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DSC02799Sometimes we have a little overlap on these things! The Second Quarter Challenge was to knit yourself some “masterpiece” socks – ones that really challenged you. You can see the results so far, right here. For those of you who are participating in this challenge, please make sure that your photos are entered into our photo gallery by 7/17. We’ll get them approved and up so that we can do voting the week after that. I don’t know about you, but I have learned several things in knitting the pattern that I chose. I’ll show you the results, soon!

There are a whole lot of you participating in our Girasole KAL, which started last month and continues through October 1st. I’m glad to see so many of you already planning a second one, because you’re enjoying it so much. (See? Didn’t I tell you it was an addictive pattern?) Loopy is working on his own version of the Girasole. I’m not sure what yarn he chose, but he sits and knits all day long and it never seems to change in size.  I haven’t done any more on mine since I last showed it to you. I dragged it all the way to Colorado, but spent my time knitting socks out there instead of working on that. It’s scary how much I hop around to different projects. But back to the Girasole – it’s never too late to join us in this KAL. It’s not a project that takes months to complete, and you have until October 1st. Jump in!

We’ve been busy checking in yarn all week long. Much of it is for Loopy Central, but some of it is for our Sock Summit booth. We’re getting excited about that event, which is coming up soon!  We have some cool things planned, including some special guests in our booth – you’ll want to meet them! I hope you’re going to be there. (If not, of course we’ll be taking photos to share with you.) Of course there’s still too much to get done before we go. Story of my life.

Sheri guesswhoiscomingtoteachclassesatnextyear’sSpringFling?


  1. My guess is Jared, the designer of the Girasole!

    I need to start my shawl size version of it…I decided that the blanket size would be a little too big and heavy.

  2. Yes, I’m guessing it must be either Jared or Little Loopy, since he is working so hard on his Girasole!

  3. Jared, with a new pattern that will be released at Spring Fling first, then the rest of the world will get it six months later.

  4. I’m also guessing Jared. Hopefully Little Loopy will have his Girasole finished by then!

  5. Is it Jared? I have never had a chance to meet a male knitter, even though I live in the Land of Franklin (formerly Land of Lincoln)! How cool! And you totally need to bribe Sam to do something for us, too–how many of us are sporting a shiny new Shawl That Jazz since seeing the original and Allen’s at Fling?

    Can I make one tiny suggestion for next year? It would be so cool to have the people whose products we love and adore who we may not know on sight (like 3AM Enchantments–she was a lovely person) more easily identifiable so we can share the love. I didn’t realize until I was already home that Plaza Jen made the adorable little needle holders that BFF Sarah gave me for Christmas! I’d love to have a little informal seminar about how they got started doing crafts and how they decided to turn that into a small business. It’s very empowering to hear those stories, especially from women to women.

  6. I’ll bet it’s Little Loopy! Sign me up (and I promise not to run him over in my wheelchair!!).

  7. Little Loopy teaches classes??? How cool is that! 😉 And tell him not to fret, we all hit that point in large-sized projects where you feel like you’re knittingandknittingandknittingandknitting and getting absolutely N O W H E R E. Then suddenly it’s huge.

  8. 12 more rows to go on my Girasole! And then the edging. I’m clipping right along which makes me feel sad that Little Loopy isn’t making much progress. Chart E was like that for me. That’s when I resorted to stitch markers. Maybe one of the elves could sneak LL some of those and he’d make better progress.

    I’m guessing Jared Flood for the spring fling – although I’d love to sit down and chat with Loopy. He looks like he’d be a good listener.

    Loved seeing the challenge socks. Everyone did really well. It’s going to be tough to pick a winner. Good luck to everyone who entered.

  9. Funny – he lives here in Brooklyn and I’ve never seen or met him – Now I must come to Spring Fling next year – I wonder if you could be bribed – lol

  10. I certainly hope it’s Jared! I just finished a Hemlock baby blanket and am busy working on my Girasole, I already have yarn planned for another of each.

  11. My guess is Jared too. I agree with Cheryl–It would be wonderful to bring our Girasoles to show him. 🙂

  12. YAY JARED!! Whoo-hoo! What fun!

    I have said it before, but it bears repeating… Sheri. you. are. the. best. period.

    I can’t wait for next year… wonders to herself what sort of prayers you have to offer up to get to go to the Spring Fling three years in a row… hmmm…

  13. Since I’m not knitting Girasole, my guess was Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Sock Summit Queen and sock knitter extraordinaire. Could you possibly have scored both the Harlot and Jared Flood?

  14. Jared would be awesome. I know that the Spring Fling is not in my future (three little kids and being a stay at home mom). I can’t wait to see all the fun you all will have a Sock Summit.

  15. I am in hopeful agreement with almost everyone. What a treat if we are right. I have been following his blog almost as long as yours. N

  16. I would guess Jared. How fantastic is that? But I am sure that Lil Loopy will be present. I just need to block my Girasole. What fun, as well as addicting to knit and I learned so much about lace knitting. This is my first KAL. I already have yarn picked out for a second one. Please post dates of Spring Fling 2010. I want to mark my calendar.

  17. Since Loopy is always at Fling, I think it’s Jared Flood. I didn’t even cast on my challenge socks–still working on plain vanillas I started for Fling. I have cast on my Girasole but am slowly working it as am trying to finish my Whispering Pine shawl also very slowly.

  18. I’m ready for the last chart before the edging on my Girasole. I got messed up with the marker placement and had to look at the pictures to figure out where to start the round when I got to a new chart. I want to make another one in Dream in Color Smooshy for a shawl. I have really enjoyed this KAL.

    Also got my sock club yesterday and wow – loved the buddy and gift inside. I’m not sure about the toe up pattern, but love the yarn.

  19. I’ll add my Brooklyn Tweed guess to the others, although it COULD be the Yarn Harlot, since the Sock Summit was mentioned also. And BTW, I’m halfway through Chart D on my Girasole Shawl and have managed to get a few from our local lace knitting group to jump onboard the Girasole wagon.

  20. I’m trying to upload my socks to the gallery for the challenge, but it gets stuck at “cruching the picture” and won’t finish. What are the instructions exactly for submitting pics? I finished the first sock club design, Under the Sea, and it came out pretty good. Can I use this since it’s not widely distributed?

  21. I really want to see if I can attend next year. Maybe if I am good and only buy loopy yarn, I will save my pennies and have some okane for the fling. It looks like so much fun!

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