Random Acts of Kindness, Week Four

Today is our last reporting day for our annual December Random Acts of Kindness contests. I’m a little sad about that!  I have so enjoyed reading about all of the ways that you have found to bless other people this season.  It always makes me think that I need to be more aware of doing these kinds of things throughout the entire year and not just for one month in December. (Kind of like I always say I’m going to start my Christmas knitting a whole lot earlier “next time”.  The best of intentions.) Thank you to everyone who participated this month and for being willing to share your good deeds. I know it’s a whole lot easier to do them than to write them up, but you have inspired many others with your tales of kindness – which is a RAK in itself.  Leave your comments today about the RAK that you did this past week, and I’ll use the Random Number Generator to pick the last prize winner on Monday’s blog.

I took some photos of recently finished projects for you, now that the gifts have been opened. You’ll see that my scarf-addiction was well reflected in the gifts I knit up this year.  I did start fingerless mitts yesterday, but I will admit to taking 2 colors of Fiesta Boomerang home this week to start a new Chevron Scarf, too. (Pattern in Last Minute Knitted Gifts.)  I asked Knitting Daughter if I should start the Chevron or the fingerless mitts and she said the mitts because “you need to finish that other Chevron scarf you were doing before you start another one.”  I must work on Knitting ADD with that girl.  (Wait – or maybe she needs to work on KADD with me.)

Feather and Fan Scarf (pattern from Wendy’s website) out of Wollmeise Poison Nr. 5 Sock Yarn. (Did you know that Poison Nr. 5 is the most wish-listed item out of everything that we carry at The Loopy Ewe? That’s your trivia for the day.) This scarf went to College Girl because her favorite color is purple.


Noro Striping Scarf out of Noro Silk Garden Worsted. I was tempted to do one after Stephanie found herself doing multiples of them. (And you know me – always up for a new scarf addiction.) I used 2 skeins of 2 different colors.  You knit one row down and back with one color, and then the next down/back row with the next color, carrying them all up the side, slick as a whistle.  Easy 1 x 1 knit/purl rib the whole way. I did 39 stitches on size 9 needles. I’m ready to do another one of these. (Does that surprise anyone?)


Cashmere scarf that was frogged 5 times because I was trying to find “the right” pattern. I ended up doing the simple 1 x 1 rib in hopes that it was plain enough to entice a certain Web/College Guy to wear it.  The 1 x 1 rib makes for a very thick, warm scarf. I know it looks like an eggplant color (and actually, that would be a nice scarf color) but it’s very chocolate brown (called Brawny Brown). Not a hint of purple in it at all.


Collar Wrap from handspun (in a pattern that I bought from someone at Midwest Fiber.  She doesn’t have a website or I’d steer you there.  It’s basically a chevron pattern with 4 rows of plain garter stitch thrown in after every set of chevrons.) This is my mother-in-law, who came down to spend the holidays with us.  I also made a Chevron Scarf out of Noro Silk Garden Worsted for my mom, but forgot to get a picture of her in it! Here’s a picture of it, though. It was one of the earlier gifts I finished.


Spiralucious Cowl in an amended pattern (because someone didn’t read the directions and interpreted “move 1 stitch left/right” in a slightly different manner.  But I still love it.) Knit double-stranded out of Dream in Color’s Starry Black Parade.  I wish you could see the silver sparkles better – it’s so fun! (More Starry scheduled to arrive in January.)


This week’s Sneak Up just Snuck Up!  Today you’ll find: Yarn Pirate’s Alpaca/Merino, Lorna’s Laces Roadside Gerry (that’s the Annie Modesitt special colorway – we have it in Sport, Sock and Roving), Dream in Color Classy in their new semi-solid/solid colorways, Hand Maiden Casbah, Spirit Trail Fiberworks, Gypsy Knits DK (I’m thinking this would also make a gorgeous Chevron – it’s so soft and beautiful), Noro Silk Garden Worsted, and Tuscan Grove – a new indie dyer. (Well – sort of new.  Remember Cider Moon? Of course you do.  We all loved Cider Moon!  The Cider Moon Girls are now doing their own thing. You can find Jacki selling her beautiful batts on her etsy site here, and Gail has joined with her sister-in-law Laura to form Tuscan Grove.  We’re thrilled to have those beautiful color combos and their special yarn back here at The Loopy Ewe.)

That’s it for today. We have a full day-off schedule of knitting and digging in to the many DVD’s that found their way under our tree.  Then it’s over to my parents house to celebrate my dad’s birthday tonight. (Happy Birthday, Dad!)

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  1. I along with Susan and some other knitters, sent of some of my stash to a fellow Loopy Groupie/Raveler that had her stash stolen. I’m still floored that someone could do that as Knitters are the nicest people I’ve ever met.

