It Bugs Me…

DSC02925that this bug caught a ride to work on my car window the other day. (Really? Was this in my garage when I left?? Ewww.) It was about 2″ long and it gave me the creeps. Does anyone know what this is? I hope I never see one again. I was half afraid that it would jump at me when I took the picture.

that there are too many projects that I want to knit and there is too much yarn that I want to use, and never enough time. And that there are too many nights when I flip through Ravelry instead of knitting. (Yes, I do see the irony in that. Getting rid of the second problem would help solve the first, wouldn’t it?)

that Knitting Daughter’s last day at Loopy Central is tomorrow. She has been a huge help all summer long and we’ll miss her here!

that there are five packages of frozen broccoli in our freezer. (But do I get credit for taking care of the chicken bre*sts and the pickles and the almonds?)

DSC02957… that part of our Dream in Color re-stock arrived (after you all cleaned us out last week) and it really is yarn, not a new Guitar Hero and a refrigerator for the shop. (Those Dream in Color gals like to re-use boxes. We’re fine with that. Except the time that they used a box from their recent “Chicago Cubs Desk Chair” purchase and the UPS driver was horrified, thinking that we had ordered a chair that glorified one of the St. Louis Carinal’s arch rivals.)

… that it was cloudy when I left for work, then it poured HUGE drops during my 3 minute commute and as I walked into the building, and then the sun came out 5 minutes later. What are the odds?

… that the yarn for next week’s update gets photo-ed tomorrow, and there are still too many boxes of it to unpack.

DSC02956… that there are bare b*tts in this calendar that Wollmeise has put out for 2010.Β (Not really. It’s funny! But be warned.) Claudia and her husband Andreas (who is in the calendar, by the way) thought that a calendar with guys in Wollmeise-knitted-accessories, carefully placed, would be a great way to raise money for a charity. (Remember the movie Calendar Girls, where they did that?) You can click over to get themΒ from Claudia directly, and to read more about the project. The photos are done in black and white, which really makes the bright colors of the Wollmeise yarn/knitting pop. My favorite months are May and December. And February, because that’s Claudia’s husband’s month. And July, because I want all of the socks that the guy is pinning on the clothesline. (But did I warn you about the bare b*tts? Ok, good. Forewarned.)

Anything bugging you today? Or is it just me?

Sheri whoiscontemplatingthebestplacetohang


  1. The calendar is so cute! I would have probably cried had I seen that type of bug. It looks so prehistoric. I am getting hives just thinking it EWWWW! I would rather see a palmetto bug than that bug! πŸ™‚

  2. I think you should send your bug over to Gryphon and she can name a new Bugga after it. It’s actuallly pretty cool looking. From here anyway. From there I would be screaming like a mad woman.

  3. One more post. My grandson thinks the buy is a “stink bug” Whatever that is. If he’s right his name is Jake

  4. I don’t KNOW what that bug is, I don’t WANT to know what that bug is, and I never want to see him again. Unless he’s cleaning my house. THEN we can talk.

  5. The only thing that is bugging me right now is that I am too busy to enjoy the fun things I’m doing, because I keep thinking about all of the other things that I need to get done.

    I can’t be the only one who does this, right?

  6. I am bugged that I am still on bedrest after going preterm labor in your store two weeks ago! πŸ™‚ Though I have to say, if there is any place I would like to start labor it would be TLE. I will always have that memory. HEE HEE HEE, feeling the first contractions standing next to Claudia’s Handpainted. YUM!

  7. I would suggest an Eastern Blood-sucking Conenose or Bee Assassin, those two have a little brighter coloring, and not sure if you color corrected the bug pic;-) I would have had to catch him for my son! We have a good collection going already.

  8. Number 2. Definitely number 2. I keep itching to cast on about a dozen different projects. Mostly lace right now. I really really want to knit a lot of lace.

  9. You could hand the calendar in the ladies room! The bug is gross and I hope I never see one, but it would be cool to have a loopy bugga special yarn just for your customers!

