I Saw Snow

DSC02364Ok, so it was just 47 little snowflakes floating down onto the highway as I drove up to Chicago last Friday, but still – it was snow. Now I’m anxiously waiting for our first real (sticks-on-the-ground) snowfall here in St. Louis. More often than not it’s COLD here in the winter, but there is no snow on the ground. Which hardly seems fair. What kind of  a winter is that?  Here’s a picture from last winter. I must’ve worked late that night, because in between all the other cars leaving and me leaving, this beautiful snowfall happened. This is what I’d like it to look like all winter long.

Girls Weekend in Chicago was a lot of fun! We had great food (I’m now in love with Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizza and the awesome breakfast crepes at the Wildberry Cafe). We did some shopping at Woodfield Mall (good stores there, but the multi-mixed levels about drove us batty. We got lost a few times). We also did some knitting. I frogged the striped scarf I had started, and tried a new pattern. I’ll show you that later this week. And of course we stopped by Ikea to do a bit of shopping as well. (Is St. Louis the only “bigger” city in the U.S. that doesn’t have an Ikea? Seriously?) So fun to spend time with College Girl and friends.

DSCF0493I also stopped in at Dream in Color on my way in on Friday. It was fun to see the whole operation and now I can picture where our yarn comes from. Of course the photo taking was severely limited because 1) I forgot to bring a camera with me for the weekend and 2) most of the things I would’ve wanted to photo for you are top secret and off limits for photo-ing. So I had Veronica take a picture of the one spot that could be photo-ed – the yarn tags. Exciting, right? 🙂

It’s Monday, and you know what that means? We have new things up on the website for you. Just up: Studio June in a new DK weight (which would knit up quickly for last minute gifts of socks, scarves, hats, and mitts), a brand new yarn from Schaefer called Audrey (a light fingering/laceweight blend of silk and merino and we’ll even include a free pattern with your order of it), a few new colors in Schaefer Nichole and Anne, and more Schoppel Wolle Zauberball, Austermann Step, Addi Needles, and Soak Mini Sample sets, which are great to give with your handknit gifts. Pop over and check it out.

Tonight, I’d like to knit. And I’d like to start decorating the house for Christmas. I wonder which one will win out? Have you done all of your holiday decorating already? I feel like I’m late this year …

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  1. Just put up the tree and did some decorating yesterday – although not as much as I usually do… My next task is to find the time to squeeze in some holiday baking – we’re giving cookie plates to a few people as gifts this year 🙂

  2. Tags are exciting too 🙂

    Glad you hada a great time over the weekend with College Daughter.

    I hope the major storm they say will hit thee mid west won’t be as bad as they say. Stay warm

  3. I’m making Janice’s famous cake balls tonight, and hopefully finishing decorating the tree. It currently has 4 ornaments on it. Oh, and DH and I are also going out for dinner because it’s our 7th anniversary, but technically we celebrated with the fancy dinner last Friday. 🙂

  4. We’ve had the tree up since Thanksgiving. No, no. Don’t applaud. I needed the floor space to set up tables and the fully decorated artificial tree that has resided in the living room in black platstic garbage bags was in the way. So voila! Off came the bags and up went the tree in the bay window. This may be as decorated as we get.

    December seems to be here too soon. The holidays are bearing down on us and I’m so not ready. Frantically knitting son’s sweater that should have been done long before now. Blocking finished projects and chasing the cat off of them as they dry. He also takes the pins out.

    Tomorrow I’m going out to lunch with a friend. But tonight, tonight I’m going to knit : )

    It’s cold here too. We had a dusting of snow the other day.

    Stay warm. Hohoho.

  5. It’s a sad state of affairs when the SF Bay Area gets snow and St. Louis doesn’t!

    BTW, I’ve been meaning to tell you that I made some of your NOs and holy cow were they rich (and tasty)! I just made a half batch but even that was too much – the next day my husband insisted that I had to get them out of the house. So I took them down to my local Starbuck’s (where I sit and knit on a regular basis) and gave them to the lovely folks who work there. I figured the 20-somethings could handle the resulting sugar coma better than us younger middle-aged folks!


  6. It’s snowing here in Gunnison, today. I’m so glad you had fun in Chicago with family and friends.
    Denver is another big city that has no IKEA, though there are rumors…..
    Am drinking coffee with PSL flavored egg nog in it-not as good as at Starbucks, but better than driving in the snow.
    Happy Dec.

  7. Isn’t Lou Malnati’s great??? When we attended Stitches Midwest 2008 another attendee recommended that place to us. Also recommended, Wildfire in Schaumburg for steak…yum. And I think it is called Richard Walker’s Pancake House….wow! Oops sorry….I got carried away there…..:-)

  8. We don’t get much snow either, and it’s not fair. And when we do get snow, it always comes at the most inconvenient time, it seems.

    I have all my decorating done except the tree. We get a real tree, so we usually wait until about two weeks before Christmas to get it so it doesn’t dry out. So, that will be this weekend. Can’ wait!

  9. We got a dusting of snow overnight – really gummed up rush hour – but it’s pretty much gone by now. We have a couple more chances for snow this week, hopefully real snow this time!

