Goody Bags and April CONTEST!

DSC01744.JPGOne of the fun things that we did at the Fling was to have everyone sign a 6 ft. tall Sock Blocker for Loopy Central. (I did get some funny looks as I was carrying this big “sock” through the hotel. Some guy accused me of being a Red Sox fan, FPS!) I found the perfect place to hang it in our foyer, so that we can remember all of the fun people who were here for our first Spring Fling. (I photoed it with the door in the picture so that you Flingers would be able to picture where it is, now that you’ve been here in person.) I wonder how many of these will fit on the walls here? I guess when we’re out of wall space, we’ll stop having Flings? (Or move. Yeah, that’s a better idea. We’ll move and get more wall space.) Now I get to walk by the Big Blocker every morning, and think of all of you as I start work! It’s very handy to have a hubby who can make such things. πŸ™‚

DSC01742.JPGHere is a picture of the Goody Bags that we gave to everyone when they checked in. It includes the red/black backpack (which I liked a lot because it has pockets and straps and is designed vertically instead of being a horizontal carrying bag). Inside was a skein of Wollmeise which Claudia dyed up for me just for the Spring Fling. (This is the first time she has done more muted colors – it almost looks like a watercolor painting of meadows and sea – which makes it a very special colorway, indeed.) We also included a pattern and samples from Cherry Tree Hill and Claudia Hand Painted (enough to make some sock blocker keychains or mini socks), some wonderful “Everything Balm” from Goodies Unlimited, a brand new pattern from Wendy and one from Cookie A (along with my favorite new heavy vinyl “pattern holder” – I use these all the time when I knit), a Loopy Ewe coffee mug (no, we can’t sell them because we don’t want to ship them, but they were perfect for giving away in person!) and of course some Loopy Kisses. We had a great time putting these together for everyone. And now, you have a chance to win one! Remember when I told you about April’s blog contest and gave you all month to do three random acts of kindness? Today is the day to report in and leave your comments as to what you found to do for others this month! You need to have done three RAKs to be entered into the random drawing, and I will draw the name a week from today. If we have a lot of entries, I’m happy to draw for 2 or 3 Goodie Bags. We love giving away prizes. So leave a comment with your RAKs and inspire all the rest of us to get out there and do the same!

DSC01746.JPGNo Sneak Up this week, but we have wonderful things in store for you next week. All of the shirts, hats, and sweatshirts will go up. (Don’t worry – we ordered a lot and still have multiplies in all sizes. The Flingers didn’t clear us out!) We also have more Pattern Tamers, a fun Loopy Necklace, Lawre’s Laine BigBags (ohsogorgeous), Duets, Schaefer Anne, Yarn Love, Seawool Fiber Roving from Creatively Dyed, Cashmere Sock Yarn from Perchance to Knit, and possibly (depending on how much time we have to get photos done) two new indie dyers – Beyond Basic Knits and Enchanted Knoll Farms.

Guess what? It’s time to Take Loopy on Vacation again! He had such a wonderful mix of adventures last summer and he has been bugging us about it all winter long. He’s ready to go again! Beginning with orders placed on May 1st, we’ll be including a Loopy Postcard in your order while supplies last. (We will plan to send one postcard with your first order in May. If for some reason you need a second postcard with your next May order, just leave us an order note.) I know that a lot of you have your very own Little Loopy, and it’s perfectly acceptable to pose and photo Little Loopy on your vacation, instead of the postcards. We’ll leave it up to you as to which you prefer. We’ll start a new ’08 edition of Loopy’s Summer Photo Gallery next week so that you can start sharing his adventures. We will have prizes at the end of the summer again, and will have you vote in several categories, so get photo-ing. Last year we had prizes for: Best faraway place that Loopy visited, most famous person that he met, most creative photo with Loopy, and most unusual place he visited. If you have any more fun ideas for additional categories, email me and I’ll share them on a future blog post.

