Rain, Flooding and Loopy’s Summer Vacation Voting!

Texas Loopies – is everyone ok?? We have a Hurricane Ike thread going on over on the Loopy Groupie Board on Ravelry, so we’ve kept up with a few of you over the past several days. I hope everyone is doing well – and in the other parts of the country that experienced Ike-Backlash, too. Let us know.  Here in Missouri, the flash floods almost got us. We’re not in a regular flood zone – you know, the kind where all of the snow melts further up north and comes down the river and slowly makes the rivers rise down here until they hit “flood stage”.  But we do have a teeny tiny (literally) creek and apparently it’s been known to “back up” with flash flooding. There was so much rain in such a short period of time that many houses and businesses were flooded.  We drove by Loopy Central on Sunday morning and had a moment of panic.  The first photo (click on photos to make them bigger) is what the front (corner) of the building typically looks like.  There is a big field next to it and a very small creek past the tree line over there on the left. You wouldn’t know the creek was there if you hadn’t been told.  It’s about 8-10 feet down in a ravine, and all of 3 feet wide on a typical day.  I have often joked with my landlord about putting a flock of sheep out there in that nice big, green field.  Sometimes we see deer wandering through there.  On Sunday, it looked like the second photo.  One big, muddy pool. And this was not the crest, as we could see the debris when we drove into the parking lot, indicating that it had gone higher. The third photo shows the corner of the back of our building and how close the water was when we were here.  We’re on the opposite side of the building, but that’s probably not all that significant when flash flooding is going on.  We checked and everything was dry inside, so it looks like the water didn’t get as high as the building itself.  When we drove by 2 hours later, it was all back down and there was a field there again. (The “up” side of flash flooding – although it rises quickly, it also goes away quickly.) Probably a good thing we never pursued the sheep idea, right?  (I was just kidding, really. No matter how much fun it would be.  But I’m the type of person who would’ve gotten up at 3 am in the pouring rain just to drive over and check on them to make sure they were ok.  And of course I would’ve made WH come with me.  For that reason alone, he would never go along with such a silly idea as having a flock of sheep.)

I started on my project for our next Loopy Challenge and I love it! I’m learning new things.  This project challenged me to learn colorwork, two-handed knitting, and chart reading. I was talking to Loopy Friend Sharon about charts and she said, “If a pattern isn’t charted, then I go ahead and make one.  I don’t knit from written directions if I can help it.” I said, “And I’m just the opposite.  If something is charted, I write it up as written directions. I don’t knit from charts if I can help it!”  Well obviously I had to become a better chart reader.  Fortunately this one was easy. And I’m so happy to have conquered the two-handed knitting thing, as it’s so much easier for doing colorwork. (In addition, I’m understanding how much fun it is to do colorwork….)  Can anyone guess the pattern I’m using or the item I’m making? Or the new Challenge? (Hint – it’s not a challenge to use a specific yarn, and it’s not a challenge to do colorwork.) I’ll fill you in on the Challenge on Friday. I’m anxious to finish this so that I can wash and block it and see how it turned out.

It’s time to cast your votes for your favorite “Loopy’s 2008 Summer Vacation” photos! You’ll find over 250 shots from Loopy’s photo album and by the looks of it, he had an amazing summer. Check out all of the places he went and the people he met.  It’s a wonder that he agreed to come back here and live at Loopy Central until we start it all over again next May. (Although he’s a bit puffed up about it all.  We’ll have to humble him a little before we allow him out with all of you again.) So take a look and send us your vote for any or all of the categories below.  Send your answers to susan AT theloopyewe DOT com by 9/30, and we’ll have prizes for all of the winners!

