Our First KAL – Success!

DSC01860.JPGDC-KAL report – did you see all of the amazing sweaters that people knit up during this KAL? I know that more of you are working on them – keep sending in your photos. For those who made the June 1st deadline, you get a reward! We’d like you to have:

– a 20% discount on your next order of DC Classy (maximum of 8 skeins, because we think that 8 will make about any sweater!). If you’re like me, you have seen everything that everyone else made and now you have a whole other list of sweaters and DC Colorways that you want to try. So take the yarn for your next one at a special price from us.
– We’ll make it even easier. If you have a particular colorway you want to get, just email me (sheriATtheloopyeweDOTcom) and we’ll reserve it for you. Be sure to let me know how many skeins you’ll need. We’ll email you when it comes in and we’re ready to ship it out to you. (If your photo is now in the KAL photo gallery, you made the deadline and are eligible for these two rewards. If you don’t email us ahead with your colorway/skeins, just leave us an order note on your next DC Classy order and we’ll take the 20% off of that for you. We have a list of those of you who made the deadline. Another complete Classy re-stock coming soon!)

DSC01857.JPGI’m so happy to have finished my sweater, too. (I won’t tell you how much knitting went on this past weekend, but suffice it to say that it was hot off the needles JUST in time for the deadline.) You might remember that the whole reason I started this KAL was so that I’d be forced pressured held accountable encouraged to knit myself a sweater with this DC Classy that I just love. I’m glad it worked. Thanks to all of you who emailed or left me messages on Ravelry to keep me moving forward! And now it’s good to have it done because it’s too hot here to have a cat AND a sweater on your lap while you knit. (The cat is non-negotiable. I can’t sit and knit without Zoe hopping right up and settling in, FPS. Gracie knows that that is Zoe’s spot and leaves her to it. Luckily. Gracie is twice the size and has long hair. That’s an even hotter bundle of cat for a lap!) I used the Cloud Jungle colorway and made the body and the sleeves longer. (It’s the Mr. Greenjeans pattern, found here.)  I also added four buttons instead of just one. After seeing all of the photos, I have picked out a few new sweaters that I want to knit next (in the fall, when I’m ready to have a sweater on my lap again):

This one, and this one, and this one and this one and this one. Just to start with. Because I actually didn’t see one sweater photo in the gallery that I didn’t like. (I have my work cut out for me. Good thing we have monthly orders in with Dream in Color….)

I have another KAL cooked up for us and will tell you all about that shortly. I wanted to give the rest of you two or three more weeks to finish your sweaters before starting up a new one. This next one is going to be fun, too, so stay tuned. I’ll tell you about it at the end of the month.

DSC01851.JPGRemember in my Three Things post on Friday I told you that we were going to hit the restaurant Granite City over the weekend? Here is the main reason to head there for their Sunday Brunch. Every table gets these massive cinnamon rolls that have the best caramel sauce poured over the top. Yum. The other thing I liked was the decor – all Mission Oak-ish, which is totally me. (Valerie – Mission Oak! Come visit and we’ll go there!) Now we’ll have to go back for a regular meal there, as I hear the Asian Chicken Salad is wonderful.

Thanks for all of your entries in last week’s contest! We did a Monday Morning Sneak Up this week just for you early birds. (I know it wasn’t quite as early as some of you would have liked, but since we don’t work on Sundays, we had a couple of things to finish up Monday morning before we could post it.) Congratulations to our randomly-selected contest winner: Petunia from Delaware. She has received a $30 Loopy Gift Certificate!

I’m heading out to the TNNA Market this weekend and looking forward to that. These twice-a-year markets are important for staying in tune with what’s going on in the industry, and making sure that we spot fun new things to have at The Loopy Ewe. I’ll fill you in when I get back! I’ll be out of email/blog range from Friday through Monday, but will be back at Loopy Central on Tuesday morning to catch up. (Of course the Elves will be here shipping out all of your orders during this time. No interruption to that!) Be sure to catch the blog this Friday, though. We’ll have a special one for you. 🙂

Sheri somanyboxesarrivedthisweekthatitmakesmewonderwhyI’mgoingtoMarkettofindmorestuff….


  1. Your sweater turned out awesome! So did your plan of using a KAL to um, help you finish it.
    Those rolls are making me hungry- yum.

  2. Those gooey rolls sure look yummy! Luckily, it’s almost lunch-time.

    You did a beautiful job on your sweater and it fits you so well. I always hold my breath when I try a sweater on after completion. So far, I’ve been able to wear them all. Looking forward to seeing what the next KAL will be.

    Have fun this weekend! My LYS owner, Beth, from The Black Purl, is going to be there too. She has lots of patterns she’s written that she will be displaying. The DIC girl even knit one that she mentioned in her Interview with you this winter.

