A Day in the Life of Little Loopy

While The Loopy Lady is off buying stuff at Market, I get to take over the blog and share my day with you. I’m sure you wonder what a typical day at Loopy Central entails, so I made sure that someone photo-ed me to share the details with you. (Note – lots of photos in this post…)

Of course the day starts out with a “Grande Skinny Hazelnut with one Equal” made by our favorite barista (KD), delivered by our second favorite barista, Matt. Sometimes it’s a Venti day, but today was just a Grande day.


Things are always hopping from the get-go. It’s dark inside Loopy Central when I arrive first thing in the morning – except for the safety lights. (Funny story about The Loopy Lady – she and WH walked around for about 10 minutes the first night they moved into this space, trying to figure out where the light switches were to turn off the rest of the lights. She was just sure that it was completely dark in here when she arrived that morning. Of course it wasn’t. These stay on 24/7 for “safety”.)


The first thing I do is print and write on the orders. Or rather, start writing on the orders while the rest print out. A lot of you apparently like to shop at all hours of the night. We like that about you.


I hang out with some of the Elves while they pack orders. They’re fun to talk to and they all help to make this a happy place to work.


We like getting deliveries, and they come every day. Our favorite UPS person – Brenda – usually arrives first. We give her a good workout.


Not to be outdone, the FedEx guy arrives next, and I decided that I might like to go along for the ride with him today. I’m sure I’d have fun. (Alas, the Elves plucked me right back out of his pocket. Apparently they need me here. It’s nice to be needed.)


I wandered over to check on Cassie as she printed out labels. She’s working here for the summer and so far she’s doing just great. But I wanted to make sure. Y’all are kinda picky about getting your orders to the right house and such, so we try to make sure it all goes like it’s supposed to.


Then I hopped on the cart for a ride to the front room where we stack the boxes until the mailman comes. We make several trips to the door in a day, so we’re trying to figure out if we need to re-configure Loopy Central a bit. Or maybe we’ll just keep it this way and burn more calories. What do you think?


Time to check emails and Ravelry messages. That takes up a big part of my day, but it’s always fun to hear from all of you! Sometimes I get behind, but I try not to.


Lunchtime! I always try to eat a very balanced lunch. You’ll notice I have both regular AND peanut M&M’s on the plate. (I’m a little too short to sit on the stool and eat at the counter, so I just sit and eat on the stool.)


Back to work. We’re putting away some of the cases of stuff that arrived today. There was lots of roving to swing in climb on check in and put away.


And more Lorna’s Laces to re-stock. Bags and bags of it. My feet got tired of standing. I wanted to lay down on one of those soft bags and take a nap, but someone caught me and made me get back to work. I left the rest of the unpacking and re-stocking to the Elves. There were too many boxes for me to deal with.


We’re always looking at new yarns and contemplating additions to The Loopy Ewe. I like so many things that it’s hard to narrow it down. Hmmmm …. what should we do?


To make matters worse better, one of our Yarn Reps came today. We have had the Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn on order for ages, but we hadn’t seen all of the colors yet. He had them, and we love them all. We will have these just as soon as possible – sometime this summer. (Shhh – want to know a secret? I ordered a bunch of Noro Silk Garden Worsted, too. I figured that The Loopy Lady is all excited about her sweater and she might want to make one with this. It’s amazing and I didn’t want to give up the sample skein of it. but I did. Don’t tell anyone about that new purchase – it’s still a secret and I’m hoping TLL won’t mind that I put in a big order for it. She signs the checks, you know.)


Back to my emails and messages again, for a good part of the afternoon. Our mailman Rich arrives between 3:30 and 4:00 to take all of the packages away and send them on their way to you. Sometimes he walks into the front room and just groans, but most days he has a good attitude, no matter how many boxes are there. We appreciate that about him.


I place a few more re-orders, finish up a few more emails, do a few more things to prepare for next week’s Sneak Up, and then it’s time to lock up and go home. Whew. Another day done and I’m sure glad The Loopy Lady will be back next week to take over again.


I’m going home to knit. I hope someone has dinner ready…..


What’s one thing I might’ve done at your house, if I had taken over for you today?

LittleLoopy Idon’tknowhowshewritestheserun-onsentences,itmakesmyheadhurt


  1. Little Loopy was an excellent read for a day at the Loopy Ewe. I vote that the packages be taken to the front for the exercise. That way you can complete your workout at work and after dinner you can sit and knit. All that knitting makes us purchase more yarn. đŸ™‚

  2. Loopy, you would have had fun playing the wii with my two boys.
    We would have knitted, had fun doing laundry, making dinner and playing with the dogs and cats. I know one of my cats would have carried you off to pretend you were her baby. She has a habit of stealing things that are soft and cuddly!

  3. Well Loopy – you could have helped my sibs terrorize the house… or you could a worked on my thesis for me (anytime you want to come over and do that, you are more than welcome! – I’ll make sure you’ve a nice pile of yarn and fiber to lounge in while you work…)

  4. Oh Loopy, how I wish you were here! We’re having 35 people here for a family reunion next week and I have been cleaning up and could really use some extra “hands!” All this cleaning is really cutting into my knitting time!

  5. Little Loopy,
    Wow you had a very busy day. Your cousin Little Loopy who came to live with me got to go to the beach for a long weekend with the girls. I have some photos of Little Loopy at Bethany Beach DE and I will send them to Sheri soon so she can share with you all the fun things he did at the beach.

    Happy Knitting
    Martha in DC

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