Yarn Donations and New Things Up!

DSC03017Thank you for all of the links and ideas you gave for excess yarn, in Friday’s comments.

(Wait. I’m not sure “excess yarn” is even a phrase that ought to be uttered. Is there any such thing? I think not. Let’s call it “stash overflow.”  

Wait. Is there such a thing as an overflow of stash? That’s probably not a good phrase, either. Let’s call it “yarn I’d like to pass on to a good cause.”  Yeah. I can live with that.)

So thank you for all of the links for recipients of yarn that we want to pass on to a good cause. I didn’t make it through my stash this weekend, but it’s on my list. I DID make it through my closet this weekend and the whole household thanks me. Or maybe it’s Goodwill that thanks me. I just know that I can actually get into the closet again, and that’s a good thing.

We just did our Monday Night Re-stock – did you catch it?  You might’ve caught some of The Sanguine Gryphon Skinny Bugga on there for a minute. (ahem). We also put up Shibui Sock and Silk Cloud, Jojoland, Dream in Color Classy and Smooshy (including Classy Flame Season – that limited edition colorway you’ve been waiting for), Fiesta Boomerang and Ballet, and Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Select.

I haven’t knit in a week. I guess there have just been too many other things going on. I have 3 socks that only have about 2″ left to knit, and I have those two shawls that I’m really motivated to cast on. Yarn caked and everything. I hope that I can come up with some time this week to work on these things. What’s the longest time you’ve gone without knitting? (Actually, mine would be 24 years. From age 16 to age 40. That was a long dry spell….)

Sheri gladthatIgotbackintoitafterallthoseyears


  1. Wow! That Bugga really flew! Okay, my longest dry spell from knitting, not counting the on-again-off-again-until-I-found-my-path was about 6 weeks while I was reading trashy paranormal romance novels whilst jonesing for a fix from my favorite author. Just haven’t found a good substitute yet for when I’m weathering the drought between books, though I have run across a couple of new (to me) urban fantasy writers that I particularly enjoy. During those 6 weeks, I became more and more irritable, but once I started knitting again, things mellowed out. Sometimes, a break is a good thing to remind yourself of things you love. It also recharged me a bit.

    One of those shawls you’re thinking of, Sheri, the Traveling Woman Shawl, it’s going to be Casbah in Hemlock, and a little bigger than the 1 skein called for in the pattern. I’m waiting until I get there to decide whether to make it bigger with a longer st st section, or a bigger pattern section. Knowing me, it’ll probably be somewhere in between (and with 5-stitch edges instead of just 2).

    Good luck with yours!

  2. I learned to knit around 10 or 11. I made it halfway through a scarf, but my younger brother made so much more progress than I did that I gave up and I didn’t really pick it again until I was in my mid-twenties, so about a decade. I’m certainly competitive, but I don’t let others’ success discourage me anymore, so I love seeing what fabulous projects everyone else works on.

  3. I don’t really know longest time without knitting since I’ve knit off and on for 44 years. Since picking up my needles again (and becoming a knitaholic) about 3 years ago, the longest has been 24 hours and I was very very sick.

  4. I think in the 4 1/2/5 years that I’ve been knitting, the longest was 2 days and that’s only because the flu was so bad that I couldn’t lift my head off the pillow. Knitting has become a wonderful part of my everyday life and an amazing part of it at that. 🙂

  5. Okay — that Bugga thing? Woosh! That’s all I can say.
    How long have I gone with out knitting…hmm…I learned to knit in my early twnties. So that makes from 0-20. After that, it depends on how you count the gaps. I didn’t knit much while I was in grad school, but I did knit some. Sort of knitting in slow motion rather than not knitting at all.

  6. Well, I haven’t done any knitting since before dinner tonight….
    After I first learned to knit 16 years ago, I stopped for several years, then had to relearn it and knitted for a couple of years, then stopped for two more years, and then three years ago I took it up again and don’t think I’ve missed a day since. I keep waiting for another hiatus but so far it’s not happening. It must be all that great yarn out there and all the wonderfuil knitters one can meet online now!

  7. I agree with Christine on thanking you for blogging because I sure do not want to do twitter, facebook, or ravelry, I understand as a business , however , I like a simple life and who can keep up ???? The only time I do not knit is if something really irresistible comes along or physically its not possible, pretty rare.

  8. i had surgery a few years back and couldnt knit for a few days, or a vegas vacation where you barely see your room…. so i guess a few days! love the projects!

  9. Score! I can’t believe I saw the sneak-up right after you posted. I managed to score some of the Bugga which didn’t happen at Sock Summit. I’ve probably gone 2 or 3 weeks without knitting. Usually, when I’m doing working on bead projects.

