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dsc02464It’s time for our monthly contest and I was all set to ask a different question, but then this You Tube video came through in an email from my mom and it changed my direction. (And then I promptly got it in 3 other emails, saw it on a couple of blogs, and heard Anderson Cooper talking about it on CNN last night.) What a great video! It’s all about a gutsy lady who had a dream and made something happen with it. So this month’s contest is to leave a comment and tell me what your dream is. Now I know fully well that some of you will not be brave enough to write it down for everyone to see, with your name attached! But I hope that you do. It seems like step one in any dream is to be bold and put it in writing, right? Of course not many people take the time to read the blog comments on our monthly contest (except for me!), so you don’t have to worry that someone you know might see and recognize you. On the other hand, some people DO take the time to read them and with a question like this, you could inspire a whole lot of people by putting your dream out there. I look forward to seeing what you all dream about doing or having or being, somewhere in the future. Will you share? (Hmmm – and another thought – if any of you read a comment and your first thought is, “Well I could help her/him with THAT dream. ” – email me. Maybe we can put some dreamers and enablers together to make things happen.) One of my dreams is to live in Colorado one day – thus today’s photo. We’ll draw for winners next week on Wednesday, so you have a week to leave your comment. I have some skeins of Wollmeise to give away.

Speaking of Wollmeise, we did a mini update with some of it yesterday, but since the great majority of our boxes are being held up by customs in Chicago, we won’t have more for who knows how long. In the meantime, we have a few things to take care of around here (Spring Fling, May Sock Club, “Don’t Be Blue Kits”) so even if it does arrive soon-ish, it will still be awhile before it’s going to go up. (Translation: no need to stalk and watch for it.) Maybe some of the customs agents in Chicago have had a dream to capture a case of Wollmeise for their very own….

Sheri whohadadreamtohaveafamilybusiness


  1. My dream is for simplicity, and community, and love. I’ve lived in several countries and found glimpses of all of that, but a truly wonderful time would come in a world where all three dwelt together.

  2. Dreams… Humm. Well I would like to buy a house on the Westport River (that is Westport Mass) I have always wanted a house on the river to have coffee in the morning and cocktail in the evening with my husband. Maybe some day but I don’t know. The peacefulness of the river the idea of rowing down the river, the peacefulness of the surroundings and the ability to sit on a back porch and knit or spin just seems like HEAVEN. but this is my dream

  3. Hmm… My dream (or at least one of them) at the moment would be to fence off a good portion of my yard and get a small spinner’s flock, but we’re not sure we’re going to be able to keep our house.

    I also dream of my husband finding a department where he gets paid decently and there isn’t a threat of layoffs (short story: municipality has budget issues, so they plan on laying off a few hundred employees- mostly First Responders like police, fire, ems…)

  4. My dream is to be able to learn more self discipline in my life so that I can accomplish more things that I want to. I struggle with my weight, its a constant battle and I hate it.

  5. My dream is to someday have my own yarn cafe. A big yarn shop and dye studio, with a little cafe area to host afternoon tea parties. I know this sounds a bit silly but its all I’ve been wanting for the last year or so. I’m obsessed with the idea, and have everything planned out, just need the $ to do so!

    Also, someday I want my own mini farm, with a big organic veggie garden, free range chickens, maybe a few goats and sheep, with a glass design studio for my fiance (his stuff is amazing), and my own art/yarn dyeing studio.

  6. I’m living my dream. I grew up in northern Michigan. My family took long driving vacations every summer and we often vacationed Out West. When I was around 11 years old, my family and I were in Colorado. I declared to my parents that one day I would live in Colorado, I would live out in the country and I would have dogs (I was only allowed one dog as I kid and always wanted more).

    That’s what I’ve been doing for the past 10 years. In many ways my life has not gone where I expected, but this is one dream that has come true and I enjoy it every single day.

    My current dream is to find a good job (I was laid off, again, last September) that allows me to make enough money to travel. There are so many places I want to go!

    My ‘pie in the sky’ dream is to win an obnoxious amount of money in the lottery (I don’t play the lottery so this is a huge dream). Then I would buy a lot of land, build a big house and open a shelter for older and handicapped dogs.

