Three Things Friday

DSC01847.JPGThree projects that I’m still knitting and wondering how I can “up” my hours to 36 in a day instead of 24:
– DC KAL Sweater (one more sleeve and the ribbing to go)
– Noro Scarf (I’ve already picked a few more Noro colors that I must knit)
– Wollmeise Scarf (ditto. I want to make a Krauterbeet for myself.)
(The photo? Gale’s Art BLF Roving. šŸ™‚ It just arrived today. I thought it would make a colorful photo to start out the blog today. This is her regular BFL. We will have more of her Black BFL roving next.)

Three things that I’m putting off this weekend in order to get more knitting time:
– laundry (having no kids in the house all week did help to reduce the laundry load)
– cleaning (ditto. The house has stayed amazingly neat and tidy.)
– cooking (good time for eating out, right?)

Three places I will visit this summer:
– Ohio (TNNA Market is next week – I’ll go find more fun stuff for us!)
– Florida (taking a family trip down to see Web Guy over the Fourth of July)
– Indiana (to get both kids off to college in August. I can’t think about it.)

Three places I will not visit this summer:
– Colorado (my favorite vacation spot in the midst of St. Louis Summer Heat)
– Germany (even though it’s my turn to visit Claudia the Wollmeise)
– Michigan (although eventually I will get there to visit Friend Meg and Cool-Yarn-Store-ThreadBear!)

DSC01843.JPGThree Eight+ fun things that will go up next week:
– 8 brand new colors of Noro Sock (oh, they’re so pretty. I took the photo so it’s not WH/Web Quality, but you get the idea of the new colors, until you can see them up next week.)
– 21 brand new colors of Araucania (I love knitting this yarn)
– Woolly Boully, Sheepaints, Gale’s Art BFL Roving (see first photo for a sampling), new Shibui and Claudia HandPainted colors, The Loopy Ewe Zephyr Stitchmarker Set, etc.

Three Six+ new lines that you’ll see here soon:
– Neighborhood Fibers Yarn and Roving
– Spirit Trail Fiberworks
– Hazel Knits
– Malabrigo Worsted Weight
– Sugar Bunny Blvd
– Yarn Love Roving
– Indigo Moon Yarns
– (and a few more that are still a secret)

Three more fun things coming soon:
– our new Duets order which will contain some previous cool colorways that many of you have been asking for. Angela is the Queen of Heels and Toes Sock Yarn!
– new Knitting Bags (because we all know that I have a thing for bags. And I know you do, too. You’ll love these.)
– new non-wool sock yarn options (and some new wool sock lines, too)

DSC01835.JPGThree things that made me happy this week:
– the best-ever Molasses Sugar Cookies that came in the mail from Michele in Maine
– emails from my two kids who are away
– yarn shopping spree from the new stuff that came in this week because I needed more in my stash (1 Woolly Boully, 4 Araucania, 2 Sheepaints and 4 Noro. In case you wanted to know.)

Three things I’m doing this weekend:
– eating out at Granite City because my friend Janice keeps telling me I have to go there
– picking up Knitting Daugher and Mum-in-Law from the airport (yay!)
– planting flowers in the flowerpots by my front door because it’s time, FPS.

Sheri anyonehavethreethingsthey’dliketosharetoday?


  1. It’s three days until our wedding anniversary, this Sunday!
    Three things we’ll be doing:
    1. Buy a computer that works! woohoo I can stalk the Loopy Ewe from home!
    2. Eat out somewhere good and new to us.
    3. Rest, relax, and finish my last pre-52 Pair Plunge socks.

    PS-If you figure out the secret to a 36-hour day let me know. I’m going to need it!

  2. Wow! Can I be the first commenter!
    Three yarny things:
    I went to the Great Lakes Fiber Show last weekend and met up with really great people!
    I get to go to TNNA next week too, with my LYS owner, Kim.
    The week after TNNA is Knitter’s Connection in Columbus! Holy yarny events!

    And because I always like to throw in some extras, like a trilogy in four parts:
    My greatest hope is that Sheri from the Loopy Ewe will someday carry my naturally-dyed eco-friendly yarns!

