The Never-Ending Scarf

snowmen2One of my favorite things to set up for the holidays is my collection of snowmen. How can one be stressed by the season when you have all of these plump happy dudes smiling at you from the corner of the room? I didn’t plan to collect these. As with most collections, a few turned into a shelf full, then a couple of shelves full, then all of a sudden they were at “takeover” quantities. It takes awhile to set them up, but it’s not Christmas until they’ve all found their own places on the shelf. Do you have a favorite holiday collection or decoration that you enjoy putting up every year?

overdone_leftSpeaking of holiday decorations, we have one house in the neighborhood that goes all out. Really, this photo doesn’t even begin to give you the scope of things in their front yard because there is more to the right of the photo, and more to the left. (And that’s just the front yard. They back up to the neighborhood lake and they decorate the backyard as well.) The people across the street simply prop a large mirror up in their front yard, and call that “done”. I like their sense of humor! Doesn’t every neighborhood have one house like this?

DSC03304I finished the Never-Ending scarf. I have to say, even though it took forEVER (or seemed to), it is the warmest, softest, most wonderful scarf I have knit up. I knit this with 4 skeins of Cascade Eco Alpaca (2 each of jet and charcoal) on 16″ size 5 circulars. You cast on 70-80 stitches (depending on your gauge – you want the stitches to fill the circ so that it’s easy to keep the tube going round and round) and then just keep knitting around and around and around until you reach the desired length. I made each stripe 10 rows wide. The nice thing about knitting it in a tube is that you can just carry the yarns right up the inside and you don’t have to cut and weave in the ends. I just “catch” it every 4 rows or so, to keep it traveling up. The other nice thing about knitting it as a tube, is that it’s double thick, which makes it double warm, and it looks exactly the same on the front and the back. The scarf has 41 stripes, which used almost all 4 skeins. I had to pull the one side up to show the fringe, but there’s more scarf behind the mannequin. And now that it’s done and I’m giving it away? I find myself wanting one to keep for my very own.

We’re off for the holidays after today, so no blog again until Monday. I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas (if you celebrate Christmas) and I hope that you get a lot of knitting time in over the weekend.  Remember – our last Random Acts of Kindness Contest will be next Monday. See you then!

Sheri tryingtodecidewhattopickupandknitnext.


  1. I agree…why finish a wip when there are so many other patterns out there?!

    Personally, I think I’ve reached wip overload and I’m trying to get stuff off the needles before I start another project!

    Have a Merry Christmas!!

  2. Congratulations on getting the scarf done!!! Didn’t I tell you it would be the yummiest scarf ever??? Someone is going to be VERY warm and VERY happy!!!!

  3. love the idea of the tube scarf, brilliant, it looks great and now I want one! Hoping it is the Merriest of loopy Christmases ever! The snowmen are so cheerful, what a wonderful collection.

  4. I love snowmen too!!! Especially if they are in fours (that the # of kiddos I have) !! Merry Christmas to you, and all of the elves!!!!

  5. Merry Christmas Sheri! I’m sure you are enjoying having Web Guy and Knitting Daughter home for the holiday. Please wish a Merry Christmas to all the Elves too.

    I decorate with snowmen too. My theory is, that they can stay out until the end of February or Mid-March. That way the house doesn’t look so bare once the tree comes down after Christmas. The gloomiest time of the year is after New Year’s when the Christmas lights aren’t out anymore – all those lights make me happy!

  6. Merry Christmas to you, your family, and the Loopy Elves.
    Thank you for a wonderful year! I decorate with Santa’s and snowmen every

  7. Merry Christmas Sheri and all at Loopy Ewe. Thank you for all that you and your staff do for us. Enjoy the holiday. Don’t forget to knit!
    I collect Santa Clauses. I think snowmen would be better. Since they could stay out all winter.
    Will finish up my WIP’s.

  8. Your snowmen collection is very festive and made me smile. And your scarf is gorgeous! No wonder it was never-ending. You had a lot of rows to knit. But it was worth it.

    I collect Nutcrackers and Santas. The Santas come in all shapes and sizes. Tall thin ones, short fat ones and any combination thereof. They make me smile too.

    Wishing you and all the elves a very Merry Christmas. Thank you so much for bringing me a lot of joy this year – and for all of the hard work you and the elves do all year long.


