Ten Things You Might Not Know About Loopy Central

Remember my post about walking to work? (Yes, I’m still walking. People keep asking. I guess that’s good for accountability.) Someone in the comments that day said that it’s too bad we don’t have a shower at Loopy Central, for the days when it’s hot and humid when walking to work. That made me realize that there are probably a few ten things you don’t know about Loopy. Like:

1. We do indeed have a shower here. The shower stall now looks like this. It’s filled with shelves that WH built, as a place to keep a few extra shipping boxes. (This space used to be some kind of doctor’s office and I guess they needed a shower.) So we have one – but it’s not usable.


2. This wall is paper thin. I was standing there contemplating Cascade 220 colors one day, and could clearly hear one side of a phone conversation from the office next door. Too bad it’s not a stock company, or I might be able to provide some interesting stock tips. It’s a real estate company.


3. The extra chocolate kisses are kept in the bottom of this cabinet.


4. We have one live plant here at Loopy, and we named it “Fern”. It’s not a fern, but we call it Fern.


5. This is the most useless area in the whole shop. This part of Loopy Central used to be a real estate office, and this was the lobby. It doesn’t really work to keep inventory here, so we just made it look interesting.


6. We have a little elf who guards the shop 24/7. We don’t fully trust the sleepwalkers in the sleep clinic across the hall. Strange things have been known to happen at 3 am.


7.  Our favorite circular rack was a cast-off from Linen’s & Things when they went out of business. Susan found it for sale one night and WH drove up there to buy it and bring it back to Loopy, 10 minutes later. Then he made the cool plastic dividers for it.


8. We have a back (indoor) entrance. We never use it. But if we ever want to close up and leave early, we can stack the outgoing boxes here. If we don’t answer the doorbell, our mailperson knows to come around to this alcove to collect the day’s batch of boxes.


9. We have a visiting shop dog. Although Loopy is clearly a cat person (he loves Zoe and Gracie, who come to visit on occasion), he’s also partial to Buddy. Buddy comes to work with one of the guys down the hall. If Buddy is in the hall when our door happens to be open, he dashes in here to say hi. I think it’s because we give him so much attention while he’s here. Smart boy. (And the photo is a little blurry because Buddy never stands still while he’s in here. Never.)


10. When things get crazy, sometimes we just jump into the coffee cups, head first. It seems to help.


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  1. My husband and I have a little potted tree that we bought from Walmart when we first started dating. It’s now a big tree and what did we name it? “Tree” We also have a Kalanchoe and a Hibiscus with all the similar boring names.

  2. I enjoy learning about Loopy Central. Funny about the walls. My eye doctor is in a similarly constructed building. Her neighbor is a financial advisor who she reguraly counsels to “speak more quietly.”

  3. Sheri, the more I learn about Loopy Central, the more I want to visit! The chocolate kiss cabinet should have a lock on it, you know! I knew Loopy and I were kindred spirits because we both prefer cats, but Buddy is so cute! The whole place looks like a ton of Loopy fun!!

  4. I am at work, having a crazy day and popped over here hoping for something that would make me smile. It sure worked! I loved the post. I am such a nut for all things Loopy, and this was just what I needed today! I sure do wish I worked there instead of here! 🙂 Can’t wait to visit during the Fling!!!!

  5. Oh, I love this! Every shop needs a dog (or cat), even if just on a visiting basis. I used to go to a x-stitch shop where the owner’s old golden retriever slowly and sweetly met everyone at the door. I know some folks in St. Lou…if I ever get out that way, I’ll definitely stop in (and remember where the chocolates are hidden!).

  6. What a fun place to work! We used to have a house cat in our offices, but when she died at age 18 we didn’t replace her (she was the third one in my 17 year tenure here. We didn’t get her as a kitten).

  7. So much for yarn working as soundproofing. Guess that is one excuse we can’t use anymore. Loved the tour — thanks

  8. My dentist is on the second floor of a building, and if someone is heavy-footed, you can feel the floor bounce as they walk by. When they’re cleaning teeth, you just hope no one runs past.

  9. I’m very glad to know where the extra kisses are kept. They were conspicuously absent when I was there last year. 🙂

    And I have just one plant as well. His name is Robert. You know – Robert Plant?

  10. Loved all the photos of and info about Loopy Central! Still hoping that I’ll be able to visit one day soon.

  11. I love hearing about Loopy Central, someday I might make it out there to see you guys. Buddy is a cutie! Loopy should be a little concerned with Buddy though, Buddy may have herding instincts. I know our little Lily (mini-Aussie) would love meet Loopy, but she’d probably try to herd him too.

  12. My corgi never stays still for a minute, either, so I can relate to Buddy! There’s only two modes with him: asleep or running!
    Nice glimpse of Loopy behind-the-scenes.

