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Thanks for all of the guesses on the next Challenge! A few of you correctly identified my knitting as the Transition Gloves from Shibui Knits.  I have wanted to knit those ever since we got the pattern in over a year ago.  Of course I had to overcome my dislike of knitting from a chart, and also my inexperience with colorwork.  When Claudia’s Wollmeise Sock Club colors arrived, they seemed to shout “Transition Gloves” to me, and it was finally time to take the plunge. Now that I’ve started in on them, I see more of these in my future. I was sitting and knitting on them thinking that a black and white version would be SO cool (Shibui Ink and Ivory), as well as a red and white, and maybe a chocolate and blue, and …..  Well.  You can see how much fun I’m having thinking up combinations. And then I happened to wander over to Ravelry to visit everyone else’s combinations, and added a few more that are now “must knit” combos. (Check out Natlie’s Piano Gloves – just what I was imagining in Black and White.)  So the new Loopy Challenge, which will run from now until 12/31/08 is this: Knit something to warm your hands (or someone else’s hands. ‘Tis the season for starting your holiday knitting). It can be Fingerless Gloves, or Mittens, or regular Gloves, or even a muff. (Do they have knitting patterns for muffs? Seems like a felted muff might be fun.) In the spirit of “challenging” you a little bit, I encourage you to try something new with this.  Maybe you haven’t knit anything for hands before and the whole idea is new.  Or maybe (like me) you want to try colorwork, or learn two-handed knitting, or knitting fingers in gloves instead of mittens or fingerless mitts.  Maybe you’ve done all of that so the challenge for you would be to design your own or adapt a stitch pattern you really like – like taking any of the sock patterns you have and using that pattern for gloves or mittens, for example!  Whatever you choose, it will be fun to see all of the different options that people come up with.  If you already have something in mind, post in the comments and tell us what you’re going to do.  Otherwise, just hop in at any time. We will do another Knit-A-Long beginning in January.  Remember, we’re alternating Challenges with KAL’s now.

A couple of week’s ago I did a post about “It’s a Perfect Day for …” and had you leave comments. So many of you mentioned that it was a perfect day for Chili that I had to make up a pot of it – it just sounded so good.  So I thought I’d share the recipe with you.  I got this recipe from a teacher that I used to teach with (way back when) and have been making it ever since.

Cold Weather Chili

3 slices fried bacon
1 1/2 lbs. lean ground beef
1 onion, chopped
4 – 5 (smaller size) cans Brooks Chili Beans
2 large cans diced tomatoes
3 Tbl. brown sugar
2 Tbl. vinegar
1 1/2 tsp. cumin
1 1/2 tsp. chili powder
8 chocolate chips

Fry bacon and set aside to drain.  In bacon grease, brown hamburger and onion.  Drain.  Add remaining ingredients and simmer for about an hour. (Or put it all in the crockpot on low and let it simmer all afternoon.)  Cornbread Rolls go well with this chili.

We’re heading off to Indiana this afternoon for Parents Weekend at Taylor. We can’t wait to see College Girl and College Guy! (And I’m pretty sure that Payne’s Coffee and Ivanhoes Ice Cream will be on the schedule as well.)  Also, I will be out of commission & out of the office most of next week, as I’m having a bit of surgery and am taking a few days to recover. It would be nice if it was something fun that would make me look 10 years younger, but alas, it’s nothing exciting like that!  Keep me in your prayers and I plan to be back with you via the blog and email on Monday, the 29th.  Susan and the Elves will keep the orders going out.  They’re the best.  If you need anything, feel free to call here or email Susan (susan AT theloopyewe DOT com). Have a great weekend!

Sheri perfectdayforknittinginthecaronthewaytoIndiana


  1. Enjoy your weekend with the college kids-I know you have missed them. Thanks for the recipe and the challenge, and you will be in my prayers. Capitalize on the free time and knit, knit, knit!! Hurry Back!

  2. Sheri,

    My thoughts and prayers are you during your surgery and recovery. Maybe a little extra knitting time? Looking forward to the Challenge.

    Have a nice weekend with your kids.

  3. I just finished spinning my singles from Creatively Dyed roving last night. So guess I’ll be knitting it into fingerless mitts after it’s plyed.

    Safe trip.