  10. That is one scary bug. I would have freaked out and probably turned on the windshield wipers, but I can’t kill bugs. In the house, I always trap them and do a catch and release to the outdoors.

    Nothing is really bugging me today – except that there aren’t enough hours in the day to do all I want to do. And I’m running out of yarn storage for my growing stash. Must knit faster.

    Give Knitting Daughter a big hug from all of us. The summer has flown by. I know she was a huge help to you and the elves.

  11. What’s buggin’ me? Not enough time to get all my WIP finished faster. I never seem to have enough knitting time. I think when you reach a certain age you should not have to do anything but knit.

    I am waiting for my calendar. Claudia said the socks I made for her are on the back. I guess that is the b*tt of the calendar.

  12. I-44 between Rolla and Lebanon was bugging me today, in both directions. I try to be really accommodating of truckers (after all, I’m essentially driving through their office), but this stretch of the interstate is twisty, turny, and hilly. Being a local, I know where the bad spots are, and where the extra passing lanes are. It’d be nice if the truckers took these things into account too – really frustrating when it takes one of ’em 4 miles at 60MPH to pass another truck!

    The drive home was made slightly more tolerable by my visit to the Starbucks in Lebanon. Can Rolla *please* have a Starbucks too? Only college town in the nation without one – true story!!!!

    The good news is I did finally get a nice haircut – at the Aveda salon in Lebanon. I’ve given up on getting a good haircut in Rolla for the time being!

  13. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one spending way too much time on Ravelry and way too little time knitting all the gorgeous yarn you have sent my way.

  14. We all must be in the end of summer blues. I just spent my day flipping between TLE and ravelry and ordering more yarn. I guess the stuff i ordered the first of the week wasn’t enough. Cause I then combined orders with a friend and ordered more on tuesday, Now back on today and bought more. But I did take out a WIP and started back on that. But then the saga continues cause i then ended up at the LYS and brought home another bag.

    The only good thing about this is that I have stayed on track with weight watchers. Let me try explaining that to my husband. Nahhh…not worth the effort.

    As far as the bug, pray it is not a stink bug they are awful…

  15. My three 1/2 year old said that the bug is “Shoopie” She named him for you…like he is a pet or something. LOL

  16. I don’t knw for sure what kind of bug it is but we have tons of them in Ohio also. I thought they looked kinda cool, in a prehistoric kind of way. But, then, I usually like bugs, in their natural habitat, not in my house. I really like spiders, they have cute little faces. I’m weird, I know. My kids tell me all the time.

  17. I love the bug! And glad he was on your car and not mine.

    Can’t wait to see the new DIC, even tho I can’t buy any for awhile. Long story that
    would probably bore you to tears!

    What’s bugging me? The YO2 in Cookie A’s Monkey Socks! No matter what I do, it doesn’t look right. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong πŸ™ They were supposed to be sssoooo easy. Aarrgh.

  18. Checking our Insect Field Guide, it’s definitely a member of the family ‘Reduviidae’, which includes assassin, ambush and stink-bugs; however I suspect it’s perhaps a female or male version of whichever ones are pictured in our book, as the colors are a bit lighter. Anyway, you definitely want to stay away from them, as they can spray a noxious stream of fluid with good aim at the eyes; or/and they can bite. Yuck!!

  19. it bugs me that I let the things I cannot control at work ruin my shift (today, it was pee on the seat in the employee restroom and being expected to get new projects done when it’s too busy to complete the regular ones).

    It bugs me that I haven’t seen bare butts and Wollemise together.


  20. The tendonitis in mt wrist is REALLY bugging me! Its been flaring up for about 3 weeks now. I try to let it rest but do you know how hard it is to not knit or spin for days on end? I don’t know how to sit and not be doing something anymore.

  21. It almost looks like a dragonfly nymph, but they are supposed to be in water, I think . . .

    What’s buggin me?


