I’m here – and Harry is, too!

I’m halfway-back. 🙂  (That just means I’ll be a little part-time this week).  But more importantly, our Opal Harry Potter line is here, too! We’ve been waiting a long time for this and I know you’ve been watching for it. This is a smaller stock than we ordered (due to flooding in the Opal warehouses that destroyed some of the yarn) but we have plenty more on order, which is due to arrive as soon as their second round ships. Probably about a month. So start with this batch and we’ll get more up for you asap. This morning, we also put up: Enchanted Knoll Farm Fingering Weight, new Zecca re-stock, Namaste Bags, 3 AM Enchantments bags (new indie artisan – great sock bags), Gypsy Knits DK, Earthly Hues Fingering, Enchanted Knoll Roving, Hand Maiden Sea Silk and our Loopy Ewe striping colorway from Lorna’s Laces in the Sport Weight.  It was a fun morning! Now we start working on the things that are in here for the next Sneak Up. It never ends – but we like it that way.

Thanks SO much for all of your wonderful emails, cards, cookies, flowers, fruit, caramel corn, and fun packages last week when I had surgery. You all are such an encouragement! I can’t say that it was a fun week, but each day gets better and I’m here at Loopy Central for awhile today, so that’s a step in the right direction. I didn’t do the amount of knitting and reading that I had planned on (and did more sleeping than I had planned on), but I did finish my first Transition Glove, which I love!  (Yarn is from the Wollmeise Sock Club, but there are all kinds of wonderful yarns out there to use with this pattern.) I’m glad to hear that so many of you are participating in our Fall Challenge – it will be interesting to see all of the “hand coverings” that you choose to knit up.  I’m ready to cast on my second glove this week.

I appreciate all of your good wishes for our Parents Weekend trip to college last weekend, too. We loved seeing College Guy and College Girl and they’re both doing just great. We found plenty of nice places to eat to relieve them of the DC (Dining Commons) Experience, including Greeks in Muncie (wonderful pizza in a little place almost in the middle of the Ball State Campus), Ivanhoes (which, as you may remember me mentioning before, has 100 flavors of sundaes and 100 flavors of shakes), and Payne’s (the best coffee, as well as really good panini, as it turns out.) Of course we didn’t just eat all weekend. We made the usual trip to the store to get them both re-stocked on things they need, we hung out, and there was also spinning involved. No, neither of them wanted to spin, but College Guy’s room-mate’s mom (Hi Jari!) is a Loopy Groupie and had just ordered a drop spindle.  I don’t know if there have been many drop spindle lessons in college rooms across the country, but I’ll bet that it’s never been taught in this particular guys dorm room before. She did great and it was my first time to teach someone else how to drop spindle, so I learned along the way, too.

On to emails and the rest of today. What did you all do last week while I was out?

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  1. YAY! You’re back (well even halfway is good to hear).

    Great sneak up today. Don’t do too much this week – take it easy when you can.

    Your gloves are BEAUTIFUL!


  2. Welcome back, glad all went well it sounds like. Yes, take your time as you reenter the working world. (Even though yours is better than most….he he he)

  3. Glad to hear that you are on the mend. Gets lots of rest if you still need it. We want our Head Loopy to be well. I finished spinning up my Lone Star Arts roving and worked on a couple of pairs of socks.

  4. Glad you’re feeling better, surgery is never fun. It was a busy week! Hubby and I went to Chicago to visit the aquarium, and we also went to The Fold, where Hubby got me a Majacraft Rose spinning wheel for Christmas! We got lost heading back to the highway, it was a bit scary with all those unlabelled roads and menacing farm equipment, but we made it out alive.

  5. welcome back! 🙂

    i studied for the GRE which i’m taking today. i’m soooo nervous. think of me in the next couple of hours, as i’m sitting at a computer, hoping i do well. 😀

  6. I spent most of the week at the Lake, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Then I came home, felt like crap on Friday, worked at my LYS on Saturday and did a crash-and-burn Sunday. Not very exciting 🙂

    One quick question … will you be getting the “Knitty” colorway of the Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport in stock? Just saw pictures elsewhere and am drooling, but would prefer to purchase at TLE. Glad you’re feeling better! Hope whatever you had done wasn’t to serious!

