I was in Ft. Collins years ago (one of my cousins was going to school there) and thought it was about the prettiest town I’d ever seen. After hearing about the yarn shops, I may just have to go back for another visit! Glad you had a such a great vacation with your family, but even gladder that you’re back! And oh yeah—where ARE those pictures of the toffee?

  14. Sounds like a wonderful time was had. πŸ™‚ Looking forward to see what the birthday pressie is from Knitting Daughter.

  15. Rocky Mtn Choc factory is the best. When I was a kid I used to sit and watch them make the caramel for the apples and other goodies. A strange but MUST try is the tiger butter…maybe next time you are in the Denver airport πŸ˜‰

  16. That pear tree is a sight for sore eyes! In my neighborhood, the crocuses are nearly done. The leaves of daffodils are up. Best of all, today it’s over 60 degrees.

  17. What a fun trip! I went to My Sister Knits a couple or three years ago with some fellow conference attendees- we were wondering if we were in the right spot too! It’s a delightful store.

  18. What a fun trip! I went to My Sister Knits a couple or three years ago with some fellow conference attendees- we were wondering if we were in the right spot too! It’s a delightful store.

  19. loved hearing about your trip Sheri – I also like to visit yarn shops on vacation but lots of small shops are still closing – so sad. can’t wait to get that scarf-lette pattern – it’s darling ! Mel

  20. I think it would have been very spooky to me if there were only three people in town and that included WH and I. But could you imagine when you left there was only ONE person left.

  21. Thanks for the reviews-I have been curious about those shops.
    Glad you are back safely and…
    chicken cage?

    We are building one this weekend for my 7 chicks.

  22. Your much-deserved vacation sounds quite productive….I like the idea of a “vacation project” like the one you started last year and (however unintentionally!) finished this year. Gives me hope for some of mine!

    Socks look lovely–I need to start knitting up some of my sock yarn so I can use the new team yarn to make socks for us to wear during football season–GO VIKES!!

    One of these nights I’m gonna do a Loopy stalk to see what happens when the post goes up!

    Keep up your wonderful work! j

  23. Glad you enjoyed two of my favorite shops! Next time you are here you need to check out “Your Daily Fiber” right in between Lambspun and My Sister Knits and “Woolen Treasures”, just a short drive in Loveland! I feel so lucky to have such great LYS’s. Now, if TLE would just open a shop here… πŸ™‚

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