  22. Cool bug! Sounds a bit dangerous, though. Can’t say that I’ve seen one of those here in SE Wisconsin. I find bugs fascinating – spiders and centipedes you can keep, though. And I do prefer they stay outside – the mosquito that was in my bedroom the other night was what was bugging me! Knitting related bugging – looking through the knitting magazines and books and wanting to knit so many things that I know I will never have time for half of them, even I stop doing housework completely ( which my husband thinks I have already done!)

  23. Oooooh that bug BITES and STINKS – very, very bad!!! Where’s the Raid??

    Halfnekked men in the mostabsolutemostgorgeouslywonderful Wollmeise – priceless!!! There really should be laws against that honestly. Seriously, I would have to hide that one from the hubby in a yarn stash somewhere (cause the hubby stays away from the yarn stash) LOL!!!

  24. I spend way too much time on blogs and Ravelry too so knitting time is not optimized but hey, I think we’re all forgiven for wanting to be in touch with the wonderful knitting community out there.

    Guitar Hero! And here I thought you ladies at TLE rock on every day with your socks on!

  25. This summer is bugging me. We have 2 or 3 days of sun and heat followed by 2 or 3 weeks of rain and cool! And repeat! AAAAARGH! You would think I would have got lots of knitting done with so much time spent out of the rain – but NO! Where has the time gone? Does it explain things that I have just this summer found Ravelry?

  26. The massive stink bug I just found on my alarm clock didn’t help things much.

    I love it when vendors reuse boxes – I get frozen corn and peas boxes all the time, and they’re almost pristine, which makes me wonder if its a food distributor or a grocery store that my wholesalers are getting their reuseables from.

  27. I don’t know what that bug is, but it was in my car a few weeks ago and bit me on the shoulder. NOT KIDDING! I was backing out of a parking lot when I saw what it was and nearly jumped out of my car when it was moving. I killed it with a kids shoe left in the car and showed it to my husband when I got home. The bite didn’t show on my shoulder and I was totally fine but it scared the heck out of me and I never want to encounter one of those again.

    Besides that, nothing is bugging me except for the fact that I can’t sleep tonight.

  28. Here’s a link to the info on a Wheel Bug

    It says they eat Japanese Beetles (that’s a good thing if you like roses) and that they are shy (who knew! and HOW DOES ANYONE KNOW A BUG IS SHY??)

    Guess the bug would not have been in that calendar πŸ™‚

    What bugs me is – I have more on my plate than I would like or is necessary. Started knitting a sweater – oh I don’t know which month – had to rip all out 3 times – am half way through the body of it (knit on circs from the top down) THEN decided – hey – let me rip up the old carpet in dining room – to find old oak wood flooring, spent a month sanding (long story – not a large room- just how I did it), have 2 coats of polyurethane on – have 2 more to go – weather (humidity isn’t cooperating) dining room table is STILL in living room, and haven’t knit a stitch on my sweater since my old dining room rug STARTED BUGGING ME.

    I too spend too much time looking a knitting magazines and continue to buy more and look at them. I guess we all just have an endless cycle of creativity going back and forth between our left and right sides of our brain – meanwhile the middle of mine feels fried at times from the traffic of thinking and doing activity.

    Hey anyone of you young enough to remember Think and Do books from school?
    Maybe I can just make that my motto for doing things….

    “Think and Do Knitting for Adults” (I would buy the book!)

  29. Oversized bugs are freaky, no matter what. But if they eat Japanese beetles, they can stay. I just shudder to think how many of those monsters I’d need here, to take care of the eleventy million JBs plaguing our gardens.

    “…guys in Wollmeise-knit accessories, carefully placed….” Okay, come on. ‘Fess up, y’all. I’m not the only one who wondered what the limits of “accessories” and “carefully placed” might be…am I? Those wacky Germans! What a fabulous idea.

    Generally, things that bug me are things I’ve no business thinking about anyway. If I can avoid (beyond minimum necessary) watching the news, I’m golden. πŸ™‚

    But yes, if I spent waaaay less time in front of this computer monitor, I’d get much more knitting done.