  13. Buddy is a cutie!! I can see he would invite lots of attention!! I look forward seeing Zoe and Gracie when the weather warms. Glad the walking is still working. When Spring hits it will make the walk much nicer with all the colours coming out.

  14. We have a Bonsai ficus. The trunk looks like an elephant…
    We named it ‘Ellie Fern’…
    We were inspired by the Hannah Montana show, where she says, that she has a “Ficus named Fern!” I found it funny…

  15. I LOVE Fern!! It would be nice to have plants where I work – they are so nice to have around – espeially in winter. I Absoutely LOVE the red hutch!!!!! 😀
    And the apothacary jar on the bottom shelf with the yarn balls in it is WONDERFUL!!
    If the 2 LYS shops near us had half your Cascade 220 wall… well actually the one shop IS the size of your Cascade 220 wall 🙁

  16. Thank you for the tour of The Loopy Ewe. I feel like I’ve been there. Maybe I should put going to your shop on my bucket list. When I make it there, I’ll surely remember where the chocolate kisses are.

  17. Loved the tour! Loved the —-not sure what had jumped into the mugs but I sure have had days like that myself! I can’t tell you how much I enjoy checking in to see what you have been up to. I enjoy reading the other comments as well. I can certainly relate to Diane’s comment about your Cascade wall.
    I too am a cat person but Buddy does have a cute face. Hope you keep doggie treats on hand for him cause I’d hate to think of him getting into the chocolate kisses. Keep up the good work walking to Loopy Central!

  18. What a fun place to work!! One day, when I grow up, I want to work in a place like Loopy. Ok so I’m 30 and I guess that can be considered grown up but we’ll pretend otherwise. 😉

  19. How cool! I love seeing pictures of the Loopy inner sanctum….too bad I’m way over here in VA and don’t see being able to visit in the near future….I would love to see you and the super terrific elves live and in person! 🙂

  20. Five things I love about Loopy Central:
    1. The doorbell that vanished the day I came in with my husband (his first time). He and I stood in front of the door; I was frantically looking for the bell. He looked around, looked at me, and said, “Secret handshake?”
    2. The massive Elizabeth Zimmerman quote on the wall as you come in. I absolutely adore that-sets the tone of the place.
    3. The respect you all give the yarn and the customers. Everyone moves quietly and no one beats up on the yarn. Feels like a shrine (and the EZ quote helps). Feels…healing.
    4. Buddy, whom I have had the amazing good fortune to cuddle twice. He’s good people.
    5. Last but not least, the other “good people” in the shop. Susan and the others are so patient and polite and good natured. Cannot be easy to run a mail order business with retail customers milling about and fondling the yarn. They are what make TLE the very special place it is.

  21. You sure you want all the Fling folk to know where the extra kisses are? 😀 And I’m with Little Loopy: diving head first into the mug is a very good idea some days. That said, I can’t wait to come back to Loopy Central and breathe! Nothing like the smell of a yarn shop for soothing the soul. And the Wall of Cascade doesn’t hurt!

  22. I’m pretty sure now that I’d like to move to St. Louis and work at Loopy Central. I especially like the dog and the part about diving head first into a coffee cup when things get hectic! I’m sure my family would miss me but….
    Seems like you guys have a ton of fun!

  23. Cute and informative post – – thank you! And I just ADORE Corgis! So cute! I work in a stiff business building in downtown – – no animals visit here. 🙁

  24. I love those plants – the peace lily tells you when it wants water… that’s my kind of plant.. maybe that’s why I have so many? hmmmm…

    Now back to my knitting – DIC Classy.

  25. It is so fun to learn these tidbits about all things Loopy! I really enjoyed your ‘walking’ post, too. I love the quotes and the knitting related photos you have hanging at Loopy Central. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Really enjoyable post! Thanks!

    PS. I totally name all my plants too. Actually, I guess I name a lot of inanimate objects. Good to know that it’s completely normal.

  27. We store stuff (bedlinen) in the shower at our office, too. Glad to know other people think laterally about showers, too. I’d rather store sock yarn in it, but I’m darned sure no work would get done if I did!

  28. Dylan and Lily in Pittsburgh say HI (in Corgese) to Buddy. I can’t pronounce it effectively but it involves butt-wiggling and jumping up and down on the front feet while going around in circles.

  29. I’ve asked and asked my boss for an office pet, but he’s said “no”. Maybe a visiting office pet would be just the trick! 🙂

  30. The plant is the same kind that I have. Mine has been alive for 10 years. This is a huge accomplishment since I managed to kill a jade plant after 15 years. (Lesson – never fertilize your plants!) I water my plant when the leaves begin to droop and that is all I do! This is the most forgiving plant ever! I’m so glad to see that you have an “easy care” plant at Loopy Central – it leaves more time for yarn fondling!

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