– best “far away” place that Loopy visited
– most interesting famous person that Loopy met
– most unusual place that Loopy visited
– favorite photo that Loopy was in

Last but not least – We put all of the Cascade 220 up last night, along with Hand Maiden Swiss Mountain (have you seen the free pattern that we had designed for 1 skein of Swiss Mountain? Wonderful gift idea), new colors of Louet Gems, more Beanie Baggies, and a re-stock of some Noro Kureyon Sock colorways that sold out in the beginning and have been backordered ever since. We had to increase the “What’s New” pages to 18 just to handle it all!  Just for fun, try out our Beta-Mode “Search the Loopy Ewe” function. Click on that link on the homepage and then bring Cascade up in the vendors list.  If you also click on the “Tiled List” icon, you’ll get to see thumbnail photos of 50 colors at a time. (And then there are 5 pages of the Cascade to see.) Cool, huh? Another Web Guy invention. We hope to finish it up over the holidays, as not all yarn weights and single colors show up in those searches and we have more fun things to add.  But it’s nice to play with in the meantime. 🙂

Sheri nowtostartworkingonalloftheyarnthatcameinwhilewewereburiedinCascade.


  1. That was a close call!!! Glad that your building and Loopy are safe. Here in Ohio, we’re also feeling the effects of Hurricane Ike from the 75 mile an hour winds we had on Sept. 14th. My DH & I lost power for 4 hours on Sunday, my son’s apt bldg in Columbus lost electricity for 24 hours. Electric went out again last night for about an hour, but nothing too major for us. Some of my neighbors and co-workers are still without electricity and some have been told it may not be restored until this Sunday! My thoughts and prayers go out to Texas too. Knitting & yarn: Love all the new items that you are getting in. Can’t wait to see the new challenge project.

  2. Sherri

    Glad you, elves and LC are safe and sound now with no damages. We did not have any effects of Ike except some high winds, but we did with last Hurricane can’t remember the name but we had anywhere from 4-8 inches of rain in the Washington DC area. My prayers go to everyone effected by Hurricane Ike.

    Can wait to see the new Loopy challenge project.

  3. Yikes! That must have been very scary! I’m so glad everything was ok within. Web Guy is a genius. I’m gonna go play with the new toy as soon as I get my office dug out again. I really need to learn to stay organized. Sigh.

    Your color work looks beautiful but I have no idea what it or the challenge might be. Not sure I can stand the wait until Friday either.

  4. That water was scary! Glad all the yarn was safe. I hope all the Groopies in Ike’s path are safe. Ooh. A working with color project, I can go for that. I’ve been working TLE Family Frolic Socks using intarsia in the round was is interesting. Looking forward to Friday’s challenge.

  5. glad to see you and TLE are OK. We lucked out and haven’t had any effects from IKE but my friends are still evacuated to Austin. Their house is just 2 miles from the water in Houston and they don’t know what shape it’s in.

  6. I’m so glad Loopy Central didn’t get swamped! That WAS close!

    I’ll bet if you ask the Little Loopy s, they’ll tell you they were bailing all night. 🙂

    Here outside of Chicago, we got a LOT of water, but thankfully not too much in my house (just a few trickles in the basement and a puddle in my garage). According to Little Loopy at my house, he was protecting the cat and the puppy from the storm. 😎

  7. Wow, glad you all are ok and of course the yarn. I have been perusing the Cascade and just rying to cut down from 40 or so skeins initially, 🙂 I have never seen that many colors of Cascade at one time…it is so hard to choose….but I will

  8. That creek is a bit too close for comfort. We had several trees down in the neighborhood, all out neighbors on every side of our yard had trees down, we were lucky and just lost a few shingles. Wonder how all that wind didn’t blow all those noisy cicadas out of the trees?? I am glad you and LC are doing fine.

    My colorwork guess is the ShibuiKnits Transition gloves, and a guess at the challenge fingerless gloves or mitts.

  9. We had over 10 inches of Ike related rain in our area over the weekend and flash flooding to boot. We had water in our basement – for the 2nd time ever! Not Fun! Thankfully it stayed mostly away from the carpeted areas. Just lots of soggy wet laundry and sleeping bags.

    My guess would be the Transition gloves – the pattern is in my shopping basket from last week – just waiting for payday – hopefully it will still be there – My daughter has been begging me to make them for her – sounds like a Christmas present to me and and excellent challenge!