    Hope your surgery goes well.

  4. I suppose now would be the time to start on those fingerless gloves for my freezing office.

    Good luck with the surgery. Take the anti-nausea medication if they offer it. It’s been worth every penny the times I’ve been in. I hope you have a speedy recovery and lots of knitting time.

  5. I’ll echo Gretchen’s suggestion for the pre-surgery anti-nausea drug! I hope you make a speedy recovery and can linger for a bit in that “sorry honey, you’ll have to cook your own dinner and do the laundry” zone while you still feel well enough to catch up on some reading and knitting.

    Speaking of reading and knitting, maybe now is a good time to treat yourself to the new Mason-Dixon book! They are such a hoot and there is a section on color knitting that I bet you would really enjoy Sheri since you’re in that knitting mode right now 🙂

  6. Have fun at Parents Weekend.
    I think I may take a break from socks to knit a friend some fingerless gloves in Dawg colors – Red & Black, not sure what pattern I’ll use though.
    Wishing you a quick, and uneventful, recovery next week.

  7. I hope you have an awesome weekend at Parents Weekend. That’s going to be a great time for you and your family.

    And, you will be in my thoughts and prayers during your down time. I hope you will take it easy and wish you a speedy recovery.

    Take care. : )

  8. Enjoy your visit with the college kids and travel safely. Good luck with the upcoming procedure and wishing you a speedy and pain-free recovery. Pick out some good books and have your knitting close to hand and take care!

  9. Have a great weekend! Give both kids a hug from me!!! I’m excited for the challenge and am going to attempt thrummed mittens (which I’ve always wanted to do!) Thoughts and prayers are with you next week!!

  10. Have a great weekend with your kids – the weather is supposed to be beautiful – quite the change from last weekend!
    I know everything will go well with your surgery and recovery. (The power of positive thinking!)
    I see a few pair of fingerless gloves in my future – definitely the the Transition Gloves – now to choose the colors!

  11. Sheri,
    I hope your surgery goes perfectly and that your recovery is swift. The anti-nausea medicine is wonderful. Also, if you’re at all anxious about the surgery or tend to wake up feeling disoriented, they can put something in your IV for that, too.

    You and the elves at TLE have been a tremendous help to me since my surgery back in the spring. Your products are gorgeous and have kept me happy and busy during my recovery and long after. Every package from TLE is like Christmas morning. Thank you for all that you do, for the service your company provides, and for the joy you bring.

    Enjoy the weekend with the children. May God bless you and keep you healthy.


  12. We are thinking of you Sheri and trust that all will go well. Have a great weekend and say hello to Web Guy and College Girl from all of us.

  13. Have a great w/e and know that many thoughts and prayers are on the way to you for a successful surgery and speedy, comfortable recovery.
    Thrummed mittens could be in my future…

  14. Sorry to hear that you have to have surgery. I hope everything comes out o.k.
    Enjoy your weekend with you children. Taylor has a prayer forum connected
    to their university. Put yourself on their prayer list. Your gloves look great.
    I’m not sure I understand about two handed knitting. Of course there are
    a lot of things I don’t understand anymore. Blame everything on my disease
    process, but could be just old age.

  15. I will keep you in my prayers and hope you have a speedy recovery. Enjoy your time with WK (wonderful kids) and trips to all your fave places.
    I ordered some new Chic Knits patterns, and will be looking them over trying to decide which one to start first.
    My sister is coming to visit from The Cities, so we will have sister-time – YAY!

  16. Didn’t mention it on my previous entry, but I would also like to have a muff pattern.
    My granddaughters would love it. Maybe when you are better, you can see
    about getting one for the Loopy Ewe.

  17. Have a fun weekend with the family!
    I will keep you in my daily prayers for a safe surgery and recovery. Take your time getting back up to speed… let WH take care of you… and catch up on some good DVDs, and some knitting of course. :o)

  18. Take care of yourself!! I send you best wishes for an easy recovery.

    Have fun traveling through Indiana this weekend. The weather seems to be looking good, and I bet the CGs will be most happy to have Mom around for a weekend.

