Still on a Shawl Kick

DSC03491It started last summer with my Girasole and has continued through a couple of Multnomahs, a Traveling Woman, and two Mara’s. My list of favorited shawls on Ravelry keeps growing. (I’m partial to the mini-shawls/shawlettes. Full sized shawls? I think they look great on everyone else, but they look funny on me.) I was so excited to get this gorgeous shawl in the mail from my friend Claudia. It’s a pattern that I had never seen before, and I love the way she took three different colors of DSC03487Wollmeise and blended them into this piece. (Wouldn’t you like to be Claudia, with a whole workshop full of Wollmeise to pick from?) This is one of those great pieces where you put it on like a bib, cross the ends in back, and bring them around to the front again. Or you can just wrap it around and around. Or you could wear it on your shoulders. Many options. I love it. If you’re on Ravelry, you can find the pattern here. It’s called Septembertuch.

We do have more Wollmeise in-house, waiting to be put up for you. Why are we waiting? Because we have the video-sized mailing boxes on backorder with the post office. Since many of you get one or two skeins in a Wollmeise update, we use a lot of those boxes! We’re also waiting on more Wollmeise, which is stuck in Customs in Chicago. So we’ll try to do a few updates at random times over the next couple of weeks, as things arrive.

Tonight, we put up other new things, which are also beautiful!  You’ll find:

3 AM Enchantments Petite KIP Bags
Fiesta Boomerang and Baby Boomerang
Studio June Starstruck (new base)
The Sanguine Gryphon Skinny Bugga (um … gone already)
Hand Maiden Swiss Mountain Sea Sock (7 more new colors)
Puffin & Co Knitting Accessories

Hop on over and check it out!

Now that the Olympics are over, maybe I can get back to my regularly scheduled knitting progress. I’m impressed with all of the projects that you all were able to accomplish in the past 17 days!

Sheri almostforgottoputthispostuptonight!


  1. Ishbel is another nice shawl pattern. I actually made the scarf size and it was a great pattern to knit!

  2. Lovin’ those 3AM bags! And dag nabbit if that kitty Scissor Sitter didn’t go when I wasn’t watching! 🙁

  3. Nice shawlette…Claudia is soooo talented!

    I saw the WM waiting to be put up….but will there be WM lace coming in the batch that’s stuck in Chicago?

  4. I’m on an Ishbel knitting spree. The first one is almost done and I already started the second one last week in NC. Why? Because I cannot knit lace with my husband blaring the TV. But I can do the stockinette section with distractions. I think my third Ishbel will be from the Valentine’s kit Baby Boom sock yarn. The shawl Claudia knitted for you is gorgeous. Unfortunately the pattern on Ravlery is written in German.

  5. Sheri – The September shawl is lovely. Do you know which three colors Claudia used? Thanks, Susan

  6. Love the September Shawl from Claudia. You’re going to look so good in that, Sheri.

    Thanks to Susan who pointed me in the direction of the English translation for it. Awesome.

  7. Now that the Olympics are over I’m much more focused on getting back to my regular sleep schedule. I don’t want to think about how zombie-like I’ve been for the past two weeks!

  8. Kat,

    If Sheri’s Septembertuch is the same one that is on Wollmeise’s Ravelry page then the colors used are Ballerina, Fliederbusch, and Hollerstaud´n.

  9. Actually, mine looks darker than that one. I think mine is (from the top down):

    Der Letzte Versuch
    Veilchen (very dark)

    But that’s just a guess!

  10. I downloaded and English version of Septembertuch, but was a little puzzled by it – maybe I had not had enough coffee yet.
    How do you make it through Monday updates when we crash your website?? It is great to have a booming business, but do you have enough Starbucks to make it through the day????

  11. Soooo, I printed off the pattern for the September Shawl cuz I thought it would be cool since my birthday is in September. All I have to say is, “what the hell?????” Maybe my brain isn’t big enough or complex enough to comprehend the instructions because after reading through the pattern, I started getting that weird twitch around my right eye. Maybe I’ll pass on this pattern until I can get my hands on different instructions. It’s very pretty, though.

  12. The shawl is gorgeous!! You are a lucky “girl”. Well I know you say there is WM inhouse but I swear I have never seen any on The Loopy Ewe…………………..I have not figured the system yet!! How are your kitties? And how is your daily walk to work going? Keep warm!!!

  13. I’m so struck by how gorgeous that shawl is! Sheri, I think your shawl kick will get me on a shawl kick! Thank you Susan for all the good info about this one!

  14. That shawl is beautiful! (My list of “shawls I would like to make” is NOT getting any shorter, although my list of “socks I’d like to make” is longer).

  15. Hey Sheri,

    Thanks for the pictures of the Loopy Ewe and all the shenanigans that happen when we’re not looking (case in point-the elf). I love that you make us feel like we’re there with you and your yarn heaven. Please keep us updated with everything Loopy!


  16. Wow, that is SOME shawl. Sheri, how about a picture of you wearing it? Hmmmm…it gives me an idea of what to do with my different shades of turqoise WM. I had to agree with Kitrin about the English instructions, though. I used to teach English as a foreign language and it was strangely reminiscent of some essays that I used to get.–LOL! This is not a put-down, just a reflection on how languages work differently and not just the words themselves, but the sentence structure and even the approach to certain processes (like instructions!). But thanks to the person who provided the translation, we shall struggle through somehow.

  17. Sheri:

    It’s a beautiful shawl, but I simply cannot puzzle out the directions for the “tails” – short row section at the beginning of the shawl. My brain hurts, my eye twitches and I feel more than stupid. Can anyone help?

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