  3. Three projects that I want to work on this weekend:
    -my Snowflakes in Cedarwoods blanket-those last two charts are taking forever!
    -new socks for my son
    -sewing dresses for my daughter

    Three things that I’d like to avoid this weekend:
    -POLLEN (can you tell that I’ve had it up to here with allergies?)

    Three things that needs to be done this weekend:
    -Get ready for the next camping trip.
    -sort through the old/small clothes (again!)
    -knit šŸ˜‰

    Three things that we will be doing:
    -Going to DH’s work party, if the thunderstorms manage to miss us.
    -Shopping for E’s end of the school year reward
    -Eating out somewhere yummy.

  4. That Gale Arts Fiber is beautiful. I think I’ll have to have me some

    Three Projects I want to finish before Summer of Socks starts
    –my design sweater that I put to sleeve to work my DIC KAL
    –my Opal socks
    –my design socks started at Fling based on Mr Greenjeans.

    Three things I don’t want to do this weekend
    –work tomorrow morning

    Three things I want to do this weekend
    –watch movies

  5. Congratulations Laura on your wedding anniversary on Sunday. We TOO are celebrating our wedding anniversary on Sunday!! Our 34th!
    Three things I’ll be doing this weekend:
    1. On our anniversary, instead of driving anywhere, cause the gas prices anger us, we’re going for a long walk along the bike path to one of our favorite eateries and then walk leisurely back home again. Great time for good conversation!
    2. Start knitting a pair of socks with some Noro that I’ve had in my stash but never used yet. Can’t wait to see what it looks like.
    3. Do a little meandering in my flower garden. Hopefully I will pull some weeds, but definitely linger to smell some of the beautiful flowers in bloom.
    Happy weekend to all!

  6. Let’s see…three things chores I WILL do this weekend:

    1. Weed out at least two drawers of my filing cabinet and recycle what I don’t “need” to keep anymore.
    2. Draft a resume that is so fabulous that anyone who sees it will instantly offer me a job.
    3. Laundry

    Three things I am looking forward to doing this weekend:

    1. I am reading a novel! This is the second one I’ve read since the end of the school year!
    2. Knitting socks!
    3. Catch up on some letter writing. I love writing letters and I’m very fortunate to have friends whose daughter is just the right age to love getting mail. (And then I might have to knit a second sock if I get all of the above done).

  7. I would like to finish the little purse I made for my granddaughter. Not much left to
    do and work on a pair of socks that have the heel turned already. Find a DVD/VCR
    player that will play on my tv. It’s only two year old, but they have updated everything
    so much that I am already on my third order from Circuit City because the
    other two won’t work. My son has researched this one and and said he “thinks”
    it wil work. Each one was more expensive than the last. Progess has done a job
    on making us buy things that don’t work with the equipment we have. I would like to watch some of my old Bette Davis movies
    but I don’t have anything to watch them on. Maybe something will be good on
    cable. I have a fourth thing. One of my children and his family are on the
    way to the Ozarks this weekend. I hope they have a rip-roaring time. Their time
    schedules don’t allow them to get away very often.

  8. Three things I’ll do in June-

    Go to the Estes Park Wool Fest June 14.

    Make a scarf from Wollmeise.

    Finish 4 pairs of socks.

    Sheri, you’ll be missed in Colorado-maybe a fall trip when the aspens turn?

  9. Three knitting projects I intend to work on this weekend:
    (1) the 2nd sock of the pair I designed in Cookie’s class at the Spring Fling (just about at the heel flap now);
    (2) another hat for my chemo-head;
    (3) maybe start designing a new pair of socks for Sock Knitter’s Anonymous (Ravelry) June sockdown;
    ooops – and (4) Leaf Lace Scarf with Malabrigo Laceweight. – Already started, just a few inches done. Pattern is easy enough, & the yarn is scrumptiously soft, but I have to admit that I’m not yet feeling the love for laceweight. So this one’s a maybe for the weekend.

    Three things I need to do but don’t necessarily feel like doing:
    (1) Returns & exchanges of purchases, both local & online. (No TLE purchases in this category; all TLE purchases are keepers!)
    (2) Cleaning, de-cluttering at home.
    (3) Laundry. (‘Nuff said.)

