December Already?

Did you have a nice weekend? We’re all back at Loopy Central today, refreshed from a few days off at home. College Guy and College Girl are back at school, but the really nice thing about Thanksgiving being so late this year is that they will be home again in just under two weeks, and this time we get to keep them for three weeks.Β  What a deal!Β  Here’s a photo of College Girl and her friend St. Louis Guy, enjoying some of their favorite beverage.Β  I traded them Starbucks for a blog photo. πŸ™‚ (Have you seen the holiday decorations at Starbucks this year? They’re all about yarn – I love it!)

Can you believe it’s December? Wow. I am SO not done with buying gifts and thinking about Christmas cards, although I did do quite a bit of online shopping over the weekend. I love online shopping for gifts. (And apparently y’all do, too, since we have plenty of orders to get out to you from the weekend.) But December also means a couple of other things around here.Β  First of all, if you’re a Loopy Groupie, we’ll be sending you the 2009 version of the Romney Ridge Farm sheep-y calendar with your first December order. Many of you have already emailed me to see if you can get another one this year because you have loved the last two years of calendars so much. (Kelly just has a way with writing about her animals that makes you want to take a trip to Maine to visit them, and we’re so happy to partner with her on these calendars.) If we have extras, we may put them up on the website for sale sometime later in January. (And if you make Loopy Groupie status in December, your Welcome Bag will also include this calendar.)

The other thing that comes along with December is our annual Random Acts of Kindness weekly contests. I have to say, our Loopy customers are some of the very kindest people in the world.Β  I have watched you all come to the aid and encouragement of each other, time and time again over on our Loopy Groupie Group on the Ravelry Board.Β  There are so many things that have been done out of the kindness of your hearts (and more that are never publicized, but we know about it here at Loopy Central.) In December, we encourage you to do a random act of kindness (or two or three) every week, and then tell us what you did in the blog comments on Friday of each week. If you’re like a lot of people, you probably don’t like telling what you did – it seems more humble to just stay anonymous.Β  But I want to encourage you to share it with us. So many of the comments last year got people thinking about all of the new and different ways that they could help others, and I know more “acts” were done because you all left your ideas in the comments section.Β  Each Monday (starting next week, 12/8, and running through Monday, 12/29) we will announce the weekly winner via the Random Number Generator from those who posted the Random Act they did on the previous Friday’s blog.Β  So in December;

Monday – Friday do a Random Act of Kindess for someone
Friday of that week: leave your comment on Friday’s blog post telling us what you did
Monday: check back on the blog to see if you were the winner
Repeat each week in December.

What will you win? The fun prize in the photo – a skein of Wollmeise Pfefferminz Prinz, a red Loopy ornament, and a sheep-y tape measure dressed up in red socks, just for the occasion. We have 4 sets of these to give away for the four weeks in December. (We know you’re not doing kind acts just for a chance to win this, but we’re hoping that it will entice you to go ahead and share your act of kindness with us as an inspiration to others.) Need some ideas? Check this blog post from last year. (Or other December blog posts from last year.)

In addition to getting your orders out, we’re also working on this week’s Sneak Up today. You can look forward to new Indie Dyer colors, Perchance to Knit, Earthly Hues (including some special holiday colorways), more Prism Merino Mia, Cascade, Malabrigo Sock and some new pattern lines. We’re also expecting so many other fun things in this week or next, so the next couple of weeks will be full of enticements, too!

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  1. Missed Friday’s post for some reason (I was making Christmas cards). I can’t believe it’s December either. I put my sweater I’m making for myself “to sleep” to finish up Christmas things–cards, two pair of fingerless mitts that were last minute adds to list and my Christmas socks. Don’t you love WendyKnits’ cowl? I don’t wear high necks but am gonna have to make that as gift for someone next year.

  2. Hi Sheri! Happy December! I must make Wendy’s cowl once I finish my last 2 Christmas presents. Hmmm – perhaps I can find the appropriate yarn at TLE? πŸ˜‰

    I happened to be in Starbucks this morning and noticed the decorations – they are so cool!! I may have to work on some myself – a good way to get rid of the odds and ends of yarn.

    Have a GREAT Monday!

  3. Since I was in the ‘big city’ over T’giving I got to have several iced chai and pumpkin spice lattes! I noticed the yarny decorations – fun! I was wondering about Kelly’s calendar and even considered making a stop in Woolwich on my way home from Boston yesterday to get a calendar! It’s more fun to have an excuse to buy yarn!

