Tulips and Daisies

DSC01748.JPGFor one brief moment last week (about the time everyone was jetting in for The Spring Fling) our weather seemed to have gone from winter (flurries the weekend before) to summer (hot hot hot and humid) in one week. Now we’re back in the cool temperatures, but we have flowers inside! Check out the gorgeous tulips that arrived this week – aren’t they beautiful? (Megann – you’re the best!) It feels like we have brought the sunshine inside. 🙂 They make us smile every time we walk by them.

DSC01749.JPGThose aren’t the only flowers cheering us up here at The Loopy Ewe. This amazing “Edible Arrangement” arrived yesterday, along with a jar of chocolate for the cute strawberry dish that came with it. We have tried everything and it is wonderful. (We keep eating fruit from the back so that the front stays cute. There is a lot of fruit in there, including the “daisy” pineapple slices on the front!) Some people (and I’m not mentioning names) have the idea that chocolate lathered fruit slices make a perfectly acceptable lunch. This arrived with a note that it was a RAK for all of us here at Loopy Central. Wow!! We don’t know who to thank, but YOU know who you are and we just want to send you big hugs and kisses because we are totally enjoying it and it was an awfully nice thing to do. (Also keeping us smiling, but not in the “flower” category, are the basket of cookies from Sharon that arrived yesterday afternoon. This is a fun place to be this week!)

I love reading all of your RAK comments on Wednesday’s blog. Keep adding to them – you have until next Wednesday before I draw for the doorprize. It’s so inspiring to see how many people are being helped, and I’m getting lots of great ideas for future RAKs that I can do.

Today’s recipe is so quick and easy, and loved by all. (What’s not to love about any recipe that has the word “pizza” in it?) I hope you and your families enjoy it.

DSC01656.JPGPizza Casserole

2 cups spiral noodles
1 lb. ground beef
1 jar pizza sauce
3 cups shredded mozzarella
Sliced pepperoni

Cook and drain the noodles, according to package directions. Brown the ground beef and drain. Stir the jar of pizza sauce into the beef. Spread the noodles out in the bottom of a 9 x 13 dish. Add in layers: beef, cheese and pepperoni. Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes.

(Sheri’s note: I’m not very good at following quantities in recipes. If I think there should be more of something, I just drop it in. Therefore, I’m sure that my photo has more noodles than the required amount above. I also like it fairly moist, so I used a big jar of pizza sauce, and topped it all with cheese. Someday I’ll learn to follow directions and leave things alone. Maybe.)

So glad it’s the weekend. I’m working on my Wollmeise Scarf (started during the Fling) and will show photos next week. It’s a bit addictive and very very simple, and I have already decided on my next three colorways that I will knit up into this same pattern. What fun things are you doing this weekend? Any knitting going on?

Sheri nowgoingtohaveanotherchocolatecoveredstrawberry.Forlunch,youknow.


  1. I’m with you on the recipe tweaking! That sounds delicious – I’d probably add some black olives in there (’cause olives + pepperoni = yum for me).

    I’ve never seen/heard of the edible flower arrangement idea! How cool!

    This weekend….tomorrow certainly is looking like a day for errands, cleaning the house, and knitting while watching my latest Netflix scores (including 27 Dresses). Sunday should be nice which means time to dust off the hiking shoes and head for a trail (hoping it doesn’t rain too much on Saturday and turn the trails into bogs).

  2. Pretty flowers!

    My co-workers sent an Edible Arrangement to my husband and me right before we took the bar exam. They’re such a nice treat, and it was wonderful to have fresh fruit to eat that I didn’t have to take precious time away from my studying.

    Thanks for sharing the recipe– my 6 year-old meat-pizza-lovin’ kiddo will love it!


  3. The flowers are lovely! Both arrangements! : )

    I’m going to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival tomorrow. My day will start bright and early as I’m meeting some ladies at my LYS for breakfast and then carpooling to the event. Looking forward to it, so yes, there will be some knitting!