  7. To dream the impossible dream. Yeah. Since I attended art school (back in the early 70s) I’ve had, somewhere deep in my soul, the dream of earning my living through the sale of my paintings. I have a great job as a graphic designer (I love my job, I love my job, I love my job — that’s my daily mantra) and have no plans to leave there. But it’s just not the same as creating something personal out of pigments and blank canvas, and after almost 40 years working corporate-type jobs, retirement beckons.

    Now, I’m told my paintings are really good, but the galleries are generally disinterested. There seems to be limited market for realism these days.

    I’ve recently taken up knitting again, and am working to get some of my original design patterns out there, and this fulfills a lot of creative longing.

    But painting — experiencing the color, the texture of the paint and the way the brush glides across the canvas (on a good day) — ahhh! this is a dream indeed.

  8. My dream would be to finish my Masters (which I only didn’t complete my thesis) or get another one, and then teach! I’m enjoying teaching Chemistry so much to the middle schoolers, and I love it. I should have gone into teaching.

  9. I`m living my dream already. Two years ago I moved from Stockholm (capital of Sweden) to a small village (350people) in the nothern part of Sweden. It is me , my husband, our daughter and my mother. My work is to take care of my mother. She has Alzheimer and will be 88 in August. I also jump in as stand-in paid by the hour at the villages day nursery. We have at the nursery 22 children from 1 year to 5.
    I knit a lot and other handicrafts. We have a small shop were we sell our handicraft with a café and a small room as a gallery. Mostly open in summer.
    My husband is a freelancing as a journalist. We did not have much money but it worked OK.
    Two weeks ago we won a lot of money and now our future is much moore secure.

  10. Like many before me have shared, I am living part of my dream already. I am currently living in Quito, Ecuador, teaching at an International School. For those of you who want to move to another country, I highly recommend it. It has been a marvelous learning experience, and I have made many new friends.

    The second part of my dream is to create a television show that promotes cultural competency . . .the ability to successfully interact with cultures other than one’s own. As the world’s economy and communication is more and more interconnected, the ability for all of us to “get along” becomes increasingly crucial. I see a show that introduces U.S. (and world) children to a wide variety of cultures in an educational and entertaining way. I am working towards that dream by presenting workshops at various national and international educational conferences – but it’s a big jump from the classroom to Hollywood!

  11. My dream is to someday live in a log home on a river here in south GA. I’d love to give knitting and spinning lessons, have a place for my spinning group to meet, and to have a place for kids to come and do crafty stuff. My husband and I are planning for this dream, but with 2 daughters in college and one son in high school, it’s going to be a few years before the dream comes true. My other dream is to riverdance – I loved to tap dance in high school, and would love to try river dance.


  12. I wish I could find a way to make money at home by doing something I really love. After retiring and have the stock market tank, money is not as plentiful as it once was. I’d love to travel with my husband . If I can’t find some way to make some money, winning the lottery would be great alternative!!! 🙂

  13. My dream is learn all the new knitting tricks and tips I can since life is short and I want to do it now. I just started knitting a month and a half ago and have done a vest and now am trying to complete socks.

  14. My dream is to be able to adopt the beautiful, funny, smart and challenging foster daughters that are with our family right now. I also dream of being able to adopt their baby sister(due in June). I wondered if I should dream for them to be reunited with their mom and that she would magically know how to care for them and love them. My heart won’t let me dream that. It only wants to dream of the day they become forever members of our family. Oh how I hope this dream comes true.

  15. I’ve had a lot of dreams over the years. And they have changed some over time. I have always dreamed of writing a book. At first I wanted to write a novel, but now I think it would probably be non-fiction. Or maybe a cookbook! 🙂 I’ve always wanted to own a bookstore/coffee shop… if I did that now, it would have to be a bookstore/coffee shop/yarn store with comfy seating for knitters! LOL

    My other dream is to own a big old farmhouse with a bunch of acreage for my kids to grow up on. We have a little old farmhouse on a teensy half acre and we are outgrowing it fast! I’d love to have room for the kids to roam, for me to garden, have a few animals…

  16. My dream is to open a coffee shop in conjunction with my favorite LOCAL yarn shop. (as opposed to my favorite ONLINE yarn shop! 😉 ) I’ve spoken to the LYS owner, and it could happen some day. It’s good to dream!