Winners of the Q1-08 Challenge – for “randomly drawn from all entries” the winner is: Juli’s skirt. For the Reader’s Choice award from those who voted: Jennifer’s Venezia. Each wins a $25 gift certificate to The Loopy Ewe. Congratulations to you both! Don’t forget our Q2-08 Challenge that runs between now and the end of June. πŸ™‚

I had an email from Claudia this morning and she has arrived safely back in Germany. Her family is glad to have her back, but I miss her!

Sheri stillwaaaaybehindonemailsbutIpromiseI’mpluggingawayonthem!


  1. This month I’ve done the following RAK:

    1. Went out at lunch and found 400 packages of Ramen Noodles for our ‘Raining Ramen Noodle Drive’. This benefits a local food pantry.

    2. I sent extra yarn and handmade stitch markers to a swap buddy.

    3. I bought my entire team at work lunch one day and took the time to individually thank thank them for their accomplishments.

  2. Looks like the fling was fun!
    1. I offered to babysit my friend’s children when her husband was on a 2 week business trip so she could have a child free evening for herself.
    2. I stopped and got a coworker a water at the grocery store when she forgot to pick hers up. She’s lost without her water.
    3. I put cookies in by boyfriends coat so on his first day of jury duty he’d have a little treat!

  3. Wow, it sure sounds like you guys all had fun Flinging!!!! Loved all the pictures!!
    My 3 random RAKS

    Brought in a big grocery bag of food for the food shelf in the building where I work. They have been so busy with requests lately.

    Took a collection from co-workers to buy a gas card for one of our clerks…she is a single mom and struggling to make ends meet, gas is so darn expensive these days

    I am helping organize a bake sale to raise money for the food shelf at work. All of my co-workers love to bake and really love to eat, so a win- win situation!!

  4. OK, I survived. I did my girl scout troop duty. I ended up taking 3/4 of them to the talent show tryouts so ended up responsible for more of them than I was supposed to be. For the record herding ‘tween girls is worse than herding cats. I spent 4 hours in my own special hell (surrounded by small children, needing to correct dangerous behaviour of some of them – including some who I’ve never seen before – since none of the other adults were doing it, and listening to songs being mutilated – not that I begrudge the children that, I think it’s great they’re gonna sing but I have to grit my teeth when they do) so I’m off to see what there is at the Loopy Ewe that can cure a splitting headache.

  5. Well, I’m getting ready for my final project at school, due tomorrow and not finished, and didn’t get to read all of the entries. But, my RAK were:

    1. Sent a fellow Raveler(?) some leftover yarn because she wasa going to run out.

    2. Didn’t rat out my school team member to our instructor after she sort of stabbed me in the back. Now she’s bending over backward to help me with a project in another class for no good reason. Hmmm.

    3. Added to the server’s tip when my ex-bf was being especially cheap. (There’s a reason he’s an ex!)

  6. RAK ONE: Took my free evening wherein I was *really* looking forward to snuggling, knitting, and sipping tea, to meet my friend for tea at the diner and spend 2 1/4 hours listening.

    RAK TWO: Sent one of my beloved music books to a school in New Orleans.

    RAK THREE: Wrote to a store praising a cashier’s sunny personality.

  7. 1. Watched the choir director’s children while she directed the choir during the school chapel service.

    2. Made last minute costumes for the school play.

    3. Drove my aunt to her appointments and the grocery store.

    Looks like I missed loads of fun at the fling. I hope I get to go next year.

  8. my 3 RAK’s

    1. I bought and secretly sent a gas gift card to a single mom I know. I know she could definitly use the help but would not ask or take anything if offered.

    2. I helped an elderly lady unload her grocerys onto the check out at the grocery store and then caught up to her in the parking lot and helped her load them in them in her car.

    3. I helped a frazled grandmother take care of her twin grandsons while her daughter in law took her older son (by 1 yr) into the dr’s office. I was at the office with my son but saw this lady struggling with these 2 baby boys and trying to figure out the stroller just looking frazzled. So I stayed and helped till mom got out of the office and got everyone straightened out.