    Can’t wait to see what’s in all those boxes!

  3. Your sweater looks beautiful!! : ) So great that you finished!!
    Maybe I’ll finish mine before the end of the year (I mean, I have summer of socks coming up, lol).

    Those cinnamon rolls look super yummy! So much more appealing than my sandwich I had for lunch. Trying to be good!

    Enjoy your time at TNNA – I’m sure you will find many new things for us to covet. Can’t wait to hear about what you find! : )

  4. Your sweater is great! Thanks for the KAL, I wasn’t ready to start a sweater, but it gave the incentive to start and finish. And, I did get plenty of ideas from the others. Have fun this weekend!

  5. Aw, dang…when I saw the photo of the rolls, I hoped there’d be a recipe with it. 😀 They look soooo good!

    And, so does your sweater! Though a bit less sticky. 😉 I know you mentioned several times what pattern that is, but I’m drawing a total blank…and it’s so flattering on you, I think I may need to make one for myself now, too! You’re such an enabler. 🙂

  6. Wow Sheri – Your sweater came out just gorgeous, and I really like the adjustments to the sleeve and hem length you made! I definitely have another sweater or two in mind with Classy, so I will look forward to the reward discount! Have fun at TNNA and find lots of great stuff for us!

    Oh goodness…those cinnamon rolls look divine!!

  7. The sweater is beautiful, and despite having yarn for 2 sweaters calling me it is too hot for them right now. I keep downloading shawl patterns however, so I suspect that the lace thing is calling me. Those buns look wonderful. Have a great time on your trip

  8. Oh, your sweater is gorgeous! I haven’t knit a sweater for about a year–I’ve turned into a socks-only knitter for now–but I think I’ll want to do the next sweater KAL. Everyone did such a great job!

    Have a blast at TNNA–can’t wait to see what you get for us!

  9. I love your sweater. It’s a perfect color for you. I have to say, all of the colors of DIC are beautiful. Honestly, I’ve yet to see a DIC KAL sweater that I say, “oh, I don’t like that color”. Actutally it’s quite the opposite, I say “I want a sweater in that color & that color, etc”

    For those of us eligible for the discount, is there a deadline for purchasing the yarn? Your offer is very generous & definitely one I can’t turn down. The hard part will be deciding on the next pattern & color.

    I’m with you on having the furry ones be lap cats/dogs as the temperature rises. Do they not have an internal thermostat that says “I’m roasting because I’m sitting on this human & she has wool hanging over me”

    Wishing you safe & enjoyable travels to TNNA.

  10. I can definitely sympathize with the cat and sweater…at my place, it’s the cat, the dog and the sweater. Mr Greenjeans wasn’t so bad because it was a cardigan and single thickness. The one I finished last night was a steeked pullover and double thickness.

    Thanks for the discount…I will be e-mailing my colorway and requires later this afternoon. I’m gonna make an Imogen thanks to goatlady.

    Have fun at TNNA buy us lots of pretties.

  11. Great job on the sweater, Sheri! I love the Cloud Jungle color.

    Cinnamon rolls with caramel sauce – omg! I’m on a DIET FPS!

  12. NOt only is the sweater great but the color is perfect for you!

    I had a croissant bread pudding the other day which was lighter than air and delicious! Gotta try it!

  13. Gorgeous sweater and of course it looks fabulous on you. Come fall, I’m sure you’ll get to wear it tons. I know I’ve worn mine a lot this spring.
    Mission Oak and cinnamon buns together????!!!! You really can’t beat that! I would love to meet up with you there sometime, Sheri!

  14. Gorgeous sweater Sheri. I’m glad you will be doing another knit along, I hope to join the next one. Have fun picking out new things for us at TNNA!

  15. The sweater looks fantabulous I was thinking of making that same sweater in that same color. I was browsing through all the projects on TLE Ravelry site and was falling in love with so many of them .

    Congrats to Petunia !!!!!! ( although I am sure that random generator is faulty as it seems to never pick my # LOL)

    Those rolls look super yummy, now I have to have gooey caramel rolls FPS

  16. Petunia is a lucky chick, now I’m jealous! lol (she’s the mom of a friend of mine)

    Sheri, your sweater kicks ass, it looks great on you! Have fun at TNNA. Columbus is only 2 hours from me, wish I could go!

  17. Oh Sheri, it’s beautiful! The main reason I’ve not been drawn to Mr. Greenjeans is the one-only-button thing and you fixed right over that. The buttons are exactly right (I have a big button fetish) and the color is so pretty on you.

    So, lots of new boxes, new things at TNNA, irresistible discounts. . .Lord in heaven have mercy on my credit card! I guess I should be grateful I don’t live in Granite City driving radius or I’d positively turn into one, huge, gooey cinnamon roll. Boy that looks good.

