Good News, Bad News

dsc02300Good News: We’re back! The Elves and I all had a great long weekend with our families, and are back pulling and packing orders for you today.
Bad News: Some of you might have to wait another day for your order to ship.  There were a lot of orders to print out today, but we’re whipping through them as quickly as possible and got a lot out already. We know you want your yarn!

Good News: Time off means knitting accomplished and movies watched. I finished this Chevron Scarf that has been “in process” for quite awhile now.  It’s out of Fiesta Boomerang Madrid and Plum Pudding. (Pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.) I finished it so that I could start yet another one.  The new one is out of Cloud 9 and Clematis.  So far, so good.
Bad News: Another scarf. FPS.

dsc02302Bad News: The Post Office.  I could leave it at that but …. I won’t.
1)  Still waiting on a pallet of shipping boxes ordered almost a month ago. And two more orders of boxes since then.
2) “No one knows anything.  We can’t get any answers about this either, Ma’am, but I’m sorry you don’t have your boxes yet.”
3) This box that arrived today.  You don’t even want to know what’s in there.  It was one of several from this dyer and two were damaged.  grumble …. post office …. grumble
Good News: The people at our local post office are very nice.  They sent a carrier out with as many extra cases of shipping boxes as they had in stock. They know that knitters are waiting.

Bad News: UPS. They can drive through the parking lot 3 times before noon, but still can’t deliver our boxes to us until 5:30 at night, for some reason. What’s up with that?
Good News: They always bring a lot, and it’s always fun to open everything they bring us.

Good News: The winner from last week’s RAK contest (randomly drawn) is: Alice from NC.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the month of December! We had 633 RAKs reported in, but many of those comments contained more than one RAK.  That’s a whole lot of thoughtfulness going on.
Bad News: Our weekly RAK contests are over for another year, but maybe we’ll do a monthly one from time to time.

Good News: I’m having fun mixing up the order of bad and good news in this post.
Bad News: I need to stop writing and get back to packing orders. (Or maybe that’s good news?)

Sheri whoisapparentlyalittlegrumpyfromdealingwithshippingservicepeopletoday


  1. SUPER BAD NEWS —- I didn’t get a place for Spring Fling 09 !!!!!!!! Everyone I know got in but me. I’m soooooo crying my eyes out. Not really, but I am disappointed.
    Good News – Had a great Christmas and looking forward to a Happy New Year.

  2. I was hoping you’d share the titles of some good dvd’s you’ve been watching, I’m off work til after New Year’s and would love to have some suggestions of what to watch while knitting. Please? : )

  3. Good news: the rain melted all the snow!
    Bad news: I want new yarn but I don’t NEED new yarn and there’s no Sneak this week so I can’t HAVE new yarn. 😉

  4. Good news….I have wednesday AND thursday off this week. ( I work retail so that’s amazing) Bad news….I have to work both weekend days because of it. Ah well! Two days in a row is two days in a row!!

  5. Good News: New Year’s Eve is our 17th wedding anniversary
    Bad News: I have a pinched nerve in my neck and it’s making it hard to knit!

  6. Good news: I finished my final WIP last night and got to cast some bed socks for my mom with Hand Maiden Swiss Mountain!
    Bad news: I decided to use a different color than originally planned and only had one skein in that color.
    Good news: You still had some of that color in stock!
    Bad news: (for everyone else) I think I got the last one….

    P.S. Sheri, would you like me to break down my boxes from you and send them back so you can re-use them?!?

  7. Good News: I finished my SIL’s socks and she loves them.
    Bad News: I have no socks on the needles. This I can fix.

    Good News: Christmas is over.
    Bad News: I’m still overburdened and slightly depressed.

    Bad News: I have a lot of yarn staring at me.
    Good News: I have a lot of yarn staring at me.

    Happy New Year, y’all.

  8. Good News; My twin grandbabies are spending two whole nights with us!
    Bad News: They just started walking so no knitting for me for two days!!

    Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I am looking forward to another great year with The Loopy Ewe!

  9. Good news: I don’t have to go to work until Friday, so I have a lot of spinning and knitting time scheduled!
    Bad News: This isn’t enough time to make a dent in the WIPs or in the fiber stash, but I’m going to give it my best shot.

    Sheri, Happy New Year to you and all of the Loopy Elves!

  10. In reverse order:

    Bad News: My son was at the hospital this AM (pneumonia).

    Good news: The ER triage nurse rocked, made sure they treated him well and as fast as possible, and now my son is home.

  11. Bad News: I have a ‘wild child’ cat that will not let me take her to the vet.

    Good News: My ‘wild child’ cat is finally out of heat! This has been going on for 6 years, FPS.

    Happy New Year to all!!

  12. Good news – I used some Cashsport from The Yoyo for mitts for my sister for Christmas, and she really seemed to like them!

