How do YOU get through a busy week?

It’s a busy busy week here at The Loopy Ewe. We’re so looking forward to having all of the Spring Flingers arrive on Thursday! But before Thursday gets here, there are a few a bunch of things that need to get done. We’ve scheduled 36 hour days for this week – that ought to help. What else is helpful during a week like this?

A few pots of this:


A few A bunch of pieces of this:


Some happy, hard-working Elves like these:


And a whole lot of prayer. 🙂

On Wednesday, I’ll show you some photos of things that we have updated around here at Loopy Central. I wish you could all come for one big Knitting Night!  Friday – no blog post, as we’ll be in the midst of the Fling.  Watch for photos from the Fling next Monday!

Sheri sohowdoyougetthroughabusyweek?


  1. Since I leave for vacation on Thursday I’m sure my boss will be thrilled that you’ve increased the days to 36 hours since he was making buttons about how all this and that and this and that is going to get done before Thursday. Ok well, back to the keyboard, phones, filing and files.

    Have a blast at the fling!

  2. Dear Sheri, wonderful elves and all the Loopy groupies at the spring fling! I’ve never met any of you,but often I hold you close to my heart! Today, as I look out at my small garden full of apple blossom,primroses,bluebells and bird song at 8.30pm as the sun sets, in a little town in the west of england, I see you all (i confess) through green tinted spectacles….I would absolutely love to come to a Spring Fling/and to see Loopy Central in all its glory-but it is too far away across the pond, and even if I could afford it, my colleagues would probably kill me for disappearing at this really busy time of year! So have an absolutely marvelous time, and I’ll be knitting a few rows with all of you in my thoughts! Happy spring-and let’s hear it for knitters all over the world!
    with love and stitches

  3. I think a Friday night knit night sounds like a great idea. I haven’t seen Ava since she was named-how is she? Enjoy the fling!

  4. How do I get through a busy week? 1) Coffee. Doesn’t have to be fancy, but today started with a ginormous mocha frappuccino with an extra shot. It’s hot here in the SF Bay Area, so a frozen mixed drink was perfect! 2) Good food, but don’t over do — it’s important to keep systems running at top efficiency. 3) Get enough sleep to keep the body going. 4) Drink plenty of water. 5) The promise of a full day to recover next weekend. 6) Making time to knit on that sock that’s almost done. 7) Keep a skein of yarn at work to fondle if I start jonesing for fiber. 8) Don’t neglect the dogs!!!!! Make sure to give them extra skitches, hugs and treats during the week. 9) BREATHE!!! oh, yeah, and 10) Chocolate. : D

  5. We’ll be worth it when we get there 😉
    I have a busy few days till I leave too (as in trying to figure out how to get it all done) and I guess I could miss knit night) but it’ll be worth it when I get there 😉
    See you Thursday around 6:15 pm.

    PS response to your last e-mail I take Sunday off too. I function much better when I take one 24-hour period off for me.

  6. First of all – LOVE the red mug!

    I will await all the news about the Spring Fling, as I won’t be able to attend. I’m sure you’ll make everyone feel right at home with your generous hospitality.

    Now that tax season is done, my busy weeks have slowed down. At the time, though, chocolate and Mt. Dew helped.

    I’ll be thinking of you all this week and weekend while I’m raking the dead grass out of my lawn (FPS).

    Have FUN!

  7. Let’s see. Busy weeks…. Tea. Lots of tea. Complaining that there isn’t enough tea in all the world to get through it. Pondering whiskey, which won’t help, so it never goes beyond the pondering stage. Lists. I make lists of what needs to be done, and promptly lose them, but it keeps me on track as I get scatter-brained when I’m really busy. Yarn. Lots of yarn. I pet it, and play with it every spare moment I get. And tea. Lots of tea. 🙂

    Oh, and plenty of kitty-kisses and puppy-kisses. That helps, too. 😀

  8. Busy weeks. Coffee. Sleep. Taking one day at a time. Reminding myself that all I have to do is to do the thing on my plate right now. C. S. Lewis once said that “the present is the only time in which any duty can be done or any grace received”. I also love lists and love giving myself Sundays completely off. Reading and knitting.

  9. I’m all over the caffeine! Waiting most impatiently for Thursday, do you think that the hotel will be ready for us this year? I have a feeling that we are going to quite take over! Can’t wait to see all of you again.

  10. Unfortunately all most every day needs 36 hours for me. I make my list, and get about 3 things on it done. I hope you will have a wonderful time at the fling and not be tired. I hope all of the Loopy Groupies have a wonderful time. I know they will because of all your hard work. Tomorrow is a not list special day for me as my youngest daughter will be having her second child, (c-section) a little boy to be named Nolan Peter. I am just now finishing up booties, and seeming a sweater. Hugs to all.