  18. Great job on the sweater, Sheri! And it looks very nice on you.

    Hope you have a fun/inspirational time at TNNA!

  19. Hey, two for one! I want your sweater (it’s 50 degrees here in WA state) and I NEED a sweet roll! Yummy! Your sweater is awesome-I think Cloud Jungle is next for me too!

  20. Your sweater is gorgeous. And cinnamon rolls are my downfall (and then some) so no fair telling me about yet another reason I have to get to St. Louis eventually. I wish I had managed to finish my sweater in time but alas, real life (and knitting for others) always seems to take precedence over what I want to do. I must stop thinking about that though or I’ll start whining about how it isn’t fair and all the other knitters got to finish their sweaters so how come I don’t get to too. 😉

  21. I will echo all the other comments about the lovely sweater you knitted. It fits you so well! And I love the additional buttons that you added. This sweater has been on my “to do” list for a long time and I might just get to it soon.

    Excuse me, I just had a terrible craving for a cinnamon roll, LOL!!!

  22. Sheri, your sweater looks amazing. I am so proud of you for sticking with it and finishing. I looked at the gallery and was amazed at how pretty they all were. I am going to have to knit a sweater with it one of these days. I have one in mind already.

  23. Your sweater is beautiful. At some point I want to make a sweater for me and I think that pattern is one I’ll consider. I really like it!

  24. What a beautiful sweater! I KNOW I couldn’t make one that looks that good. I do love that pattern, too! 🙂

  25. I love your sweater Sheri and the ones you linked to as your next round of inspiration! Maybe once I get that Swirls sock pattern off my mind, I’ll start a sweater (I’m on my 3rd pair of Swirls with yarn for the 4th wound!).

  26. Your sweater turned out very nicely! Did you end up putting it in the dryer? Did it help? I’m scared to, but probably should try it.

  27. Gosh! The cinnamon rolls look totally delicious! I am with Karen on this one. I’m sort of on a diet (got to lose the last 4-10 pounds after all), and those are making me weak!

  28. Fabulous, stunning job on the sweater!!!! Now you just have to conquer that second sock thing. 🙂

    Have fun in OH. It is supposed to be mega hot the end of this week.

  29. Sheri your sweater looks so great! A perfect fit. Even though I didn’t finish by the deadline, I’m so happy to have joined the KAL and the Mr. Greenjeans pattern is so much fun. I’ll be finished in another week or so, which will be in plenty of time to start the next KAL….and finish on time. This was my first time using Dream In Color Classy and I’m loving it. So great to work with. Have a fun time at TNNA here in Columbus (30 minutes from me) and I look forward to seeing the new items you’ll be bringing us. Safe travels….Kristi

  30. Your sweater is beautiful, Sheri! Love it. Love it. Would you consider opening the DC KAL to others who didn’t have a chance to participate in the first one?
    Have a good trip!

  31. DiC sweaters and caramel-drenched cinnamon rolls and Mission Oak — three great things in one blog post! If you’re ever in Western New York (near Buffalo, the Nickel City), do stop by the Roycroft Inn in East Aurora. It’s a virtual cathedral to oak and to the Arts and Crafts movement. Have fun at TNNA for all of us. 🙂

  32. wow! love it! it really looks great on you. all you need is some dog duppa in the photo and you’d totally be a rockstar.
    i didn’t know you have a granite city, too. we ate there several times while we were in the hotel. good mojitos, too.

  33. Sheri, I love your sweater. It looks wonderful. And, I am drooling over the cinnamon rolls — one of my favorite things in the world. Yummy!

  34. Sheri, your sweater turned out great! I really need to finish mine—everyone’s looks so good, and it’s been so much fun to see the modifications (like your four buttons instead of one) that make each one unique.

    Ah, cinnamon buns! Another delicious food that’s unknown here!

    Have a safe trip and enjoy TNNA!

  35. May I be the first to welcome you to central Ohio! (even if you aren’t here yet.) If you’re looking for a great place to eat with impecable service, try Lindy’s in the German Village area. Their lobster bisque is to die for.

    We would welcome you to stay over for the Knitter’s Connection next week. But probably Loopy would miss you terribly at home.

  36. OMG, what a gorgeous sweater! I LOVE that!!!

    How come my stuff never looks that good??? 😉

  37. Your sweater is beautiful, it looks terrific on you!! Thanks for the extra time to finish up before the next KAL, hopefully it will be enough now that most of my obligation knitting is done. SOrry if you posted the answer already but what colorway is yours?

  38. Sheri, your sweater is so pretty, and it looks fantastic on you! I didn’t find out about the KAL until it was half over, but I look forward to participating in the next one! You have definitely inspired me. But like TMTTYRR said a few comments ago, my stuff never comes out looking that good!

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