    Have a happy new year 🙂

  2. Long story short, I found out just a few days before Christmas that a lady we know, with 6 children, had absolutely no money to buy them Christmas gifts, due to some events that were totally beyond her control. We have been very blessed this year and we wanted to help her, so we called her pastor and asked if he would deliver a sum of money to her for us so it could be done anonymously. What a great feeling to picture the scene as she opened up that card full of cash – it truly is better to give than to receive.

  3. I love the Noro scarf! Another pattern for my queue… you’re the one who pushed me over the edge to finally give in to the Chevron Scarf craze, and now you’re pushing me over the edge to give in to the Striped Noro Scarf craze…. 🙂
    Ok, my RAK for the week…. Donating to the American Cancer Society in honor of my great grandmother who will soon be undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

  4. On the day of Christmas eve, I helped an elderly woman at the grocery store because she couldn’t reach a few items. Then I gave her coupons from my stash to save money on those items.

  5. This is actually something I do throughout the year as the opportunity presents itself. Recently, though, with the awful weather we have been having here (as have many of you here in the States), I have tried to do it more often. Just a little thing. I pick up the mail and/or the paper for the neighbors and take it in for them (we live in the country, so the mail and paper boxes are on the roadside, not next to the front door!)

  6. My RAK for this week was inviting a co-worker of my hubby’s to our Christmas Dinner. She is divorced and her ex had their daughter for the holiday. She was going to be all alone, so we had her come over for our meal. Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas…. and Happy Healthy 2009 to you all!

  7. RAK for this week: Early this week I was grocery shopping and helped a woman in a motorized wheelchair by getting the items she couldn’t reach in the frozen pie section. I’m a “pie person” so I totally understand the need for pie — holiday or not.

  8. My husband and I volunteer at a local organization that makes meals and delivers them to homeless folks all over town. The man who runs this service (also as a volunteer) does it every Saturday, personally, all year long. I’m giving him some homemade candies tomorrow to say thank you for his hard work.

  9. I gave a bunch of my unused rubber stamps to a friend for Christmas. I wrote from Santa on the tag and dropped it off while she was at work. She hasn’t figured out who it is from yet. She stamps everyday, so this was a perfect gift for her. I think there were at least 30 stamps in the box. I also sent a box of yarn to a fellow Loopy Raverly member who had someone steal her stash.

  10. As some of the others have mentioned, a Loopy groupie had her yarn stolen, so my RAK to her was to send her a gift certificate at TLE, so she could pick the yarn she’d like.
    One of the Christmas presents I got for my fiancé this year was a gift certificate at Kiva.org, so that he can join me lending people money. I just love doing that, even though I’m a new member.
    My goal for 2009 is to be able to do more RAKs, as I love the good feeling you get. 🙂

  11. I helped a woman in the grocery store who was about to walk off without her purse. She was so glad that I stopped her but also kind of stunned that she had been so forgetful since she just hadn’t realized how brain dead the holiday rush had made her.

  12. This week was easy – I gave my ‘return money’ to the homeless boy who is always selling his homelesspapers in the corner of the health supermarket. We were both stunned. 🙂

  13. My husband is a hunter and we have donated the meat from one of the deer he has put into the freezer to a family that lost their home and possessions to a fire the week before Chistmas. They are delighted.
    Merry Christmas and a happy and healthful new year to every one. N

  14. My random RAK yesterday was to send letters to my state representatives thanking them for their public service and urging them to continue to work hard on issues that shape the lives of many people. I also began researching organizations that support people dealing with major illness, like the American Cancer Society and the MS society to learn about ways I can support their efforts. Like many folks here have commented, I love the RAK idea and have decided to continue it each month in 2009.

    Happy New Year to Loopy, all the Loopy supporters and all the Loopy wanna-bes!

  15. I donated a full box of our favorite canned/boxed items to a food bank through our apt. complex. We didn’t want to just give the weird things that had been living in there for years, we wanted to give the nicer stuff so that the people who got the box wouldn’t have to eat everyone’s rejects. 😛

    We also donated to Heifer International and Knitters without Borders (MSF).

  16. Hi everyone,
    I have been sick, and heven’t been online in a long while. I know I missed all of the fun with the RAK’s, but I think this is just a thing that is seasonless. There are always going to be people who are less fortunate than we are. My mom used to say that when you are down and out, look around you and you will find people who are still worse off than you are, so just count your blessings and try to be giving whenever you can. Sometimes it is better to really see the people around you and give to them rather than to those big organizations. I don’t know, except that there are some children who I teach that don’t have socks to wear, and have shoes that are so large that they come off when they walk. They have hair cuts froma dog clipper that literally shaves their heads . It’s so sad. They make do. We, as teachers, give them socks, buy sneakers that fit, are constantly asking for clothing donations. RAKs are slipping a child 2 quarters to get an extra slice of pizza at lunch. They just come to me, and I give them the money. But God is good and like I said, don’t wait for the holidays for RAK’s…keep doing it. A smile goes a long way. Things are tough for a lot more people. Isn’t it nicer to give just because you can? Blessings to all of you. May you all have a healthy and happy New Year!

