Back to Work … Soon

Or at least headed in that direction. Today we have been driving endless miles between the mountains and the flat lands of Missouri. Guess which scenery I like better? I’ll be back at Loopy Central tomorrow, but I knew you wouldn’t want us postponing a Monday Night Update!Ā  So the Elves have worked hard to get this together for you. We just added in:

Numma Numma Doppio (Allen’s merino/cashmere/nylon blend)
Sweet Georgia’s Superwash Sock (the 100% merino blend)
Shibui Sock (re-stocks in your favorite colors)
MadelineTosh Sock (re-stocks this week, new colors next week)

I’ll be back to the blog on Wednesday to show you some of the yarn shops I visited enroute, and a few of my finished projects. It was good knitting time, in addition to the other things we did. I hope you had a productive knitting week, too. Did you finish anything last week? I’m knitting my way home today, too.

Sheri boringno-photopost.I’llmakeupforitonWednesday!


  1. Well, arrive home safely and rest assured that we readers/shoppers cannot wait to see your finished projects. I did finish a baby hat and really worked hard on my very first sweater made with Lorna’s Lace. It’s good so far šŸ™‚

  2. Drive safe and we’ll be happy to have you back! I finished the Midnight Lace Scarf in Doppio Deep Sea Green last week. It just needs to be blocked. šŸ™‚

  3. Whenever I take a trip I find that the scenery I enjoy most is the scenery closest to home. I think maybe it’s because you plan a trip and you look forward to going and seeing and doing new things but when you return you find yourself looking forward to getting home sharing your experiences and seeing what if anything has changed since you left. As for your readers/shoppers I think we all are looking forward to seeing what you accomplished while you were gone. As far as completed projects- Well I tried a new sock pattern -Hugs n Chocolate Kisses. Loved it so much I finished that pair and started another.

  4. Hi Sheri, just thought I would drop you a note and tell you I finished my second Mara last night, actually early this morning since, as retired folk my DH and I stay up all night and sleep all day. The first Mara I made was in Tosh’s Vermillion and this one was in Cedars. I love them both and have some Denim to make another. These are for the 10 shawls in 2010 group on Ravelry but, without an idea how to use Fliker, they won’t be pictured. Just believe that they turned out beautifully.
    Ann Carpenter aka Furknitter on Ravelry, in Dallas, Texas
    P.S. Plenty of cat screaming going on so I’d better find out and solve the problem.

  5. Did all that Numma Numma even make it to the shop? I think it barely hit the list and got snatched up really quickly. I wanted to go check out what the fuss is all about, or even look at the colours at least but there’s none left. šŸ™

    When are you going to have the Tosh Vintage? šŸ™‚

  6. I hope you got some much needed rest. The Rockies are beautiful, but I like St. Louis too (probably because my granddaughter lives there).
    DH and I are finishing a short vacation too and I have gotten some good knitting time in. My second Mara shawl, in MadelineTosh, is almost finished and I’ve finally made some headway on the Mock Cable Socks for DH (in DIC Smooshy).
    Get home safe.

  7. Have a safe trip backhome. Glad to have you back. Can’t wait tohear about your trip. I finished twopair of vanilla socks plus a half one done. I’m working on a pair of Monkey-socks in a bamboo yarn. It’s apretty color (Pinks,green,purple &white) but very slipery. Don’t know if I like that or not? T.T.F.N till wednesday

  8. Have a safe trip home. I finished “A Little Jazz” from the March sock club. I think I may just wear it everywhere. It is so soft.

  9. Wa glad to read that someone else had the same experience that I had with the Numma Numma. Been reading about this yarn for quite a while and I too wanted to check it out. Made the mistake of trying to get a closer look to decide which color I wanted and saw that it was out of stock. At first I thought maybe I had made a mistake somehow but soon saw that the colors were disappearing right before my eyes. Won’t make that mistake again. If I even think I’m going to like it I’m going to order it. Wow must be really great stuff!

  10. Projects to the right of me (stora durum).
    Projects to the left of me (traveling woman).
    Here I am, stuck in the middle again.
    Happy trails, and safe travels.

  11. Does it count if I finished reading a couple of books? I didn’t finish any knitting, though I just got to the gusset on sock 1 of a pair of socks.

  12. Safe travels!

    We do that drive at night-I have never seen Kansas in the full daylight. The Rockies are always so startling in their beauty and yet relaxing-don’t you feel like you’re “home” when you’re there?
    We first notice the altitude change at Limon, Colo. Ears pop.

    I am officially a farmer with 7 chicks in my dining room. One chick loves to sit in my lap as I knit. I call her Serenity, with the nickname of Nitty.
    I am plowing through a pair of crocheted socks in Wollmeise Feuerwanze. And knitting on a bunch of things.

  13. Oh, I am so lucky with the last update. Usually I am at work or asleep in Australia, but “blow me down, (traditional Australian saying”), I got the doppio update. I am the luckiest girl in th world… Woooo hooo….

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