Tired of ….

DSC03081…. this. The dad-gum road construction that has been going on along the road that runs right next to our building, since sometime this summer. Tired of the jackhammers and the cones and the workers and the person that felt it necessary to drop this scooper on chunks of pavement to break them up, resulting in more building shaking. This photo was taken from inside my office, so you can see how close we are to the mess fun.

…. talk of the H1N1 flu. And whether or not to get the vaccines, and whether or not they’re safe and have been tested enough, and whether or not they’re going to run out, and whether or not you’re gonna git it. (I’m getting the vaccines. Talked to my doc. Enough said.)

…. waiting for UPS/Fed Ex/USPS to deliver yarn orders. We have so much on order that is due in “any minute”. When are they going to arrive? NOW is a good time. Let’s deliver it now.

…. wearing reading glasses for everything. After a whole life of 20/20 vision, it stinks when your eyes get older and turn against you, making things blurry up close. On the flip side, I can see anything going on at the Montessori school across the parking lot in perfect detail. Let me know if you need to know anything about their playground or the cute kids. I have it covered.

…. more yarn than I have time to knit. But it’s a curse that I’m willing to live with (and add to) indefinitely. Come to think of it, I’m not really tired of that at all. Not one tiny bit.

Speaking of which, we just added some beauties to the website! You’ll find Dream in Color’s new Knitosophy line, as well as the special Ocean Currents Limited Edition Smooshy colorway that they sent to us, Fiberphile’s amazing colors, Hand Maiden Swiss Super Sea Sock, Tempted Glam Girl (the one with the silver, and new colors), and patterns from Monica Knits and ShibuiKnits. Good stuff. Hop over and see.  🙂

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian Friends!

Sheri anythingyou’retiredoftoday?


  1. I am so right there with you on the glasses. 20/20 my whole life, now I can’t funtion without them-seems you read more than you think on a dialy basis. Labels, price tags, etc etc etc. When wearing them, I also see more things that need cleaning:( Darn glasses! lol.

  2. Everyone else having the day off but ME and no mail today! That means NO YARN!

    And, like you, more yarn and patterns than I have time to knit.

    But hooray – today’s update had some yarn I’ve been wanting for a long time, so I treated myself and used up my Loopy credit and that makes me feel o so much better on a Monday.

    You do updates on Monday for that reason, right? To give us all something to look forward to on a Monday?

  3. Tired of my 2 year old son breaking everything in sight and even some things that I can’t think of. When will this stage end!??

    BTW, had a Brownie Batter Blizzard from Dairy Queen last night and boy was it good! I think I’ll have to send hubby out this week to get me another one. I’m having knee surgery on Wednesday and I’m certain that one of those will make my knee feel better. 🙂 Hubby calls it, “The Triple B”. Thanks for the suggestion way back when.

  4. Tired of….

    Public Works construction on my street. Since JUNE. Maybe they’ll finish by Christmas at this pace 🙁 (Sheri, I *so* hear your frustration on this front!!)

    Flood talk. The used-to-be-a-dam on the river that protects both the office location where I work and home is only going to be at 30% capacity for the next 4-7 years. Will take the Army Corps of Engineers 1-2 years to just PLAN how they will fix it (not that they discovered the problem 8 months ago or anything). We WILL have floods, people WILL lose homes, businesses WILL close and once you buy flood insurance and have a place lined up to evacuate to, there’s not much you can do but watch the weather forecast and pray.

    Not getting Wollmeise. Not complaining, but just saying it like it is – I never have enough time to camp out at the computer and hit F5 and wait for it to show up. I think having time to select and shop for and GET a nice Wollmeise order is about as likely as me having a $1million winning lottery ticket. Wouldn’t be so darned frustrating if other people didn’t post their latest (of many) Wollmeise orders on their blogs. I clearly don’t have good psychic energy on this 🙁 and know when to tune in.

    The recession and worrying about keeping my job (3 rounds of lay-offs and business is still not noticeably improving). Can’t believe I’m going into my SECOND round of holidays worrying about this and afraid to spend money to travel to my family’s or to do some of the extra special things at Christmas I used to do. (So…in the scheme of things, maybe this means I’m not SUPPOSED to stumble into an opportunity to stock up on Wollmeise!).

  5. I’ve been blind as a bat my whole life. Progressives now. Better than multiple pair of glasses, trust me there!

    I’m tired of my job. Really. I want a new one, or to win the Lotto so I don’t have to work and can knit and sew and putter in the garden and the kitchen and get caught up on Mama’s laundry.

    And I’m tired of my broken finger, and I’ve only had that a few days. Makes typing interesting. Hasn’t slowed the knitting, I’m happy to report. 🙂

  6. Tired of:

    This stuffy nose of mine that has been going on for 3 1/2 weeks, even with a round of antibiotics and sinus and cold medication and twice daily sinus rinses…I just want to be able to breath and sleep through the night!

    Late paychecks…what is up with that??