  9. My RAK:

    1. Donated jewelry supplies for a youth activity.
    2. Shelved yarn for the LYS owner (her assistant that does that was out of town).
    3. Sent a card to a knitter who had a son in serious condition in the hospital following an accident.

    Next year I’ll be at the Fling!!!

  10. 1. I sent a friend who is having a hard time a surpise gift of her favorite candy & bath products.

    2. A friend was over visiting yesterday and admired a much loved tote bag of mine. I insisted she take it home and make it hers- she deserves it.

    3. I recently destashed some yarn to someone and because she was so kind and sweet- I gifted her with some alpaca handspun (not spun by me!)

    Thanks for the great updates about the fling! I really wanted to be there and the posts and pictures made me feel like I got to be a part of it!!!

  11. 1- Gifted a skein of Wollmeise to another Ravelry member that was not able to catch any of the sneak-ups

    2- Sent in two donations for a sick dog that I saw on a link from a blogger. (to help pay for his emergency vet bills)

    3- Sent an anonymous gift to one of the girls in my MD’s office that is having a hard time.

  12. 1. I treated my mom to a 10 day caribbean cruise for her 50th birthday because she is the best mom and friend I have ever known.

    2. I donated clothes and new toiletries for abused women who have had to flee their homes without any of their belongings.

    3. I donated two boxes of stash yarn to a women’s drug/alcohol rehab center where they learn to knit and crochet to help in their recovery.

    4. I donated money to the american cancer society.

  13. As for my random acts of kindness (all non-knitting but random and somewhat impulsive):

    1. I gave a lonely, sad little girl in my son’s third grade class who is going through lots at home a “friendship” bracelet.

    2. I taught a neighborhood kid how to ride a bike without training wheels (something I cannot teach me own kids to do yet).

    3. I surprise visited a client who recently lost his spouse bringing with me a home cooked meal.

  14. I’m really dissapointed to have missing Spring Flinging, but I hope to make it some time in the future, it sounds amazing!! I love the sock blocker, that’s charming. Will the Cookie A. and WendyKnits sock patterns be available on the site in the future?

    My RAK:
    1. Filled in for three shifts at work at the last minutes. I got calls just a few minutes before and made surprise drives into town to fill in for a sick co-worker and one who’d thrown her back out minutes before, and one with a very sick kid.

    2. I felt like swatching, so I cast on ten stitches in dishcloth cotton, and the next thing I knew, I had made a bear for Mother Bear to brighten a childs day somewhere in Africa.

    3. This isn’t really random, but I used my debit card for the first time EVER (very careful spender) to but my Mum the most extravagant Mother’s Day gift I ever have. I think she’s really going to like it.

    Thank you for doing this! You inspired me to look at the world around me and see more ways to help. I found myself helping people at the grocery store and at work to do things. It was a wonderful experience, and something I will continue to do.

  15. 1. Took care of a neighbor’s cats when he had to go out of town.

    2. Baked brownies and left them for a friend to find when she got home from working late all week.

    3. Donated money to several causes.

  16. 1. Organized dinners for a co-worker whose husband was severely injured in a work accident for the past month (and still going).
    2. Took Mom and Mom-in-law to our son’s out of town graduation at our expense.
    3. STayed late at work to help out so the patient assessments were on time.
    4. Took extra turn interpreting our church service when our sign language interpreter was unable to come unexpectedly.

  17. 1. I collected new make-up, soap and deorarants from co-workers and friends for the hospitality committee at my church – to be used as bingo prizes for the women’s homeless shelter.

    2. I gave a homeless man begging for money in front of the supermarket a $15 gift card for food for the Food Emporium so he could get some food.

    3. I helped a blind man in Central Park — he had his working dog and asked if I could watch him so that his dog could come out of harness and socialize with other dogs. That was awesome.

