Our First KAL – Success!

DSC01860.JPGDC-KAL report – did you see all of the amazing sweaters that people knit up during this KAL? I know that more of you are working on them – keep sending in your photos. For those who made the June 1st deadline, you get a reward! We’d like you to have:

– a 20% discount on your next order of DC Classy (maximum of 8 skeins, because we think that 8 will make about any sweater!). If you’re like me, you have seen everything that everyone else made and now you have a whole other list of sweaters and DC Colorways that you want to try. So take the yarn for your next one at a special price from us.
– We’ll make it even easier. If you have a particular colorway you want to get, just email me (sheriATtheloopyeweDOTcom) and we’ll reserve it for you. Be sure to let me know how many skeins you’ll need. We’ll email you when it comes in and we’re ready to ship it out to you. (If your photo is now in the KAL photo gallery, you made the deadline and are eligible for these two rewards. If you don’t email us ahead with your colorway/skeins, just leave us an order note on your next DC Classy order and we’ll take the 20% off of that for you. We have a list of those of you who made the deadline. Another complete Classy re-stock coming soon!)

DSC01857.JPGI’m so happy to have finished my sweater, too. (I won’t tell you how much knitting went on this past weekend, but suffice it to say that it was hot off the needles JUST in time for the deadline.) You might remember that the whole reason I started this KAL was so that I’d be forced pressured held accountable encouraged to knit myself a sweater with this DC Classy that I just love. I’m glad it worked. Thanks to all of you who emailed or left me messages on Ravelry to keep me moving forward! And now it’s good to have it done because it’s too hot here to have a cat AND a sweater on your lap while you knit. (The cat is non-negotiable. I can’t sit and knit without Zoe hopping right up and settling in, FPS. Gracie knows that that is Zoe’s spot and leaves her to it. Luckily. Gracie is twice the size and has long hair. That’s an even hotter bundle of cat for a lap!) I used the Cloud Jungle colorway and made the body and the sleeves longer. (It’s the Mr. Greenjeans pattern, found here.)  I also added four buttons instead of just one. After seeing all of the photos, I have picked out a few new sweaters that I want to knit next (in the fall, when I’m ready to have a sweater on my lap again):

This one, and this one, and this one and this one and this one. Just to start with. Because I actually didn’t see one sweater photo in the gallery that I didn’t like. (I have my work cut out for me. Good thing we have monthly orders in with Dream in Color….)

I have another KAL cooked up for us and will tell you all about that shortly. I wanted to give the rest of you two or three more weeks to finish your sweaters before starting up a new one. This next one is going to be fun, too, so stay tuned. I’ll tell you about it at the end of the month.

DSC01851.JPGRemember in my Three Things post on Friday I told you that we were going to hit the restaurant Granite City over the weekend? Here is the main reason to head there for their Sunday Brunch. Every table gets these massive cinnamon rolls that have the best caramel sauce poured over the top. Yum. The other thing I liked was the decor – all Mission Oak-ish, which is totally me. (Valerie – Mission Oak! Come visit and we’ll go there!) Now we’ll have to go back for a regular meal there, as I hear the Asian Chicken Salad is wonderful.

Thanks for all of your entries in last week’s contest! We did a Monday Morning Sneak Up this week just for you early birds. (I know it wasn’t quite as early as some of you would have liked, but since we don’t work on Sundays, we had a couple of things to finish up Monday morning before we could post it.) Congratulations to our randomly-selected contest winner: Petunia from Delaware. She has received a $30 Loopy Gift Certificate!

I’m heading out to the TNNA Market this weekend and looking forward to that. These twice-a-year markets are important for staying in tune with what’s going on in the industry, and making sure that we spot fun new things to have at The Loopy Ewe. I’ll fill you in when I get back! I’ll be out of email/blog range from Friday through Monday, but will be back at Loopy Central on Tuesday morning to catch up. (Of course the Elves will be here shipping out all of your orders during this time. No interruption to that!) Be sure to catch the blog this Friday, though. We’ll have a special one for you. 🙂

Sheri somanyboxesarrivedthisweekthatitmakesmewonderwhyI’mgoingtoMarkettofindmorestuff….


  1. yum@ the cinnamon rolls!

    Who won the KAL prize? I didn’t see it posted. Wasn’t there going to be a drawing from those who finished? Or is the discount the prize and everyone won?

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