Holy Cow Moments

DSC02913Here’s a “Holy Cow” moment – the UPS guy backed up (and up and up and up) to our building. The trouble is, my window is right there. Right behind his truck. I was pretty sure he was going to come right through it. (And the kicker is that he wasn’t even dropping stuff off for us, so I couldn’t “Holy Cow” him when he came in.) He did get out of his truck and walk around to the back to check out how close he was. (CLOSE. About 6″ to spare, which is only possible because he backed up at a slant, which made the corner move in closer than it normally would. Crazy UPS guy.)

Also Holy Cow:

The Loopy Ewe Facebook Page. Over 1000 of you have joined already. We like that!

(Note – a few of you have emailed to ask if we have a group on Ravelry. Yes, we do. If you go to the group tab and type “Loopy Groupies” or “The Loopy Ewe” into the search engine, it will bring up the group. That’s another Holy Cow, as there are 3000+ of you in that group!)

– It’s Friday. Where did this week go? (Not that I’m complaining.)

– My closet. Boy, do I need to clean that out. That’s on my schedule for tomorrow.

– The yarn stash. Ditto. I have thought it through and now I’m ready to go to work on it.Β 

DSC02889After our recent discussions on yarn stash, I’ve had several of you email and ask for names of places that could use donated yarn. If you know of a worthy cause that will make good use of good yarn, please let us know in the comments below. There are quite a few people who would like to donate somewhere, myself included.

Had any Holy Cow moments this week? (Want your own cow photo? I downloaded this courtesy of Β The Pioneer Woman’s site.Β and she very graciously shares it for others to have. I use it as a screensaver here at Loopy Central because they make me smile every morning when I turn the computer on.)

Sheri hopingforapeacefulweekendwithnoholycows


  1. somtimes hospitals have programs where you donate yarn to the pink ladies so that they can make hats for the preemies. you just call and ask. Ive offloaded a decent amout of yarn that way, and its a write-off!

  2. For ‘rejected’ stash – search under Categories for ‘YarnStorming’ at fiberfarm.com. I think they are still accepting donations for this wonderful service.

  3. I display my stash like it’s a yarn store (see link) although admitedly this appeal of this may not work for someone who OWNS a yarn store!

    It’s pretty and it has 2 purposes:

    1. I get to look at it (as opposed to storing it in a rubbermaid containter) every day
    2. It makes me think I should knit it (as opposed to what I call “museum quality” yarn.

    Going to go read (and click through) (and inevitably wander off!) now.


    PS I’m kinda obsessed with your rav voting buttoms! Where hath though procured them frometh?

  4. I’ve donated quite a bit to the local knitters guild here in St. Louis – I understand they will use it to make things for charity. Most of what I donated was acrylic, though (eek!).

  5. You might check with the activity director at a senior living community near you. The residents often do charity knitting and might appreciate some free yarn.

  6. The yarn store Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins in Boulder, CO is happy to accept donations of any kind of yarn (acrylic, wool, mixes, etc). The donations go to the Tuesday evening Community Knitting group which makes hats, mittens, slippers, vests, etc. for a variety of charities.

  7. My local Senior Citizen Center knows me as the “Yarn Lady” and sometimes try to tackle me when I arrive. Several of them want the “Good Stuff” first. Church groups or Senior Residence (assisted living) locatoins also love our leftovers for their gift projects and holiday boutiques. I just separate mine by catagory : baby, sock, afgan etc and include needles too. and crochet hooks (yes) they crochet !

    They will love you too!!!.

  8. If I hear of a family going through a bad time (husband laid off, long term illness in family, etc) and I know someone in that family knits or crochets – I will pack up some of my best and send it annon. to the wife or whoever I know will use it. Quite often the “caregiver” is overlooked and can use some “cheering up and unexpected”.

    No Holy Cow moments – not even an unholy cow moment this week – knock on wood. My favorite cows are Jersey Cows – have 2 friends who own them – the high butterfat in their milk is something else! Not that I need any of it on me but Jersey Cow yogurts, cheese, etc. are out of this world. I think one of my friends said they were internationally known for their cream. Kind of like Claudia and her Wollmeise yarn πŸ™‚

  9. My LYS, Wildfiber in Santa Monica just put in a box for donated yarn – they donate it to the local Boys and Girls club for craft projects.

