Random Acts of Kindness Contest, Week 3

DSC03306I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and weekend! It was good to have a few days off with family and friends. We read books, watched movies, did some knitting, and enjoyed big fat flakes of snow on Christmas Day, and through the weekend at different times. It was great! This photo is from our Christmas Eve Service at church. I love the oversized words formed with photos from nature. (click photos to enlarge) Although check out this second one. For the entire month of December, I thought it said GRACE, DSC03305even though it was obvious that they kind of messed up the “G” photo. How do you get a “G” out of that? Each week I’d ponder it again and wonder what that photographer was thinking. It wasn’t until we sat in a different spot this weekend, that it became glaringly clear to me that it says PEACE, not GRACE. (Hello?) Funny how a change of perspective can change something like that. (Maybe I was personally in need of more Grace than Peace this season, and I saw what I needed to see? Anyway – great words.)

Thank you again for sharing all of the wonderful things that you have been doing for others this season. I think I just need to come back and re-read them each month, to keep the ideas fresh in my mind. I always get so inspired to go and do likewise, when I read about the things that you’re doing. Today is our last week in this contest. We’ll again be randomly drawing a winner next week (from today’s comments) for a $50 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate. Congratulations to Robin from Kentucky, who won last week’s contest! Share with us what you’ve done this past week (or go find something nice to do in the remainder of this week and come back and post).

For those of you with a Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate burning a hole in your pocket (or for those of you who didn’t get one and are not going to let that stop you from shopping), we have a whole bunch of things just up: Louet Gems, Malabrigo Worsted, Malabrigo Silky, Malabrigo Sock, Madelinetosh Worsted, Claudia Hand Painted, Shibui Knits, Hand Maiden Mini Maiden, String Theory DK, Perchance to Knit’s Midnight Rainbow Lace, and Spirit Trail Fiberworks luxury yarn base, Sunna. And most of you have already seen the new Opal Antonia line that we put up last week, which is named after a Tyrolean Pop Singer. The labels are …. interesting. Come see all of the new stuff.

In-person hours this week: Remember, we’re closed on Thursday and Friday of this week for New Years, but we ARE open from 10 am – 1 pm on Wednesday instead. Next week, we’ll return to our regularly scheduled hours.

My brother was the recipient of the Never-Ending Scarf and he liked it. Knitting Daughter offered to knit me one for my birthday (because remember I said that I wanted one for my very own?) I picked cream (Natural) and tan (Baby Camel) for a subtle striping mix, and it’s looking beautiful so far. I think I have to re-name this the “Never-Ending, Warmest-Ever Scarf”.

Sheri whostartedMara#2andanewsockovertheweekend


  1. When I get off the Metro I often see people playing music asking for donation or people asking for change or selling something for charity. Even if you want to you can’t really stop because if you stop for as long as it would take to dig in your purse people would pile up behind you and you would get pushed or trampled. So I have started carrying a couple dollars and some spare change in my coat pocket so I can quickly drop something in without getting knocked down by the crowd coming behind me.

  2. a small RAOK….

    last week hubby, Rigel our dog, myself & my friend Tina were on our Wednesday a.m. run. We meet at the Hermosa Beach police station parking lot then head down Pier Ave to run north on the Strand (concrete path/sidewalk bordering the beach) to the steps (literally steps going up to the Strand at Manhattan Beach) & back. I always look forward to running back up Pier — it’s a decent small hill, maybe a quarter mile — and though I’m sucking wind at the top it’s wonderful just how fast you can run the rest of the way back to the cars once your quads realize you’re now just going forward, not up.

    Anyways, I was in front (did I say I like this hill?) and Rigel was behind me, pulling Dave up the hill, and Tina a bit further back).

    Across the street, also heading up the hill, was a homeless man in a wheelchair.

    I ran across & asked if he needed help. He gratefully accepted, and I pushed him up the hill.

  3. My acts this week were simple, I shoveled or snow-blowed snow for my neighbors. We had so much of it that if you did not keep at it, it would overwhelm you!

  4. It is not something new for me, but it is something i realized the other day. I went to the store on Saturday with one of my 3 daughters. She said “you have any change in your wallet?” I didn’t have much but i gave her what loose change i had to and she ran up to the salvation army can and dropped it all in. I realized that anytime i have loose change i try to grab it and drop it in some charity can.
    When my kids would ask how little it could help, i said that pennies still add up.

    I am glad i was teaching them even when i wasn’t realizing it!

  5. Whenever I’ve gone out this week, when I’ve had the opportunity to pick where to park, I’ll not take the closest space to the shop, sometimes surprising the person behind me.