    Bad news – now I don’t have any cashsport left for meeeeee!
    ; )

  13. Good news: I received my order!
    More good news: I received an e-mail that my newest order has shipped!

    Bad news: Oh, why go there. I prefer the good news! 🙂

  14. Good News: Things are crazy at work right now.
    Bad News: We’re waiting for the Postal Service to send boxes too. FPS, what’s up with the delay????

    Good News: The medication my dad is on to supress the bad symptoms of PF are working and he’s feeling as good as he possibly can.
    Bad News: He’s not a good candidate for a lung transplant.

    Good News: My sister has been dating the most amazing man. He’s going to propose in February while they are on vacation. She has no idea. But, you all do!!!!!!!
    Bad News: Nope. Nothing bad about any of that.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!!!!

  15. Bad News – I had to take my son to the ER for a rabies shot
    Good News- Only one more shot to go

    Bad News – I had to take him back to the ER 2 hours later when he cut himself w/ the knife he got for Christmas
    Good News – Nothing major was damaged, he didn’t need stitches, the folks there are incredibly nice, and I got a lot of knitting done

  16. Bad news: Well, ‘the post’ seems to be worldwide badly organized…:-) I can sing the same song (with less boxes 🙂 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
    Good news: happy new year to all of you.

  17. Good news: I got a loopy gift certificate for Christmas 🙂

    Bad news: I used it quickly!!

    Do you think the Cloud 9 color would go with Glacier Mist for a chevron scarf?

  18. I hope Sheri and the lil Elves had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year!

    Good News: I got money for Christmas that is set aside for…guess what?…YARN!!!

    Bad News: I don’t have 8 arms to get all this knitting done fast enough!

    Good News: I learned to knit this past summer.

    Bad News: Really want to try the Chevron Scarf pattern, but I’m too chicken to tackle it just yet.

    Good News: I won week 4 of RAK”S, which means more yarn. Yippee!

    Bad News: Now I need 10 arms to get all this knitting done!!! sigh!

  19. Bad News: I’m going to have to work late for New Year’s Eve 🙁
    Good News: I don’t have to work New Year’s Day, so I’m going to start a new knitting project!!!

  20. Bad News: I found out the day after Christmas that the reason my jaw ached so much is an abscess.
    Good News: I now have antibiotics doing their work on the infection, so I feel a lot better.

    Bad News: I didn’t get any yarn for Christmas.
    Better News: I got plenty of gift certificates for places that sell things I need (like work clothes).
    Best News: I got some money for Christmas, so I will have plenty of money for yarns once I’ve finished working on the socks and crocheted toys.
    The Bestest News: I have a 3 day work week, so I will get to do lots of knitting and crocheting over the long weekend!

  21. Good News: Sheri knitted me a beautirul scarf for Christmas……I love it. Our GRANDkids, Knitting Daughter and College Boy spent time with us over the Holidays…

    Bad News: … they are going back to college.

  22. Good news – the kiddos are with the grandparents for the next few days
    More good news – uniterrupted knitting time!
    Bad news – I still have to work today.

    Happy early new year!

  23. good news: We had a few days over single digit freezing.

    bad news: it made the 1.5 feet of snow we’d gotten the day before that into a big ole sheet of ice. If you don’t skate, and I don’t, you just slide and bump on your rear which is sooooo undignified!

  24. Good News: The Customer Service e-mail box is empty!
    Better News: This means knitting time! Whoo-hoo!!
    Bad News: There will be more e-mails today. 🙁 And let’s not even talk about the phone calls (this morning, one man asked where he could find the enter key on his keyboard, FPS!).
    More Bad News: You should hear about the Fed Ex shenanigans, if you want to talk about troubles with shipping. Not sure from day to day if they’re entertaining or annoying.

    Good News: My shoulder is apparently better and I can get back to training the Nomming Monster (a.k.a. the 8-month old Lab-Shepherd mix puppy).
    Bad News: It appears that all the training went away while I was recuperating.
    Could be Good News, could be Bad News: The cat is still not getting along with the dog, but is definitely willing to “help” in the training (with much hissing and slapping with claws).

    Happy New Year Everyone!!

  25. Shipping has been horrible lately! I was switching cell phone carriers — my parents & I are on a family plan because it’s cheaper for all of us that way — so they sent my new phone to my mom. She overnighted it to me. I got it FIVE DAYS LATER, when it was picked up at the sort facility, because, due to weather (I sympathize, the snow screwed everything up here, but really, I live across the street from UPS, they were getting out and about, so was USPS, but my phone was with FedEx), they weren’t even going to attempt to deliver it last week. At all. Their attempted delivery date was set for tomorrow. 11 days after it was overnighted. So my good news is, I got my phone, my bad news is we’re fighting with FedEx because they don’t want to issue a refund for the lack of overnighted, or even expedited, shipping on their part. (Oh, and my mom? Lives an hour from me. Seriously… 11 days for shipping…)

    I’m glad you all are getting back into the swing of things, and happy new year!!

