Under Construction, Lessons Learned, and a CONTEST

DSC03014I’ve learned some things this week. That’s always a good thing, right? I’m trying to be on top of the techno-stuff, because I think it’s important. Consequently, we’ve had some construction going on (inside and out, as it turns out). Here are a few things I’ve learned:

1. A “Group” and a “Page” are different on Facebook. Our “Fans of The Loopy Ewe” that I told you about earlier this week, is a Group. Web Guy pointed out that I should have an official “The Loopy Ewe” Page on Facebook, because “we can do more with it”. So as of this morning, we now have an official Loopy Ewe Page! This Page will be good for me to talk to you and for you to talk back to me. This is the place where I will do the postings about things going on at Loopy Central. (Sneak Up Previews, knitting woes and wonders, and anything else going on in the shop.  I’ll do an occasional contest there, too.) You do have to click and become a fan of the page if you want the updates to show up, even if you’re already a member of the other group that I mentioned the other day. I’ve already added in some news about recent arrivals! (My own Facebook page has a little Loopy stuff and a lot of regular life stuff. Feel free to friend me on there if you’re interested in that, too!)

What I learned: Talk to Web Guy first before jumping into something….

DSC030152.  You can hide things on your Facebook homepage. (My friend Janice showed me that last weekend.) It’s not that I’m not interested in your Bejeweled Blitz level or what color M&M you are, but all of those apps do take up a lot of space on that page. Now I’ve closed the apps and I get to actually read about YOU and your status messages. I like that!

What I learned: I really know so little about Facebook.

3.  Twitter continues to be a big thing. I don’t really get it, but I get that other people get it and like it. Therefore, we’re linking The Loopy Ewe Facebook page to our Loopy Ewe Twitter account. (Remember, I said I’m trying to stay on top of the important techno stuff.) If you like getting status updates via Twitter, feel free to add us to your Twitter list.

What I learned: Twitter is important to many people. Maybe I’ll eventually get it. But we’ll be on there for those of you who like it.

DSC030164. While we’ve been busy making these technology changes inside Loopy, the street crew has been busy making changes on the street outside our building. (Remember this summer when they cut through our phone lines? Yep. It’s still the same project going on out there.) Now they are breaking up the entire street. With this. And I swear, they drill down several feet, then they bring the jackhammer head up, move it over 6 tiny inches, and repeat. Consequently, it took them the entire day yesterday to do about half a block. Our brick building shakes like we’re having earthquake tremors.

What I learned: Jackhammers give me a headache.

(Edit – for those who were concerned: I will continue to blog regularly and participate in the Loopy Groupies on Ravelry – no worries!  Facebook and Twitter are additions, not substitutions. I promise.)

This month’s contest question: What’s one lesson you have learned lately? Leave your comment below and I’ll draw the winners next Wednesday. I saved some Wollmeise for the prize!

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  1. I learned that when a pattern says to place a marker for the beginning of a round, to actually place a marker instead of trying to go by the cast on tail. I really screwed up an entire round of a tank top and had to tink back.
    Never again. 😛

  2. I learned that I really do need to put the computer away if I’m going to do reading/problem sets/any work at all ever. Oops. I totally should know that by now.

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