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We added a few things in to Loopy Central this week (just in time for the Spring Fling) and I promised you photos! You can see more photos about what it looks like around here in our Loopy Central photo gallery. Today, I’m just showing you a few new things.

I love quotes and had fun finding the perfect knitting quotes to add to different spots here. (Fortunately, my husband can make all of these at work for me.) This is our entryway and we added an Elizabeth Zimmermann quote in a space that definitely needed something. (Click on the photo to read the quote.)


You’ve seen the row of socks before (this is in our packing/boxing area), and I thought this quote was a good one to put above the socks.


In our couch area, we have a new room divider that WH made. (The kitchen is open and behind the divider. There are lots of shelves and open cubbies on the other side of this piece and it’s where we keep our stock of Namaste bags. I’m so glad to have Janice here today to help!Β  I couldn’t do the Fling without her. (I made her pose for this photo. She’s actually running around Loopy, pitching in and working today.)


Also in the knitting area, opposite the Sit and Knit Divider, I had this photo blown up for the wall. This is a special photo to me, as it shows the hands of Knitting Daughter, Janice, her Knitting Daughter, her Knitting DIL and me, sitting around the table, knitting. When I blogged this photo awhile back, several of you mentioned that we’re all Continental knitters.Β  That’s because that’s how I learned it, and then I taught KD how to knit, and then we taught Janice and her KD how to knit, and then Janice taught her DIL.


The Wall of Cascade needed a longer quote – and isn’t this one so true??


We also have “street signs” put up, so that people know where to find what they’re looking for around here.


In addition to having Janice here today, I also have Claudia from Germany. She arrived last night with her husband Andreas and her two dear friends Dani and Maria. It is so fun having them here!Β  Those of you who know Claudia, know that she doesn’t get in photos – otherwise I’d have her sitting and knitting with Janice. πŸ™‚

Now we’re anxious to have all of the Flingers here for shopping and knitting!

Before I close for today, I have contest prizes to award. The voting is in for the First Quarter KAL. The Reader’s Choice award goes to Samantha, who knit the Tiefer Sea Clapotis. The randomly drawn winner isΒ  Allen for her Meat and Three Clapotis. (I like how both colorways rhyme with the pattern: Tiefer Sea, Meat & Three, Clapotis…) Both winners received a Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate.Β  Thanks to ALL of you who participated in that KAL!Β  I hope you’re all picking out Challenge Socks for this quarter’s Challenge.

Thank you to those of you who left your Dreams on the April Blog Contest. I was thinking we’d probably only get a couple hundred of you participating in this contest, because writing your dream down can be a big deal.Β  You surprised me with almost 500 comments!Β  I’m still reading through all of them.Β  The Random Number Generator drew two names to win a skein of Wollmeise – Sarah in Oklahoma, and Eunice.Β  Both have been emailed, so check your email if you think it might be you.

I’ll be back blogging on Monday, with news and photos from the Fling. Have a great rest of your week!

Sheri disappointedthatitwillbeinthe80’sherethisweekend.What’supwiththat?


  1. Ooops. Elizabeth Zimmermann’s last name has 2 “n”s at the end of her name.

    The walls were wonderful.

  2. I’m not disappointed about the 80 degrees. I’m ready for capri pants and flip-flops. I think the Flingers are anxious to be there too. We’re all plurking, tweeting and updating about getting ready and traveling there today. See you tomorrow between 6 and 6:30.

  3. Thanks for these new views of Loopy Central, Sheri. Hope you and everyone has a great time at Spring Fling! I’ll be thinking about you, imagining all the fun and wishing I was there.

  4. Oh how I wish I lived near by. It’s fun to see so many pics of the shop. Love….love…….love the quotes. Have a wonderful “Fling”. Sandy in South Dakota

  5. It was 104 here (california) on monday. I spend the day whining to my two year old that it is April, and therfore the weather is highly unjust. πŸ™

    However, today it is a wonderful 64. So happy.

  6. WOW!!!! Thank you soooooooo much!!! I am doing a great big happy dance – and even have my husband happy dancing, too πŸ™‚ It’s a sight to see!

    I hope everyon has a great time at Spring Fling!!! Wish I was there πŸ™‚

    Thank you, again!!!!!

  7. My favorite is the Cascade Wall of Wonder πŸ™‚ I like the street signs too! Wish I could be flinging with all of you…maybe next year. Have fun!!