  6. I did a Random act for my friend Dani aka Danirobins on Rav. She has become such a good friend and to think I met her on Rav in the TLE group! We found out we only lived 15 minutes apart and the friendship blossomed from there. Anyway, I digress. For as long as I’ve known her, Dani has wanted a skein of WM Frosch Lace. So I saw a fellow Raveler was destashing one from over in England. I contacted her and asked her if she would RAK it to Dani. It arrived on Dani’s doorstep yesterday. She was happy, tearful, stunned and overjoyed. I was glad I could do something to give her so much joy.

  7. It’s a tough time to be a restaurant server – people tend to do more eating at home during the holidays. And people who DO tend to eat holiday meals in restaurants are not always … in an exuberant holiday mood. So I’ve been stopping in at my small, local “greasy spoons,” and ordering my coffee to go, and leaving tips that far exceed the price of the coffee. If I were going to get that coffee at , I’d be paying far more for the drinks, anyhow. So I feel better giving that money as tips to the folks who always try to smile and serve.

  8. Saturday my family flew out after the holidays and after dropping them off at the airport I stopped for a coffee at IHOP. It was a very slow night so when I left I left a 10.00 tip.

  9. As we do every Christmas season when visiting a local Mom and Pop Chinese restaurant, I found out how many employees were on the clock at the time of our visit and gave them each an extra $5 Holiday tip.

  10. I have two:

    I ventured out on Christmas eve morning to do a little grocery shopping so I could be a hermit for a few days. So many people were acting like jerks, including a Santa look a like who was screaming at other drivers in the parking lot that I took a deeeeep breath and just decided to do everything in my power to make other drivers’ lives easier. I must have yielded right of way 10 times on my one mile drive home just because it was the nice thing to do. And I made it home with a smile on my face.

    My second was less a RAK and more of a neighborly thing to do. I was outside in my yard and heard a rustling noise. I turned around and in the wilderness that is my backyard, there was a ferret! Luckily, I knew my neighbors have one and went over to retrieve her before my dogs decided to turn her into a snack. My neighbors hadn’t even noticed that she had slipped out, but were very relieved to have her back, safe and sound.

  11. Oh, dear. Well, I did something good for myself when I did something good for others. My niece made a huge (and heavy) tin of goodies — chocolate covered peanut clusters, peanut brittle, and more — which she gave to me on Sunday at our family get-together. I ate a piece, then put it aside. On Monday morning I took it with me to the hospital and gave it to the gals at the check-in desk (I was there for an outpatient procedure). They all wanted to adopt my niece! And then they wanted to adopt me when they saw the scarf I was knitting! 🙂

  12. I donated some handknit hats and scarves to the Salvation Army. Also went through my closet and took coats and sweaters to a local shelter. There were 18 families burned out of their apartments two days before Christmas so the warm clothing was needed immediately.

  13. I’m mailing off three hats to a little girl, her doll and her brother this week. Her mom saw a picture of a hat she thought would be cute. But it was crochet and not a pattern, but a hat to purchase. I said, “I could make that!”, so I did. Then I made one sized for the girl’s American Girl doll. Since I didn’t want her brother to feel slighted, I knit a hat for him in red, as his mother suggested he’d wear such a thing, being 13 and all!

    They’ll be entering the new year in style! 🙂

  14. I love doing RAKs whenever I get a chance, and look for opportunities whenever I can. I usually don’t talk about it, though…it’s kind of fun being a “secret” do-gooder.

    This year I was the recipient of a secret RAK. My hubby was laid off last month, and we’ve been tightening the budget to be able to do Christmas for the girls. When I got to work the other day, someone had left a $100 Target gift card in my box. I wish I could pay them back, but since it was anonymous, I’ll just have to keep paying it forward…

  15. Dropped off more food at the local pantry. Knitting baby caps for charity (great portable project with quick payback!). But I rec’d a simple one myself: I was at Borders, looking at their clearance gift bags. I picked one up – and the whole display of them fell down, including the sign! Of course I was totally embarrassed….as I was picking them up to put them back, a lovely young man nonchalantly came over and helped me – accepted my thanks – and jsut as nonchalantly left!

  16. My daughter and I donned elf hats and took gifts to our almost blind neighbor friend and her son next door. They were so surprised! Then, when we got snow, hubby went to 3 neighbors and snowblowed their approaches to their driveways where the snowplow snow fills in. Yesterday, neighbor brought back the fancy Christmas plate I had put her cookies on. (She didn’t know she was to keep it, so I re-filled it for her!) She told me that she really hadn’t brought it back for a refill, but she’d be happy to have more cookies. haha…

    Happy New Year to you and your family, Sheri! May the Lord continue to bless you in all you do!

  17. Yesterday, I helped a kid on the ski slope who had fallen and couldn’t get up. I got my brother to lend a hand, and between us we were able to get the boy moving again.