    And Sheri, I might actually go to Threadbear this summer! My sister lives about 20 min away from there, & I’m hoping to visit her in July (while my daughter is at a law enforcement conference in Colorado). If I get to my sister’s, a visit to Threadbear will be tops on my list of things I want to do while I’m there! Looks like some great stuff coming in, but sheesh, I’m having a hard time keeping up with all of it!

  10. Three things I will do this weekend:
    1. spend time with the family boat camping on a small sailboat, big family, yikes.
    2. Catch a king salmon
    3. finish the current pair of socks

    Sheri, I had the pleasure of meeting KD while she was here, she is a beautiful young lady, you did a great job of raising her. It was fun to meet a celebrity, she is is the KD fps, that makes her a celebrity!!

  11. Three things that “must” get done this weekend:
    1. Finish the Hemlock Ring blanket for Mom’s much belated Mother’s Day present
    2. Start cape for Mom (was also supposed to be for Mother’s Day)
    3. Attack the jungle that is my backyard.
    Luckily I won’t be seeing Mom until the end of June, so I might actually get both projects done.

  12. OMG, there’s a Granite City in StL? Don’t make me drive up there and go with you .. I think I still have my member card somewhere in my desk ….

  13. Three things to do this weekend:

    1. Vacuum SOMEBODY’s (*coughHSHcough*) cereal out of the family room rug. No more shredded wheat while watching Max & Ruby for you!

    2. Wash my car. I’m not sure I remember what the original color is.

    3. Finish the short rows on the front of the summer top. Almost done, but still have wraps to pick up (US4 needle and splitty bambooā€¦ ARGH)

    That’ll keep me busy.

  14. Three things I’ll do this weekend:

    1. By 11:59 PM on 5/31 I will finish my DIC KAL sweater. As usual, the last bit of finishing is holding me back. I knit the Hourglass Sweater, but am not happy with the boat neck, so I’ve been trying to adapt it to a crew neck. Then I have to Kitchner the underarms and it should be “ta done” except for blocking.

    2. Go to my new/old gym for the Women on Weights class. I say new/old because today I received a notice in the mail from the new owners of the gym. Who knew the gym was for sale? … I certainly didn’t. I’m not big on change, but the gym could use some new enerry so this could be good.

    3. Post more pics of my friend’s Maine Coon Kittens on my Flickr. As I mentioned, my friends are in Alaska for 2 weeks & I’m visiting their cats daily. I’ve been posting pics of the cats & they look at the pics at the end of the day. Fellow pet owners know that the hardest part of going away is worrying about and missing the furry ones.

  15. My three weekend plans:
    1. Laundry. Feline integration of new cat is causing havoc and extra laundry. Don’t ask.
    2. Clean up crapImeancraft room. Must pack up scrapbooking stuff so my Dad can make and move in my new scrap-sew-etc desk.
    3. Play with my baby niece! She’s 4 months this past week!

  16. My “three things” weekend plans………….
    ** Take a class from my favorite quilting teacher (who also happens to be a super super knitter!!!)

    ** Start on a new tote bag (good friend from Ohio sent me the pattern and fabrics)

    ** Work on a brand new pair of socks w/ “new” yarn and “new size” (0’s) Addi knitting needles!!! Oh…and it’s a new pattern that I haven’t tried…oh……(hee hee hee….) and the colors are new for me too (bright orange, green and blue!)

  17. You’re making it hard for me not to buy yarn or fiber until after the Estes Park Wool Festival. The Gales Art roving and the new Noro colors are calling my name!

    Three things that need to get done, but probably won’t this weekend:
    1. Laundry
    2. Hang pictures so my house looks like I’m planning to live there for awhile
    3. Find the breakfast bar (everything seems to get stacked there)

    Three things that don’t need to get done this weekend, but probably will because they’re a lot more fun than the need to get done list!
    1. Ride my bike
    2. Start spinning from the roving I received last week from TLE. Should it be the Sanguine Gryphon or The Dyeing Arts…decisions, decisions.
    3. Start the 2nd Swirl Sock from the March TLE sock club.

