It Bugs Me…

DSC02925that this bug caught a ride to work on my car window the other day. (Really? Was this in my garage when I left?? Ewww.) It was about 2″ long and it gave me the creeps. Does anyone know what this is? I hope I never see one again. I was half afraid that it would jump at me when I took the picture.

that there are too many projects that I want to knit and there is too much yarn that I want to use, and never enough time. And that there are too many nights when I flip through Ravelry instead of knitting. (Yes, I do see the irony in that. Getting rid of the second problem would help solve the first, wouldn’t it?)

that Knitting Daughter’s last day at Loopy Central is tomorrow. She has been a huge help all summer long and we’ll miss her here!

that there are five packages of frozen broccoli in our freezer. (But do I get credit for taking care of the chicken bre*sts and the pickles and the almonds?)

DSC02957… that part of our Dream in Color re-stock arrived (after you all cleaned us out last week) and it really is yarn, not a new Guitar Hero and a refrigerator for the shop. (Those Dream in Color gals like to re-use boxes. We’re fine with that. Except the time that they used a box from their recent “Chicago Cubs Desk Chair” purchase and the UPS driver was horrified, thinking that we had ordered a chair that glorified one of the St. Louis Carinal’s arch rivals.)

… that it was cloudy when I left for work, then it poured HUGE drops during my 3 minute commute and as I walked into the building, and then the sun came out 5 minutes later. What are the odds?

… that the yarn for next week’s update gets photo-ed tomorrow, and there are still too many boxes of it to unpack.

DSC02956… that there are bare b*tts in this calendar that Wollmeise has put out for 2010. (Not really. It’s funny! But be warned.) Claudia and her husband Andreas (who is in the calendar, by the way) thought that a calendar with guys in Wollmeise-knitted-accessories, carefully placed, would be a great way to raise money for a charity. (Remember the movie Calendar Girls, where they did that?) You can click over to get them from Claudia directly, and to read more about the project. The photos are done in black and white, which really makes the bright colors of the Wollmeise yarn/knitting pop. My favorite months are May and December. And February, because that’s Claudia’s husband’s month. And July, because I want all of the socks that the guy is pinning on the clothesline. (But did I warn you about the bare b*tts? Ok, good. Forewarned.)

Anything bugging you today? Or is it just me?

Sheri whoiscontemplatingthebestplacetohang


  1. It bugs me that I can’t knit simultaneously on the Springtime in Philadelphia beret I’m making for myself AND on the Pasha (penguin toy) I’m knitting for my husband’s birthday present. (Guess which one I’ll devote myself to? I’m such a selfless soul, even though I WANT that beret!) Things at work are bugging me, but I’m still glad I have a job and I’ll try to concentrate on the good parts, like my coworkers and the way they had a celebratory breakfast for a supervisor who just had her last radiation treatment for breast cancer on Tuesday. (The lunch bunch is laughing at the lunch table even as I type this — it’s a nice thing to hear.)

    Sorry, no clue about your bug, though I’ve seen a lot of them in Philly with the same sort of hind end shape. “My” bugs are a darker brown, though, and tend to fly up into the bowl-like shades of floor lamps, where they dry out and then disgust me when I have to change the bulbs.


    I too think it might be in the stink bug family…I remember those biology days, when I had to learn all those …hemiptera, hymenoptera, diptera, etc.
    Of course I have trouble remembering peoples’ names, so what good does it do me to know all those insect things?? Such in life.

  3. Growing up in the Rio Grande Valley we used to see that bug alot. It’s called a “Chinche” (Spanish name) bug, Stink bug in English.

  4. It bugs me that ….
    -my family needs three different shampoos each (you never know what kind of hair day it is going to be) and never throw away the empty containers.
    -my children only use a towel one time before throwing down the laundry shoot.
    -I do not have air-conditioning at work, home or in my car making the yarn stick to my fingers rather than glide through them.
    -that I am complaining about anything because life is good and I am blessed.

  5. The calendar looks like fun, but….

    It bugs me that SOMEBODY is buying up Wollmeise and then selling it for $85/skein on ebay (or best offer…..and it’s not like they have one or two skeins or are trying to de-stash – this is seriously yarn scalping). Greeeeeedy.

  6. It bugs me that all of the rain storms generated by this ridiculous heat are to the south of us or the north of us and we get nothing at all. I feel like I NEED a good rain storm.

    It bugs me that I am restless and edgy and can’t committ to anyone knitting project at the moment thank goodness there are lots in progress so i can pick up any of them.