  17. I have 7 grandchildren living in 3 different states. My dream is to have all of my family together in one place at some point in my lifetime. 3 are in California, 2 in Arizona and 2 in Texas. I haven’t seen Amy in Texas since she was 2 days old and have never seen her brother, Cole. Their Dad was in the Air Force stationed in Japan and divorced before he came home. The kids live with their Mom in Texas

  18. My dreams is to one day afford to see my family more. My original home is SC which is 3000+ miles away from where I currently live, Seattle. My grandmother who raised me is getting older and would love to spend more time with her great grandchildren, my boys. I just wish there was a way to see her and the rest of my family more.

    My other dream that we are trying are darnest to make a reality is the get a bigger home. I know it will be tough to sell a home in this housing market. However with the birth of my little one last year, we sooooooooooo need the extra room. My boys’ chess trophy need a place of their own. 🙂

    Those are just a few of my dreams. Thanks for the great topic Sheri.

  19. I have a dream of learning how to fly a helicopter, or AT LEAST go for a ride in a helicopter once. Strange dream, perhaps, but I’ve had it for many years 🙂

  20. My dream is to be self-employed. I’m tired of working with and for difficult people, taking the bus to work, and sitting all day in front of a computer in a basement unable to see the sun. I dearly want to be more active and creative and using my hands for something more than typing. I want to work with color and fiber and have something tangible to show for my work at the end of the day. I want to make things that make other people happy.

  21. My dream is to travel more of the world. I know I have been fortuntate enough to travel to many places, but there are still many things to see, to learn, to explore. Oh and it would be great to have a SO to share those experiences with.

  22. I have a few dreams,and the older I get I realize that I am the only one that can make them happen. First, I want to live healthier by losing weight, thinking before I put unhealthy foods, drinks in my body. I want to learn how to swim, and I am a little bit afraid because people keep telling me your to old to learn that now, you should have learned that when you were much younger. Are we ever really to old to learn something new? I think not, maybe they need to learn that!

  23. The dream I have had for a long time is to open a coffee shop/quilt shop/yarn shop. I love to decorate and I keep dreaming about setting up a warm cozy place for people to come and drink coffee, eat some goodies and let loose their creativity. I need to hit the lottery big time and then I will be able to do it!!!!

  24. My dream is to open up a combination yarn store/brew shop with my husband someday. I would love to have the yarn store upstairs and he could sell brewing supplies downstairs. I think it would be great to have combination events like a homemade wine tasting/knit night etc. We even have a building near our house that we think would be perfect for it. Unfortunately, we just bought a house and have a baby on the way so we must wait until things settle down a bit financially. But everytime I drive by that building I think about it.

  25. I’ve never been very good at dreams….because I seem to change them very quickly. I think they all become more wouldn’t-it-be-fun-ifs rather than actual dreams. Wouldn’t it be fun to own a yarn and tea shop! Wouldn’t it be fun to live in Ireland for a year! Wouldn’t it be fun to become a chef! Or an author! I’m a little too changable I think 😉

    I had to really think about what my dream is. And I think my dream is to have the freedom (given the time and money) to try out as many hobbies/activities and go to as many places as I can. I would like to learn about and experience (almost) everything.

    So really, I suppose my dream is to live a fulfilling life. And I’d like to do so surrounded by the people I love =)

  26. No time yet to read all the responses, although I’d like to!

    My most important dream is to be able to help those affected by cancer who fall through the system. For example, my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a mastectomy, then chemo, and was unable to return to work as her blood levels never returned to a good state. So there was a short period of unemployment money, and then Social Security kicked in. For a woman who had worked as a nurse for 20 years, her Social Security per month was $600. That is not enough to keep a person in an apartment, feed them, etc., as well as all the drugs and health care costs. My sister was able to get along due to a large number of friends and family each kicking in a small amount each month. However, most people do not have such a large support group to pull from. To get any additional assistance would have required my sister to be homeless and entirely destitute. I would like to help people who have this sort of problem.