  18. This is such a great idea!

    1. Left money in the “tip jar” for one of my favorite bloggers
    2. Let people who looked like they needed it more than I did have the empty seat on the subway (it’s a 45+ minute ride, so standing can be an ordeal)
    3. Wrote a letter to my aunts, just to say hello

  19. Must type fast to beat the clock! (Oops almost left out the L in clock!)

    1) Twice in two days gave up my seat on my morning commute which meant no knitting.

    2) Never ever give money to people on the street – I don’t like to open my purse. However one afternoon as I was rushing to an appointment a woman said please give me something to eat. I rushed by and glanced at her. For some reason I came back and started talking to her. She really did just want something to eat but said she only wanted a sweet roll because it was soft and she had no teeth. It was actually rather sad but I took her into a fast food place and got her a pastry and coffee. I may have also slipped her some money for later on. I felt better for coming back.

    3) Dropped my son off at school the day of a field trip. One of his classmates was crying because he had forgotten his lunch. I asked him what he wanted and came back with something for him as I was actually chaperoning the trip that day.

    Thanks for doing this again Sheri.

  20. I LOVE reading about all the RAK’s… wow…!!!

    Mine for this month:

    1. Paid for someone’s shipping on their TLE order.
    2. Helped a single friend during rotator cuff (sp?) surgery….I took her to the surgery, brought her home, and stayed with her that first night.
    3. Donated to Ravelry
    4. Included a gift for my swap pal’s little boy with my swap package.

    I’m so happy that everyone had such a wonderful time at the Fling!! πŸ™‚

  21. Wow, once again I am blown away by everyone’s amazing RAK’s, mine don’t really seem like much in comparison, but here they are:
    1) I, as always, hold doors for people, especially now that it’s warmer and people are eating outside a lot. There is nothing worse than trying to open a door with a tray of food in your hands.
    2) I lent my sick friend my copy of a favorite Anime to make her feel better (it actually worked, too)
    3) One of my friends got hurt in a car accident right before our dorm Barbecue and we made him a really nice plate of food to eat in his room so he didn’t have to get up.

  22. I knitted socks for my mum (does that count???)
    I paid for a co-worker’s drink at our social club get together when she didn’t have any change.
    I took photo’s for the wedding of a friend of a friend when they couldn’t get a photographer for their short-notice wedding.

  23. I sure wanted to be at the Fling this year, and wow, does it read like you guys had even more fun than I imagined; I don’t think I can get up the nerve to give it up again next year! So make room for me!

    My RAK’s:
    1. used the money for the Spring Fling to drive to the local plant place and bought lots of plants, plant food, pots and baskets and then came home and spent time making spring pots and hanging baskets for every one on our street who always admires mine, but don’t have the time, energy, or money to make their own.
    2. knit a pair of socks in STR members’ only colorway, for a sour-faced woman I don’t even like, and gifted them to her in a nice bag with a little bottle of Soak and instructions on how to wash them and keep them nice. She SORT of thanked me, and said that they even fit her feet.
    3. knit 2 hats of big chunky yarn for two elderly neighbors who walk every day and I knew they were losing heat off their heads. They are the neighborhood “toothpick ladies” because they are so skinny! They are wearing the hats, every day! πŸ™‚
    4. an extra: made a big “goodie box” for an online friend with trigeminal neuralgia (I think I spelled it right); they have barely money for food after her meds, and she had nothing to spin or knit. I sent her a beautiful moorit Rambouillet fleece that I had been saving for my own stash: skirted, washed carefully, and prepped, to keep her spinning for months! some skeins of really luscious yarn, patterns and 2 books. Then added some cream for her skin, and a Bosworth drop spindle she’d been wanting to have. It felt sooo good, and she called me crying… I think I’ve already been repaid for this one!

  24. I thought I’d post three knitting-related RAK’s:
    1. I sent a skein of discontinued sock yarn to a Raveler who was craving that colorway. As it turned out, she was also going through some medical difficulties, so it felt even more important to brighten her day.