  30. I hear you on the Ravelry bit! I frequently find myself thinking as I am roaming around there “Gosh, I could be knitting too!”. I love the bug, but then I like bugs! Seems like we have seen a wide assortment of interesting bugs here this summer – sometimes in our house. Last night we could hear a cricket that was really LOUD. I thought it must have been right outside our back door or something, but then my kids showed me that it was on the dining room wall! Oh, that’s why it is so darn loud!

  31. Yep, that’s a stink bug all right. Don’t squash it – it will stink. My mom used to call them squash bugs.

    The only thing that is bugging me today is my lack of knitting time this week!

  32. It bugs me that I’m gonna have to work full-time a few days longer than I’d planned/hoped but the end is in site and I’m counting the days.

    It bugs me that my Fling buddies and I can’t seem to get together for a fall reunion somewhere. But we’re still working on it.

    I try to social network during the day so it doesn’t interfere with quality knitting time. (Shh–don’t tell my bosses. It’s easier to “hide” playing on the computer than knitting.)

    It bugs me that I have to quit computing now and go back to work.

  33. My weeds out in the “back 40″ (well, really just an acre) bug me. I messed up my foot cleaning up from the January ice storm, am in a splint, and am not supposed to be walking on uneven ground. Meanwhile, it has been raining and the weeds are EVERYWHERE! I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find an assassin bug or two out there.

    Around here, we have the occasional 2 1/2” black and orange splotched beetle with a set of horns at the end of its face – really ugly dude. One of my favorite college professors says, “Beautiful plus casual in nature = deadly,” and I have never seen fit to test that theory.

    (O.k., after giving myself the willies looking at bug identification sites, I think what we have seen here – just a couple of times, thank goodness – is some sort of rhinoceros beetle. Maybe someone imported them as pets and we saw an escapee or its descendants, since they’re supposedly not native to this area. Go looking for a picture on the web if you dare…)

  34. Would someone please come and do my laundry for me? It would be great if someone could manage to do the washing and the drying on the same day, cause the person who does the laundry around here is having trouble with this concept!

  35. Having our house on the market to sell is bugging me because I can’t just be myself in my own house. I’m no slob but if I get going on a project there’s likely to be “stuff” out and around. Also, I had to pack up all the framed photos of family and friends because the realtor said people would not look at the house…they would look at the photos and try to figure out if they know the people in them. It’s like living in a hotel.

  36. Nice bug. I can’t wait for the summer season to wind down so we can get the flies out of our house! Yesterday I found 4 dead ones (a small victory for our side), but it seems more come in to take their place!

    Oh yeah…why don’t you hang the calendar above your desk in your office so you can admire the b*tts whenever you like!

  37. Can you call your county extension office and get someone there to identify it for sure? That would freak me out, too. Reminds me of the time I left my old LA apartment to go get groceries and when I returned ONE HOUR LATER there was a huge spiderweb from top to bottom across my porch, and a spider the size of a quarter smiling smugly at me. I squished it and the web with a broom!

    What’s bugging me? Too many projects, too much yarn in my stash, too many yarns I still want to buy and not enough time to knit! And the 3 AM Enchantments lady tells me your shop is on Route 66, which is my husband’s FAVORITE highway of all time – he’s going to flip when I tell him! His dream is to fly to Chicago, rent a car and drive all the way back to LA along Route 66.

  38. I have to agree with alot of the responders, about what bugs me. I don’t seem to have enough knitting time. I have started my Christmas knitting and keep looking at Ravelry, TLE and other sites. It doesn’t help! I want to knit everything I literally see.
    It is impossible. I will have to be at least 140 years old. LOL . Oh well, one can hope! At least I have 4 presents knitted for Christmas. So I guess I am not doing too badly(?)

  39. Ok, that bug makes me a little nauseous. Oi.

    What’s bugging me? Work. I don’t love my job and today is really bad and I would seriously love to walk in my boss’s office and quit. But… you can’t buy yarn and such without a job…

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