  8. Sheri – I have to know – how DOES your husband make the lettering to go on your walls. I have stencilled words but they never come out as nice. I LOVE lettering on walls. Would love to do somthing like what you did after I finish painting my dining room.

  9. what wonderful photo’s sheri, thanks for sharing them. Made me wish i was closer even more.. oh maybe this is secretly your plan to tempt us all to distraction so we will all move closer…
    Hope you all have a wonderful spring fling πŸ™‚

  10. Loopy Central looks so inviting & comfy. You all have a wonderful time enjoying each others company. Hope to make it there sometime.

  11. Sheri, Love the look at Loopy Central. Looks like an awsome place to be in all day. Thank you for the pictures they are great. Have a wonderful time at the fling. Hugs

  12. I would love to do quotes in our restaurant… would your husband be willing to share the name of his software that he uses (and how to get them on the walls)?
    I wish I could visit in person, your store looks lovely.

  13. Love the quotes but especially love the “Sit and Knit” corner. I NEED one of those around here. Will be thinking of you and all the Spring Flingers! Have a wonderful time (and take lots of photos for the rest of us)!

  14. I love all of the quotes and can’t wait to see you later today πŸ™‚

    Off to the airport now – SPRING FLING – ready or not, HERE WE COME!!!!!

  15. thanks for showing us around Loopy. someday I’d love to meet you and the elves and knit at the store.

    Hope things go smoothly for spring fling.

  16. OMG…..the WALL OF CASCADE is incredible…wish I could be at the fling, but this time of year doesn’t work for me….I hope all of you have a great weekend………

    Thanks for always inspiring all of us! You truly Rock!

  17. Awwww! Wish I lived nearby so I could hang out at your lovely place! Insanely jealous of all the folks who get to visit regularly as well as all the Spring Flingers.

  18. That Wall (wall, wall, wall)…Of (of, of, of)….Cascade (ade, ade, ade)….has got to be my favorite part of your shop. And that picture finally seems to do it justice.

    And how did you get the Rav buttons on your blog? Cool!

    love (1,000) for you, Sheri!

  19. Your store looks fantastic! It’s definitely a place I would love to sit and visit (when I’m not browsing and thinking about the next great project).

    I’ve got to save my pennies and try to get into the Fling next year. It looked like a lot of fun from last year’s pictures!

  20. Hope all the Flingers have a great time!

    Add me to the folks who love the Wall Of Cascade…very cool.

    So far, we haven’t hit more than the low 50’s, although I heard a rumor that we may make it up to 70 degrees over the weekend. I’m just so happy that my winter coat has been retired for the year!

  21. Sheri- would you make a high resolution version of the sock wall and quote available on TLE site as a download for a computer background? That is an amazing picture, and the perfect quote.

    Do you mind if I copy the picture for my personal computer?

  22. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I just received my Woolmeise skein inteh mail yesterday and WHAT A SURPRISE! I was totally blown away! At first, when I saw the box, I was tinking, “what did I order from the Loopy Ewe? I don’t remember ordering anything lately…” Then I thought maybe a good friend had surprised me with some thing or other… But when I pulled it out and read your note about winning the blog contest of dreams… WOW! I WAS BLOWN AWAY! I can’t believe that I was so lucky! And the best part is knowing HOW HARD IT IS to get your hands on this yarn! I mean WOW! I Can’t wait to show it off when I get together this week with Stacy from Tempted and another local knitter, Dee. They’ll me SO SURPRISED! And probably a little jealous, too! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, Sheri

  23. Your store is beautiful! I love all the white and the light, and the quotes are so much fun.

    Congratulations to the 1st quarter challenge winners. Your Clapotis are lovely!

  24. One of these days, I’m making it down.

    Will you share the secrets of the wall prints? I’ve got a great quote for my kitchen, but haven’t started because I don’t want to do it wrong.

  25. Hmmmm. Who influenced my knitting? It would have to be my Mom since she took me to her knitting classes and paid for me to learn too when I was in grammar school. And who endulged me with my first yarn (real wool!!) and needles, encouraged me to keep at it, and overlooked all the yarn, patterns, and other knitting whatnots strewn about wherever I was sitting while growing up (and now, everywhere in my own home). Second would have to be Mrs. Williams, the instructor for that class. Man, did I ever hate doing all those tension swatches. Now I have my students doing them too. Best hardest lesson they will ever learn.
    BTW… what is a URI?

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