    Have a wonderful weekend! : )

  4. OOOH…another yummy sounding recipe – Thanks!! And the flowers are beautiful!

    I am down to the toe decreases on the last sock of my current pair, and I am about half way through the last sleeve on my KAL sweater, so hopefully I can finish the sock and sleeve this weekend, in between work….

  5. Hi! Love reading the blog, and hearing all the fantastic things you have going on — recipes, too! But, for some reason, I can never see any of the pictures. I don’t know if I am doing something wrong or what, but its getting frustrating, hearing everyone talk about the great stuff you are showing! Any ideas??? Thanks!

  6. Ooh, that recipe looks like something even *I* can cook. And I bet my husband would love it! I’m going to have to try it!

    And that edible arrangement is TOO cute! I’ve never seen anything like that!

  7. Pineapple flowers- how cute is that? Fruit and chocolate are perfectly acceptable to eat for lunch.
    Today I am knitting a bird house and birds for my mom, while listening to the blizzard outside. This weekend I hope to spin and maybe even finish up a sock or two. The single socks are getting lonely.

  8. Yum! That recipe looks good and I’m betting my kiddos will love it. 🙂

    I need to look into those edible arrangements. I think my mom would love one of those and mothers day is coming up fast.

  9. Flowers are beautiful and edible arrangements are so fun!

    My husband and I are going to France for our Honeymoon/almost one year anniversary/yay he got into law school/yay we are moving back to Minn this August!

    Wish I had a postcard to show Loopy all we will see but will have to send him happy thoughts!

    I hope I get picked for the fling next year!!!

    San Diego

  10. recipes are meant to be improved upon- they are merely guidelines for inspiration;)

    (says an Italian momma who couldn’t follow a recipe to the letter to save her life;)

  11. I just love Edible Arrangements too. Yummo! The tulips are beautiful too.

    Tonight should be a good knitting night since DH and DS are going to see Iron Man and I’ll be home enjoying quiet. Tomorrow night is Trivia night for our group of friends and Sunday will be a down day, I hope. I fractured a vertebrae so nothing strenous for me for a bit.

  12. That edible arrangement looks good!!!! I love pineapple. Fun things this weekend…

    Tomorrow is going to be a stay-at-home day–maybe in my gown or my ragged tee shirt and “at-home” only shorts. I’m going to knit, spin, catch up on all the things I’ve DVRed and watch “No Reservations.” If I get dressed, I may go somewhere to eat or I may eat popcorn and ice cream with my dog. I’ll be working on my Mr Greenjeans KAL and my Mr Greenjeans “design” sock. I’ll also be starting a prayer shawl for my aunt who’s having some surgery this month. Also, will post pics of some projects I completed before Fling.

    Sunday I always work on knitted gifts. I’m making a rocketry sweater which I should finish this week.

  13. I forgot…

    Sheri, you have a nice restful, fun weekend with WH, KD and Web Guy. You deserve it after Fling!!! Thanks for making sure we all had such a good time.

  14. Wow! It sure looks like Spring has arrived at your store. 🙂 The tulips are so pretty and the fruit boquet, well, that’s just looking really yummy to me! Yes, I would agree that chocolate and fruit are a very healthy lunch….;)

    After such a busy weekend last week, I hope you can enjoy a restful one this weekend.

    Thanks for the pictures and yummy recipe!

  15. I hope you have a great weekend, we are having terrible thunderstorms right now, hope they clear up soon.

    Can’t wait to see the pictures of the scarf.

    I see nothing wrong with fruit and chocolate for lunch, seriously, is there a problem with that. I think according to the new food pyramid chocolate is a main food group …. right.

    I am always tweaking recipes, the Hubby refers to it as voodoo cooking but he never complains about the end product. I may have to try that one, sans pepperoni, I am not a fan of that.