  11. I agree with Dr. Jackie! 36 hour days at the Fling! I want it to hurry up and get here, but I don’t want time to fly once it is.

    I get through busy days with lots of laughter and making it fun. That’s not hard to do since I get to work with my friends every single day.

  12. 36 hour days should just about get me to a place where I feel less frenzied. Having that many hours in a day, someone else would find something for me to do or another meeting to go to, so I don’t know if it’s a good idea.

    When I’d really LOVE the 36 hour days is on weekends!

  13. Well, with the 36 hour weeks, I should be able to finish a project or two, and maybe get past the lace on the Shipwreck Shawl that I want for Maryland Sheep and Wool. And still get the family fed and keep the house in a more clean state.

    One can hope…

  14. I too agree with Dr. Jackie – 36 hour days at the Fling – woo hoo!!!!!

    Today is my Thursday which means my Spring Fling vacation starts on Wednesday and I’m so excited to be coming back to see you all. Hopefully, if all goes well, live blogging will be happening again from the Loopy Lounge

    See you in a few days 🙂

  15. Hmmm, which would be better, 36 hour days or waking up 20 lbs. thinner?

    I survive with iced chai lattes, and the promise of knitting at the end of the day.

  16. Birthday party for child was on Sunday, inlaws in town until tomorrow, have to teach ESL tomorrow and then have meeting for charity fundraiser tomorrow night. Have to clean house at least nominally. MUST PACK.

  17. Gsoh, 36-hour days would be nice! I keep hearing that the earth’s orbit is slowing down (days used to be shorter, if you can imagine!), but this whole geologic time-scale thing really makes that less than helpful 😉 Good luck and have a fabulous time once everyone gets there!

  18. 36 hour days would be great, especially if they were on the week end. I might get caught up on all the things I want to do vs all the things I need to do. Funny how need and want are spelled differently on different days….

  19. Hi Sheri! I’m all for 36 days at the Fling, but prior to then? Not so much, lol. This week at work is rather busy with a special project I’ve been assigned. Fortunately, some other deadlines were able to be delayed until next week.
    As to how I get through a busy week? I really try to make sure I make some “me” time. That may mean taking a walk during my work day – even if its just a short 5 minute walk – to step away from the work environment. I also try to make sure I’m getting plenty of rest because otherwise I don’t function well. And, I try hard to remind myself I’m doing the best I can…sometimes easier said than done for me as I have high standards for myself, but I always try to come back to that…

    Can’t wait to see you and the entire Loopy gang this Thursday!!! I’m doing the Snoopy dance just getting excited about it. Hee, hee (and that’s the Snoopy laugh). : )

  20. Have a great week with the Spring Flingers – We all wish we could be there with you. I just received the Sock Club kit for those of us who weren’t selected for the Sock Club and I am amazed. It is so beautiful and I love the color of the bag – it matches my VW Bug. Again, thanks for all you do for us. I love the Sneak Ups.

  21. I am so excited for the Fling I can hardly concentrate on anything. I’m shopping today for some last minute stuff. I’m off tomorrow to stay with a friend before flying out on Thursday. Wheeeeeee!!!!!!

  22. I think your 36-hour days must only exist in the St. Louis region of the time-space continuum. We, unfortunately, still have 24-hour days here in the Washington, DC area. I’m knitting socks though – a pattern from Cookie A’s new book. I’ll let you know if the time warp spreads over this way and allows me to knit even faster than usual!

  23. I like your new “interesting, etc.” bar. Very cool!

    The show I’m in opens next Friday, so my 36 hour days are work, rehearsal, and weaving scarves for the show. I also have a hot house cucumber that I want to use, some cherry tomatoes and at least 3 lemons. I also plan to make pickles, because I didn’t get that done over the weekend. Yummy! There is also some knitting, because I started something new yesterday!

  24. I put my head down and get on with it and try not to think about it too much until it’s over. And then I schedule a long nap! Good luck this week, Sheri and Elves, and I wish I could be there!

  25. I drink a red bull and put on music from and am very terse with anyone that tries to start conversations with me. It is usually quite effective 😉

  26. I find that hefty doses of Mountain Dew and chocolate do wonders during a busy week. As for me, the 36 hour days will be great as I’m getting ready for the Maryland Sheep & wool Festival. I’m hoping to get one more skein of yarn spun for the skein contest – a 3-ply yarn from a luscious Cormo lamb fleece that I’ve scoured and am carding to spin. It feels like angora!

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