Got a Dream? April Contest!

dsc02464It’s time for our monthly contest and I was all set to ask a different question, but then this You Tube video came through in an email from my mom and it changed my direction. (And then I promptly got it in 3 other emails, saw it on a couple of blogs, and heard Anderson Cooper talking about it on CNN last night.) What a great video! It’s all about a gutsy lady who had a dream and made something happen with it. So this month’s contest is to leave a comment and tell me what your dream is. Now I know fully well that some of you will not be brave enough to write it down for everyone to see, with your name attached! But I hope that you do. It seems like step one in any dream is to be bold and put it in writing, right? Of course not many people take the time to read the blog comments on our monthly contest (except for me!), so you don’t have to worry that someone you know might see and recognize you. On the other hand, some people DO take the time to read them and with a question like this, you could inspire a whole lot of people by putting your dream out there. I look forward to seeing what you all dream about doing or having or being, somewhere in the future. Will you share? (Hmmm – and another thought – if any of you read a comment and your first thought is, “Well I could help her/him with THAT dream. ” – email me. Maybe we can put some dreamers and enablers together to make things happen.) One of my dreams is to live in Colorado one day – thus today’s photo. We’ll draw for winners next week on Wednesday, so you have a week to leave your comment. I have some skeins of Wollmeise to give away.

Speaking of Wollmeise, we did a mini update with some of it yesterday, but since the great majority of our boxes are being held up by customs in Chicago, we won’t have more for who knows how long. In the meantime, we have a few things to take care of around here (Spring Fling, May Sock Club, “Don’t Be Blue Kits”) so even if it does arrive soon-ish, it will still be awhile before it’s going to go up. (Translation: no need to stalk and watch for it.) Maybe some of the customs agents in Chicago have had a dream to capture a case of Wollmeise for their very own….

Sheri whohadadreamtohaveafamilybusiness


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