  16. Thanks for the recipe. I’ll pass that on to my daughters, who have athletic teenagers…don’t think it will work for me right now. I’m trying to lose some weight before back surgery! – off the the pool every morning at 5:45 for an hour’s workout. Need one of those edible fruit bouquets instead!! Look delicious. We have Sherrie’s Berries right across the river from us…she ships chocolate dipped strawberries nationwide, I think. Delish!

    I’m currently knitting socks – what else? – from the California colorway for my granddaughter’s birthday next week – She’s a Cal gal (U.C. Berkeley). I think she’ll love them.


  17. What lovely flower arrangements, edible too!

    I’m spending Saturday knitting and recovering from the fling. (it didn’t help to work 2 12 hour shifts this week).

    Sunday, the sweet man and I will disappear for the day and have some quality time before the new week begins and yes, while he drives, I’ll knit 🙂

    You have a wonderful weekend with DH, KD, and WebGuy – it was so nice to put faces to all that you so lovingly speak about 🙂

  18. Dear Sheri,
    As usual I can’t see the pictures. I guess you are getting tired of that same old,
    same old. I saw the scarf on Janice’s website. Is there anyway we can get the
    pattern? Your goodies sound wonderful although I could not partake. I am still
    eating my chocolate though. I am knitting drawstring purses for my granddaughters
    and I am finished with one and starting on the second. I have three to do. I am
    also making a scarf, and started another pair of socks. I have plenty to do. Have
    too much yarn if that’s possible.

  19. That fruit and chocolate look awfully good…..they look perfect for a flavor of Numma Numma sock yarn!
    Hope you get lots of time to work on that gorgeous scarf, and to wind down after an exceptionally busy week or two. I’ll be at soccer practices, finishing up my Bart and Louise socks, which I’ll be giving to my third daughter for her birthday.

  20. Hey, milk chocolate is dairy right? And fruit is an important food group too. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. Also yummy enough to make me want some chocolate and fruit. Lovely flowers too! Spring inside is really good when it’s not being spring outside.

    Thanks for the casserole recipe I’m gonna try that next week.

  21. Yum, fruit and chocolate! What a cool idea.

    This weekend I hope to re-connect with my daughter, whom I haven’t seen all week. And some knitting, hopefully finish the Tulip Cardigan and more work on the Healthy Spine socks. I was about to order more yarn, then got the sock club invoice so maybe that will tide me over till the next Sneak Up!

    Have a great weekend, Sheri! Hope you’ve recovered by now!

  22. Darn, someone beat me to the edible arrangements! I was gonna send one as a thank you for the fling, aren’t they awesome?! I sent my mom one after her bunion surgery and she just raved about it, she tried to send me one after my carpel tunnel surgery and of course I live in the middle of nowhere Ohio where EA does not deliver *sniffle*.

    mmm pizza casserole is a big favorite here only we use shells and cheese and I leave the beef off half of it (the non beef side is my side lol).

    This weekend I’ll be dyeing and trying to finish up some sock wips.

  23. WOW – You ladies sure have been treated well this week – in thanks for putting on such a great Spring Fling, I’m sure. I wasn’t there, but took in all the photos and entries on various knitter’s blogs. I also listened to the podcast interview with you and Wendy. It was nice to put a voice to your faces 🙂

    I will be working hard on my 2nd Swirls Sock from the Loopy Sock Club as I’m sure that’s your next project to get out soon. I also have others WIP, but I’m mainly working on the sock. It’s a very fun pattern and the 2nd sock is going much more smoothly.

    Enjoy and kick back this weekend – you deserve it!

    Thanks again for another yummy recipe. They’re always appreciated.

  24. Gosh, I’m working on 4 different pairs of socks this weekend. It is blowing and 38 degrees here-also heard that there were some heavy storms your way.

    I will try that recipe-sounds really good. Thanks again for the Fling-I can hardly believe that just last Friday we were all knitting in the Lounge.

    Hugs to the Elves and your family and self!

  25. This is the first time I’ve heard of edible arrangements—what a great idea! (Of course fruit and chocolate makes a perfectly balanced meal. Where’s the problem?) And nothing says spring like tulips.