  9. Sheri – Wonderful Awesome Christmas wishes to you and everyone at the Loopy Ewe! I love snowmen too and have a table top snowman tree. I was at the post office today and on their counter was a wood tree (like a cookie cutter shape) about 18″ tall and it had round cutouts all throughout – and there were round jingle bells painted all like snowmen with carrot noses as the decorations. The clerk didn’t remember where they bought it (rats!) . Your scarf is SO pretty and classic looking. Sometimes I almost hesitate to check your blog because you always have another really wonderful knitting project to add to my do knit list. Am finishing up another pair of fingerless mitts (thanks for the chart). They have to be my new favorite quick knit for me and for gift giving. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for your ideas and inspiration.

  10. I have a Boyd’s Bears Folkstones collection that I put up every year, all snowmen. They’re discontinued now, but I’m out of shelf space anyway, so that’s probably meant to be.

    I love the tube scarf, which looks like great movie knitting. I’m trying to finish the ribbed leg of my husband’s second Christmas sock before I have to wrap it tomorrow night. Wish me luck, and happy Christmas to you and your family, Loopy and the elves!

  11. Merry Christmas to you and yours as well!

    My collection of Santas likely rivals your snowman collection (I love yours, by the way!), and I also collect Hallmark ornaments and German hand-blown glass ornaments. I have a 7 ft tree packed to the gills with a large part of the Hallmark collection, another smaller tree with all the nature-themed ornaments in the collection and then another 6 ft tree full of glass ornaments. This year I used my glass ornaments and parts of my Hallmark collection on the big tree and called it good enough. I had to decide whether I wanted to decorate or knit, and knitting won out!

    Have fun with your kiddos over the holidays!

  12. Oh yeah…and we ARE that house in our neighborhood! That is DH’s domain, and he has all the lights set to music via computer with a short-range FM transmitter so people can sit in front of our house, tune their radio to our channel and listen as the lights dance!

  13. I hope you’ve been able to use the Hawaiian Santa I gave you at the Sock Summit. Have a great Christmas day – you all deserve all the fun you can stand the next two weeks before you head back to greater yarn sales in 2010.

  14. Oooh. Wow. Decorations. Yikes. No, we don’t have a house like that. But there’s one over by the greenhouse where I get my Christmas tree. And my mom’s upset because we’re the only house with no lights this year. I tried to get some, but they were out everywhere. Oh, well. Next year.

    I have one last Christmas gift to finish but I’m not seeing her until next Wednesday so I’ve got a few days. After that, my next WIP to finish: the World’s Largest Shawl. After that, I’m working on a KAL with some friends, and then there’s a swap. Then the sky’s the limit!! 🙂

    Merry Christmas to you and all the Elves! (Because since there’s time off, let’s face it, you get a Merry Christmas even if you’re not celebrating Christmas specifically, know what I mean?) (I need a smiley guy with a Santa hat and sunglasses.)

  15. Here’s my Christmas random act: I own a restaurant that doesn’t make an awful lot of money. We’re just happy that we and our employees are still here. Since our restaurant also has a bar, we have an extremely friendly relationship with the local cab company.
    In my neighborhood we have several older couples that don’t go out often – and since it is now icy in the mornings and at night (starting at 3:30pm) – they don’t appear to go out at all. I worry about them having nice big hot meals – even though they aren’t poor by any stretch, they look as thought they’re on the tea & toast diet.
    So this year, I contacted the cab company who said they’d transport these folks to our place for dinner any time for free – we made up some coupons for free meals with a free cab ride and gave them to these couples in their Christmas cards.
    The very day they received them, one of the couples went out to dinner. They told the server that the last time they had had such a good meal was before daylight savings time.
    Merry Christmas!

  16. I made a Harry Potter Gryffindor scarf (my color stripes were thicker) and although it took forever, it honed my knitting skills and made me a very fast and consistent knitter. It is what I recommend for beginner knitters – knit a big long scarf – you’ll be able to do anything after you get the hang of it.

    Love the scarf and your collection. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  17. I wish you and all of your family both human and not a very wonderful Christmas. Bet your kitties are having fun with all the fun decorations at home. Hugs

  18. When I was five, my mother helped me make a little pipe cleaner turkey to hang on the tree. I still have that turkey. The first year I had my own Christmas tree, almost 30 years ago, I had no ornament collection and no money to go out and buy them. My roomate and I made orgami birds and fish that year. I still have a few of those. From time to time, over the years, I have made other ornaments: a bunch of grapes, a snowman, candycanes. I have other ornaments that I have collected over the years, but I love my hodgepodge of hand made ones the best.

    I hope all of you have a very happy Christmas.

  19. I love your snowman collection! In our house, it’s Christmas snowglobes… shortly after we were married my MiL started sending us one every Christmas. We’ve been married 11 years, and have 10 of them (there was one year that the globe broke in shipping), and now that our daughter is eight, unpacking the snow globes is a yearly ritual. I didn’t like them that much when we started the collection, but they’ve definitely grown on me.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and all the Loopy Elves!

