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DSC03082Here’s the Multnomah shawl that I finished this week, knit with Hand Maiden Mini Maiden. (I love that yarn. Soft and beautiful, a slight sheen from the silk, and everything turns out looking great.) I weighed the leftover yarn and estimate that I used about 2/3’s of the skein (about 360 yards). DSC03083The original pattern was knit with 412 yds so I’m not sure how I had so much left over. I started another one this week and plan to make it a little wider across the shoulders. Someone on Ravelry mentioned that they increased the stitch count to 265 before bordering. I like it when other people figure those things out and pass them on. In fact, there are notes on increasing the size if you look up the pattern on Ravelry. Here’s the lesson I learned about blocking – pin everything, including the lines down the center. I’ll reblock this one before gifting.

DSC03050Elf Susan brought in two recent projects that turned out so cute and I wanted to show them to you. The first is a baby hat out of Malabrigo Seleccion Privada. (We told her to bring the baby WITH the hat, but she did not.) Love how the Malabrigo striped up. She also made a one-skein scarf out of the new Araucania Panguipulli for her college nephew, with a simple seed stitch pattern. After seeing this, I went and pulled some DSC03070Panguipulli for myself. The variety of colors in the multi-ply makes everything you knit look interesting. And while I’m showing you photos, here is a quick scarf that I knit up using the new Lana Grossa Cento. I used 2 skeins (just K,P down and back, 18 stitches), but I’d probably use 3 the next time to make it a little longer. I did it in the blue/purple colorway for College Girl, who likes purple a lot. Such a quick knit on size 10 needles – about 2 hours start to finish. The colors blend from lights to darks to lights. (Yes, I did wash the colors out with my flash.)

DSC03079Paul and I went antiqueing on our way home from Indiana last weekend. (4 stops, plus one unfortunate stop at a Flea Market that we won’t discuss. Suffice it to say that we won’t need to stop there again….) In my quest for weird book titles, I found this one: “Around the World on Two Skeins of Wollmeise $60″. It was only $2, so I bought this one. Still thinking about “Instantaneous Personal Magnetism”, though. This book and a wooden clamp for WH were the two purchases of the day. We spent a whopping $8.

Monday is a holiday here in the U.S., so no mail and no Loopy Elves working that day. We’ll ship all weekend orders out on Tuesday. However, I will blog on Monday, and we’ll do the update late afternoon or evening, because we have things that you will want. (What, you ask? We have Tempted Glam Girl, our first order from indie dyer Georgia of Fiberphile, more Hand Maiden Swiss Super Sea Sock, an exclusive limited edition color in Dream in Color Smooshy (Ocean Currents), their new Knitosophy line, and 3 new fingerless mitt patterns from Monica Knits. Watch for it all on Monday!

Sheri lovingthecoolmorningsandeveningsthatFallbrings


  1. After purchasing so many skeins of Hand Maiden lately, I’ve fallen in love with Casbah!! Soooosoft! So, my shawl of choice will be something made with Hand Maiden… I love your shawl–maybe I’ll have to make the Multnomah!

  2. I have to stop stopping by on Friday’s. ZOMG!!! Way to many things to make my head spin and dream about until the next Sneak Up! Wowie wow wow!!

    I hope you are enjoying the cold weather Sheri. I’m bundled up thinking of the warm Sanibel beach. brrrrrrrrr

  3. I love your Multnomah Sheri!

    A holiday on Monday. Yeah. NOT for most of us. I remember The Good Old Days though….

  4. The shawl is gorgeous. I really like how it turned out. The seed stitch scarf is wonderful. What size needles were used? I am thinking about one for another Christmas gift. The k/p scarf is another to also consider. It has rained all day in Texas (where I live) and I am sure that you got some of the rain also. The wind is kicking up and getting cooler. Perfect for staying indoors and knitting! Great long weekend to all.

  5. Love your shawl! Looks like this weekend is going to be cold and rainy around here. Fortunately, I have a couple of projects that go really well with that kind of weather.

  6. When I first saw the Multnomah shawl, I wasn’t very taken with it, but now that I’ve seen yours in that beautiful colorway, i may have to change my mind!

  7. Your Multnomah turned out beautifully! I finally finished mine this week, too–but I’d been working on it for about 3 or 4 weeks! LOL I ended up just continuing the pattern until I ran out of yarn–I think I did 3 or 4 more repeats than the pattern called for. But hey, it’s doubtful I’ll need leftover yarn to repair a hole in a shawl (unlike socks). Fun pattern, isn’t it? I’m seriously considering another one. Now I just have to get used to actually *wearing* a shawl once in a while. 🙂

  8. It was 80 plus degrees here today but your rain is headed our way so next week will be cooler. I can wear socks again and my Daily Sweater and my Girasole. Have a great weekend.

  9. Love your Multnomah. I say block it however it makes you happy. I elected to block the center of each fan out to a point instead of a rounded shape. Who knows – next time I wash it I may block it round.

  10. Nice colors in your shawl yarn, Sheri!

    I’m glad you are enjoying your cool mornings. It’s been pretty cold here. This morning, it was 34, and tomorrow morning will be in the 20’s, with a Freeze Warning. The good news is that it is cold enough to use our oven, so we don’t mind its warming up the house. But, it also means turning on the heat. Last night’s football game was the second one in a row played in cold rain, so the band hand to show up to be counted, but they could not march. My youngest son, a senior is not happy about that. Enough of the cold rain stuff. At least this morning was clear, but the rain comes back this evening. We’d be happy to ship some of it to drought areas, LOL.

  11. Sheri – I love your Multnomah and thank you for posting the stitch count to increase the size. I ordered yarn from you last week to do either Multnomah or Damson for the Shawl Challenge – I have some stashed Dream in Color that might work for Multnomah but I’m itching to use fallish colors even though it’s still record high temps for NE FL – and heat index over 100 – I envy the knitters who talk about cool temps – We would even welcome a rainy day – very dry and hot and humid here but we just bunk in with our A/C cranked and knit the day away

    I’ll be stalking the mailman on Tues – hoping for a Loopie delivery.

    thanks for always inspiring – Mel

  12. Sherri love the Shawl, I think I’m going to have to make one for my sister-in-law. This would be the perfect gift for her. I have some extra Dream in Color Smooshy that would perfect.

    Was a cold 41 degrees here this morning in Virginia, this is quite a change for me as last week I was in the Desert of California and it was near 90.

  13. It always seems that the moment I click “purchase”, I find something else I need. Now I will be stalking Monday to see the DIC colors! And I JUST BOUGHT some!

    Yikes! I had no idea this site was a lifestyle! 🙂

  14. Beautiful Sherri! Now I want one!
    Special thanks to elf Susan for getting my order last week out so quickly. You guys truly are the best!!

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