  10. So glad all that muddy water didn’t make it inside! Love, love, love Web Guy’s latest and greatest. I searched for Pumpkin in the Keyword search and came up with the most wonderful selection of fall inspiration. Is the new challenge a “learn something new” challenge? Two handed knitting is on my list of thing to learn this year – need to get on that. 🙂

  11. Houston here. I still don’t have power at my apartment. We had a leak in the dining room which may necessitate large swathes of walls getting ripped out. Still, I wasn’t injured, we have plenty of food and water, I have friends to stay with, and of course, plenty of knitting to keep me occupied!

  12. I’m glad you kept all of that yarn safe for us! Sending positive energy to all that are in the storm areas!

    My guess for what you are making is the Shibui Knits Transition Gloves pattern.

  13. Of course no sheep! With water like that, they’d probably felt! (ok, I couldn’t resist)

    I *used to* be a written directions person. Then I learned charts. Now I’m annoyed when I see a cable or lace pattern that has written directions only and no chart. Both is a bonus for people to choose from, but I just think cable work, lace, and color work are best “seen” with a chart!

    Sheri, have you become sucked into the Ravelthon? You used to respond a lot more to posts on your blog but I think you’re over there on the Big R now 🙁 (WAAAY too much of the “me too” and “I agree” sorts of posts there – takes too much time to wade through and find the “content”).

  14. Whoa, that was too close!

    Here in Louisiana the folks on the coast got a double-whammy with Ike and Gustov. Baton Rouge is still trying to clean up from Gustov – 10-foot-high piles of trees and brush debris on both sides of many roads. They said if they put all the tree stuff they have already picked up in Tiger Stadium, it would be higher than any of the sky boxes! Wow!

  15. Wow! That is a lot of water! A little too close to the yarn for comfort! Glad that you guys are all ok. It just got a little windier than usual here in Western PA. Quite a bit of people where out of power for a few days. (Not us thought, we got lucky.)
    All that beautiful Cascade, so very tempting!

  16. Glad to hear that LC didn’t go under water!! I’m pretty sure wool doesn’t float! (And can you imagine how stinky a room full or wet wool would be???) Phew! I can’t wait to find out the next challenge. I’m ready to cast on something new!!

  17. I am glad that you are all ok.. It hasn’t rained in southern CA for sooo long, that we worry about fires this time of year and flooding and mud slides during our too brief wet season.

    I am hoping that those are the transitions gloves and that the challenge is related to hand coverings. I have lots of plans for that kind of item.

    I enjoy knititng by words for lace and cables. but I need a visual forcolorwork. I also transcribe directions from charts and create graphs from words. Old habits are hard to break.

  18. So glad to know that you and the Elves and Loopy are ok—and all the yarn, of course! I was absolutely bowled over by the selection of Cascade–no way could I narrow it down to a reasonable number of skeins! (Yes, I know you said you were going to carry every single color, but I hadn’t grasped what that would mean in terms of sheer volume! Web Guy is a genius.) Will have to take a few deep breaths and come back when the heart rate returns to normal. And after checking my patterns to see what I really need…! Intriguing colorwork there—looking forward to all the details of the new Loopy Challenge.

  19. Those would DEFINITELY be Transition gloves, which I just finished myself. Perhaps the challenge is “sock yarn as something for the hands rather than the feet”? Or “something you tried once, but didn’t like and haven’t tried it again, but probably should”?

  20. Those look suspiciously like the transition mitts to me… beautiful colors!

    Hoping the challenge is something on the order of fingerless gloves as I have several patterns in mind for those sorts of things. 🙂

  21. Oh my goodness….I just clicked on your blog today, as it’s been pretty busy, and when I saw you writing about the rains and faintly saw the little pix and slowly read your post and then you describing the scene….and getting emotional (as I hadn’t read the punchline result yet)……I could see myself running into Loopy Central (if it were mine) with arms waving wildly and shouting/screaming, “My Babies!!”…until I saw that everything was ok …..and out of relief, tears would stream down my face.

    There is nothing worse (ok…fire) than water damage..totally invasive. So happy for you.


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