People are Weird

This week, one of my friends and I were having a conversation about the fact that …. well …. people are weird. Not me and not you, but “people”. The others. Take, for example, this article that I tore out of the St. Louis Post Dispatch awhile back. I knew I’d need to share it with you eventually. It was entitled, “Bugs: Don’t squish ’em’; live with ’em.” The premise of the article is, “Why can’t people and bugs coexist? Isn’t there room for everyone?” Here’s one excerpt:

“Consider the cockroach. Traditionally despised, squashed at every opportunity, they are in fact easy-going and intelligent with distinctive personalities, and not at all difficult to train. Once you show them your intentions are friendly and you have tasty food to share they’ll actually come out from their hiding places when you call them. With very little encouragement they’ll give back as much as they take.”

Who knew? Cockroaches can be trained to come when you call them. (Seriously? Who figured that out? That’s WEIRD.)

Then there is this paragraph, which was even more disturbing:

“Mr. G.H. of Abilene, TX writes me about an ant training experiment he’s been working on for the last five years. Every evening before bed he spreads refined sugar over his stomach, being careful to leave a thin trail of it from his bed to a known ant colony behind his baseboard. At first the ants were shy, but now when Mr. G.H. comes into his bedroom the workers rush out excitedly. The colony has grown quite large, and recently sent out a flight of queens inside the house – a sure sign of trust.”

I think that pretty much confirms my “people are weird” statement. (And it probably confirms that The St. Louis Post Dispatch has some weird articles, too.)

Anything weird going on around you today?

Sheri whocouldn’tstandputtingaphotoofacockroachorantonthepost


  1. I grew up in the mohave desert, in a very old house. There are trauntulas there.

    More times than I would like to count I found them in my room, on my bed, and on me. I detest the things. We also had the unfortunate encounter of a bettle the size of my fist flying in my house after my mom opened the front door beacuse we thought someone was knocking. I was the beetle hitting the door.

    I prefert to not co-exisit. In my happy fuzzy land they dont exist.

  2. Here’s something just a little strange (or so it seemed) Yesterday I was driving to the LYS (where else) when I noticed an older gentleman wheeling a baby carriage up the sidewalk. Initially I thought isn’t that a sweet Grandpa, but when I got closer there was no baby, rather a chubby large Bassett Hound. Hound was sitting up taking in the sites and enjoying the ride. They must have walked some distance because on my way back from the yarn shop (and who hurries in there) the twosome were coming back from wherever they had been. It was so sweet and later I thought,” how we judge”. At first I thought he must be “nuts” but after some consideration I thought what if the poor dog can’t walk and he is so loved this elderly soul took him for a walk. Gives it a different twist doesn’t it.

  3. Reading those made me want to run into the other room screaming. Sooooo WEIRD!!! and GACK! that is so yucky.

  4. Cockroaches are just plain nasty. And don’t give me any of that “water bug” or “palmetto bug” nonsense – those are just really big cockroaches and people are fooling themselves. We get the monster ones here in Texas. There I was, sound alseep in my own bed, minding my own business and I was woken by the pitter patter of little feet ON MY FACE. My poor husband was awoken with me screaming, “Killitkillitkillit!” and jumping around like a lunatic. Darn thing was almost three inches long. I still haven’t gotten over it and that was LAST summer!!!

  5. Ewwwww!!!! I agree with all the other Loopy Ewes who have thanked you for not sharing photos. Unfortunately, cockroaches are a part of life in Texas – big ones, ginormous ones. My little girl all but hyperventilates when she sees one “Big bug, Mamma! Big bug!!!!” And then I must calmly murder it like it doesn’t bother me at all when in fact all I want to do is screech a choice word or two and flee!

    I guess I am the weird one in my world; both of my favorite LYS had big sales this weekend and I only bought 4 skeins of yarn. Of course, my purchases did not involve anything I could buy from TLE, but still only 4 skeins, me? I am weird.

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