  20. What a woderful scarf! I admire your perseverance, making it all the way to the end. You deserve to start a new project just for you after that! That’s what I plan to do after finishing (today, I hope!) the sweater I am making for my daughter.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Sheri! I hope you have lots of wonderfu times together over the holidays.

  21. Sheri, Merry Christmas to you, your family and all the Elves at Loopy Ewe.

    LOVE your snowmen collection, I have a Christmas Tree with all snowmen.

  22. Have a lovely Christmas with your family. My College daughter is home for the holidays too. DD#2 is still in high school; she’s a senior though so next year I’ll have two coming home also. God’s blessings, Wasie

  23. I have knit three Harry Potter scarves that were built like this. One Ravenclaw (mine), one Hufflepuff (my husbands), and one Slytherin (for a friend). Each time I say that I’m not going to make another one, because they are huge and heavy and time consuming. Then a few months go by and I want to make another one, because they are so warm!

  24. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Sherry! I love to put up our Christmas tree each year. We only have ornaments that have a story behind them on the tree, so opening that box and starting to unwrap them (I wrap each one in tissue paper and there are hundreds) means that I am taking a huge walk down memory lane. This year it really struck me that the jelly jar lid, wrapped in yarn to make a frame with my son’s photo and the sparkle covered pinecone my other son made are now 20 years old! How on earth did that happen?!

  25. I collect nativity scenes from around the world. I don’t get to travel as much as I like but others have brought them back to me. The latest one I received was from Haiti–the stable is made out of a coconut. It is just so precious. I love to see how different cultures interpret the nativity.

  26. There’s an Alien Illusion scarf from the first Stitch and Bitch book that I did in the round like that, simply because I didn’t want the “ugly side” to show and it turned out great! Looked at from one angle, it’s just a neon green and black striped scarf – turned slightly, you see an alien head. I e-mailed the designer and she suggested putting two purl stitches at either side to help the scarf lie flat – worked really well.

    Merry Christmas to you and all the elves!

  27. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Sheri, and of course to all the Loopy Elves! My husband would say we decorate year-round with books, but I like to take out and look at my collection of Bert and Ernie (the best-friend Muppets on Sesame Street) stuff — there are a few ornaments in there, like a Santa Ernie and one with poor hapless Bert tangled up in a string of holiday lights. If ever anyone made Bert and Ernie Christmas lights, I’d buy a few sets and hang them right up!

  28. Love the scarf idea!
    I collect silver snowflakes from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. But since they only do one a year and started in 1971, it might stay manageable (that and the fact you have to get lucky on e-bay or they’re $100 and I’m not paying that!)

    There’s also my gnome collection- ever since I had a random gnome as an avatar, you would be amazed at the amount of gnome knitting things out there!

    Merry Christmas! I think it’s time to take my new TLE gift certificates shopping!

  29. Sheri, may you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year. The same wishes to all of your elves too. Hugs

  30. Sheri, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! My husband and i have a very nice, quiet day – it was a just right ;>

    For random acts of kindess – we’re in tem;porary housing for a while and I made sure to feed our vegetarian clerk on Christmas Day! Didn’t quite seem fair that someone had to work here on Friday, so…

    Happy New Year!


  31. Beautiful scarf!! Am planning to make one of those tubular scarfs — I love WARM scarves, hat, mittens, etc. Hope you had a blessed Christmas!

  32. Belated merry Christmas! Not sure what I’ve been doing since Wednesday–knitting gifts for one thing. Still working on some but learned this morning that it’s still Christmas until Epiphany so they’re not late.

  33. Beautiful scarf! I never would have thought to make one like that. 🙂 Our daughter has arrived safe and sound back home (just ahead of yet another snow/ice storm)! I’m working on her afghan and sure would love to finish it by the end of 2009. We’ll see how much knitting I can get done in the next few days.

    Trust you are enjoying your kids while they’re home. Also, hope they have safe travels back to Taylor and Florida.

    Happy New Year to you and all the Loopy Ewe elves! Have a blessed year!

  34. Hi,
    Thanks so much for being open last Wednesday! My doctor daughter and I (her nurse) can never make it during office hours on Thursday and Friday! We were thrilled to get to see the Loopy Ewe home and meet some of you. It was a great trip from Illinois. Thanks–and happy holidays. All of you helped make our Christmas feel even more blessed.

  35. Love your anniversary kit this year. The yarn looks gorgeous and I bet it feels so soft. I’m also excited about the pattern. Looks fun to knit…. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

    Looking forward to many more….

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