Silent Night

It’s starting to look like Christmas here at The Loopy Ewe. Just a little. Besides this and the door wreath and a string of lights, that’s about the extent of it. I wish my house was so quick and easy to decorate!  That’s on my schedule for this weekend. (How far ahead do you all decorate for the holidays?) Since I’m here at Loopy Cental more hours in my day than I am at home, we had to have a little something holiday-ish here.

Speaking of the holidays, here is a photo of the new Limited Edition color for December from Cherry Tree Hill, called Silent Night. (Along with the companion solid color, Cornflower.)  We get all of the limited edition colorways in Supersock Select, because we love that soft yarn base and the way it takes the color so vibrantly.  These are enroute to us and we’ll have them up for you as soon as they get here. Did you get the other Limited Edition colors?  We have a few Burnished Berry left, and then there was Very Scary and Pilgrim’s Progress.  It’s fun to see what they come up with each month.

It’s time to welcome new Loopy Groupies again! Remember, you make Loopy Groupie status when you get your 6th package from us. We send along a special welcome bag for you with that order, and you get an email when we put up the major re-stocks (aka: Sneak Ups) each week. From time to time, we also do a Loopy Groupie Appreciation Month and this is one of those months!  With your first December order, all LG’s will be receiving our favorite calendar, the Romney Ridge Farm calendar for 2009. (Isn’t this a face to love?) So welcome to the following new Loopies: Carol in OH, Melissa in NC, Katherine in NC, Mary Ellen in PA, Liz in IL, Emily in IA, Michelle in CA, Lori in MO, Shelley in DC, Lynn in WA, Jessica in CA, Katherine in TX, Anne in WI, Sylvia in CA, MaryLu in OH, Marcia in MA, Grace in TX, Noella in MA, Camila in AK, Sanna in Finland, Danielle in CA, Rachel in MI, Debra in SC, Deborah in KY, Alma in GA, Barb in UT, Elsie in CA, Paula in FL, Lisa in TX, Katherine in IL, Christine in KY, Jessica in VA, Lynda in NJ, Susan in GA, Jennifer in VA, Heather in IA, Toni in TN, Helen in MO, Kathy in MO, Francesca in CA, Karen in MD, Elizabeth in ND, Jill in VA, Debra in AR, Judy in OR, Melissa in UT, Petra in Finland, Natasha in GA, Margaret in NY, Christina in MA, Erin in GA, Sharon in NE, Anmiryam in PA, Sarah in NY, Heather in OH, Tamra in MD, Phyllis in GA, Stephanie in VA, Eve in GA, Nelly in CA, Kay in NY, Susan in CO, Judith in WA, Lucy in the U.K., Kristi in MA, Laura in NJ, Teri in WA, Nicole in WA, Carol in VA, Sarah in Australia, Kristine in KY, Karen in CA, Pamela in MA, Christine in OK, Tara in VT, Jennifer in CA, Trista in WA, Terry in CA, Barbara in NH, Caryn in IL, Emily in AK, Deborah in AL, Rosalee in Canada, Mandy in PA, Pat in Canada, Teri in WA, Mary Beth in AZ, Kelly in MI, Nina in MA, Karyn in NY, Jenny in IA, Kjirsten in WI, Nadine in Germany, Carla in FL, Marjoein in Sweden, Winnie in AZ, Andrea in AZ, Janelle in Canada, Janice in VA, Heather in FL, Leah in OR, Phyllis in GA, Patty in OH, Maggi in VA, Terri in SC, Sara in MA, Ida in NY, Hanuko in CA, Michelle in CO, Leigh Ann in VA, Rebecca in CO, Samantha in CO, Alice in VA, Megan in NC, Marian in NJ, Valerie in ME, Emily in IL, Kathryn in MA, Cheryl in OH, Lynn in Canada, Karen in CO, Rebecca in PA, Malia in CA, Barbara in CA, Theresa in WA, Malia in VA, Alicia in GA, Christine in CA, Beth in CA, Kelly in MO, Pam in OK, Linda in MA, Carolyn in MD, Mary in AL, Joyce in NC, Jennifer in Canada, Sarah in IL, Diane in MI, Shel in MO, Joan in WI, Jayne in Canada, Kate in  Canada, Melissa in CA, Leanna in WI, Ward in AK, Regina in Germany, Nannette in GA, Erynn in MN, Suzanne in CA, Laura in GA, Janet in CA, Lisa in CT, Elisabeth in Norway, Larissa in NH, Erica in NJ, Nicole in MD, Erica in NJ, Dawn in DE, Kaaren in OR, Brooke in MD, Marianne in NC, Gisela in TX, Dorris in PA, Marie in GA, Elizabeth in CA, Katherine in TX, Deborah in RI, Rain in CA, Ellen in Australia, Paula in Canada, Rachel in IN, Kate in Ga, Heather in FL, Alison in NY, Deb in NC, Amber in NJ, Anne in AZ, Deb in MO, Kimberly in FL, Susan in WA, Pamela in CA, Rose-Marie in Sweden, Teresa in CA, Sarah in NJ, Lisa in TX, Beth in CT, Erin in Canada, Cindy in VA, Eugenia in OR, Patricia in CA, Lisa in NY, Janet in IL, Elizabeth in TX, Christina in WA, Adrienne in OR, Janel in CO, Kelli in VA, Marion in VA, Melanie in TN, Suzanne in CA, Julie in CO, Denise in MA, Shawna in IN, Sharron in OH, and Julie in PA. We’re so happy to have you as “official” Loopy Groupies!