  10. I think I stopped knitting for about four years–late high school through the better part of college. I don’t know that I’d have come back to it so much had my mom not made me pack it with me to grad school. It was still sporadic but suddenly there were yarn stores, and potential, and I lived in NY!! Started buying yarn and never looked back.

    Not sure if you got this in the comments yesterday but consider your local public library. Or ask around for a kids group. The kids I teach are so excited when we get more yarn (and I have a very giving community, for which i’m grateful). Most of them do not have big budgets for yarn and being able to hand them beautiful yarn to make something special is one of the best parts of my day.

  11. Longest time without knitting? Can’t be more than three days.

    Even though it is going to be 80+ here tomorrow, in Seattle!, I am ready to start decorating the house with fall colors. What about you?

  12. Does it count when you just carry it with you but don’t actually get it out? Last week I was sick with the flu and only looked at knitting books but couldn’t knit.

  13. I think mine was about 10 years. Long enough to decide to get rid of my old stash when I moved. That was probably a good thing, since there was a lot of stuff in there I wouldn’t want kicking around now.

    Now if I go 2 days without knitting, I feel like someone is punishing me!

  14. I’m so glad I was dinking around online and happened to check the Loopy site in time to score some Bugga! I usually knit for four or five hours everyday, but after a car accident a couple of years ago that tore a lot of muscles in my neck and back, I couldn’t knit for TWO MONTHS! I thought I’d go crazy! Recently, I’ve had a bad kidney infection that has kept me from knitting much for the last two weeks, but now that I’m better, I can get caught up.

  15. Since I started really knitting (not just trying to a bit when I visited my grandma), the longest I’ve gone without it is probably about six weeks.

  16. I love the term stash overflow. It makes me think of computer coding (umm, stack overflow), but more importantly it makes me think of a closet with an avalanche of soft beautiful sock yarns pouring out.

    I had quite a fallow time. I used to make scarves and crocheted doilies in high school and then I had quite a long time where I just did cross-stitch. I’ve been knitting for over 5 years now, and I don’t think I’ve had more than a week without knitting since.

  17. My longest knitting hiatus has been 3 months during the summer. I’ve discovered again this summer why I shouldn’t put pressure on myself to finish project. I’m just too darn busy!! Next summer, I’m giving myself a break from deadlines and/or knitting.

  18. Very recently, 3 weeks. Painful. I stopped due to wrist pain that started 2 months ago, and was getting worse, but it was painful not knitting, too.

    I finally found a splint this weekend that helps with the wrist pain, so I’m sloooowly knitting again. And with larger yarn and needles right now.

    I haven’t tried the fingering weights yet. Soon, I hope.

  19. I first learned to knit in my teens, and knit on & off til my late 30’s, and then pretty much all of a sudden I stopped, and didn’t pick up needles or yarn again for about a decade. Hmm, come to think of it, that hiatus seems to have started right about the time I adopted my daughter, 2 yrs old at the time. I started knitting again when she was in 8th grade, knit on & off for a couple of years, and have knit pretty much non-stop for the past few years. (I do go a day or two here & there without knitting, if I’m especially busy &/or tired.) And my “little girl” just turned 18 this past Saturday! 🙂

  20. Well Bugga ..that didn’t last long, by time i got the email it was all gone. Onto the question.. how long a break have i had ? Well the last thing i remember knitting before this year was a little jumpsuit and jumper when my youngest was a baby, she is now 13. I still have the jumpsuit and jumper too … dreadful hoarder i am, but seriously it was too cute to give away and i had made the pattern myself. Now of course i am addicted to knitting socks and ohh all the beautiful hand dyed yarns who wouldn’t want to get back into knitting for those ?

    By the way, we have the most incredible weather today .. it’s gusty and the sky is red. Yes i said red. My cat would blend in nicely with it. There is a huge dust storm covering most of eastern australia. If anyone is curious check this out http://www.abc.net.au/news/photos/#num=0&id=2693741

  21. It’s a rare day that I don’t knit at least a little bit. Maybe I’ve gone a week when I’m on a “busy” vacation. But knitting or not, I ALWAYS have a project with me. Even for stupid things like trips to the grocery store. Like I’ll knit while I’m shopping. Duh. I guess it’s like having a security blanket in the car.

    thanks nyxs for the AU pics! Reminds me of when Mt. St. Helens blew and I was in North Idaho.

  22. I just spent 2weeks ‘off the needles’ as I just had a knee replacement. Tried to knit on my car socks in the hospital and they became conjoined. Getting off the Pills, I can knit a little now between the exercises. Still love hearing of your escapades…

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