    It bugs me that Tom (DH) can nap all afternoon but if I do I am up all night!!!

    thanks for asking!!!

  7. just the looooong 9 hour drive 9where we entered into the 100 degree weather for daughters college campus visit tomorrow morning. We also just found out tomorrow is student move in day so this should be fun, lol! (oh and its supposed to be 100 again! hoping to bribr hubby into a yarn shop or two for some therapy!)

  8. HI Sheri!
    What’s bugging me today is that I have developed a terrible cold! First of all, never had a cold in the summer, can’t figure out how/where I got it from, AND it is the first day of my vacation today (being self-employed makes that even worse, as I can’t use a sick day!)
    BUT what made me feel better on Tuesday was the arrival of my Dream in Color Baby in November Muse – WOW! Nice stuff! AND just in time for knit night last night where we are doing a lace KAL – I stayed just long enough to cast on, then had to go home…and pass out!! LOL
    Anyway, the yarn made my week and I would certainly purchase it again. Thanks for putting it on sale, it made my purchase just all that easier!! Take Care! Sniffles, Kirsty

  9. Let’s not talk about the bug…b*tts are so much better!

    I think the calendar should hang on the wall right next to my South Florida Firefighters Calendar. Why is it that none of the firefighters in my town look like that (and trust me, I’ve checked!!).

  10. Nothing is bugging me at the moment except maybe the thought of still having to mop the floors. Just wanted to say though that the calendar is uber cute and the ginormous bug on your windshield – well, not so much. I hope it flew away happily so you didn’t even have to THINK about touching the yucky thing! Love the stories about your food stashes – it makes it even better since you don’t even know you have them! 🙂 My DH does the same thing. We ended up with 6 pounds of grapes in the house because I bought a container and then he saw the deal at the store and thought is was a great idea – he just didn’t know we already had one at home. Now it is a race for the kids and I to eat them before they become raisins.

    Have a good weekend!

  11. It’s bugs me that my school changed my tuition from $1800 a semester to $2600 and my student loan the @#%$^ gave me is only for $2700 but I’m supposed to be able to pay for my books (5 per class on average and 85 a pop) and parking ($132) with the leftovers.

    Not to mention the Furlogs days. Which are factualy are required to take 8 non-paid days off during the semester (and not on Fri when no one has class but during the days we DO) and that they get to pick which days. So instead of having 8 set days off I’ll have days where Proff A is there for class but professor B doesnt. Then the next week it’s switched! And on the days they aren’t there, WE ARE STILL RESPONSIBLE FOR THE STUFF THEY AREN’T ABLE TO TEACH. Sooooo peeved atm.

    Also they for some unknown reason just changed who’s teaching one of my classes and that peeves me off since the only reason I took it in the first place was because it was with my fave teacher.

    But at least I passed Latin with an A right? Now I can knit. After playing catch up with the zillion chores that were put by the wayside. Oh and it bugs me that part of my counter smeel like vomit in the kitchen when I know for a fact none of us have been sick. What the heck?!

  12. Only thing bugging me is the toddler who is supposed to be napping. But he’s still in the cute ‘I’m sneaking out of my room to grin at you’ stage so I can’t be too mad. Not to mention that since he’s still awake I’m perfectly justified to read blogs and knit instead of doing real work!

  13. What’s bugging me is that I need to get more sleep, but I’d rather be knitting and weaving and having fun with my husband.

    The calendar should be in the bathroom! Where else do bare rears belong?? (well, yes, there, but that’s a home thing, not a work thing)

  14. I’m bugged because I have a summer cold and missed two, count them TWO great parties last night.

    I’m also sort of bummed that school starts tomorrow because I’ll miss The Bean, but also sort of not bummed.

    And, finally, I’m bummed because the pool closes in two weeks but it’ll be hot enough for swimming for another two months!!!

  15. My Wollmeise calendar arrived over the weekend. My favorite month is November. 🙂 I love that the proceeds from the calendar are being donated to charity.

    Now to find a place to hang the calendar. I can’t bring it to work, FPS! 😉

  16. Man, if I got a guitar hero box in the mai, without the actual game in it, I’d be crushed too! lol
    I’m not bugged about anything at present, which is highly unusual for me. Have a good one!

  17. Hey there- I am new to your blog- saw your bug pc and thought it might look like a Dragonfly Nymph- basically and young Dragonfly before they get there wings. Could be-maybe, maybe not. we have tons of them up at our cottage.

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