    If I’m lucky this weekend, I’ll get back to my Sockina sock—it’s getting warmer here and cotton is starting to look good.

  26. The edible fruit arrangements are amazing, and delish. I find nothing wrong with fruit and chocolate for any meal. Would anyone object to strawberries and hot chocolate for breakfast? I think not.
    The recipe does look very good and I may have to try it when my crowd comes over the next time. Otherwise there are only 2 of us, me and the old guy, so casseroles of any kind are usually way too much.
    Currently, it is raining , pretty hard. A shame because today is prom for my grandaughter. I had hoped for a beautiful sunny day for her. Maybe it will be better later today when it will really matter.
    Knitting tomorrow as i will be traveling to NE Ohio for my brother’s second birthday. May 6th is the 7th anniversary of his heart transplant. I believe in miracles!

  27. Wow…all that yummy food is making me hungry…and who said choc. is not a great food for lunch? I can’t wait to see your scarf…and what pattern did you use…and will that wonderful yarn be around?????? It vanishes before it arrives! Just tells me that it IS GREAT, and I’d best be fast on the move to get some! take care everyone!

  28. The edible arrangement is amazing!

    Thanks for the recipe. I picked up the ingredients last night and plan to make it on Sunday. I know my family will love it. I made Janice’s Chicken and gravy last night and it was yummy!

    Enjoy your Sunday, I hope it is full of knitting.

  29. Chocolate? Fruit? What could possibly be wrong with that? If I’m not mistaken, aren’t those two of the food groups?

  30. What beautiful arrangements! You have such wonderful customers and friends. 🙂

    I’m working on a baby sweater and a blanket for charity this weekend. Kind of gray and misty out so a good day to knit and watch a race! 🙂

    The recipe looks good! Might just have to try that one out!

  31. Wow! Was busy so havent gotten to post to here till now. I spent Saturday helping both DD #2 &3 to pack and get ready. They are gone to DC for Closeup, gone a week. I just dont understand how bags seem to walk off by themselves to no return. DD #2 complained because she had to use my suitcase instead. BUt at least all her stuff including favorite blankie and pillow fit in. Normally she is the early bird, but DD #3 beat her to it and grabbed the big dufflebag first and was all packed up at the ghastly hour of 7 AM. A friend even let her use his cell phone to call me that they are ok and checked in. Just cool. THey left at 4 Pm to go to the school and leave for the hotel as thier plane leaves really early tomorrow. So I lounaged at home and got my KAL cardigan worked on. O jeepers i did the armhole wrong on the back and had to frog it and do that part over. Now i am half done with the right side, back and left are done. I got my two swap packaged organised as far as i could. Gee my sneakup swap is kinda late so i decided to make her something cute took most of Sunday to finish. BUt then me I cant follow patterns, I have to add things change colors and such to make it personal.I finally have my sneakup pal package finished and sealed, ready to go out tomorrow. Phew!

    O loved the arrangements. I hope you had time to rest some and knit. Love your casserole have to try it sometime.

    How are your kitties doing? Mine is really down in the dumps. He escaped again and now is acting unlike his wild self. He limps and sleeps alot. Gee I wish Julie was around the corner. THe vet is more than one hour away. I think I will show him to my teacher tonight. SHe knows all about animals. At least he stays home though.


  32. oops. I meant they left really early on Sunday and arrived by evening in DC. WHere is my mind today?! Probably stressing over a business plan i have to do for a class and i havent even started. Now lets see what level is this class again? I wonder if i can just spruce up an old one from last year? Nah that isnt fair really. I got some of the parts done. My mind is just not into it.


  33. I tried the recipe on Monday–it was super yummy, and my husband said that it is now his 2nd favorite recipe! HOORAY!!! Thanks for sharing such a yummy, yet super easy recipe!

  34. sheri
    The recipe is great. I tried it to night. I think I might susbstitue sauasge for the pepperoni next time.

    Thanks for the great second sock club package. You rock.

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