  26. Good News: I made it to and from NY for Christmas and had a wonderful time with my family.
    Bad News: I’m back at work.

    Good News: I finished all my holiday knitting and it was well received.
    Bad News: Nothing bad there!

    Good News: My sister bought me stuff from my Loopy wish list!
    Bad News: Even with the speedy shipping from the elves, I hate waiting 🙂

    Happy New Year everyone!

  27. Good news–your scarf is absolutely beautiful!
    Bad news–it’s making me want to make one of my own (what is WITH me and the scarves lately?).

    Bad news–(well, not really) I deliberately refused to comment on any of the RAK posts this December.
    Good news–I actually *did* as many RAKs as I could think of, but I didn’t tell y’all about them because I was one of the incredibly lucky winners last year, so I felt it only fair to not enter *this* year. Does that make any sense? 🙂 I still think that it’s a fantastic motivator, and a wonderful way to spread the spirit of the season.

    Bad news–I didn’t get any yarn at all for Christmas! Not even a gift certificate to buy my *own* yarn!
    Good news–it’s certainly not like I’m going to run out of yarn anytime soon. 😀 I did get several really good knitting books, including some EZ & the new Eclectic Sole one, so I am SET for loads of sock knitting through the coming winter months! Yay!

  28. Good News: I used my recently purchased Cascade 220 to knit three Marie Mayhew snowmen (too cute)

    Bad News: I have to dig out an in progress boring knitting project to work on while I patiently wait for my two skeins to arrive so I can continue making snowmen (for next christmas).

  29. Good News: James is visiting the Loopy Room on Friday with Dr. Jackie.
    Bad News: He’s bound to spend money on yarn that can’t possibly get knitted in this lifetime.
    Good News: He knows he’ll love whatever he finds at the Loopy Room.
    Really Good News: James will be so glad to see Sheri, who he hasn’t seen in months, FPS! 😉

  30. Good news:DS2 is spending the night at a friend’s home after a NYE party(parents insisted)
    Bad News :It is white out snowing and he needs to drive there
    Bad news: there will be drinking, some of the people are older than DS
    Good news: parent hosting wants a call saying it is ok he is there
    Good news: DS2,19,was completely open and honest about the whole thing(very heartwarming,he is always a good boy)
    Bad news: the party is being given by a gril he has been crazy about for three years but is always in a relationship with someone else
    Good news: we are all here to celebrate another year
    bad news: I will be at work with people less fortunate than us(NYE accidents coming to the ER will be many)
    Good news: Sheri, elves and the Loopy ewe
    Bad news: can’t think of any

    Happy Safe New year

  31. BAD news – I’ve been bored to tears for most of the last three days. The reason?

    GOOD news – My brother’s wedding on Saturday went great. What a party! (But I got used to going hard and fast helping get everything ready, and now there’s absolutely NOTHING to do. Why couldn’t they have just taken me on the cruise with them? They love me, right?)

  32. Loved your lists of good news bad news. Someone must be jealous if you are having problems with packages (not local but elsewhere) Sending you some mail elves and fairies to make things go better.

    Good news. Classes are over and i got 4 A’s(university)
    Bad News Classes are over and for my2 additional classes i still need to write an essay and do 2 chapters (different college than above)

    Good newsDD#2 is home from college
    Bad news DD#2 has to leave back to college

    Bad new I got the flu from Sunday before Christmas until after New Years. Then got a stomach flu
    Good News: when i felt better i worked on two scarfs (yah Sheri you got me started too)

    Good new i have Sheri’s blog to catch up on
    Bad news have no money to buy my yarn for Christmas presents. (Yup I am behind see above)



  33. If it makes you feel better about your box, I had a box of books sent here that the movers missed. I sent all my stitch dictionaries and unfortunately don’t remember for sure what else. The box arrived with a note apologizing for the damage, and I’m fairly certain at least one missing book, probably more. Won’t know for sure until I can get home and see what is there and can check for what is missing.

    The worst part, there was an extra book in the box. One I never had. Which means somewhere there’s someone who is either missing a book or is looking very puzzledly at Barbara Walker’s third treasury in their box of medical related non-fiction.

  34. Good News: I’m back in school working on my degree and looking forward to finishing finally.
    Bad News: That means much less knitting and spinning time, since I have intense classes that require lots of research and playing around in my design programs.

  35. Good News: I actually love these good news/bad news posts.
    Bad News: I haven’t been around much lately
    Good News: That’s because I have a job!
    Bad News: That means I have to work. (bleh)
    Good News: I have more yarn money!
    Bad News: I still have bills to pay.
    Good News: It’s snowing and I got to leave early today.
    Bad News: Well…really I think I’m out of that for now. 🙂

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