  7. I’m so glad you’re back even “halfway.” I only read two knitting blogs–yours and wendyknits. Both of you were off-line last week. I hope you’ll continue to recuperate.

    What did I do last week…I made a pair of mitts from my handspun, finished my Orchid Lace Scarf and worked on my sweater vest and my TLE Family Frolic socks. I seem to keep taking naps during knit time so am not making much progress. I’ve uploaded a picture of mitts and trying to get a “good” picture of scarf which I hope to upload tonight.

    I loved the lace-knitting experience and have several larger lace projects in queue to knit. Another addiction…

    I also will be making Snow on Cedars Mitts using what’s left of my Spring Fling Wollmeise (I weighed–keep your fingers crossed I have enough.) I’m not a glove person but enjoyed trying on my handspun mitts that are a gift.

    theknittingpatch, msknitsox, and monicaj who are fellow plurkers have “turned me on to” an online game called Molehill Empire so spent time playing last week.

    Again glad you’re better and back.

  8. It’s great to have you back, Sheri! Just make sure you don’t overdo things this week. Maybe you should be doing the reading and knitting this week, instead of last.

    Your glove is gorgeous and I love the disembodied hand that is wearing it, too, waving as if to say hello to us all after your time away!

    Last week I finished my Rogue sweater that I meant to get done last year, and today is a grey, cool, fallish day, perfect for wearing it. Yay!

  9. So glad that you had a great time with the kids. Did you guys actually drove through Ball State and saw what they’ve done with the look of the campus? Oh, I love your mitt so far and I’m continuing wanting to get that pattern even more.

    Anyhoo, this past week I had put off homework to read a new book – Brisingr by Christopher Paolini – which didn’t disappointed me one bit. I’ve sitting bored in my lecture classes and working. I went to a church picnic yesterday and had fun taking pictures of everyone there.

  10. Welcome back, Sheri! Beautiful gloves!

    Here in Maine we prepared for the hurricane that wasn’t. Guess I’m ready for the next one!

  11. Welcome back! I’m glad to hear that you’re doing better, and that you got some sleep last week when your body needed it most. You trip to see the College Kids sounds wonderful!

  12. WELCOME back!!! (only half caps since you’re just halfway back 🙂 )

    Let’s see – last week ordered some yarn from TLE for Christmas knitting and started right in. Still have to measure hubby’s feet for his socks and get some sportweight wool to knit them in. Also went to VEGAS on Saturday to see some old friends from back home.

    All in all not a bad week.

  13. Glad to hear you’re feeling better and that you had a nice visit with DCK (dear college kids).
    What did I do? Well, I sewed up a sweater I started last February, bought some Cascade 220 from my LYS to start Chic Knits Twist, went to my LYS’s Open House (a new location) and ended up buying some Cascade Venezia to make Elizabeth Zimmerman’s top-down sweater (class at LYS starts in Dec). All kinds of things going, I guess. There’s some unfinished socks in that list too.

    We have a rainy day here also, but I’m at work, so it can’t be appreciated by being lazy and knitting at home.

  14. From a Ball State alum- PLEASE tell me that you had the white pizza at Greek’s!!! I DREAM about that pizza, I miss it so much…

  15. Glad you are back. I hope you are well and on the road to recovery. I made it to
    my LYS and I am trying to destash my stash some of which I found I have had
    since 2002. Since I have become limited in what I can do, I am bartering with
    my yarn for other people’s services, such as sewing 14 buttons on a hat, finishing
    the sewing of some of my finished yarn products. Bartering, I am finding is a good
    thing. Almost finished with my new great grandbaby’s blanket, finished a cute
    little hat to go with it, and I have one little sock finished. That little sock gave
    me more trouble than my regular socks. Thought it would be a breeze.
    Feel better. Still have a gob of Christmas presents to make. At the rate I am going,
    it may be next Christmas.