    2. I took a big big bag of yarns up to a collection point for a local women-in-transition program, so they could have more yarn to knit and crochet with, and made sure to toss in some knitting needles and two pattern books.

    3. When I noticed that a fellow Raveler needed a certain yarn to complete a project, I searched through other people’s “sell or trade” stashes for her and let her know where she might find some of the yarn she needed.

    Ongoing RAK: I’m currently knitting up mittnz for the Cheyenne River rez mittn drive, which my DH thinks is appropriate, as I am a very “Shy Ann”

  25. Hey there!

    My 3 RAK were:

    1. I made a charitable donation to the American Cancer Society in honor of my Grandmother
    2. I donated some household items and clothes to an AIDS charity
    3. I bought a gift for a friend because I knew she needed something to cheer her up

  26. RAK:
    1. Held misc. dorm stuff (including a fish) and doors while an overwhelmed Mom tried to move her daughter home for the summer.
    2. Fetched a shopping cart from another Mom who just unloaded kids and groceries in her car so she didn’t hav to return it to the corral.
    3.Babysat my neighbor’s screaming infant so she could walk her dogs without the screaming infant in toe. (That may need to count for 2 :))

  27. Hope I’m not too late for this…

    My 3 RAKS:

    1. I washed my neighbors car since she has very bad arthritis and her dirty car was bothering her.
    2. I gave my co-worker some of my sick leave so he could stay home longer with his new baby.
    3. I found a wallet a Giant Food and since the driver’s license was in it, I drove to the person’s house and returned it. I didn’t want it passing through so many employee hands since he had quite a bit of cash in there and several credit cards.

  28. All my RAKs are the same—letting someone go ahead of me in line (sorry, this seems to be my specialty!) but the funny thing is that, although I tried to be consistent in this throughout the month, on the morning of April 7 it just so happened that I was able to do this three times! (Post office, dry cleaner’s, grocery store.)

    Hope you are recovering from the Fling, Sheri! It sounds like it exceeded all expectations but you’ve got to be exhausted after all that planning and hard work! Will be looking forward to the next sneak up, as always!

  29. Am I too late?

    1. The writing group I facilitate had a visitor a couple of weeks ago. She saw the socks I had been knitting and wished she knew how to knit socks. I referred her to some sites on-line with tutorials…and have worked with her via e-mail since then.

    2. Took the writing group to Stone’s (a small deli-type restaurant) for our meet-up last week.

    3. Critiqued an essay at the last minute for a student.

  30. I so wish I could have come to Fling this year…what great pictures everyone is posting, and I love the huge sock blocker!!

    My three RAK’s:
    1. Made monetary contributions to some good causes that are close to my heart.
    2. Made a very special pair of socks for a friend “just because”…she was blown away!
    3. Helped a lady in front of me with her grocery bill. She was a couple of $$ short and was trying to decide what to put back.
    4. The usual helping people with doors, offering directions, letting people in line ahead of me, out of parking lots ahead of me, etc…

  31. I hate to post kindness because it is a little like bragging, but the reward is too tempting!
    1. Kookhaas chemo cap from lovely chocolate brown apple laine from Loopy Ewe
    2. Arranged dinner deliveries for family who lost father
    3. Took treats to home of another family in bereavement
    4. Took cookies & fun son to play with new family up the street
    5. Left goodie bag of things to do and munch on in hospital for my friend who’s daughter is being treated this week
    6. Did not give away dog when he threw up what looked like three days of saved food on my dining room carpet

  32. I love the giant sock blocker! Red Sox, bah!

    Random Acts of Kindness:
    1) I bought coffee for the person behind me at the Tim Horton’s drive-through.
    2) I put money in the dryer in our laundry room for someone whose clothes were still damp.
    3) Took tea and cookies to a friend who was sick.