  18. Well, let’s see, my 3 things…

    1. Sadly, I am nowhere near finishing the Dream in Color KAL, FPS! : ( But, making some fun progress on my Wollmeise scarf – did you use the entire skein?
    2. I’m going to a Red Sox-Orioles game on Sunday – always a treat for me. : )
    3. Looking forward to that Woolly Boully and Noro! Not to mention all the other cool things I know are coming soon. What is a girl to do?! Embrace rather than resist,right?! : )

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  19. JoAnne I would love to see those socks with the orange green and blue!!!! Those sound like my colors.

    Three things I don’t want to do this weekend
    1. Blow my nose. (Stupid cold/allerigies or whatever)
    2. Laundry (where does the Laundry Fairy live and why doesn’t she come to my house??)
    3. Watch the sappy DVD that the first grade teacher made that makes me cry every time I see it.

    Three thing I want to do this weekend:
    1. Raid Sherri’s stash (Not going to happen but a girl can dream right??)
    2. Spin. I have some of Gales BFL that I want to try.
    3 Knit and watch episodes of JAG. Unfortuntely I have to start a new pair since I finished the ones for the above mentioned teacher earlier today.

  20. My three favorite things I have done since I’ve been home from college:

    1. Stayed up and talked to mom and dad until 3:30 one morning…I’m trying to get them to be night owls too!
    2. Dinner out with my best friend followed by dessert outside while watching people swing dance in downtown Grand Rapids
    3. Going out to coffee with my friend and her 16 month old..precious.

  21. Three things I want to do this weekend:
    1. Take a nice long walk with all of my (8) dogs
    2. Find more than an hour to knit
    3. Leave the farm and actually go some place fun

    Of course the only one that will happen is #1. But at least I have wonderful woods to walk through.

  22. Three happy things today:
    1 My husband called from his trip back to the “home office” to tell me that they indeed reached the bonus threshold this year! Yippee!
    2 My 2YO pooped in the potty all on her own!
    3 You are FINALLY mentioning Hazel Knits which is my FAVORITE and I’ve been trying to wait ever so patiently since Wendy said you were going to start carrying it. Now favorite yarn + favorite store = bliss. Hopefully that bonus arrives around stocking time!
    4 (a bonus!) I have my DC KAL sweater done… just have to get Hub to help me photograph for you!

  23. Three things I can’t wait to get my hands on…
    1 New Shi Bui colors
    2 New Noro colors
    3 Hazel Knits!

    Have a good weekend!

  24. Three things that I am happy about today:
    1. Your picture of Gale’s BFL roving. I just finished spinning her Black BFL Autumn Fire roving and I love, love, love this roving! The colours are stunning and it spun up so nicely, even for a beginnier like me. Everyone going by my wheel kept stopping to admire it.
    2. You’ll be getting more of this roving. Do you know if you’ll be getting more of the Autumn Fire? I was thinking I might like a couple more of these to have enough to knit a vest with it.
    3. I’m spending all day tomorrow at spinning school at a local fiber store. I can’t wait to learn lots of new things to improve my spinning.
    Have a great weekend, Sheri!

  25. A Series of 3 things?
    3 things I want to do this weekend…
    Work on my son’s socks
    Wind up the DiC Classy yarn I ordered for my grandma’s cardi
    Finish a pair of Felted Slippers

    3 things We will be doing this weekend
    going to my mom’s which means more knitting time
    going to my LYS (Brick and Mortar near me) Knit Wicks, I ordered from TLE a couple of times already this week šŸ™‚
    goin out for Chinese with my mom and son

    3 things I want to avoid
    starting anymore socks before Summer of Socks starts, will be harder than it sounds
    wearing myself out, also harder than it sounds
    thats all I can think of for now but am sure if you give me enough time šŸ™‚

  26. That new roving looks gorgeous! In the spirit of three things, I offer:
    Three things I will be doing this weekend:
    Take my in-laws camping
    Trying not to get eaten alive by mosquitos
    Doing laundry after coming home from camping

    Three things that I wish I would have time to do this weekend:

  27. Can’t wait to see all the yummy new goodies and the new secret stuff.

    3 (or 4 or 5) things.
    I will be heading to Ohio this weekend for my neices high school graduation, then next Sat to souther IN for my nephew’s wedding. I don’t know how they grew up so fast.

    I really want to sleep in after running all over town with the eldest daughter trying to find the “right” outfits for the above mentioned activities.