    We are about 1/2 done with decorating for Christmas – the big tree isn’t up yet but the little one is and a lot of the wreaths and other smaller items are up. We have one of those artificial trees with the lights already on it that you take apart in three pieces. It stays in our guest bedroom for the holidays because a couple of our cats are real jumpers and one smooshed down all the branches on our previous tree (she leapt from the back of the sofa to the top of the tree and slid down).

  10. My decorating is all finished, and my shopping is all done, but I still have to wrap the presents. I’m about half done. I tried to stay ahead of the game this year, because last year I got WAY behind and it got really rough that last couple weeks before Christmas.

    And we have lots of snow here in WI, I’ll try to send you some.

  11. I love Lou M’s pizza & Woodfield. If you lived in the burbs (as do I) you get used to the multi-level thing in the middle. As my favorite store is in the middle of that mess 🙁 I have become a multi-level ninja.

    BTW Lou’s website lets you order their frozen pizza, which come packed in dry-ice. Perhaps Loopy central needs some deep dish? *whistles and walks away*

  12. The tree is up, but the ornaments are all still in the boxes…Hopefully I will get to that this week if I can tear myself away from my knitting…and get caught up on my work! I stayed home Friday since we got a little bit of snow and really cold weather, and let me tell you – people who live this far south have no clue how to drive in icy weather! (Since I used to live farther north, I have driven in it plenty!) I would rather be behind on my work that risk being on the slick roads with people who think that shiny stuff on the pavement is just water!

  13. We don’t have Ikea in Omaha either, so don’t feel bad!

    And if you really want snow, I’ll be glad to send you some of the 8-12″ we’re supposed to get tonight and tomorrow!

  14. No decorating here yet — tomorrow is now or never! I can’t believe Christmas is 2 weeks from Friday…………where does the time go?!?

    Chicago is such a fun place to visit around Christmas ( well, anytime is fun really!) I love the decorations and little white lights on all the trees. Have you had Giordano’s deep dish pizza — it.is.SO. good!!! My all-time favorite! They are all around the Chicago area. I’ll have to try Lou Malnati’s sometime…..Glad you had a fun time with your daughter and friends—sounds great!

    We just had a big snow here in Sheboygan, WI and more is coming tomorrow. Wish we could share with you! The best part of winter is wearing handknits — constantly!!

  15. My decorating is as finished as it can be. I wanted to put little mittens knit with my leftover sock yarn on the wreath I bought at Hobby Lobby, but I have projects that have to be delivered before Christmas Eve, so that knitting has the priority. Cleveland is another large city without an IKEA store. Now that they have one in Detroit, Pittsburgh, and somewhere down state, we don’t have a chance at getting one. Too bad. A lot of my house is furnished in IKEA.

  16. Sheri – your original pot pie recipe was again a big hit with my company Friday evening – always a favorite of my family too – still have to try your new one. I don’t go overboard decorating – I keep things (decorating) very simple and concentrate on family and having good times together. And Sheri – THANK YOU for more DK weight yarn – bought some of the newly posted this evening. I have also been finding patterns on Ravelry for berets using DK weight so I can either make one or make a pair of socks and these colors for Studio June are SO pretty and fun! Thanks!
    Would like to see more DK weight and also worsted. That’s funny you could only take a photo of the labels…. 🙂

  17. Ooooh, Lou Malnati’s is so yummy. I have not tried Wildberry yet, but I am at the Costco right next to it every week – I may have to try it out very soon. As for Dream in Color…I am so jealous. I think they are located about 15 minutes down the road from me, so I wish I could sneak a peek sometime 😉

  18. It hasn’t snowed here since 1989. This is where you live when you are tired of shoveling the white stuff. I wouldn’t know since I’m a Florida native. My new co-worker moved here from Wyoming for that reason.
    I’m late with the decorating too. I hope to start on Thursday. The boxes are on the back porch ready to be opened thanks to my wonderful DH. He said I could keep the decorations up til February if I wanted. Mid-January maybe, but not February. I think it’s just been too hot and rainy here and I haven’t felt like it was time for Christmas. Now it’s going to be mid Decembere and I will be in a panic because nothing is done.
    Jacksonville isn’t huge, but we have no IKEA either. Good thing for me. I think it would break me!

  19. I’m in the same predicament – I should put up the Christmas tree and the angels but I’d rather knit. Very cold in Nebraska with snow on the way. Bring on the wool, it’s winter.

    Nebraska Knitter, Jane

  20. We decorated our tree today b/c we had 6 inches of snow..first time since 1988…it is still on the ground. We woke up to beautiful trees & bushes. my knitting has fallen behind, my little fingers are itching to touch those needles. My sister did send me some yarn she had spinned..it is a beautiful chocolate brown, hopefully enough for a small sweater!!! Have great week..hope u get your snow

  21. Is that a major snowfall for St Louis? Here in SE Wisconsin, we are expecting about a foot of snow in the next 36 hours or so. This year, though, it is our first major snowstorm of the season – and it’s almost mid-December – we held out longer than usual!