  16. Last week, I spent much of 2 days on the “Eastern Shore (of Maryland) Yarn Crab-Crawl” AND got to meet the Sanguine Gryphon herself and see ALL her beautiful yarns. Aren’t I one lucky pup?

  17. Welcome back Sheri. Take it easy this week, and don’t work too hard.

    Last week I was offered a new position within my company that I could not refuse. Also finished a pair of socks for a co-worker.

  18. Glad you’re back. Take your time getting back to work. Last week, hmmm worked on xmas gifts…that’s about it!! Sounds like your visit with College Kids was fun! Now go rest.

  19. I’m so glad you’re on the mend! As for what I did while you were out, I missed you all the time and kept you in my prayers!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery…and remember that you can’t speed it up by drinking more coffee!

  20. Sheri me again

    Love the glove, I plan to start mine after I get back from vacation.

    Also it was my birthday on Sunday, so I got together with family and friends.

  21. Good to hear that you are back, Sheri. Do take it easy, and get back to full speed at your own pace. Last week I changed the fluorescent tube lights in my kitchen. installed a toilet seat, and completed the fourth wedge of my Free and Easy Pie Wedge Shawl (the free pattern on the Helen’s Lace ball band). Oh, yeah, and I got a paying job outside the house. More money to spend on yarn! 😉

  22. Glad to hear you are feeling a little better…surgery is no fun at all! Love your mitts…I had not ever looked at that pattern all that close, but I believe I may have ot make myself a pair…yours are gorgeous!!

    Last week I finally finished the ruffle on my Mom’s mohair shawl. She knit the body, but sent it to me to do the ruffle – gee thanks Mom!LOL – as I am a little more experienced with knitting than her. I had to wait for the electricity to come back on so I could have some AC…couldn’t work on that thing with just a fan blowing! I am also in the process of making some Halloween socks out of Zen String “The Pumpkin King”…LOVE that colorway, and they are coming out really nice. I also pulled out a vest I started last Christmas for myself…now that is fall is approaching, I know I will be wanting to wear it once it cools off more.

  23. So glad to hear that you are back, Sheri—even halfway is better than nothing! We missed you! But do take it easy and don’t try to rush the healing process. (And as Timmie B said, Wendy wasn’t blogging full-time last week either, so it was a lonely week for some of us!) Your glove looks fabulous and I’m so glad you had such a great visit with your kids. Love the idea of you giving personal drop-spindle lessons in your son’s dorm room—where do I sign up?

  24. I’m so glad that you’re getting better – it is always best to take it easy – I’m all about extra sleep too. : ) The 1st glove looks beautiful!!

    I can’t even remember what I’ve been up to (besides wrapping up a major declutter project) but I can tell you I’ve barely done any knitting. But, I have a knitting weekend in NYC to look foward to this weekend!! : )

    Take care and continue to feel better. : )

  25. So glad to have you back!!!!! Your glove looks fantastic, especially in Claudia’s yummy colors

    Finished Mom’s birthday scarf this weekend and have started in on the holiday knitting. Looking forward to a knitting weekend with Amy and Denise in NYC, a mini Spring Fling reunion 🙂

    The kids look great and glad you enjoyed the weekend with them 🙂

  26. I’m so glad you’re back but take it easy! I hope you’re feeling better each day.

    Well, I worked today – one contrary computer after another – but hopefully I was able to help my folks a bit. I’m looking around for a good “boy” pattern for my Lorna’s Laces loopy yarn (the red and white colorway) so if anyone has suggestions… They’re going to be my good juju socks for the Red Sox in the playoffs and as a gift for my younger son’s birthday.

    Your glove is just beautiful!

  27. Last week…hm….kinda like this week in some sense – worrying about having a job as this economic thing shakes out! But, since I figured stopping ALL spending would just contribute to the downward spiral, I did my bit and got some of the Loopy themed LL yarn. I’m hoping it stripes – peppermint striped socks for Christmas!