    I hear you loud and clear on the older eyes situation…and I despise it too!! I HATE not being able to read labels anymore unless I have my glasses on. I already wear glasses(progressive bifocals no less) and STILL have to have magnifiers at times!

  7. I’m tired of H1N1, too. It’s making the rounds here at school.

    I’m also tired of tests. Glutathione transferase can bite me. Except it can’t, because it’s important and I’d like to not die everytime I take Tylenol.

    Finally, I’m just tired. Maybe I should take a nap.

  8. If you think that reading glasses are bad, just wait until your hearing starts to go! Of course, worse hearing might be a blessing in disquise, given your never-ending construction project. 😀

  9. I am tired of the wet and cloudy weather! We’ve had a very wet fall which is a bummer because I love crisp fall days. The past two weeks have been more like damp fall days.

  10. . . .the never-ending cough that comes with the latest round of the crud, the crud. the pink eye on top of the crud, 11th graders who think that I should tell them all of the answers.

  11. I’m blind without my glasses.

    I hope that they finish the construction soon so you can go back to peaceful Loopy life.

    Looking forward to getting my new Tempted 🙂

  12. Okay, I’ll bite. I’m tired of hearing about the H1N1 virus too. I had to see a patient today who told me (after I was in her home), that her son, who sat at the table with us today, was diagnosed with it last week. He’s better today………but…………I’m going on vacation this Sat, and will be away from my kids for a week then. Hopefully I didn’t pick up anything in that home today, and hopefully if I did, I won’t pass it on to them.
    Oh, and tired of not enough knitting time, and too much Christmas knitting. I want to make a Multinomah!

  13. I’m tired of flu season. I’m tired of H1N1. I’m tired of having an immunosuppressed child and being so isolated because of the other two things I’m sick of! It’s a theme of things I’m sick of I suppose!

  14. Totally with you on the glasses thing!! Hate it! And I’m a teacher so i take them off, put them on, take them off, put them on!
    I’m tired of 7th grade boys who act up and keep the rest of my special ed kids from learning!
    I wish I had more time to knit.

  15. I’m tired of being told that I should get the seasonal and H1N1 flu vaccines by every reporter on television. I react adversely to vaccinations so my primary care doc won’t give them to me anymore and sends me to the allergist instead. The allergist isn’t being allocated any flu vaccine this year (either H1N1 or seasonal flu), so no vaccine for me.

    That’s o.k. – DH is a physician and I’m sure I’ll be exposed and get it over with early in the season!

  16. I’m already tired of my 3-week doctor-imposed moratorium on knitting. Only 1 week in, and all I want to do is knit, and since I can’t, I want to buy yarn! I really don’t need more yarn right now, I need to knit!!! I have projects due.

    I have some understanding of the vision problem. Since 4th grade, when I moved from the back of the room to the front, and still couldn’t see the board, I’ve worn glasses. Now with the advancing age of the 50s, I can see far away better than ever, but now there is a too close that needs different glasses!!!

    I’ve gotten the regular flu shot, as I always do, and will wait until my healthcare company has the H1N1 vaccine, and let them tell me to get it or not. Work has already done a tabletop exercise in case we get the pandemic, and that was interesting. Who knows if those scenarios would ever be used!

  17. loved this sneak up! I’m getting my worsteds ready for Fall knitting!
    I’ve had to use reading glasses now for a decade. Hit me hard back then too. I was blessed for 40 years with 20/20 too. meh! Threading the sewing machine needle was the first tell tale sign then reading with objects progressively from elbow to arms length, then not being able to read the expiration dates on the pizza coupons! heeee. I keep them handy now but always in the same place: with my knitting. 😉 When I’m blind as a bat, I’ll know where to find them.

  18. Chores! Here it is, Columbus Day – a free day off and I spent it cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry. I did manage to spin about an ounce and a half of fiber and whipstitched four legs onto the Elephante I’m knitting, but the rest?


    I’m tired of it.

  19. I’m tired of worrying about money and that I can’t buy yarn (or anything else for that matter). Totally tired of stressing out about my BFF’s wedding and how I’m going to pay for it.

    I’m NOT tired, though. of knitting my new shawl for the kal. 😀

  20. I am so with you on the reading glasses thing. Enough said about that.

    I am tired of not having enough knitting time! (I guess I could get off the computer and go knit!)

  21. I’m tired of the eye thing, too. It sounds like our vision is exactly the same. I can see things in the distance better than my daughters, but reading is becoming another matter.
    I’m also tired of my dissertation. I just want it to be done, but I don’t feel like doing the last bit of writing I need to do to get there.
    Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes! I’m not tired of Thanksgiving, or having long weekends. More of those would be just fine with me. Hope you enjoyed your long weekend, too.

  22. I love this post and all the comments… let me say ditto to eyeglasses, allergies and N1H1!

    But today, I’m especially tired of being on a yarn budget and not being able to buy more of the amazing Sea Sock you put up in the store!