    I really need to be doing laundry, but I think I will work on my shawl instead.

    … I hope I can talk hubby into eating out tonight because I really don’t feel like cooking

    I wish I was going to TNNA I went a few years ago and had a blast.

    DD did reward me with a Tropical Smoothie for all the running so that made it all worth it….. well for me anyway.

    Have a great weekend

  28. Three things consuming me right now:

    1. Packing
    2. Moving and transferring all my accounts, services (including coordinating my next sock club shipment which may happen when I am mid-move and have NO email access)
    3. The thought of UNpacking

    My landlord has decided to sell the property I’ve been renting for 8 years so I’m in a scramble. I’m rethinking of size of both my yarn and fabric stashes now that I’ve been working on PACKING them, let me tell ya!

  29. Three things:

    1. I didn’t need to know you’re getting yarn love roving, I’m on a strict diet FPS!

    2. I love cream soda (drinking some now!)

    3. My kids won’t nap so I can get some relaxation time…

  30. Three Things:

    1. Finish knitting latest sock (so I can knit more!)

    2. Figure out how to get old couch out of the house so I can get the new one delivered

    3. relax and enjoy the weekend

    on a different note: Hazel Knits and Neighborhood Fibers – YEAH!!!!

  31. Granite City looks yummo!

    3 things I don’t want to do but must

    Get ready for summer swim team season.
    Cleaning – I have 2 boys, one is 13 the other 47. They are the destroyers of all the survey.
    Worry – my dad, who is entering the end stages of Pulmonary Fibrosis, is going for tests today and we won’t know results until Monday.

    3 things I definately will be doing

    Praying a whole lot for my dad that he has more quality time to spend with family and friends before things go downhill and he can no longer get around.

    Going to see Sex and the City and then dinner with friends who make me laugh


    3 things I will avoid at all costs

    The outside – yikes is it a moldy mess out there
    Laundry – its a mountain but two more days won’t kill anyone. will it?
    The Outside – it just deserves a repeat because it is so yuck with stuff out there

  32. Three things I’m happy about from your post:
    1) That roving picture (major drool!)
    2) You’re getting Malabrigo in even though there was that fire in their factory
    3) The non-wool options

    Three more things I’m happy about from your post:
    1) You’re going to TNNA to get more goodies
    2) The yarns in the Sneak Up next week
    3) That you got e-mails from your kids. My mom just gave up on the internet so now I need to remember to call at a decent hour.

    Three things I’m happy about:
    1) I’m over the bug that had me sleeping for 3 days
    2) Our neighbor might be able to kid sit this weekend so we can go see the new Indiana Jones movie which we didn’t get to see last weekend (our anniversary)
    3) My stash has so much yarn in it, I can knit and knit away (but need to get back to that drop spindle too)

  33. Three projects I want to work on this weekend:

    1. The long-lingering Ivy lace socks that finally have heel flaps
    2. The Flutter cardigan, whose sleeves are almost long enough to start the decreases
    3. The Apple Laine socks

    Three projects that I don’t expect to work on this weekend, but it might turn out that I can after all:

    1. Starting a new pair of socks
    2. Sewing a few seams on a long-lingering jacket and skirt
    3. Giving birth (I think the kid’s going to stay put for another week or two, though)

  34. Three things I’m anxious to purchase:
    1. More Duets sock yarn
    2. More knitting bags — like I need another new one (I think Sheri is shaking her head on this one!)
    3. Noro sock yarn

    Three UFOs that hopefully will be FOs by the end of the weekend:
    1. A pair of socks that is almost done
    2. An eyelet scarf from sock yarn
    3. A pair of baby socks

  35. Three Things I love:
    1. Dunkin Donuts
    2. chocolate milk
    3. lounging in the papasan chair

    Three activities I dread
    1. Finding a new place to live
    2. Cleaning
    3. paying bills

  36. oh oh oh oh I cant’ think of three things I can only think- will there be the Woolly Boully Brooklyn Candy Colorway? I’ve been lusting after it ever since I saw Laura (LaLa) knitting it at The Fling!