    My Holy Cow moment was sorting through my stash last weekend. I told my husband I put all the yarns I didn’t want and wasn’t going to knit in a pile on the floor. “Oh? How are you going to get rid of them? E-bay? Donate them to your knitting group at work?” he said, coming around to see the pile.

    The floor was empty! (I like ALL my yarn!)

  10. I’m in Sock Knitters Anonymous on Ravelry (like many others who read this blog, I suspect!) and am saving up leftovers grouped into themes for the December leftovers challenge. Right now I’m knitting with yellow, two reds, orange, and olive so one of my pairs of socks will be autumnal. There’s a Kathryn Alexander pattern in “The Joy of Sox” that I’m planning to knit with my autumn colors.

  11. I knit with a chartiy here in NYC that is always looking for yarn donations. We knit hats, scarves, blankets and soon other clothing for the homeless. They are called The Purl Foundation and their website is http://www.thepurlfoundation.org Thank you for taking the time to look and for those who donate yarn, I thank you from the bottom of my heart πŸ™‚

  12. i believe erin and susan at marthas vineyard fiber farm have been taking collections and sending packages off to ladies who knit but are on tight budgets. They may be interested (i swear it’s them i am thinking of). I know in our town the community center is a large hang out for folks on tight budgets as well as our active senior community. They happily take the donations and much of what they knit is then donated to groups, homeless, preemie, etc.

  13. My holy cow moment came when I was driving home. I was trying to switch lanes. I looked in all my mirrors, glanced physically back over my shoulder, signaled and *BEEEEEEP* there was another car there. Thankfully we were both in small cars so we didn’t crash. We swerved back into our respective lanes and thanked God that nothing bad happened. Holy Cow!

    Thanks for all the ideas of what to do with unwanted stash yarn. I’ve gotten some good ideas on where to gift it.

  14. I had a few this week. One was my “Holy Cow my sweater is done!” and th eother (most recentally today is) “Holy Cow I get this Latin!!!!!” πŸ™‚

  15. I feel very fortunate that I have not experienced any holy cow moments this week. Last week is another matter, I needed this relatively boring week.

  16. In the Washington DC area is a group called Knitters and Crocheters Care that takes donated yarn of any sort. You can drop yarn off at Aylin’s Woolgathering, Uniquities or Nature’s Yarns (all in northern Virginia) and tell them who it’s for, and Claire will pick it up and get it out to her charity crafters.

  17. Holy Cow…my puppy just pulled up a portion of the bathroom floor! Not a small piece either!! In his defense, the flooring needs repaired anyway but it still doesn’t put him on the happy list.

  18. I have donated yarn to a nursing home near my house. I just called them to check to see if they would take it, they said yes, so I took it over there.

    It was the Sunrise Assisted Living Center. There are a few of them around the Chicago area.

    Have a good weekend!

  19. Cheyenne River Youth Center is a place that works with the youth of the Cheyenne River Reservation. They are always looking for items for the children. And they accept mittens, hats and scarves as well.

    Cheyenne River Youth Project (CRYP)/P.O. Box 410/ Eagle Butte, SD, 57625

  20. holy cow can I just tell you how made I was at the Mexican security people yesterday! They don’t allow ANYTHING related to knitting to board the plane. I have traveled to Brussels & Paris & Boston in the last 2 months & never once even got a second look. I had to go back & buy a bag to put all my knitting stuff in & pay $25 for an extra bag! But I was NOT going to give up all my needles & a 3/4 finished alpaca sock!!! Then I had to sit on the plane for 2 hours and 48 minutes with no knitting & a book I’d already read! AAAArrrrrrrggggghhh! I thought I’d never see that bag again but luckily it was the first bag to come through!

  21. There is a group on Ravelry called Yarn Storming. They send anonymous packages to crafters who are going through difficult times or groups that do charity work.

  22. Might as well tell you that I’m terrified of cows which sure is awkward – to put it mildly – when hiking in the Swiss mountains. If someone knows a therapy???

