Top Ten Reasons Why I Almost Forgot to Blog Today

theloopyewe-1comI was just getting ready to head home and realized …. it’s Friday. I didn’t blog!  And would you like to know why the blog was an afterthought today?

1. I was too busy enjoying the spring flowers. (Ok, this isn’t true. I haven’t been outside all day. But I wanted an excuse to put one or two of WH’s flower photos on here.)

2. We haven’t had a second to sit and breath all day, because we were working on getting all of your orders and Sock Club Consolation Kits out the door. (This IS true. Whew! Our mailman is also glad that this week is done.)

3.  I’ve been engrossed in Wendy’s new book and couldn’t put it down for blogging time. (True and false. The new book is wonderful! I’m can’t remember the last time I bought a book where there were SO many patterns that I could see myself making. I anticipate knitting up several of these designs, which makes the book a steal. And the photos are great. But of course I wasn’t reading it today. I finished it last night.)

theloopyewecom4.  We were too stuffed from the Spinach Quiche lunch that 3 AM Keri dropped by for us today. (Well, true. Except it was more likely the M&M’s for dessert that caused the ultimate “stuffing”….)

5.  My mind was overly full of the last minute things that need to be done before the Spring Flingers arrive next Thursday. (And Claudia and her husband and two friends arrive from Germany on Tuesday – whee!)

6.  We spent the last two hours of the afternoon (after the mailman had left) re-arranging yarn and making spaces for the new stuff. (Time to expand the space again??)

7.  I was having too much fun reading about all of your wonderful dreams from this month’s blog contest. (Not true. Although it WILL be fun, and your dreams ARE wonderful, I haven’t been reading them today. I have been saving them to read this weekend, with a big cup of coffee by my side!)

8.  We had too much fun watching the daycare kids across the parking lot, playing “throw the stones at the cars”. (And we were thankful that we hadn’t parked on that side of the parking lot today. Fortunately, the daycare teachers put an end to that game pretty quickly. But it was fun while it lasted.)

theloopyewe-2com9.  I was trying to figure out how James could purchase an intricate  shawl pattern and yarn 3 weeks ago and then show up with it over halfway done today. (Of course he reminded us that we had made bets that it wouldn’t be done until Christmas of this year. Maybe that’s why he made so much progress on it.)

10. We had lots of in-store shoppers today and were having a good time chatting with all of them. (Although one of these busy days, we’re going to nab them and make them wrap some orders before we let them out the door again. Think we could get away with that?)

Sheri didyougeteverythingdoneonyourtodolisttoday?


  1. No, I haven’t gotten everything done today, but I’m going to go home soon anyway!

    Hope you have a great weekend! I loved the photos of the tulips.

  2. On my personal list for today were pay for cupcake and call TLE. I’ve done both of those things. My at-work list forget it! I’m too excited about Spring Fling and seeing the gang next week. Have a good weekend and rest up a little for next week.

  3. I was one of your in-store shoppers today and I had a wonderful time. I only wish I could have spent more time…and money! I would happily help package things up – it would mean more time around all that luscious yarn.

    I’m glad you included the pix of tulips. They are one of my favorite flowers and your WH’s photos are just beautiful. I think I may have to put some bulbs in this fall.

  4. I’ve been sewing all week, so only a minimal amount of knitting has been done. I have recently learned (the hard way) that I should not really be quite so confident in my counting ability that I neglect to put lifelines in my lace knitting…..

    But the costumes I’m sewing are coming out great!

    (James paid a visit without me……???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll have to talk to him about that!)

  5. I worked on all the things on my list today, which were laundry, dishes and painting the bathroom. (Weird shaped bathrooms stink when it comes to painting and I managed a wee bit of knitting on a sock today too. Have a great weekend and enjoy the Spring Fling next week. Maybe one day it will be in the budget to come.

  6. no not even close, good thing i didn’t write the list down otherwise i would be hanging my head in shame.
    How i wish i was even with visiting range of TLE so i could be nabbed to help parcel out orders.
    The tulips are gorgeous – i truly miss spring bulbs.

  7. the only thing on my to do list was to finalize my to do list to pack to come to the Fling next week and I have that just about done. Shopping list, check, disposable clothes, semi check (just kidding on that I think) (I mean after all, I need room to pack all the stuff I’ll be purchasing at Loopy Central, right)

  8. I actually got caught up at work, so I can wind up my yarn that arrived from TLE tomorrow without guilt.

    Sheri, look at the storm pounding the Front Range today-you may want to consider locating in a nice place here on the Western Slope when you can move to Colorado-like here in Gunnison-heeeheee.

    I know all the flingers will have as much fun this year as I did with y’all – I’ll be thinking of everyone of you.

  9. List? You have a list? I might get more done if I tried listing things to do also. Today I played with fiber all day long. What fun. Tomorrow, I get to knit and go to my grandaughters play, The Complete Works of Shakespeare, abridged. And I canknit there also. Aperfect day. wis I was close enough to visit and that I was going to the Fling this year. Maybe next year will be a luckier year and my name will make the short list.

  10. At work I got everything done . . . I think. :0) At home I just got my Loopy order with my challenge yarn and what I thought would be my challenge pattern. Gulp! Too hard yet for this ribbing and stockingette knitter. I picked another pattern that looks easier and actually calls for the yarn that I bought (That’ll be a first for me. I usually substitute.) It’s from Teach Yourself Visually–Sock Knitting, and it’s called “Toe Up Floral Lace Socks.” I’ve done toe up socks before but not with a pattern or a picot edging. It should be a challenge and fun to boot! Have a great weekend all!

  11. Everything on my list? HA! Not even close. In fact, I’m so behind that I can’t even FIND my list right now…. Which actually assumes I HAD a list at some point to begin with…. 😉

  12. I’ve been sewing all week – you’ll understand soon.

    My list is an ongoing thing. BUt I love crossing things out as I do them!

    I, too, just got Wendy’s book and all I want to do is put everything else on hold and knit through the great patterns!

    Have fun with Claudia!!

  13. I got everything on my to-do list done on Friday – plus a bonus activity of feeding the Loopy Crew! Hope everyone liked the quiche – if I’m headed up that way, I am always willing to bring one with me. They had a bacon quiche as well, unfortunately none were ready when I stopped by. 😉

  14. I would totally wrap orders if I were there. I will when I am there. As long as it doesn’t interfere with classes! And I get to do a leetle shopping.

  15. I don’t think I’ve gotten anything done on my to-do list in days! I need to start adding the things that I do actually get done after I’ve done them, just so I can cross them off 😉 You may have another package to send soon; I’ve got my wishlist up and have been looking at it longingly for days… (maybe that’s why nothing on my to-do list is getting done?)

  16. It’s Sunday evening and I’m still working on my Friday to do list here. However, I’m going to get at least one thing done, a quilt, so Monday’s list will look a little different!

    Loved the tulips – please tell WH his photography is appreciated by us out here in cyberspace!

  17. I don’t like to disappoint myself , so I just don’t make those to do lists…. way too much pressure.

    I would be enjoying spring flowers if the little chipmunks hadn’t eaten all but a few of my bulbs, but the few they left behind were nice. I just sat on the patio on Fri and soaked up some vit D and knit for a while.

    I hope you had a great weekend.

  18. I have actually started calling my list the To Don’t list because so much is left over at the end of the day. With add ons, it usually is bigger too. Eventually, it gets so bif, I throw it away and start again.

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