  19. Cool challenge. Good recipe. Safe travels. And you’ll be in my thoughts next week.
    Here’s one of my favorite morning recipes for you. 🙂

    Warm, power packed breakfast (1 serving)
    1/2 c quinoa
    1/2 c vanilla rice milk (or whatever milk or milk substitute you want)
    1/2 c water
    1/8 – 1/4 t vanilla
    1 T real maple syrup

    Stir all together in a small pot on stove. Simmer until almost all liquid is absorbed (takes at least 15 min). Serve drizzled with a bit more maple syrup. (Warm, comforting and full of protein — good morning start. I like quinoa because of its mild taste and fun crunchy texture.)

  20. well, I have already made two entries on your blog. However, if you google
    “muff knitting patterns”, there are many and there are some that are free.
    Have a safe trip.

  21. Have a wonderful trip to see your children.I have been wondering how your daughter is doing at college.I look forward to reading all about your visit.
    My thoughts and prayers will be with you next week.I am sending a hug your way.

  22. wonderful challenge! I’ve been wanting to knit a pair of thrummed mittens for a while now. Now I have a “reason” to knit something for me 😉
    Hope you have a lovely time during parents weekend, and I hope your surgery goes well (which I’m sure it will)

  23. Sheri – enjoy parent’s weekend and good luck with the surgery. Thoughs and prayers will be headed your way from Phoenix.

  24. Perfect challenge! I’d been wanting to knit some in navy and gray (Ravenclaw colors!) before the new Harry Potter movie because yes, I am that dorky, and now I have an absolutely fabulous excuse to get started. 🙂

    I’m thinking I will either do transition gloves, endpaper mitts or something fun and stripey with buttons on the sides.

  25. Have a wonderful trip. This is something that I will be looking forward to next year as my daughter goes off to college. I wil keep you in my thoughts with your upcoming surgery.

    I am going to work on the Irish Hiking wrist warmers. It will be the first time I work with cables which has always made me nervous.

  26. Have a great time at parents weekend and my thoughts and prayers will be with you next week for your surgery and for a speedy recovery.


  27. Enjoy parents weekend (and your car knitting time….why am I always the driver instead of a passenger???). And know that my thoughts and prayers are with you for your surgery. Hope the recovery is swift. Be sure the elves keep us posted, ok?

  28. Have a wonderful weekend with your children and good luck with your surgery. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Have a little bit of that to look forward to in a few weeks. Thanks also for the tips on the feather and fan scarf. I am zooming along and it looks so much better with the smaller needle size!! Be well and safe.

  29. Have a wonderful time with your family this weekend.

    Your challenge will be perfect incentive for me to try my hand at gloves. I’ve never knit fingers before. I’m off to check the Ravelry database now.

  30. Have a great weekend! I hope the surgery fixes what it’s supposed to fix and doesn’t cause any new and different problems!

  31. You will get some wonderful weather for the family weekend! Have fun visiting with the kids and hope things will go all right for you next week.

  32. Oh my gosh that chili sounds good, even though it is in the 80’s here today. I will have to try it withought all the beans, maybe just half of them, or the kiddos won’t eat it.

    Have a wonderful trip and safe trip and enjoy the coffee and ice cream.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery from your surgery.

    I got my L:ouet Gems yesterday and have ideas for 2 new mitt patterns, just perfect timing for the next challenge.

  33. Sheri,

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope everything goes well with your surgery. I hope that parents weekend was a nice treat and that you got lots of knitting done.

  34. That is just the challenge I need right now: I need to make two pairs of mittens for my youngest daughters, and I want to use some of those cute mitten patterns like ‘Squirrel mittens’ or ‘Snail mittens’ but they’re sized for adult hands, so my challenge will be adapting/resizing the charts for smaller hands.
    Best of luck with the surgery, Sheri! I’ll definitely be thinking of you, and looking forward to your return.

  35. Praying that your surgery goes well. Enjoy your weekend with your kids!

    I think I might try some gloves for the challenge. Not sure about knitting fingers. Also tempted do try some pirate mittens for my GS.

  36. Hope your surgery allows you a bit of knitting time (and so guilt free…I mean, you can’t cook for days after surgery; everyone knows that). Enjoy your time with your kids…how convenient that they both are in the same place! Mine are in NC and AZ…could they have picked further apart places?!

  37. Have a wonderful weekend with your family!

    Wishing you easy surgery and a very speedy recovery. We will be thinking of you!

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