  23. I have donated locally to the senior center and girls club. Lately, all my extra yarn has been going to a senior home that has a room set up like a yarn shop with walls of bins that they put yarn in the residents can go in and pick out. They also have a loom and have members that weave, knit and crochet.

  24. Holy cow! It has been raining almost non-stop for over a week in Texas. I went to mow our tiny lawn today (even though it was still wet after 24 hours without rain), and it was almost up to my waist. I actually ran out of gas!

    I am collecting yarn donations for the art program at the school where I work. The art budget was cut last year, and the art teacher was beside herself trying to figure out how to have enough money for fiber and weaving projects AND clay. Because of the yarn donations, she was able to afford clay and had enough yarn for all of her classes to experience yarny goodness.

    Just email me if you would like to donate to this year’s collection efforts!

  25. Holy cow, we have too much stuff! No, not too much yarn πŸ™‚ We have moved this weekend and now it’s boxes, boxes everywhere. But I have my own studio space at the 3rd floor, with a roof patio outside it! This is going to be So Nice! When we have unpacked all the boxes. Has anyone seen my socks…?

  26. Three blue ribbons and a Reserve Champion–all with supplies from The Loopy Ewe–made me “Holy Cow!” Earlier this week.

    I get to go pick them up today.

  27. The 2 places I donate my extra yarn: the local senior center — many of these people are on very fixed incomes and can’t afford nice yarn — and a local day program for people with mental illness — they have a knitting group and the attendees there are also mostly very low income. Both places are very appreciative and I like knowing the yarn is going somewhere where it will be used and enjoyed.

  28. I had a major Holy Cow moment this weekend – more like a Holy Cow *day*… My daughter turned 18 on Saturday (the 19th)!!! How did that happen? I don’t understand it, considering that *I* haven’t gotten that much older!!! πŸ˜‰

  29. Assisted Living and Nursing Homes are always good places to donate items such as yarn, needles, and patterns too. This is great therapy for most of them and gives them something to do. Sometimes they even sell their beautiful creations at sidewalk sales to generate extra money for the ones on a very fixed income or donate the money that they generate to special groups.

  30. I don’t have any specific holy cow moments, but I picked up one of the latest Interweave spinoffs and there was a short piece about using yarn as a reward for other adult behavior (cleaning mostly, sorting and paying bills). It sounded like a great idea to me, because I always want to buy yarn and keep spending a lot of time talking myself out of it.

    On my blog (hidden the bowels) I have photos of all of the Cows of Boston from a few years ago. I need to figure out what happened to my 100 items and repost it, because it comes complete with cow photos!

  31. Glad to see another “Pioneer Woman” fan. I been following her for years. Now if we could only get her to knit. Just think what an outing to her place would be like, food fiber, cows, Oh my!

  32. My Holy Cow moment this weekend involved actual cows who were very interested in our trout fishing. There’s something a little unnerving about having a dozen large bovines following you through a field. But, it was their field after all!

  33. Sheri, apparently, you met Joan Cloonan from Boise ID at the sock summit and she is working with refugees teaching them to knit and market their products. I can send you her email if you like. She said she was supposed to get back in touch with you and if she has, that is great. Hope this is not too late!

  34. Tee hee, your cows remind me of the picture my cousins put up on facebook of their cows and tagged me, my sis, and themselves as the cows. My sis and the cousins had a hilarious conversation yesterday in the comments that I wished I was involved in – gave me a good laugh between classes. πŸ˜€

    My holy cow moment would be that I had came up on an accident a few weeks ago and found out in the paper that someone died in it a few days later. If I was like an half hour to an hour earlier I would have seen it happen. But I’m not surprised at the location it happened at because it’s difficult to see the highway at that intersection.

  35. In the Pittsburgh area, Three Rivers Crochet takes donated yarn. We use it to make hats for children undergoing cleft palate/lip repair in Guatemala, preemie hats for the Knit One Save One campaign, baby blankets for Project Linus, lapghans for our local VA hospital, and many other things! We also make items to “sell” at our Annual Charity Yarn Ball. Items are “sold” in exchange for donations to Rwanda Knits and a local charity. This year’s local charity is the local VA hospital. We can accept any type of yarn since we have so many different recipients and items we make. Check us out on the Three Rivers link above. And contact us for an invitation to the Yarn Ball!

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