  37. My 3 things for the weekend…
    1. Going to work…sigh. Must pay for the humungus dental bill that awaits me. I could be driving a Mercedes Benz….but I have teeth instead!
    2. Taking my new bike out for a spin
    3. Knitting on a pretty baby sweater that is made out of pink sock yarn.

  38. Ooh, I finally have three things to say:

    1. I work at Granite City!
    2. Our Sunday brunch is lovely.
    3. I unfortunately can’t get you a discount (would if I could).

  39. Three things I’ll be doing this weekend:

    1. Clutter control. I have a LOT of sock yarn (but not enough!).
    2. Attending a good friend’s flamenco dance recital.
    3. Finishing my current sock-in-progress and starting a new sock!

  40. My three things….

    I just cast off for my DIC sweater – just in time!

    I am going to meet “Sheep Paints” at Spinning Guild next weekend (I’ll be a brand new member)

    I am soooo looking forward to snatching up the Gale’s Art BFL (already own some black BFL of hers) and some Yarn Love roving. wooo hooo!

  41. Three things I finished this week:
    1. My second DIC KAL sweater
    2. My first pair of socks in ages
    3. A scarf from my own handspun yarn

    Three things I started this week:
    1. Cute knitted ball
    2. EZ butterfly jacket
    3. Wollmeise socks from sock club. Yum!

  42. Three things I WILL be doing this weekend –
    1. Working…it is billing time again, but that is a good thing!
    2. Knitting on the second sock of a pair of Noro socks I am making for a good friend…
    3. Working on my Swirls socks from the sock club!

    Three things I WON’T be doing this weekend –
    1. Knitting on my DIC-KAL sweater…I finished tonight! WOOHOO!!
    2. Going grocery shopping…Hubby did that for me today…
    3. Working in the yard…it is toooo blasted hot!

  43. Three knitterly things I will be doing this coming week.
    1. Finish up my step-DD footies, done in the “Pillars of Fire” pattern. She loves the first one!!
    2. Work a little on my RPM socks done in Apple Laine, “Blue Bayou”. I’m loving this yarn!!
    3. Decide on a stole/scarf pattern for that beautiful red Wollmeise that was part of the Sock Club. I’m leaning toward the Shetland Triangle shawl.

    3 non-knitterly things.
    1. Transplant a red maple that growing in a window-well.
    2. Decide on a color for refinishing my dining room table, and get supplies.
    3. Start some perennials from seed.

  44. Three things
    ! finsih the sock that I have been working on forever, I only have about 4 rows to go!
    2 Decide what to do next, I won’t speak about the scarf that I started, or the other sock that I should finish. Since the shawl is done I keep thinking that I need something new.
    3 Work, ugh!

  45. Three things I am not going to do today:

    1.) See my dog. This is sad.
    2.) Sit on my deck this evening with a glass of wine and DH cooking on the grill. Also sad.
    3.) Throw up. We hope. I am sitting in between Jamie Lee Curtis and Ray Bradbury between 2-3pm pacific time to sign books. If I can make it through this, I can make it through anything.

  46. Three random things.

    1. What exactly does a “tidy and clean” house look like?

    2. Today I’ve been married for 11 years.

    3. Malabrigo Worsted…. Bless you dear Sheri!!! šŸ™‚

  47. Three things:

    1. I better start planning for your fall trip to Michigan since you aren’t coming in the summer;)

    2. Oldest son is riding his bike with no training wheels and youngest is crawling.

    3. Making banana bars since the celebration cupcakes are all gone!

    4. (bonus!) I am going to knit tonight on Gust and when I have two repeats done, then I will wind one of my eight new skeins of DIC. Then if I get two repeats done on Sunday, I will wind the next skein and so on, so by the time Gust is done, I will be ready to make the Tulip sweater!!

  48. Three things that I’m excited about today:

    My copy of “The Eclectic Sole” that I pre-ordered has shipped. Yea!
    You’re gonna carry HazelKnits yarn. Yea!
    My DH cleaned up his mess in the dining room. Yea!

    Three things I’m trying to decide about today:

    Should I buy the Lexie Barnes bag I saw on sale at a LYS?
    What yarns in my stash am I most likely not to knit up and should I try to destash them?
    How much time do I have to spend on the treadmill to work off having tiramisu for dessert?

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