  4. My daughter and I saw the decorations at Starbucks on our way out shopping on Friday. We stood and looked at them for a few minutes debating on whether we could make them (of course we could) and then debated whether either of us had the time or inclination and decided probably not! πŸ™‚

  5. Oh, I just love it when everyone shares their RAK ideas. I better start looking for random opportunities. What fun!

  6. Me done with shopping! Hah! And I have 2 December birthdays to contend with also. On the plus side the tree is up, I finished a scarf, and have a good start on a new pair of socks. I also start a new job tomorrow, doing the same thing just in a different place. Now if I could just have more hours in every day! I have asked for fling time off already in hopes that I get to go again! Did not want to take a chance with that.

  7. YAY!!! I was just saying to BFF Liz this morning that I’d loved the calendar from last year and needed to get a new one for my desk! Happy girl I am!! πŸ™‚

    Can’t wait for the RAK contest! It always makes me feel good, to see all the acts people do. Sort of makes me feel I don’t do enough, too. πŸ™‚

  8. YES! I walked into my Starbucks about 9:30 pm the Wed before Thanksgiving and they were putting out the wreaths! I kind of squealed and then asked where they were from or were they a “corporate” thing. Then…sort of explained I was a knitter and how PERFECT those wreaths are for Knitting Christmases. Well….they’re corporate. But the guy took my contact info and said they will call me after the holidays and I can have the wreaths (as long as I SWEAR never to sell them – I think Starbucks may even encourage stores to toss them each year πŸ™ Anyway, you might want to ask (at a quiet time) at your local SB and see if you can get one of the wreaths.

    ‘Course, having seen them, it sort of provides ideas for styrofoam balls, some random leftover stash yarn, a big bottle of glue, and plain wreaths to make something knitterly, right?

  9. Hurray for the Romney Ridge calendar! I was just thinking as I changed it to the last page this morning how much I would miss seeing those sweet sheepy faces looking at me . Now I can enjoy them for another year. I have a few things on my wish list, just waiting to jump into my cart for my first December order. Just wondering if Ishould wait and see if you get any more Enchanted Knoll roving/batts soon or will they be awhile yet?

  10. It’s funny that you mentioned the starbucks decorations I haven’t had starbucks in a long time and I made my way into one saturday. The first thing that caught my eyes were the balls of different green yarn that were suppose to look like ornaments! I have pledge my coffee dollars to them for the rest of the year cause of this. Well and they have a pretty good white chocolate mocha too!!

  11. So glad you are all rested and ready for the Christmas shopping rush.
    Haven’t been to Starbucks yet to see the decorations but will have to make a trip there, and I might need a latte while I am there too.

  12. i get spoilt as my college kid lives at home! (although she’s only 16 so thats a good thing!) I have not seen the new starbucks decorations. Hmmmm, one of my regular clients is a regional manager, may have to beg and offer free upgrades for a wreath! smile. All i have seen was the cabled mug . May have to go looksy tomorroe!

  13. Ooooh…. I love the idea of the RAK contest. I really do think we all can strive to do a bit more kindness for others, especially this time of year.

    I work on a college campus filled with oblivious students. It’s really rare for people to hold doors open for others or for them to say “thank you” when you do it for them. This morning, I was pleasantly surprised when a college-age boy waited to hold the door open for me, in turn I dallied in the entryway to hold the door open for the girl who was walking a bit behind me (she said “thank you”!), and she in turn did the same thing for the person walking a bit behind her. Watching/experiencing this made me happy.

  14. Awww, now it’s a double shame that we don’t have Starbucks in Italy! (My best friend from here moved up to Switzerland, where they DO have Starbucks, a few years ago—maybe I can persuade her to go have a latte and check out these decorations for me!) I’m looking forward to being inspired by all the creative RAKs this month. And I can’t believe we’re in December already, either!

  15. If you have a Barnes and Noble nearby you might want to check the craft section and thumb through the new English version of Anna (it’s in the multi-crafting section, not just with the knitting, you have to look hard!). They have really cute knitting patterns for “scrapbooked” cards where you knit tiny mittens, hats, and scarves. I’m thinking of knitting a few out of odds and ends for someone I know that loves to make cards. πŸ™‚

  16. I love both those cowls. I’ve been knitting a ton of cowls myself this year. They are so perfect for handspun yarn.

  17. It snowed last night. I shoveled my driveway (by hand!) and since the snow was not heavy, I shoveled my elderly neighbors’ driveway. This was in the middle of the night. I know they sometimes leave in the morning to go out.

  18. Yesterday my daughter and I were shopping @ Barnes & Noble and we purchased a book for a book drive. The best part of this little shin dig is that my daughter picked out her favorite book The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants instead of a cheap $1 book. I think sometimes when we give we just give a little so it was nice to see that my daughter really thought about what she would want as a kid.


    Lynette and Taryn
    Newport RI

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