  23. I am tired of the flu. It hit me like a ton of bricks on Sunday, and I have been in bed with a high fever all day. I felt too bad to knit. Now that is sick!

    I am also tired of grumpy people at work. They bring me down bigtime. Work is hard enough without them. :0

  24. Half of our office is out with suspected and confirmed H1N1 with a garnish of strep throat. Yesterday there was a headline on MSN about a child who had a rare complication of the flu while another article topic read “Parents Told Not to Worry About H1N1”. I’m tired of feeling conflicted!

    I also agree with the whole yarn and time thing – SABLE is nice, but sometimes not so much. Dang, there goes that conflict again!

  25. I’m tired of hearing about H1N1 flu too. I’d rather hear about the K1P1 flu.
    I’m also tired of not being able to knit socks (yeah–it’s self-imposed) because I’m still knitting the Whispering Pines shawl (which I’m tired of knitting–love the design and the yarn, just OTN too long for me). This will be remedied within 10 days unless I have to do major tinking.
    I’m tired of not having time (and money) to knit all that I want to knit.

  26. I’m quite tired o the H1N1 flu talk. Enough already!

    I”m tired of these doomy gloomy days. I don’t mind a good day of rain but cloudy days that go on and on really get on my nerves.

    I’m tired of journalist/news anchors/reporters asking questions in such way as to come across as being “no nonense” but seem to just be plain rude to me, IMO.

  27. Everything!!!!!!!!!! Suzie said she was tired of her mom being sick. I’ll bet her
    mom’s tired too. I’m tired of being sick too, but still grateful that I can hold my
    knitting needles and try to make something for my grandchildren. And I
    never get tired of making socks. I’m also tired of this rainy weather. We all
    need some sunshine.

  28. I’m tired of the cold weather.
    I’m tired of the economy.
    I’m very tired of doing laundry.
    And…what are all those dishes doing in my sink?!

  29. I’m tired of the presentation I’ve given at work five times in the past few weeks.
    I’m tired of waiting to hear exactly when my office, and the building it’s in, is going to be torn down. Just tell me already, FPS!
    I’m tired of not having a working elevator in my apartment building — lugging laundry up and down four flights of stairs is wearing me out .
    The mere thought of next week’s two-day, out-of-state meeting for work, in which each day’s meeting only runs from 8:30-noon (!) is already making me tired. Hey, wait, more time to knit!

  30. I can relate to the road construction nightmare, same thing happening at home… We’re nearly 7 months into a 3 month road reconstruction project and they’re still not done!

  31. I’m tired of my daughter being gone. It was 2 weeks ago tonight that I came home from work to find her room empty and her things gone. No word and no warning. My heart’s been broken. I found out where she is – very bad part of a city. Wish I could knit my heart back together again….. Am also SO TIRED of Jon and Kate! And I am tired of magazines with pies and cakes on the cover and next to the photo is at least one diet or weight loss teaser to what is inside. Am tired of always having something that I must fix around the house – but glad that I know how to fix most of these things myself!

  32. I totally agree about the glasses! I can’t see my knitting without them. I’m soo tired of the dampness around here, makes my arthritis miserable….to think, a long winter on the way!!

  33. Hi Sheri. I am tired of this cold on top of a cold, with the hacking cough that hurts my chest. I am really tired of this economy, especially here in Michigan, so that I have no yarn budget, or anything else for now, and I need to replace three small appliances (toaster, pressure cooker, and crock pot). And, I’m really tired of the cold (daytime highs in the 40’s, seemingly forever), cloudy and damp or wet weather that aggravates respiratory infections, rheumatoid arthritis, and regular arthritis, sigh! Our local meteorologists are saying that we are having Thanksgiving weather in early October, after our cool to cold summer. It will be interesting to see how soon the lakes freeze this year.

  34. I’m with you on the H1N1 virus. I feel like there is a level of paranoia about it that seems a little ridiculous, but I try not to bandy my feelings about too much so as to not step on anyone’s toes.

    This year we didn’t really have a summer (2 warm weeks in August doesn’t really count), and at the rate we’re going fall will slip into winter with a similar speed. While we are not one of the areas that has already had snow, our local weather folk have been bandying the word almost all week long.

    One of my friends is similarly irritated by construction. She operates a small bead shop and has been blocked from getting to her store by road construction in front of her condo. She is very sensitive to sound, so this has been quite a trial for her!

  35. my eyes have turned against me too this summer I really noticed how hard it was to read on the computer. And how my eyes felt strained after half the day. I knew it was time to call the eye dr. and now I have a fantastic pair of reading glasses and my eyes don’t hurt. But I’m still a little cranky that I need them. (it was inevitable both my parents wear glasses, just a matter of time before I did.)
    On the whole H1N1, it feels like every year there is a fear about the flu, about the vaccines running out. It’s a personal choice to get vaccinated for it, its the hype that irks me.
    Construction takes forever and I hope they hurry up and finish it already!

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