  33. 1. I stayed late on a Saturday and helped out a co-worker who was working an entire barn by himself.
    2. I lent our intern a pile of books to help with a paper he’s doing.
    3. I bought my mom a bunch of teas I ordered online that I knew she’d like when she said she wanted to try something new.

  34. The post wasn’t up yesterday morning, so I hope posting today is ok too. I have a hard time identifying RAKs because they seem like normal parts of life.
    1) Let out a line of cars trying to make a left turn, after a mass exodus at a school function.
    2) Took a first time prom attendee, who’s parents left him to make arrangements on his own, to the tux store and flower store, picked up his supplies, and took photos of him and his date.
    3)Gave a piece of my cobalt glass to a new neighbor who admired it

  35. I don’t know my neighbor well but she has two little children aged 2 and 6 months. We were cleaning out the old Disney movies and books and I went over to ask her if she wanted any of them for her girls before I Free-cycled the rest. She answered the door looking like death. Both her and her husband had had the flu for 3 days and the girls were sick now too. She was in tears because it was Sunday night and She was substitue teaching the whole following week. I felt so bad for her. I went home, grabbed my oldest daughters and we started making food. We made two large meals (enough to feed a small family for a week+), three banana breads, a pan of bars and some home-made bread. We sorted the Disney movies for the “princess” ones and culled out all the Dr. Suis books for her girls. We loaded it all up and drove it over.
    When she met us at the door the poor woman just stood there and cried as we unloaded. She couldn’t believe we would do that for soneone we barely knew. Later her husband also stopped both my husband and me and told us how no one has ever done anything like that for them ever. I grew up in a small town. When someone had a baby, was sick or had a family member die we always made food. TONS of food. He said he Never lived in a small town and Never had anyone care like that. It made me realize how easy it is to touch someone’s life in a significant way… with so little.
    I now keep loaves of banana bread in my freezer and hand them when I see a need. I emptied my freezer yesterday and am baking more b bread today. πŸ™‚

  36. RAKS for the month of May:

    1. Helped a new employee with a stack of work that had acquired so she wouldn’t be bombarded even though I am not in her department.

    2. Made from scratch Brownies for my crabby co-workers. Dark Chocolate sure does make the world a better place. πŸ™‚

    3. Donated a ton of yarn to my local nursing home for their Stitches of Love group

  37. Hmmmm…

    3 Random Acts of kindness.

    I knit an iPhone cozy for my colleague at work just because.

    I had a particularly difficult coworker and when her birthday rolled around I brought her cupcakes from the place she said was her favorite.

    I help people who have strollers go up and down the subway stairs.

  38. Wow, there really are a lot of great stories. As for me, I went with the dictum, ‘Charity begins at home.’

    1. I did everything the weekend before my birthday, including making pizza for supper, doing dishes (technically, my sister and I swap duties–I do dishes when she makes dinner, and vice versa), AND making tea, soup, and Jello for Mom, who was sick. (I got some yarn that day–that helped. πŸ˜‰ )

    2. I filled a water jug when it was my sister’s turn (our rule is, if you empty it, you must fill it). That was more or less completely out of character, too.

    3. I gave away a gift card that I would probably have never used to someone who goes there a LOT, and

    4. I randomly gave away some money, ‘just because.’

  39. 1. I gave away sock yarn to someone just because they liked it more than I did (actually, a “Pay it forward” more than a RAK, because someone did that to me once and it just made me so happy!).

    2. Giving up my seat on the subway to an older person.

    3. Helping someone get their stroller up the subway stairs, since their arms were already full of baby.

  40. 1. Took a welcome gift to the new neighbors. 2 cute little guys, one with training wheels on a little bitty motorcycle.
    2 Knitting surprise socks for a friend that is relocating to a strange new place far far away from her friends and support system ( North Carolina).
    3. Sharing my asparagus with anyone who wants some. You just can’t “put it up” to be as good as fresh.