  18. One of my co-workers was bemoaning a travel mug she had just bought that wasn’t very satisfactory, the lid leaked and she wasn’t at all happy. I had gotten a set of two very nice travel mugs–with lids that don’t leak–and gave her one of them. She was very pleased (and is now drip free*g*).

  19. Today, my children and spent a fun day shopping in a neighboring town much bigger than ours. While I enjoyed our time together, I don’t enjoy the traffic we encounter! I decided to just breath and to let people in front of me whenever possible. I think it’s nice for them and it helped to keep me calm too!

  20. The traffic by our Town Center gets horrendous the week before Christmas. Much to the chagrin of the car behind me, on several occasions, I let other cars in from other directions and just waited it out.

  21. Dec. 23 was a wonderful day. I was fortunate enough to be able to give extra toys to the Salvation Army, and some cash to the Humane Society. I also paid the person’s bill behind me at the Chik-Fil-A drive through, and really enjoyed seeing the look on the young man’s face as I drove away.

  22. Its been snowy here so we cleared my grandpa’s car and helped my gran through the snow. A girl dropped an earring in the snow when we were in town, loads of people must have seen and just walked by, we picked it up and returned it to her, much smiles.

  23. I haven’t been around other people outside my family very much this week, but I did help a neighbour shovel her walkway.

  24. Thanks to everyone who’s been posting RAKs. I was in need of inspiration. Turns out I’d been doing RAK without knowing it — this month just seemed like a good time to let other people go first, especially when they’re in a hurry. We’ve collected two bags plus a down jacket for Goodwill. And shoveled the sidewalk at the elementary school. Happy New Year — may it be full of RAK, both given and received.

  25. I was on a plane coming home from Chicago last night and the woman sitting next to me was a mom holding her 6 month old sleeping baby in her lap. She couldn’t move much due to the newborn in her lap and as the drink service came around, she realized she couldn’t put her tray table down. I let her use mine and poured her pop from the can into her cup for her since she would have had to contort in an odd position just to do it herself. It was a small thing, but I just couldn’t stand to watch her struggle.

  26. I was aware as the holidays progressed that one person on my list really loved a bag that I had for several years. It was very expensive and I carried it a total of 5 times. It was a “Carpet Bag” by Brighton and made from tapestry. I was unable to use it due to damaged rotator cuffs in both shoulders, as well as osteoporosis. Every time the person was at my home she offered to buy it but when I told her the price she backed away from it. Being the season of beginnings, love, sharing, kindness, and genuine caring of others, I wrapped the bag very fancy and gave it to this person. Do I miss it, yes. That’s how I know it was the right thing to do. I’m very pleased to have made somone else feel special.

  27. Hi! Hope you had a Happy New Year.

    I took the neighbors trash out to the road for them. I was taking mine and heard the garbage truck coming early, and theirs was not out yet, so went ahead and took it to the road, and then put the garbage can back after it got picked up.

  28. This mostly wasn’t me, but there’s been a terrible snowstorm passing through the area. Someone put their car off the road right across the street (literally outside our door), and myself, my husband, and my brother and his friends went out and dug/towed his car out of the snow. A great team effort 🙂

  29. My random act of kindness isn’t something that I did, rather it is a report on someone else’s.
    My friend in Finland gifted me with the lovely book Haapsalu sall. It was a complete surprise and I think she should have a chance in your contest because of this. Happy New Year to all!

  30. I made chocolate chip cookies today (New Year’s Day) and brought some to two elderly neighbors; they each have an adult child that lives with them also. I meant to do it before Christmas, but got too “busy”. I didn’t want to just forget it, and took care of it today. They were warmly received! I must remember now to do this again during the year.

    Thank you for encouraging us to do RAKs—it’s so easy to get caught up in our “busyness” that we can miss opportunities to do something special for other people. There are SO many ways to do that. I felt so good and thankful for the smiles I was given in return! So, thank you~

  31. We go to our local farmer’s market every week and have become friendly with many of the vendors. One vendor in particular has become special to us and we now “work” the stand for him so that he can take a break, etc. The best part of this is not only has he become a friend, but many of the regular market goers always stop by to check in and it has become a great place to make friends and meet some very interesting people. ;D

    What started as a RAK is now a very necessary part of our week!

  32. I have two Raks for this week. 1. Since my sister has been having a rough time lately, this week I started a scarf for her that I know will cheer her up as it is in her favorite color and the pattern is beautiful. Her scarf has taken precedence over the other items on needles, including late Christmas gifts since I want her to have it as soon as possible so that she will at least smile once during this difficult time. 2. Hubby and I went out to a restaurant right after Christmas and left a large tip for the waitress as a nice Christmas gift-she waits on us everytime we go and I wanted to give her a little extra for being so kind to us.

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