Remember, Friday is our first reporting day for this week’s Random Acts of Kindness Contest. I know some of you are having fun with this and I can’t wait to read all of the heartwarming things that you’ve been doing.

Sheri ifyoudoaChristmastree-doyouvoteforRealorArtificial?


  1. I vote for artificial this way you can enjoy it for as long as possible. In saying this I will probably not put up a tree this year as we are going away the week before Christmas and will return Christmas Day. But I do have table top decorations out and I will probably put up my lighted houses this weekend.

    Have a wonderful holiday season!

  2. I’d love to put up a real tree, or evergreen swags, but my allergies would make it unbearable. I received a cute poodle Christmas figure (Danbury Mint) that’s a tree (and it lights up!) for my birthday (recently passed) and this weekend, I’ll be rearranging the TV topper to accommodate it.

    At work I keep perpetual cheer in my peace lily with a sprig of fake shamrocks!!! Seeing that silly green foil amongst the live greenery makes me laugh. Then again, I also have a small jack-o-lantern and a poodle Beanie Baby dressed up like a witch by the computer.

    Ah, Holidays! Not just for one time of year. : D

  3. I have to say, real tree for me. We had an artificial one when I was growing up and the only nice thing about it was that it was so covered with ornaments that you couldn’t see the tree. When I was a teenager we convinced mt dad to get a real one, and ahve never gone back.

    And all I can say is, with all those loopy groupies, it’s no wonder I can never get the wollmeise yarn! Can’t wait till I can sneak a few more orders past my husband and achieve that status myself!


  4. I have to build up my immune system (or maybe break it down? I don’t know) to have a real tree, since I have icky pine/fir allergies. So it’s almost always a fake tree here at my house, although my yarn room has 3 tiny (1 foot) metallic colored trees (I think there’s a silver one, a purple one, and a teal one) with disco ball ornaments…they’re pretty fun. And I hang fake garland from the shelf in there, too. It’s my relaxing happy room, so it’s really the main place I decorate.

  5. as much as I LOVE to decorate for Christmas, I can’t bring myself to start until the weekend after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is such an important holiday I don’t want it to be overshadowed by Christmas. Besides its hard for me to be sitting down eating Thanksgiving dinner with a Christmas tree behind me!
    As for tree, we have to go with an artificial one. I’m srsly allergic to real ones (its not pretty). Our tree is huge, 8.5feet tall and about 3 feet wide. I need my husband to help me take it down. Which is why it usually stayed up till April and one of my good friends helps me take it down! A few years ago I decorated it with all my sock yarn, told my husband if it didn’t come down I was going to buy more ornaments 😉

  6. Definitely a real tree. There is a great tree farm just down the road from us – they are locally and lovingly grown for just this purpose.

    Is it RAoK posting day? This week I bought kitchen tools to give our local Campus Kitchen crew for Christmas, to make their applesauce making easier next year. Campus Kitchen rescues unused but prepared food, repackages it, and serves it to people in need. This year they gleaned fallen apples from local orchards and made applesauce. The Oxo vegetable peeler and apple corer/slicer will make this job much easier next year!

  7. I love the real trees! But I have to admit that sometimes I think having a artificial one is better for numerous reasons. 1. Easy to put up and take down 2. My kitty does not get sick from chewing on the needles, and 3. It is better not to cut down a tree every year. But, Boy do I still love the smell of those real trees.

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