  17. Wow…I am amazed at all the RAK’s everyone has done over the month of December. I didn’t get much done this week.

    Bought the person behind me in drive-thru at Starbuck’s coffee. First time I have ever done that. That was kinda cool.

    Gave to red kettles again.

    Holding doors open for others..I do this through out the year, but put forth more effort during the month.

  18. We delivered a bunch of loaves of the family’s Christmas bread to several people who were not expecting them. (and of course, first I had to bake them all!)

  19. Well, I picked up after other people’s dogs this week. What do they think happens when they leave it there? Will it melt with the snow? I can almost say that I’ve done it for myself since I won’t have to see it again when the snow goes.

  20. I brought up the newspapers for the neighbors again this week, and left some special Christmas treat with them! What fun! Merry Christmas to all!

  21. I let lots of people go ahead of me in line again this week. Also I tipped the bell hop at the hotel where we met my inlaws on Xmas Day (we don’t celebrate but it is a good day to meet to do Channukah) a lot – after all he was working on his holiday.

    Hope everyone has a great Happy New Year!

  22. I left some surprise gifts for people in their mailboxes. These people are often forgotten at Christmas, and I wanted to make sure that they knew that somewhere cared. I didn’t leave a name, so now they will hopefully think that everyone cares!

    I also gave away coupons when I was out shopping. One lady said that I saved her $60!

    Have the best New Year! You deserve it!

  23. I paid for coffee for the person behind me at dunkin Donuts. I know it’s not Starbucks, but I find them easier here.

    I served food at a local fodd pantry on Christmas Eve. It really does feel good to help people who are often forgotten this time of year.

    Happy and healthy New Year to everyone.

  24. We took our 90 year old neighbor out to eat Christmas Day and then we saw the Honolulu City Lights and the movie Valkrye with Tom Cruise. My neighbor has me teaching her to knit – she never knitted in her life – she was a rather athletic person – but it was on her list of things she’s always wanted to learn. I am having a ball teaching her because it reminds me of all the things that are important in life’s lessons.

    Happy New Year to everyone!!!

  25. But isn’t that “after Christmas Knitting” so nice….so relaxed. So easy and welcome….and did you ever notice how much people LOVE to get that gift??

  26. This week I donated to Heifer.org (a share of a knitting basket!) and MSF. Today my co-workers and I were able to give love and comfort to a dog that had probably never known much if any kindness from people. Maybe not so random, but I feel better for having been able to give her something.

  27. Nice knits for Christmas, Sheri! I’m in awe. Still knitting Mom’s Barbara Shawl from Myrna Stahman’s Faroese etc. — good thing I brought it out Christmas day at the family get together, so I could check it for length. Just have to finish the pattern repeat I’m on, then do the edging. Yippee! There’s also a kind of sadness in finishing a project. Maybe it’s just the finishing and letting go part.

    Have a happy new year!

  28. I can’t believe the year is over! I actually did an RAK this week while grocery shopping. There was no thought involved at all. We were in line with a cart full of groceries and a woman came running into line behind us with just a couple of items in her arms. Without even thinking about it I said” Is that all you have???? Get in front of us.” She couldn’t believe it……I thought nothing of it untill I read the blog. I realized I can “play” this week!!!!!

    Happy New Year to all and keep up the RAK’s!

  29. My brother’s girlfriend and her 3 children were staying with her parents, who live nearby. She was going to have to go home to FL early due to an unexpected family situation, so my husband and I offered to have them come and stay with us for a few days. It’s a bit crazy, but fun 🙂 My brother is happy to have a few more days to spend with her and my kids are loving the big slumber party!

    We also adopted a dog for Christmas from a local animal shelter. He’s a big sweetie.

    Happy New Year, everyone!!!!

  30. On Christmas my husband and I pulled our car over to help a man whose roof “box” blew open and stuff blew out of. He had one of those hard shell Thule boxes on his roof that somehow either blew open or he forgot to lock shut. We could see him struggling to close it. I urged my husband to stop. Thank goodness we did, he didn’t realize some things had blown out and were laying on the road.