  28. So glad that you are mending. Don’t overdo it this week…it’s so tempting to try to do more than you should…this I know from experience! I will bet that you are right about the spindle lessons too!

  29. Good News: I was able to sit and knit the whole weekend!

    Bad News: I was so overcome with a cold, it was all I could manage to do… oh and sneeze, and cough… LOL

    Better News: I’m sure I’m on the way to recovery… 🙂

    Best News: My wrap that I began last week it this.close to being finished for a wedding this weekend! 10/4.

    The Bestest News: I will have a weekend alone with my DH in D.C. where he promised to take me yarn shop hopping, before the wedding festivities.

    I kept you in my prayers Sheri! I’m so happy that you are getting better and taking the rest you need to heal completely!!

  30. Welcome back, Sheri! I hope you are remembering to take it easy while you recover.
    It sounds like the visit with CG and CD was a great time.

    Last week? I was so busy it’s hard to remember what I did. I worked on a job application that got mailed out this morning (All good thoughts greatfully accepted). I started a scarf. I worked on some socks. I started working on all the chores that go with the change of seasons. I fluffed my stash looking for yarn to make kid-size mittens to donate. Now I’m looking for a good local charity that could used some kid-sized mittens.

  31. I’m glad you’re back. I hope all is well and that you feel tonnes better real quick. And when you do, make sure to take some time for the fun stuff as well as the work stuff. I’m so glad you had a nice visit with the kids too. And yay for teaching drop spindling in the guys dorm. You know, they’d have been all over you if you’d had a wheel. Something about it being an actual machine made of wood just gets guys, especially engineer guys, all fascinated.

  32. I’m glad your surgery went well. Best wishes for speedy recovery!
    My husband and I are on week two of the empty nest. Both kids at the same college. They are doing well. I like that they meet up for coffee and get together often. The cell phone make it so easy for them to keep in touch with us. It really eases the transition!
    Speaking of transition…I love the colors of your transition glove. I just wore mine for the first time this fall. Mine are an orange/purple combo in Shibui yarn. They are nice fitting gloves!

  33. Glad to hear you’re doing better!

    I really like the feature on the site that allows us to see items/colorways sold out. It’s nice to know what might be available again later, as I always seem to miss the sneakups.

    I love your transition glove; it’s very subtle.

  34. Welcome back Sheri even half is better than none, but dont follow my lead and d to much now. Take it easy and let there’s help you and cater t yu.
    I am so glad the visit with CB and CG went so well. My Fashion Diva seems to be doing well but is very strapped for cash. May the future bode better for her.
    What did I d last week. Well I read and read and read, well actually the computer did that for me on these chapters that would work, the rest i had to do myself which went slowly, I hate little print. I took quizzes in all my classes, TG for online classes. I am done for the most part with one class except for two PowerPoint, And caught up on all others. I could do alot of knitting, when i knit i learn better: so i got a pair of socks for my SIL done; got a knitted skirt finished (all it needed was the elastic band done; and finished my DIC Classy KAL finally, remember i had to frog the whole thing and go for a different pattern: now i finished the IW Flutter sleeve cardigan in peach with medium brown wooden buttons (and 4 button holes.) I will have to see when i can post it on Ravelry. Oh and i started a pair of socks for myself from IW Fall and am finishing another sweater from IW. Someone gave me some purpley mix mohair, so I want to knit a scarf for Fashion Diva.
    I cant decide what to spend my 25 on either. too many choices.

  35. Yay! Sheri’s better! 🙂 Long stressful couple of weeks at work, and I needed some good news!

    Oh, that glove is fantastic! I have the yarn and pattern for mine, just haven’t started it yet. Now I think I have to…once I get the second Birthday Sock done for my friend in FL. You know, she has only one pair of socks! But they are hand knit, of course. 🙂

    Make sure you don’t push it too much, OK? You’re not allowed any setbacks. BFF Sarah and I said so.

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