    Of course I have the other dreams of being wealthy, traveling, buying all the yarns I want, etc., but this is the most important dream now.

  27. My dream is to go back to college and earn a degree as a medical lab technologist so I can better provide for my family!

  28. I am 70 years old and my dream is to be able to retire now, and buy a nice house near my daughter in Texas. I also want to have a place in Ohio so I can come visit my friends here. I would like to keep knitting with nothing but great yarn and sell my knitting to make a small living.

  29. My dream is twofold. I want to find the woman of my dreams, and marry her in my home state of Oregon. I am gay, and gay marriage is currently illegal here, but someday I want to be able to say my vows and have them be legally accepted by the state I love.

  30. My life is pretty dreamy already….

    I dream of having a ranch with some fiber animals (sheep, goats, alpaca), chickens and some working dogs. In my dreams it would also be a dog training facility with a private dog park and possibly boarding for my favorites. In my dreams we might also run a tiny residential facility for people who need a break — my lovely wife is a therapist. I dream of certifying my Search and Rescue dog — later this year and getting to field on missions and find people that need finding. ! I dream of cashmere that I can feel good about buying. I dream of learning to do natural dyeing. I dream of lovely yarn like the kind TLE sells. 🙂

  31. My dream is to participate in an archeology dig in some remote area of the world. I study anthropology, with an archeology emphasis, and would love to be able to drop everything real life demands and go off to Peru or Easter Island or the Galapagos and dig in the dirt. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find some pottery, tools, or even bones from some ancient people that would then become part of our anthropologic history! Of course, I would take my knitting along to keep me company in the evenings.

  32. Thanks for this topic, Sheri – I think we all need to stop and think about dreams once in awhile.
    My dream is to turn knitting-for-fun into knitting-for-fun-and-profit. I have made a number of scarves; sold a handful (to friends), given some as gifts, and donated a couple to charity silent auctions but so far haven’t really focused on turning my hobby into an actual business. I use all the expected excuses: not enough time since I already have a job, don’t know how, nobody (other than friends) would actually want to buy my creations, etc. I need to stop making these excuses and actually do something to make it happen. So, here’s my goal: By the time the next school year starts I will have found at least one place to try and sell my wares – maybe a craft show, maybe just begging a friend to host a “scarf party” and I will do research to see what’s available to help me put me and my stuff “out there” for others to see.
    Keep your fingers crossed for me! :o)

  33. My dream is to be able to bring everyone I meet to know Jesus Christ as their personal savior and to be able to share the truth of his love throughout the world. Maybe I can even share it with my knitting somehow. I would love to be able to use my creative abilities to share the good news of the gospel.
    I have also dreamed of playing the cello so that I can share this music in my church.
    Maybe I can have a music/knitting ministry. My church is already hosting a knitting group.

  34. My dream is to finally lose the triple digit weight that I need to. It’s been way too many years and I thought I had a handle on it a few years ago and well, let’s just say, I was on a good run for 9 months or so and -60 or so lbs. Most of them are back and I need to get them off for my health. I’m tired of avoiding pictures because I don’t like being the fat person in them……..

    I need to make this my year!

  35. So many dreams to choose from… I’ll just pick a little one. I dream of having my book of sock designs published. That would involve writing the book, wouldn’t it?

    (If that’s a little one, what’s a big one? you may ask. World peace, a cure for cancer, social justice, abundant clean, green energy.)

  36. My dream is to farm full-time. Right now I am stuck in a full-time job in an office looking out a window when all I want to be is outside growing my own food, being self-sustainable, providing locally grown organic vegetables, meats, honey, syrup, and eggs for my community. Back to the land and buying locally!!! And of course, knitting with wonderful Wollmeise yarn which I just discovered (when I have time)!

  37. My dream is to run a marathon. I’m only 37, so it’s not totally out of reach, but getting more unreachable as time goes on.
    I’ll be starting small by running a 5K next month … just hope it leads to bigger and better things!

  38. My dream is to write a book. I adopted my girls from China, so became a first time mom in my late 30’s, then again in my early 40’s! I now have two lovely girls, one 12 and one 7. My mom has moved in with us so we have 3 generations of women under one roof. Interesting to say the least. That is why I knit and spin. Truly my stress reliever. But I wouldn’t miss this for the world. And when I go to a school function for them, I blink back the tears, because I almost missed this. I’m blessed.