    Tree is not purchased yet – plan to do that this weekend – our son’s birthday was today and I refuse to put the tree up before his birthday – don’t want his celebration becoming lost in the holiday season!

  22. Sheri, if you like snow you should move up here for a while (Winnipeg Manitoba Canada). We can guarantee lots of snow – every winter. And cold too. Lots of it! And I, of course, would brave all that snow and cold if I could go to your store in person!
    I don’t do much decorating anymore – both boys have moved away and they never cared if I did any anyway. Of course I have to get out the stuffed Grinch and Max the dog. Everyone wants that!

  23. I love Woodfield Mall. Does it still have the ice rink? I lived in the Chicago burbs right after college when Woodfield was still pretty new. Always my favorite place to shop. Speaking of snow – 8-10″ is falling today. Not unusual for Nebraska but more than we usually get. It will be a crazy day. Wish I could knit at work!

  24. We decorated already, but for us that is pretty early. We have a fake tree up, which isn’t my preference, but we were a little worried that our cat would eat pine needles.

    We had snow on Saturday and it is still on the ground today. Not a huge amount, but enough to know that winter is upon us.

  25. Very cold here in Las Vegas, there is snow on the mountains after last night’s rain down here in the valley. We get snow for a day about every other year. Last year we had an outrageous snowstorm and the snow stayed on the ground for a week. Very rare in Las Vegas for it to stay on the ground even for an entire day.
    Stay warm!

  26. all decorating happened the weekend after turkey day, as usual. luckily then the weather was in the mid 40’s outside so the lights went up there as well (seeing it was 17 this monring glad it was done then). mom is visiting for 2 weeks so wanted it to be festive as she has not seen our home decked out for xmas …. ever! (daughters boyfriend fondly describes our house as “where xmas threw up”)

  27. We started decorating inside this past weekend, and I’m almost done. Outside, we’re waiting for the snow to melt a little more/the ground to firm up a bit more before tromping around in the squishy mud. Maybe by this weekend we’ll be really done.

  28. I would really like to postpone Christmas this year.
    Just a couple weeks…
    Is there really only 2 weekends left??

  29. No kidding, December got here way too early and I’m not ready for the holidays at all! I was stuck in school meetings all last week, that’s my excuse for not decorating yet. It doesn’t help that we haven’t had any snow, either. (Last year the snow began falling in November.) So glad you had a good time in Chicago—one of my favorite cities (not least because some of my favorite cousins live there)!

  30. I put the tree up the Sunday after Thanksgiving, the garland went on last Tuesday and the decorations on Thursday (that’s how I time-managed it among meeting every night). The wreaths are hanging on all the windows on the front of the house and most of it is done. My book club has a Christmas brunch every year and this year (last year too) I offered to have it at my house since it gives me an early deadline to be decorated. THat was Sunday, so Voila! it is done! I am so glad, because December is my busiest month at work and I am great at procrastinating….and then I am killing myself with everything at the end. So now it will just be the gifts that kill me, although this has been a not so good year for my business, so Christmas will probably be a replacement laptop for the one the burglar got a few weeks ago and the new roof that we desparately need and have to figure out exactly how to pay for. Sounds sad when I put it that way, but we are lucky, because we really don’t need much else right now (now would like and need are definitely two different things 🙂 )

  31. Glad you h ad a good time. You were in my old stomping grounds. I grew up in Elk Grove Village and was between Lou Malnati’s in Elk Grove and Woodfield. Spent much time at both. Lou Malnati’s is my fave Chicago deep dish pizza. Unfortunately, now I live in Ohio and no good Chicago style pizza to be had. I might just have to try the frozen delivery service….. Yummy

  32. According to my family tradition, Santa comes twice. First he comes about a week before Christmas to put up all the decorations, then he comes on Christmas eve at midnight to deliver presents. I’ve inherited the tradition, except the part where Santa comes and does all the work.

  33. Well… My tree is up… Nothing on it (much to the cat’s chagrin), but it’s up. 🙂 And I got the wreaths and the roping up outside, just in time for the snow. So that part’s done. But yep, lots of decorating to do here….

  34. Decorating commenced on Friday with cutting down our tree. We found a “good” one right away at the lot that we’ve been going to for 19 years. The owner knows us and had chili cooking. The rest of the weekend was spent doing the rest of the decorating inside and out (outside was important since snow was in the forecast).

    And snowing it is in Wisconsin! We have a blizzard warning, which I can’t remember the last time that happened. By tomorrow we may have up to 14″

  35. No decorating in my house, but a few coworkers have made their cubicles festive — one even hung little icicle lights, and I make excuses to have to pass by her desk so I can admire them. Philly even got a dusting of snow a few days back, a little of it lingering but the talk of a storm was much much bigger than what we got.

  36. I made your chicken pot pie receipe and I want to say a big Thank You. Very good, indeed. I will not decorate much this year because our house is on the market for sale. It would not be appropriate to take up all that space right now. I do miss it, though.

  37. I love Lou Malnati’s pizza, too! My wonderful aunt and cousin sent us a box of them after I had a baby and then they sent more last Christmas. We finally ate our last one a few months ago, and I am hoping one of my fabulous relatives sends us more this Christmas!

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