  41. I hope that I am not too late. I was doing a RAK yesterday, and never managed to get online.
    1. My husband and I are organizing a Bull Roast (Baltimore thing) as a fund-raiser for the Boy Scout Troop. The person who is putting together the spreadsheets for the Silent Auction had something come up, so I redid all my auction booklet write-ups in Excel so that he could just merge the document and not have to spend any time on it (took me 4 hours)
    2. I offered 2 “extra” ticket (I really paid the $60 for them, as I had no extras) to the Bull Roast to a family that I heard through the grapevine are going through an extremely rough time financially
    3. My husband said he thought we needed a few other Silent Auction items, so this week I knitted a great summer handbag for the auction…still have to line it tonight but it is my thought that (at least through Sunday) sleep is over-rated anyway.
    4. Don’t know if this is really a RAK as much as a whine, but I am giving up MDSW for the second year in a row to do this fund-raiser for the Boy Scout troop that my youngest son “graduated” from 3 years ago. I love the festivals for the fiber, but even more for the chance to be with people who love it as much as I do.

  42. Wow looks like you all had fun during the Fling. I wish that I could have been there. As for my 3RAKs
    1. I donated 2 bags, and 1 box full of clothes and shoes, an Ironing board and a water cooker to the Good Will
    2. I was in the drive through at Taco Bell and gave a homeless Vet a burrito and a couple of dollars
    3. I was moving from one house to another and had an extra vacuum I was going to take it to the good will but found a family in my building who needed one.
    4. I was unpacking and realized how much my stash has grown so I sent my sister a brand new skein of Wollmeise.
    5. Made my sister a “Punky Pouch” for her knitting to cheer her up after a terrible loss.
    6. Gave some extra goodies to some ladies who helped me destash some sock yarn.

  43. Wow! Looks like a wonderful time!

    My RAKS include:

    1. Donating my (and my growing kids’) winter clothes clean-out to Goodwill.
    2. Paying the Metro fare for the person next to me on my first visit to DC this past weekend.
    3. I helped the Assistant Principal get her computer hooked up this morning while dropping my kids off at school.

  44. 1. I helped a 7 months pregnant woman at work finish her zone without being asked twice this month.

    2. I paid the tuition deposit to secure my friend’s daughter a spot at preschool next year b/c money is tight and they’re filling up fast.

    3. I rescheduled my entire morning Tuesday to fill in as “room mom” for a sick friend.

  45. The fling sounds like it was so much fun!

    My RAK:

    1. I gave my father’s secretary a bunch of baby things that she couldn’t afford.
    2. My home nurse is moving, and needs suits for her new job. I gave her all of mine from when I worked.
    3. I went grocery shopping for my MIL.

  46. 1. We had some horrible tornados touch down in Suffolk this past Monday (which is a town very close to mine.) I’ve made a monetary donation to the Red Cross to help the victims who have lost their homes and possessions.

    2. I took an elderly neighbor who lives alone out to lunch.

    3. I sent a surprise pair of socks to my sister just because.

  47. It is most obvious to me that WH “gets” you– the big ol’ sock blocker is EXACTLY right!

    I really didn’t set out to complete 3 RAKs this month because although I enjoyed reading everybody’s RAKs, I hadn’t kept track. However, I reconsidered after I saw the AWESOME goody bag! If you don’t play, you can’t win, right? You ladies outdid yourselves with those goody bags!!

    1. I make hand-poured soy wax candles and tarts as well as hand-mixed potpourri and was approached about donating gift baskets for silent auctions for two different local organizations. I poured special candles for the events, put together the baskets, and delivered them to the offices of the chairwomen of the auction committees.

    2. I got to meet The Yarn Harlot in Indianapolis on Tuesday night, and I picked up a little momento to send to a knitting friend who won’t get to see her on this tour.

    3. A friend who is not a knitter (yet) is putting together a care package for her SIL in Australia who has recently been diagnosed with a different kind of cancer. She asked a group of us for ideas of what to include in a care package for her, and I asked if it would be OK for me to knit a Koolhaas for her. She was really touched that I would knit for her SIL.

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