  39. boobs !!!!»

    no, really.

    actually, i have 3 dreams, they have been the same 3 dreams since i was 12 years old. and that was more than 30 years ago, but i´ve never given up on them.
    dream #1….just a normal, modest set of boobs. nothing pamela anderson,nothing that needs to be trussed up before i go for a run or indulge in dream #2 (see below). just some that would be in proportion to my height and bone structure. so i can wear tops that have darts, and pretty bras. and a nice dress, instead of a top and a skirt. i´m tired of always being chosen president of the IBTC. breast cancer runs in my family, so i´ve always had the fear that the booblets i have were going to kill me, and i would just like to have experienced enjoying them before i have to face the fact that i would probably have to give them up.
    dream #2
    a horse of my own. i´ve always had a special connection with horses and they have always been a major part of my creativity (see dream #3, below) . i have always had to ride a leased horse or a borrowed horse, and so have never been able to create a bond of trust and the true partnership that comes with caring for a horse every single day, especially the zen that comes with the little details of grooming, feeding, and mucking on a regular basis. i get some of that peace from knitting, the process of creating a garment or blanket, stitch by stitch, and then gifting it to someone i love. having had a serious horseback riding accident on a horse that i met only 5 minutes before trusting him with my life, there is a part of me that has always longed to be able to ride a horse again without fear, with the kind of unspoken, mutual respect and partnership that comes with sharing lives on a daily basis over time. i am fortunate to care for my neighbors´ horses when they go out of town, and i do get to hear that special call they give the moment they hear my footsteps heading for the barn for a feeding (or a scritching), but they know me as their babysitter, (i don´t get to ride them) and i dream of something more. i´d love to be able to give free riding lessons to horse crazy girls, on a horse that i know will protect them, so that i can pass my love for these amazing creatures on to kids who would not otherwise get to experience being near them, the way it was passed to me when i was a horse crazy little girl.
    which brings me to dream #3
    my love for horses has manifested itself in my art. i started sculpting and painting horses as a child and i have always wanted a space, an art studio, that wasn´t also a kitchen, or a bedroom, or garage. a palace of creativity where i would have the room to create art,( and to spin and dye my own fiber and yarn), that i could then sell, so i could be financially secure enough to have my horse….
    and my boobs.

  40. My dream is to return home. Right about the time that Sheri started carrying my yarn I was handed an amazing job. This job could not have come at a better time for our family financially. The cost though, has been great. Our son spends the days while I am at work with my anti-social MiL. He no longer attends play groups, sing alongs, play dates, the park, or story time at the library. Also, my return to work has made dyeing yarn and fiber almost impossible. Thankfully, our busy season at the office is coming to an end.

    In my dream we have a large home (instead of a 2 bedroom condo) with a dye studio (and not just a kitchen sink). I spend the days playing with our son, bringing him on social outtings (around his pre-school schedule) and then spend the nights/evenings skeining and dyeing. It’s a simple dream, but one I think about so very many times a day.

  41. My dream would be to move to Hawaii to be closer to my family and have enough money to go back to school so I could fulfill my dream of being a nurse or jewelry designer 🙂

  42. I have now sat in front of my computer for a half-hour now, trying to tell you what my dream is, only to come to the painful conclusion that I don’t know if I actually have one anymore.

    How does one find a dream?

  43. My dream is to become a yoga instructor and open a studio where classes are affordable for all. I also want to visit Ireland and knit an authentic Aran sweater.

  44. My biggest dream is to have a thriving and creative ceramic business, that allows me to work out of my home studio. Lucky for me I am taking baby steps towards living that dream ,and while I am grateful to have a job,I dont always relish leaving the studio to go wait tables !
    …..and in the verry attainable dream catagory ….this summer I have a dream of learning to knit socks from the toe up !!……just like Miss Wendy !!

  45. My dream is to be in love and loved in return. Failing that, my RN would be really nice. At least that one is a dream I can work on. I can’t make a man fall in love with me and I can’t make myself just fall in love with anyone. Heh.

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