  31. maybe not so random, but trying to keep the spirit of the holidays intact. Helping neighbors with lost dogs and cars stuck in snow, sending money to a family with a sad story featured in the local paper, and driving nicely and courteously (not in an Xmas frenzy)

  32. I found a boarding pass on the floor at the airport, and tracked down an agent who was willing to take it to page the person who dropped it.

  33. My RAK this week was to be kinder to other drivers and let them merge before me. I didn’t just do it this week, but have continued to do it since last year’s RAK. Being a kinder driver lets me be a calmer driver in th end. 🙂

  34. I’m not sure that I’ve done any random acts of kindness this week, just normal stuff like being super-patient with my little sister who tends to drive me bonkers.
    No wait, I stayed at work til 5 on Christmas Eve and let my coworker (who’d been off from Dec 12th – 23rd) leave early.

  35. It was my birthday on December 24, and as a RAK to my brother’s family, I decided to bake my cake. The thing is that my nephew is allergic to dairy products and eggs, so whenever we celebrate something, his mom has to bake a different cake for him. As I am really into vegan baking these days, I knew I could pull something that would work for everyone. My goals in doing so were: 1- to give a break to my SIL who certainly had enough to do before Christmas without having to bake a cake; 2- giving my nephew the opportunity to feel included in the celebration by being able to eat *the* birthday cake with us (and not another cake brought on the side for him), and 3- getting everyone to enjoy a very yummy vegan cake! My brother, my SIL and my nephew really appreciated the gesture, and the whole thing made me feel great! I was really happy to be able to do this for them… and I must say that the rest of the family seemed to enjoy the cake a lot too!

  36. I realize that I am too late to add something but wanted to tell this idea for other for next year (unless it was already suggested). Shop n Save and Walgreen in our area printed out coupons upon checkout. It was fun to turn around and hand these $ off coupons to the person behind you (they were either $5 or $4).


  37. We went through our movies and have around 20 that we are going to take to St. Jude on our next visit and donate for inpatient stays. Hope your still enjoying the holiday weekend.

  38. My RAK for the week was to pick up my neighbors, who were stranded on the side of the road when their transmission went out on their way to Texas from Georgia. Fortunately, they didn’t get very far, and I was able to pile the two adults, baby, dog and most of their stuff in my car and get them home.

  39. Unfortunately a friend of my mothers started chemo the week of Christmas. I gave her 4 hats I crocheted, a Christmas ornament, and lots of prayers.

  40. Not very random, but I did a few things for my neighbors, delivered a Christmas card for a sick friend, gave to toys for tots, and made a small donation online.

    Love your finished projects!

  41. Hi! Sheri,
    My RAK also wasn’t really random…just helped out a loopy groupie on Ravelry who had an unfortunate incident with her stash.

    Hope you and the elves have a great 2009!

  42. My to-be-knit list hibernated during gift knitting ‘cuz I kept adding things to the gift list. I have a re-do on a pair of mitts that didn’t fit (I didn’t do a very good job of approximating yardage and ran out of yarn. I think I learned my lesson this time.) Hopefully I’ll wake up my list later this week.

  43. I didn’t get any yarn or yarnie gift certificates for the holiday, but that’s OK. I have a bit of spending money after the holiday is over and I want to use it here (well, some of it… I have race fees I need to pay too).

    I hope your holiday was a lot of fun!

  44. My RAK was sort of random. We went to our next door neighbor’s Christmas Eve to take a small present to their little girl. The mom was wanting to make cut out sugar cookies and decorate them with her daughter, but she doesn’t bake much and had never made cut out cookies before. She had spent all week caring for her ailing mother-in-law and trying to get Christmas ready for her 2 year old. I started out helping her with the cookies and took over mixing, cutting them out and baking them so that she could sit down and enjoy decorating them with her daughter and not worry about the rest of the process. I washed all the dishes in the sink when we were finished.

  45. Well, I may have been too late for the RAK contest, but I’m going to post anyway. 🙂

    I found out about Feed It Forward (which was an online Christmas time promotion) and sent out gift certificates to restaurants to as many people as I could surprise before Christmas.

    I also made sure to let people who were behind me in line who had less stuff than me go before me in line so they wouldn’t have to wait so long.

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

  46. I may be too late too, but …

    I was sorting out my knitting needles, and found some extra addis that I do not use any more. One of the homeless I pass by on my way to work most days was sitting out with her “coin can” and knitting. Instead of coins, I left her with a skin of sock yarn and a set of size 3 addi circs. The look on her face was priceless.

    I’ll ask her in another day or so if she would like some patterns… I feel so bad for those that have the skill, but not the tools to do so.

  47. My RAKs was to cancel my XM radio service for the year and donated the annual fee to Doctors Without Borders.

    I hope everyone has a terrific New Year.

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